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Nothing Says Christmas in Vermont Like Losing Your Job?
story_by_corey4 December 2016
Is the real spirit of Christmas saving jobs? Christmas in Vermont is the latest addition to "Close the Business Down by Christmas" genera of holiday movies. Following the formula, the cold and clueless mega corporation executive (played by Chevy Chase) sends corporate climbing stooge Riley Thomas (played by Abigail Hawk) to a rural Vermont town to fire everyone in a flailing outerwear business. Riley then stumbles across the company's founder (played by Howard Hesseman) who shows her the true spirit of Christmas. Following the formula, Riley is overcome by small town and business charm and decides to use her big city corporate knowledge to turn the company around instead of closing it. Along the way, she finds her obligatory romance with the company's CEO Wyatt Davis (played by David O'Donnell). If you have watched this movie genera before, you can probably guess where this movie's ending is heading.

Despite the formula story line, there are some quirky things to look for to keep your interest. Fuzzed out signs will leave you scratching your head and promotions for other 2016 Christmas movies can be seen in the downtown business windows. Morgan Fairchild has a minor role in the movie but does not appear anywhere in the credits. Perhaps that is because she no longer looks like herself. The performances are solid and Howard Hesseman proves once again that he is THE formula Christmas movie actor of choice.

Worth watching if you have nothing else to do or watch for an evening.
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Abigail Hawk?
rightisright16 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
You know Abigail Hawk. She's the actress that appears on each episode of Blue Bloods for about three minutes as Frank Reagan's secretary. And come to find out, that's a crime! She is perfect as the typical out of town business person come to a small town to shut down the only business. Shes as pretty as any Hallmark movie leadand her transformation through the movie is skillful and moving. And Dr Johnny Fever? Howard Hesseman makes any movie a must see. And Scut Farkis from a Christmas Story is in it!
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Generic remake
geekconnoisseur11 December 2018
Like many Christmas movies this is an old plot being dusted off and trotted out with a different cast. This feels like the discount store version when you compare it to 2009's New in Town.
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