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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The new monster Servum is shown attacking people at multiple times throughout the movie - they violently kill people, but generally no bloodshed. However, it is very intense and could be frightening to younger viewers. Servum picks up people with their jaws and jostles them around violently, sometimes they swallow humans full.
  • In the flashback in the beginning of the film monsters are shown attacking cities. It is not scary at all, but there is major destruction.
  • In the final fight, Godzilla kills some minor characters via atomic breath, EMP, or indirectly (one man falls off his speeder when trying to retreat from Godzilla and falls to his death) some of them cut away before the result but other deaths show it head on.
  • Godzilla destroys an escaping ship, presumably killing many people.
  • A person commits suicide by gunshot to the head, it happens off screen but we see blood splatter the wall.
  • The scenes on the spaceship are very grim and depressing, as it shows multiple people suffering from starvation, disease, and depression. A ship contained with elderly people explodes because of a planet's intense atmosphere.
  • Godzilla is shown killing multiple people, including the main characters parents.
  • A man commits suicide onscreen, and it shows it in full capacity - it doesn't cut away when he pulls the trigger, and we see his body slump over and blood splatter on the wall.


  • Not much, but there is 10 uses of Bastard, and 5 uses of damn.
  • A brief use of the s-word.
  • Occasional use of the word bastard.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • When Godzilla first arrives it could frighten younger viewers, as when the final Godzilla appears. When the Servum attack for the first time and the leadup to it is also very frightening and suspenseful as well.
  • The beginning flashbacks of the film on the spaceship are fairly intense, with one person committing suicide onscreen.


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Violence & Gore

  • In the final fight a main character sacrifices himself to allow the others to find Godzilla's weakness to defeat him. He fires repeatedly at Godzilla until Godzilla fires his atomic breath at him, killing him.
  • Godzilla Filius (The younger Godzilla) dies by exploding into a thosand tiny bits. While there isn't any blood, it is still very intense.
  • Godzilla kills a ton of people in the grand finale - he uses his shockwave and EMP to kill at least 300 people, and those who survive get seriously injured.

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