Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2017) Poster

Mamoru Miyano: Haruo Sakaki


  • Metphies : Are you having foreboding thoughts?

    Haruo Sakaki : If this ends without us encountering Godzilla, then why did I come here?

    Metphies : Were you hoping to depend on luck? It's fine if we're actively searching, but if we pass by in a rush, then we won't find anything. That's if we were actively searching for Godzilla, right? You and Colonel Leland still don't understand one crucial aspect of that thing. It will never let humanity escape. Even more so if we've come to provoke it with a trace of fear.

    Haruo Sakaki : So, it will be searching for us? Is that some divine message from god?

    Metphies : It's a legend. We Exif have been wandering through space as vagrants far longer than Earthlings have, and we've witnessed many civilizations destroyed. Many have been regretfully destroyed by creatures similar to Godzilla.

    Haruo Sakaki : What's that?

    Metphies : He is the punishing iron hammer for the arrogant. For the species who pronounce themselves as lords of creation, a divine avenger will pay them a visit. And so, he will...

  • Haruo Sakaki : The situation is dire, so I'll skip the pleasantries. I don't have an outlook for humanity's future, and I don't have enough of a strategy to estimate our chances of winning. However, I can say this. Those who didn't yield to Godzilla can proudly welcome another day. This is not only a battle to kill Godzilla. What we are about to fight is a humiliating future with no choice but to accept despair and resignation. If we can reject and fight that, we can once again dream of hope and pride. Just as our ancestors did, who thrived here before us. That's right. If we don't retreat now, if we don't show fear, and if we put our lives on the line, we've already won. All we need to do is finish it. Humanity's 22-year nightmare, and Godzilla's 20,000-year era. I look forward to your brave efforts. That is all.

  • Martin Lazzari : You've accomplished it, Captain.

    Haruo Sakaki : Because everyone believed in and supported me. I could be so daring and get this far. Even though we defeated it... What was it, really? How was it able to live for 20,000 years?

    Martin Lazzari : This is just my opinion, but I think this is a different Godzilla than the one that drove us from Earth.

    Haruo Sakaki : But its appearance and abilities were almost identical.

    Martin Lazzari : And that's why exactly why. Life's true nature is found in change. No matter how gradual the renewal cycle may be, it's impossible to maintain the exact same appearance. So this only may be an offspring that inherited Godzilla's form and nature. Such a guess would actually be the most natural. Although the question remains of why there was only this one. Also...

    Haruo Sakaki : So, there's no guarantee only one of them survived.

    Martin Lazzari : I apologize if what I'm saying spoils the victory, but that is correct.

    Haruo Sakaki : That's fine. Thanks to this battle, we proved that we can defeat Godzilla. Even if another one shows up, we have nothing to fear. Since we've established a valid strategy, we can be more effective next time.

    Martin Lazzari : Personally, I would never want to cross a tightrope like that ever again, though.

  • Haruo Sakaki : My demands are to leave Planet Tau-e immediately, and abandon the emigration project. Until I hear from the captain, I'm not moving from here.

  • Metphies : Were you having a nightmare?

    Haruo Sakaki : So, you're here, Metphies.

    Metphies : It's also my job to listen to a prisoner's confession.

    Haruo Sakaki : Should I repent to your god?

    Metphies : I'd settle for a fake confession, too.

  • Martin Lazzari : Would living organisms go through such a change, even if 10,000 years have passed? We collected and analyzed the forest's plants, and by using carbon dating, I know how much time has passed. And it looks to be within a 50-year range of 19,200 years.

    Haruo Sakaki : So our time away keeps increasing.

  • Haruo Sakaki : You bastard, I have... killed you!

    [fires at Godzilla] 

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