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The Java Collective
nogodnomasters23 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When a friend goes missing, investigative reporter Mary (Christa B. Allen) springs into action and travels to Idyllwild, California and joins a cult she suspects her friend was a part of. The cult is run by Brent (Derek Smith) and has a bunch of young girls working there. Mary has to surrender her cell phone and ....this is just too painful to go on because you know the formula.

This is a magical film where you know what happens before it does, except for that one thing. The actors were saving their ability for the next film and opted to phone it in on this one. This could have been a Lifetime, made for TV film, but it wasn't. It just looked that bad.

Guide: No swearing. Implied sex. No nudity, Some bra/panties from behind.
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Not a lot to like here
jtindahouse18 June 2017
My initial review for 'One of Us' was deleted for being too harsh. I suppose I just really wanted to get across how much I did not like this film. I will now rewrite my review and simply present the facts, whilst trying not to sound overly hate-filled. Here we go.

'One of Us' is flawed in many areas. The biggest one would have to be the acting. The acting is bad from almost the entire cast, however the most important role they got wrong was that of 'Brent' played by Derek Smith. This role really needed someone with some genuine charisma to sell the story that they are trying to tell. Smith simply didn't have it sadly.

The next flaw lies in the dialogue the actors have to work with. It's not written well. It's clunky and unnatural almost throughout the entire film. They just needed someone to come in with some expertise and strengthen the script up a bit.

The final problem lies in the blandness of the whole experience. I've seen children's movies with more violence than this film gets away with. Anything that does happen is off screen. Were the sensors on them that heavily that they felt this was necessary, or was this an creative decision on the director's part? Either way it makes for a very dull experience.

It's tough to find any positives worth mentioning for 'One of Us'. It's not a film that I could recommend spending your time or money on.
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Not your normal late night fright's better!
Evymetal115 June 2017
This was a nice surprise for a late night TV fright flick. While One of Us is clearly a psychological horror movie at heart, it's not dedicated to making the cheesiest, campiest, kill-fest imaginable. In fact, it seems to be trying to do something different. Speaking of camp, the director really seemed to take pride in capturing the atmosphere of the idyllic mountain setting. I'm not sure of the techniques, but the outdoor naturally lit shots were gorgeous. They had me kind of convinced, or at least intrigued, by the promise of a retreat away from the stresses of modern society…and the psychology that might drive someone to let a charismatic creeper take the wheel. Of course creepy cults can't last, and these women in the woods have to fight to stay alive, and while this film might not please the slasher film purists, it offers a bit of a stylish spin on the late night psycho creep show.
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Creepy Cult Movie
ctorres101719 June 2017
Worried, an investigative journalist pokes around into the disappearance of her best friend, and gets drawn into a small town religious cult. We enter their world through her eyes, at a seemingly benign coffee shop staffed with helpful, if peculiar, young women.

After following the women back to their compound and getting caught trespassing she's greeted warmly by their charismatic leader and only male in the group. It quickly becomes apparent that things are less idyllic than they appear.

The world is revealed in an authentic way at a pace that keeps the audience in its seat; story is weaved in a way that is both effective and creepy.

Give it a watch.
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Weird coincidence...
Doloreshaz329 December 2018
This movie is bad on many levels

The only positive reviews are people who reviewed only this movie 😂😂 so obvious

Bad acting, bad script, and a so called cult leader with as much charisma as a washcloth. A woman named Venus ¬_¬
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Very realistic cult movie
donaldrumsfeld-8093930 November 2017
Now when i say "cult movie", i mean a literal cult movie, that is, a movie about cults. i found the depiction of the cult leader and his subjects to be very realistic and educational. i've had some experience deprogramming some of these type of people and let me tell you this movie gets the facts right. The leader does not come across as some raving lunatic, but rather as a friendly father figure or surrogate. Very well made movie with some great performances, particularly from the cult leader and the young women playing the cult members that have been indoctrinated.
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Investigative Journalist gets more than she bargains for with next assignment, now she hopes to get out with her life
shaylinsanders15 June 2017
For a PG-13 flick, it is very entertaining. It has the right amount of suspense and intrigue, coupled with minimal CGI special effects for the ultimate psychological thriller. It definitely had me hooked with the creep factor, as you will see in the dream sequences. The acting was well done and the film was refreshingly different from what is out there. You will not be disappointed.
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If you don't like this movie then make like a tree and get outta here.
BuffTannen21 June 2017
I like to watch horror flicks after a long day and since I sleep in Saturdays and had someone gullible writing my reports for me, I stayed up late checking out ONE OF US. Pretty good stuff. Plenty of terror without needing blood and gore. I liked it so much I nearly forgot I spilled beer on my new jacket earlier that day while driving. Two things I hate, bad movies and manure, and this movie ain't either of em.
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