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Sex & Nudity

  • Ep 5 opens with a military coupe. While this takes place it cuts back and forth between an orgy taking place at the main character's apartment. Several naked bodies are seen engaging in sex with multiple partners in various positions. Several shots dwell on breasts with plenty of moaning and thrusting. At the end of the scene, a topless woman calls to a man, with exposed breasts. This is the most explicit scene in the series.
  • A woman is seen skinny dipping at a party, Bare backside is visible.
  • Ep 1 a married man has sex with his wife with some thrusting; Both are seen nude, no genitals visible.
  • A man is told to undress, and he strips to his underwear; which consists of a pair of boxers and undershirt.
  • Ep 2 a woman unzips a man's pants at a party and puts her hand in his pants to touch his genitals while making suggestive comments. The man is made awkward by this. Later her husband comments that he behaved as a gentleman while his wife grabbed his balls.
  • Ep 3 A man tells another man that he is a sinlge man with needs and that his suitcase contains extremely graphic pornography.
  • Ep 3 A man rubs his face in a woman's clothed chest at a restaurant.
  • Ep 4 a man removes his towel in a bath house; he is seen nude from behind.
  • Ep 4 a man is seen nude from behind while showering. The camera pans up slowly from his legs to his head.
  • Ep 4 a man asks another if he f*cked a girl
  • Ep 4 a woman is seen from behind as she removes her clothes in front of a man. Her right breast is visible from the side for a few seconds.

Violence & Gore

  • Ep 2 a man is pushed to his death from a building. His body is shown in a pool of blood.
  • Soldier's dead bodies are a the centre of a chanting mob. Their burned and mutilated bodies are visible on a vehicle, one in closeup.
  • Ep 5 contains the most violence with the military coupe taking place. Several men are shot, stabbed and have their throats slit with sprays of blood. No gore, but lots of blood. The camera pans across several of these bodies in different positions.
  • Ep 6 A brief scene of torture in a cell, wherein a man is beaten and electrocuted. Moderate amounts of blood.
  • The series ends with real black and white footage of a man's hanged body on display.


  • Approx 7x uses of F word over the whole series, most of which take place in the beginning of episode 6, 1 in Ep 4 and 1 in Ep 5

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • As period piece, the whole series has pervasive smoking of cigarettes and consumption of wine and other alcoholic drinks.
  • On a few occasions people smoke hookah, and on at least one occasion a man says he's had too much.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole series is rife with stressful scenes, centring the action on tension between two nations in strife and a man leading a double life, at risk of being caught at any moment.
  • A man is pressured to shoot an unsuspecting civilian. The music and filming accentuate the stress on the man as he wrestles with the potential consequences of not complying.
  • Several scenes of peril, where a spy is suspected of or caught in uncomfortable situations.
  • The main character has a stressful relationship with his wife and the children he barely knows. There are emotionally intense scenes showing this pain interspersed in the episodes.

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