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Complete tacky nonsense
muamba_eats_toast10 March 2019
The storyline jumps inexplicably throughout. There's plotholes left,right and centre. Some parts just make no sense. The whole thing is borderline ridiculous. Has the feeling of a tacky TV movie only tackier and written by an over hyper violent hungry 12 year old gamer. Ok to pass the time but overall complete tosh
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anuity1 February 2019
I feel like I have written this review a million times. I'm sick and tired of people giving movies a 1 or 2 because it had weaknesses, 'wasn't as good as the iriginal' or they just didn't care for it. Try to at least be somewhat objective. This movie was entertaining, suspenseful, tense at times and had you torn as to which way you wanted the movie to end. And as a bonus, little or no gratuitous sex, violence and language!!
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Miss Antibalas
ferguson-61 February 2019
Greetings again from the darkness. One of the reasons I so enjoy movies is that I can usually find some positive to latch onto, even if most of the project fails to connect or generate much interest. Such is the case with this latest from director Catherine Hardwick (the excellent THIRTEEN, 2003). Actress Gina Rodriguez ("Jane the Virgin", ANNIHILATION) is a joy to behold as she navigates her way through one perilous situation after another.

Ms. Rodriguez plays Gloria, a southern California resident whose particular set up of skills are utilized in her work as a makeup artist. Gloria drives across the border to Tijuana in support of her friend Suzu (Cristina Rodlo) who is competing in the Miss Baja pageant. Their fun evening at the nightclub goes horribly wrong as evil-doers storm the club attempting to assassinate the director of the pageant. During the mayhem, Suzu gets kidnapped and Gloria proves for the first time (of many to come) that the film should have more accurately been titled "Miss Antibalas". No matter the size of the shootout - and there are many - there are no bullets for Miss Bullet (Bala being Spanish for bullet).

Of course that's not a spoiler because even in the trailer, it's quite obvious that this remake of director Geraldo Naranjo's 2011 Mexican movie sets out to become yet another action franchise. As a PG-13 film, it softens the edges from the original and seems to target younger viewers, possibly an attempt to empower teenage girls. It's a worthy mission despite the disappointing execution of the first feature film screenplay from Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer.

Gloria's attempts to rescue Suzu find her caught in a tug-of-war between Mexican crime lord Lino (Ismael Cruz Cordova, "Ray Donovan") and the DEA task force led by Matt Lauria playing an incompetent agent. Given today's political climate, bad guy Lino is presented as half-American and half-Mexican to quell any cries of racial stereotyping. Also appearing are Aislinn Derbez (daughter of Mexican movie star Eugenio Derbez) as Isabel, another woman caught up in Lino's web; and Anthony Mackie in an all-too brief two scenes that seem to play into the previously mentioned franchise hopes.

Corruption, drug smuggling and human trafficking are rampant throughout. I have no personal knowledge of whether Tijuana is the lawless frontier presented here, but the focus is really on one woman's ability to find her backbone - her inner strength - in a never-ending stream of dangerous situations. Despite the material, Ms. Rodriguez manages to hold her own and flash star quality. She is likeable and tough. On the other hand, Ms. Hardwicke's choices beg for second-guessing - from the cheesy shootouts to the lame and too-obvious musical choices (especially at the film's conclusion). She has certainly proven herself capable of better as a filmmaker, and will undoubtedly do so again.
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Gina Rodriguez Amazing
view_and_review3 February 2019
Miss Bala was Red Sparrow-esque (to use a recent movie as a comparison). It wasn't nearly as sexual as Red Sparrow but it was starring a woman that witnessed something she shouldn't have, based in a foreign country in which she had to do whatever she could to survive.

Gloria Fuentes (Gina Rodriguez) is a Hollywood makeup artist that goes to Tijuana, Mexico to help her friend prep for the Miss Baja, California pageant. While she and her friend are at a party the place is shot up by the Los Estrella gang. Trusting the wrong people Gloria found herself a captive of that gang and forced to do criminal acts she wanted no part in.

At the heart of this movie is a survivalist story--which I like. With survivalist stories necessity is the mother of invention and every action done by the one looking to survive can be crucial; no matter how trivial the action is. It's not always about a grand scheme, it's about surviving the next moment.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the Latino flavor. It's cool to see movies set in various countries with the cast being of different nationalities and ethnicities. This movie was intelligently done with some seriously tense scenes all with a PG-13 rating. There was never a feel that they tried to soften the movie at all. It had all the grit and intensity of an R rated movie minus the language and nudity.

Only my second time seeing Gina Rodriguez and she was amazing.
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Suspenseful and action packed while Gina Rodriguez delivers with the performance.
cruise012 February 2019
Miss Bala (3.5 out of 5 stars).

Miss Bala is an entertaining action thriller that shows Gina Rodriguez can take on an action heroic character trying to save her friend. The plot and story may not be something worth talking about or anything new to the whole drug cartel kidnapping girls and corrupt police in Mexico in a battle against each other. It does deliver some thrills and action that will be worthwhile on seeing Gina Rodriguez transition from a make up artists to a bada** woman.

The plot follows Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) a make up artists living in Los Angeles. She visits her best friend Suzu (Cristina Rodlo) in Tijuana, Mexico. They both go clubbing. Where a group of guys go on a shooting spree in there and kidnapping girls. And Suzu is one of them. Gloria is trying to seek help to find her and the corrupt police was no good. Until Gloria gets captured by the group of man led by Lino (Ismael Cruz Cordova). Lino tries to get Gloria to doing some hostile tasks by having her bomb a safe house and delivering a weapon package to someone in San Diego. Until Gloria gets captured by the DEA and they want her to go undercover for them to the gang. All while, she is trying to find the whereabouts to her friend.

The film's plot was all over the place. It does have a development with Gloria as she changes throughout the course of the film. She learns to shoot a gun. And doing espionage tasks from the DEA.

There were a lot of intense action sequences. Especially, the shootout sequences were loud and intense. The direction did capture the chaotic feeling through Gloria's perspective. Gina Rodriguez did a great job playing the character. Ismael Cruz Cordova was good as Lino were he starts getting a soft side to Gloria. I did feel like Anthony Mackie's character was a little underused with his brief appearance.

I also felt like the film does have some uneven pacing issues in the second act of the film when Lino is taking Gloria hostage and intimidating her with showing up in the room.

Overall, Miss Bala is a pretty fair film. The plot and the pacing issues may be the film's weakest problem. The cast is good. The action and shootout sequences were intense and exciting. Seeing Gina Rodriguez taking on the reign's of an action heroic character was worth seeing.
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Nice action drama film of kick butt female style!
blanbrn3 February 2019
"Miss Bala" is one film that as you watch you will enjoy for it's drama and action as it's a spin on the dangerous world of life on the border as when crossed it's a dangerous world of cat and mouse that involves greed, money, drugs, sex, murder, and abuse. Gloria(the sexy and raw Gina Rodriguez who I loved in those sexy black bra scenes) is a California girl who upon visiting her best friend becomes involved in a drama and new sick world of smuggling and violence along the Mexican border. As it's clear no one is who they seem from drug cartel members to drug agents as Gloria is lost and has to fend for herself as the plot spins and thickens with different sets of bad guys. Still the drama and action is just fine for this film as the performance of Gina is nice eye candy treat it spices the picture up making it a knockout.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Miss Bala
burlesonjesse52 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Gloria Meyer (played by the engaging Gina Rodriguez) goes to visit her best friend in Tijuana only to get embroiled in the Mexican cartel. She must play a cat and mouse game with the DEA (and said cartel) in order to survive a vacationed nightmare. That's the rub of Miss Bala, my latest review.

Yup, I am announcing "Bala" as the first great film of 2019. After seeing it, I'll probably think twice about crossing the almighty Border. Come to think of it, I might just avoid hitting any restroom at a swanky nightclub as well (you'll know what I mean after you watch "Bala's" buildup-free, first act).

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, harboring a scorched look, and containing visceral gunfights with minimal bloodshed (hence the borderline, PG-13 rating), Miss Bala is a trafficking movie and a slight case of Stockholm syndrome all rolled into one. "Bala's" director (Catherine Hardwicke of Twilight fame) creates a flick so dangerous, so well plotted, so willful, and so vulnerably unsafe, you won't be able to catch your breath. Kudos also goes out to the calculated editing by Terilyn A. Shropshire and the performance of Gina Rodriguez which contains seething screen presence. If Miss Bala does well at the box office, the perfectly cast Rodriguez might wind up being a bona fide star (heck, she's got my vote).

So yeah, Miss Bala's loathsome premise, against your will latitude, and abundance of bad cop corruption seems a little far-fetched. And yes, Anthony Mackie playing yet another hard-nosed authority figure feels a little tiresome and typecast (does Runner Runner, Triple 9, and Love the Coopers ring a bell?). Still, "Bala" has enough twists and turns and ratcheted tension for a dozen films (you won't believe what government job the Rodriguez character takes at the pic's conclusion).

Bottom line: Miss Bala with its Mule-like elevation and its untidy crossfire, is truly one of the reasons I like to hit the good old Cineplex. I sometimes want to feel my stomach in my throat, roller coaster style! Rating: 3 and a half stars.
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Can a remake ever beat the original?
patrick_mohr2 February 2019
Unfortunately, Miss Bala 2019 do not surpass the original Miss Bala (Cannes Film Festival 2011). This remake lost realism and message from the original.
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Jane's a badass!
courtneyekle1 February 2019
I love Gina in Jane the Virgin and she did a great job in this film too! The movie was really good and kept me wondering how it was going to end the whole time. It didn't end how I wanted it to, but it was still very good and worth watching!
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The reviews are right unfortunately
calebscottburdett3 February 2019
The trailers were the best part. Little action and pointless scenes make this film plain. I saw Peppermint last year and thought this movie would compare, it didn't. I was a little disappointed.
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Want to watch a great movie?? Don't see this one!!
luischavez-087722 February 2019
They completely dropped the ball with this one, honestly it could've been a good movie but the acting and script were trash. If you're going to make a action film about the cartels in Mexico, don't call the group "Los Estrellas" because that makes the criminal group or villian of the movie seem like a bunch of bunch of softies. Horrible movie!!!!
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I do not recommend
ejsteward5 February 2019
As one who has seen the original, i found this movie horrible and mediocre. I think the casting choice of Gina Rodriguez was ill advised due to her less than stellar acting abilities and controversies surrounding her. Pay money to see at your own risk.... You have been forwarned.
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Don't let the 3.7 fool you. It's a 7
djzisumbo-652-81129320 April 2019
The way the movie flowed was amazing. Like sicario bringing in the heat
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Gina Rodriguez is a powerhouse !
sharonprado-952-54240631 January 2019
She's remarkable and a true compelling story loved it!
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Funnest movie I've seen in months!!
billymurbill2 February 2019
This movie was so much fun! Me and my boyfriend went to see it together and loved it. The whole theater seemed to be enjoying it. Let's be honest, the acting wasn't exactly Oscar-winning and the storyline and dialogue were borderline cheesy in parts. But still, the movie was exciting and fast-paced! Perfect to go see with friends if you want a fun way to spend the afternoon.
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hellaqueeeer28 February 2019
If I could give this no stars, I totally would bc it's jist that bad. It's the worst film that I've ever had to sit through. And the only reason I stayed and watched it instead of just seeing something else is bc I had no money for one and I spent a lot of money seeing this, so I wasn't about to waste it. I suffered though and honestly I wish that I'd have asked my mum if I could use her card to buy tickets for another film. 😭😭😭😭
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Suffers from expectations
drjgardner2 February 2019
The preview from Miss Bala suggested that the film was far more violent than it actually is. That isn't to say there are not some violent sequences, but the film is not per se a violence film as much as it is tense drama about an ordinary woman trying to survive under extraordinary circumstances. The acting is uniformly good and the Tijuana sequences are done very well.
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Loved it!
piggulu2 February 2019
A lot of low reviews are putting basis on the original Spanish version. I'm wasn't aware that this was a remake so I have no bias here, and on its own I found the movie excellent with an engaging drama, suspense, and some decent action. Gina did great in her role, as well as the rest of the major cast.

The only real fault I can give it is the overall lack of scale. You don't really get the feeling of Lino & Co. being a major cartel gang, more like 2-bit players trying to make a name for themselves by going against the police chief. Compounded to that is the brevity of the DEA agents. There are only a couple of gunfights, which are fun, but don't have much weight to them. Then there is the heroine herself, who the trailers portray as struggling to play both sides in order to survive, but in the reality she really doesn't do much to live up to the title, and the twists are predictable. And Anthony Mackie could've been written out entirely.

All that considered, I was glued to the screen. Highly recommended.
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Predictable from go
michaelkfuller-727502 February 2019
You can see every plot twist. Eye rolling at its best. Wait for Netflix - wish I had.
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Was hard to take the studio gangstas seriously
thebricks25 February 2019
Nothing about the movie felt realistic. Everything was too slick, like the Mexican drug dealers were modeled on rich LA trust fund club kids and not actual Mexican drug dealers. All these guys were just too perfect all the time, like they were dressed by Hollywood. No one had any personality. It's basically a chick flick action flick for Hispanic girls. You have to make the guys look desirable to make it work. So that's what they were going for in this movie, drug dealers that look like models.

The end was so ludicrous, a shoe-in to set up future sequels. Not going to happen. Best of luck with that.

The idiot plot was also so strong in this film. If the drug dealers just told her to get her friend and leave, it would probably have saved everyone a whole lot of trouble. In fact, a quick text, "meet me outside now, we have to go" and that would have been the movie right there.

Just terrible.
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I'm not sure why this film was actually produced.
whitemanfromtowne15 April 2019
A simple straight forward film full of Hispanics, and party music, but absent of substance and the element that makes a film worth watching. Outside of the paycheck, I'm not sure why this film was actually produced. Oh yeah... it was for the paycheck how silly of me.
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Not too sh@bby
jtkirk1612 February 2019
Better than I expected. Ignore the haters who haven't even seen it. Go see how the World really works.
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Slow, bloated, and misrepresented
DeadMansTrousers16 February 2019
This was not the movie I was expecting to see from the trailers at all, and I felt like it continued to drag on endlessly. There are so many scenes in this movie that feel like nothing but filler. The runtime is barely over an hour and a half but I felt like I was in the theatre for at least two hours and I kept waiting for something to happen. The trailers presented this as a much more action packed film, which is the exact opposite of what it is. The ending made no sense whatsoever based on the characters traits throughout the film as well!
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Gina Rodriquez shines in "Miss Bala", but everything else looks dim, sorry for being honest
svhot6 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Miss Bala" positions Gina Rodriguez as the sexy, action heroine Gloria (her character's name in this movie. Caught in a world of corruption, drug smuggling, and human trafficking, Gina keeps rotating between the DEA and the Mexican drug cartel.

However, her main purpose is only to find her friend who was kidnapped by the cartel. The movie has got a lot of plot errors and pacing issues, but it delivers some exciting action scenes. Gina is the only one who goes through character development in the movie, the rest of them were presented more like robots.
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The ending
samanthazambrano2 February 2019
The beginning of the movie and the middle of the movie was ok but the ending was bad , I didn't understand why it ended like that.
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