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Sex & Nudity

  • Female character in tight jump suit has large breasts that jiggle as she walks (clothed). Characters talk about a women's breasts briefly. She is also referred to as "Jugs" a few times.
  • (i'm not making this up) A character morphs into a large naked breast and explodes into the form of numerous naked women all stuck together. These then form a single giant woman comprised of naked women (like a transformer). Each woman that comprises the giant and the giant combination-woman are completely nude but breasts are the most prominent feature (they jiggle and bounce as the creature moves), the rest is just pink skin. Some butts are seen. As insane as that is, it's more grotesque than sexual.
  • A monster turns into a large naked man, no genitals seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man's arm is blown off by a psionic explosion caused by a monster. Blood is seen at what used to be his arm.
  • A monster made of muscle is rapidly and repeatedly attacked with explosive railgun-like weapons, having parts of its shell blown off with every hit. The same monster-- now unrecognizable-- has its skeleton exposed with eyes bulging out and lower jaw hanging out by a single joint. Still being attacked with the same weapons, the monster's body splits down to its pelvis and continues decaying after that point. No blood is shown, but the monster is so detailed that it is grotesque, and horrifying.
  • Katou got stabbed to death by a assassin.
  • Lots of blood and gore. Parts are extremely violent.
  • Intense monster fights end with human and monster parts being cut off - blood spurts
  • Humans are smashed with splashes of blood. A character is smashed back and forth and squeezed to death
  • A monster is beaten until he sits in a pool of his own blood
  • Heads and body parts bubble and explode when shot with a weapon, sometimes erupting in a brief fountain of blood
  • A pit of blood bubbles and churns
  • Man is diced up by blades he falls in half at torso, his innards are seen. Another character is cut in half, blood spurts and red stumps of muscle are seen on the 2 halves.
  • Sword stabs through and cuts character up middle (in half) - corpse is seen in mild detail
  • A Disembodied human head carried by monster
  • Grotesque creatures made of muscle and bone
  • Guys legs blown off, crawls on stumps


  • (English Dub) F*ck x3, Holy Sh*t, A man remarks "look at the Tits on her!", periodic uses of sh*t

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character is shown constantly smoking cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Tons of Japanese style demons terrorizing and frightening people. Most aren't overly scary looking but some are very skeletal and grotesque.
  • Lots of explosions, brooding intense action and humans being harmed, often in detail and closeup.

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