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A Show Struggling With 22 Episodes
dom_winchester19 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another awesome episode of Agents of SHIELD. So many brilliant moments in this episode: action, comedy, movie references, tension, mini-heartbreaks, surprises, sadness and etc. In spite of so many fantastic moments that I enjoyed very much, the one scene stood out for me the most was Radcliffe's death, or deletion.

One word to describe that Radcliffe scene: 'bittersweet'. Poor chap was just trying to make his Agnes well and recovered from her illness while also making the world better, but unfortunately got corrupted by the Darkhold that made him turn everything worse then rightfully redeemed himself towards the end.

Agents of SHIELD is so different from other comic book shows because the things it does are well thought and not stupid. An instance would be not bringing back Trip, Ward and Hope using the Darkhold machine. They can't just bring them back or it will be Ghost Rider on AIDA all over again. I hope they do the next season's title opening with space background!

People keep saying quality over quantity, but AoS has both! I always see fans trying to defend shows for having shitty quality struggling with 22 episodes, whereas AoS is struggling with 22 episodes because there are ONLY 22 episodes! Too much quality but too few episodes. With the writers' strike averted, i am really excited to see what more craziness the writers can bring to this already awesome show! it will be a huge challenge to top this season.
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In the Space Now
antonellarzp17 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was an amazing ending for an amazing season.

From the beginning, the season was quite different than the others and in the end I was glad the writers took that way. The end of the previous episode was very clear: the Ghost Rider comes to save the day, but in this episode we see that's no correct, the team saves the day, all together like the old times and I loved Daisy's speech about that.

I really like the way that turned Mack's story, but I feel a lite bit sad for him and the scene when Hope disappears broke my heart in million pieces. Great work from the both, Henry and Natalia.

In the other hand we had Radcliffe, a character that in my personal opinion changes from love to hate in seconds, and I love that he interferes in the season finale and he's "death" was absolute beautiful: he falls apart along side his creation.

+ Robbie and Daisy fighting together (and maybe in a future too).

+ Possible connection with the incoming Inhumans show.

+ The "Avengers" scene.

+ The Team united again.

+ End of the Framework and LMD's arc.

+ Mallory Jansen.

  • I was expecting more for the Aida vs. Ghost Rider fight

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That's all for now, folks
ericstevenson18 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well, we certainly ended this awesome season with as good an ending as we could hope for. This episode features Aida making her last attempt to destroy the characters and SHIELD. It's hard to even get into much detail without talking that much about the ending, but we'll see we can do. The best thing is of course Ghost Rider. I feel bad for not going to look up that the newest incarnation of the character is in fact Robby Reyes, whom I was unfamiliar with at the start of the series. It's great that I'm aware of an important character from the comics. He really shines here, or should I say burns here.

It turns out Aida does in fact die in this episode and I guess she was simply beyond redemption. She does seem genuinely sad when she's finally slayed. I wasn't expecting Agent Coulson to actually let the Ghost Rider spirit possess him! It's great to see more being done with the plot of the characters' robot duplicates. We get to see them confront each other, even though it doesn't last long. It's hard to tell who's a robot and who isn't. It ends with Radcliffe talking about silence and then it just shows silence itself. The last scene is just Coulson walking around. It doesn't set up the next season. It's just quaint. ****
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Better than the Marvel movies
jimvrude8 July 2017
I will not mark this down from ten for the primary reason that it is excellent television, premier usage of the medium, for drama as well as creativity. -- The character interactions and development for the entire season (not so much for the entire series) were surprising and exceeded expectations, in fact more so than thought possible with the material given to start with. The situations the characters found themselves in were impossible to overcome, yet the story worked through it successfully to a miraculous conclusion, which is the essence of great super-hero storytelling. A hero does not save the day alone but with the help of forces unknown, call it luck, heroes luck, but we all know it is the force of goodness in the heart of real people. This was shown elegantly by the heart found in the imaginary people of the framework, such as Hope, the daughter of Mack. -- The movie makers of Marvel and Sony and whomever else is involved, as well as those at Netflix, should take a page from the creators of this show. The correct artful balance of science and fantasy and drama and action and adventure and romance and goodness. -- The only thing that would improve this show is to move it to a platform that does not require the interruption of advertising.
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Re-watch thoughts
noorea-8514715 April 2019
This episode feels a bit underwhelming, considering how AIDA was set up to be so powerful and Ghost Rider was established to be able to defeat her, there was really very little they could do in terms of face off, I think they did the best the could. Also, I don;t watch the show for epic face off, these are a bonus, I watch it for character moments and there were plenty terrific ones, the standouts are Mack and Hope scenes as well as Raddiclife's final scene in the episode, so poetic and shot beautifully, I also have to mention the AIDA and Fitz scene because it was so terrifying and intense! The episode also sets up S5 in a spectacular way, it wraps up the storylines of the framework, LMD, and Ghost rider all in one go, some of the after effects do still persist in the next season, which is great!
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