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SU's Epic
crabageddon8 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Beta/This episode is among the best two-parters I've ever seen period. While Beta was an excellent build up and an amazing episode in it's own right, there's a reason why I chose to review this episode over that one. (WARNING: SPOILERS)

This episode is (so far) the climax of the series. With Jasper finally being defeated and bubbled (as well as corrupted), the mention of Pink Diamond and a giant cliffhanger, this episode gives up so much information about this show without giving much away at all. It leaves a giant mystery: What happened to Pink Diamond? It seems that Pink Diamond is in control of all the Quartzes, including Rose herself, so what happened?

Hopefully that question will eventually be answered, and while there are a thousand theories I could go into, I'm going to leave it with this.

10/10, the best fight of the whole series, kept me on my toes the whole time, and one of the most satisfying defeats of a villain I've seen.
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