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Season 5

2 Jun. 2021
Parking Pass
Appa reaps the benefits of Umma's accessible parking pass. Janet embraces a new ambition. Shannon and Jung spice up their long-distance romance.
26 Jan. 2021
A local celebrity takes over Umma's announcement duties at church. Appa takes issue with Janet's journaling. Shannon allows shorts in the office.
2 Feb. 2021
Appa & Linus
Appa unknowingly ruins Gerald's baby blanket. Jung invites Kimchee for a weekend in California. Janet tries to convince Umma to join a support group.
9 Feb. 2021
Tennis Anyone?
Appa and Umma sneak into a fancy neighborhood to play tennis. Shannon gives Omar dubious advice. Janet befriends a coworker.
16 Feb. 2021
A Tangled Web
Cousin Nayoung arrives with an unconventional pet. Jung and Shannon have a stressful lunch with Umma. Kimchee ignores a coworker's feelings.
23 Feb. 2021
Cookie Monster
Appa finds marijuana in the house. Shannon throws a staff party that doesn't go as planned.
2 Mar. 2021
Chance Encounter
Appa and Kimchee enjoy an impromptu hangout together. Janet and Umma find an envelope of money in the store. Jung and Shannon struggle to watch TV together.
9 Mar. 2021
Slippery Slope
Appa worries about Umma after a minor household accident. Janet uses Jung's past to boost her reputation with students. A high school reunion has Kimchee thinking about an old flame.
16 Mar. 2021
Field of Schemes
Appa's reputation as an impartial umpire faces a stiff test. Jung and Kimchee disagree about discipline. Janet worries a sweater may be haunted.
23 Mar. 2021
Who's Pranking Who?
Kimchee's plan to impress the higher-ups backfires. Shannon inadvertently insults Umma's cooking. Appa and Janet enter a prank war.
30 Mar. 2021
Matchy Matchy
Umma tries to set up Janet with their new mason. Shannon encourages Jung to give Appa a gift. Kimchee and Shannon work on employee evaluations.
6 Apr. 2021
Hugs & Prayers
Janet and Appa take a first aid course. Umma worries her prayers cause more harm than good. Shannon and Jung discuss their relationship.
13 Apr. 2021
Friends and Family
Jung gives Appa and Umma a business presentation for the store. Shannon and Kimchee's office teasing leads to a meaningful discovery for Kimchee.

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