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Wow Such a Wonderful Discovery
Christmas-Reviewer2 December 2016
Veteran Hallmark Christmas Movie Star Alicia Witt newest entry is her best one I have seen. I remember her "That's Incredible" appearance in 1980. She was only 5 years old and was reading and comprehending Shakespeare. Anyway that was then.

Now 36 years later Alicia plays Isobel. This year Isobel plans a storybook Christmas that she never had and plans to spend it with her boyfriend. Her plans include spenfing Christmasn is a snow- covered cottage. She also made a "Christmas Bucket List" and on that list is classic holiday traditions she has bever done. But when the boyfriend goes AWOL, the list proves challenging a tempting new romance turns her life upside down.

I grew up wanting the things on Christmas that this woman wants. Her list includes "Caroling" and most of all "A White Christmas".

I found this film such a joy. It's nice to see a film where you can fully understand someones motives. I am not sure if men will "Get This". Maybe if they are over 30. Most everyone else that has thought of a "Perfect Christmas" would most likely come up with the same list.

This film is worth seeing. I will watch it again if given the chance.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy the Film!
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I liked this movie
hqfedlegion-118 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this movie and thought the two main characters had good chemistry. Also, maybe I am identifying with them, but this was another feel-good Hallmark Christmas movie, which is what you want and expect at Christmas The banter back and forth between the two was natural; and since they have been in another movie together, it showed their ease with one another. And then her mom; who turns out to be kinda cool. Her line about 'giving her a bad gift' was touching and that scene with them both outside, by the fire, was a turning point, of her revelation and personal growth. I look forward to seeing both male and female leads again, in future movies.
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The Queen of Christmas Movies Makes this a Good One
gehewe7 January 2017
This is Alicia Witt's 4th Christmas movie and I like them all. My favorite is "A Very Merry Mixup- 2013" 2nd is "Just in Time for Christmas- 2015" then this one and last "Christmas at Cartwrights- 2014" which also co-stars Gabe Hogan. Susan Hogan the real life mother of Gabe Hogan plays his mother in this movie(she is very likable)- she was also a mom in a Very Merry Mixup.

Alicia Witt is essentially the same dramatic expressive actress in all these movies and I love it. Gabe Hogan was much better in this movie (or his character was) then Christmas at Cartwrights. The man who played Brett the boy friend did a great job. It is a good movie but I did doze for about 10 minutes at the 40 min mark (rewound and rewatched). The mother's part (Alicia's) role did not do much for me.
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Awe and wonder
Jackbv12317 July 2017
When you like a movie even more the second time you watch it, you know it will always be a favorite for you.

I am totally in love with Isobel. She is totally crazy in a quirky way. Her laugh is amazing. I can't get enough of it - it doesn't hold back. The world around her is full of awe and wonder. She has dreams and tries to live them. This is someone that I wish I knew. In the beginning of the movie she is a little stuck on perfection. That doesn't show up as much after she and her mother have a heart-to-heart. Maybe she is a little naïve. Maybe.

Alicia Witt does all of this so well. She is so expressive. She does quirky well and the same with awe and wonder. She also does sad or angry well. I can't see Chabert, or McKellar, or Lowndes, or Bure doing this role. This is my favorite Christmas Movie and my favorite Alicia Witt movie. I also love Very Mixed Up Christmas.

For me, this movie is about falling in love with Isobel, and Jamie is the vehicle. But maybe it is a cute love story too.

I didn't realize when I saw this the first three times that Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan were reunited in this movie after doing Christmas at Cartwright's. I think they both connected much better in this one, partly because they had more screen time together.

I think my favorite scene in the movie is the Nutcraker. I think it really sums up different aspects of Izzy.

There is much to laugh at in this movie, not just dry jokes that don't quite get past just a smile. And maybe there are some things that will bring sweet tears also.

There are no great surprises. There is one minor villain in the form of Izzy's existing boyfriend Brett. Like so many Hallmark movies, the current boyfriend is stuck on himself, or a workaholic, or both, not to mention looks down on small towns.

Having watched this at least three, maybe four times in about 11 months, I can still say I will watch it again and maybe even this season.
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A worthwhile list
TheLittleSongbird10 November 2020
Hallmark Christmas films vary in quality. Some good ones (a reaction not always expected), some mediocre at best and even very bad ones and plenty that fall somewhere in between. The concept for 'Christmas List' sounded nice, though hardly innovative. Am not always a fan of Alicia Witt, a Hallmark regular. Sometimes she is charming and has characters easy to like, at other times her acting to me is too affected and it makes me struggle to root for her or the film.

'Christmas List' was a more than watchable festive effort of theirs. Actually thought that despite its flaws that it was quite good and it is for me easily one of Witt's better performances (though it is also not perfect as has been said by others) in a festive Hallmark film and one of her better festive Christmas films overall. As well as one of Hallmark's better festive efforts that year in a hit and miss batch, something that is not unusual for Hallmark.

Is 'Christmas List' perfect? No it isn't, none of Hallmark's Christmas films are. The music is too often intrusive and could have been more subtle, a common problem for Hallmark. Absolutely detested the boyfriend character Brett, like others here, it's not because he is a well worn Hallmark stereotypical type of character (he is) because of how over the top unlikeable he is and the film makes no attempt to make him interesting or dimensional. Hallmark have rarely done well with their jerk boyfriend characters and this was one of the worst cases.

Not all the dialogue is natural, some awkwardness early on. Do agree that some of the more childlike parts of Witt's character are overdone.

Most of Witt's performance though is charming and amiable, in one of her most expressive performances, and on the most part she isn't annoying. Gabriel Hogan is a likeable leading man as well as witty, he and Witt have a genuine and natural chemistry together and their banter has both tension and playfulness. Susan Hogan steals her screen time. Although the characters are on the underdeveloped side, the performances are better than average and the chemistry never disconnected.

The film looks attractive, especially the scenery. The photography is not drab or gaudy. On the most part, the script has less of the corn, cheese, overdone sentiment and awkwardness that can be heard in other Hallmark efforts. Yeah, some of the dialogue still isn't great and can get contrived, but it flows well, is heart-warming and it doesn't get sugary. The story is very flawed, but it has a lot of charm and heart and some parts are quite poignant. The ending is foreseeable and a bit too tidy, but is very sweet nonetheless. The pace doesn't feel too rushed or too dull.

Overall, a worthwhile film. 7/10
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If your idea of Christmas is a bunch of arguing...
saloha1316 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love Christmas movies and give each Hallmark holiday film a try. Many I love and can watch many times over. But this. This one was tough to make it through.

Alicia Witt's character in this film stressed me out. And I didn't even know a Christmas movie was capable of that! The constant arguing with both her mother and her love interest, coupled with the over-the-top "ooohhing" and "ahhhing" at the wonders of Christmas was ridiculously dramatic. Isobel is extremely self-absorbed, which is not generally the message that the Hallmark Channel strives to promote. I am honestly surprised that there are handful of positive reviews here.

I will not be watching again, nor will I recommend it to others.
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Nice & Sweet
victorthomas-4174918 July 2017
"Christmas List" is a 2016 Hallmark Channel Film. The film Stars Alicia Witt who is a veteran of Hallmark movies . Of all the ones shes has been in "Christmas List" is my favorite.

In this film she plays Isobel. She is in a semi serious relationship with her boyfriend. She also happens to be someone who always wanted a prefect Christmas. She wants to have a Christmas that would look like Norman Rockwell would paint. So after she comes upon her "Perfect Christmas List" she decides to take a "Christmas Vacation". In a small little snow covered town. Problem is her boyfriend decides to stay behind a few extra days thus leaving her alone during Christmas.

She decides "To Make the best of it" and checks off her Christmas List without noticing she is falling for a local guy.

Her perfect Christmas might not be what she was expecting.

Watch it.
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Terrific Holiday Movie
cconnor-5325719 July 2017
This is my favorite Hallmark holiday movie. The rapport between the main characters is great. The dialogue is witty and spontaneous. The two main characters play off each other and it is very funny. There are so many interesting and funny scenes in this. I also really like the premise. The acting is stellar.
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Not a fan
RenT-8306529 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I tried and failed to get through this movie several times. I genuinely wanted to see the ending but I am not a fan of Alicia Witt. Her acting is fine but her voice it just hard to handle. When she's calm it's great but this movie had way too much over the top "OOOOH'" and "AHHHH" every 5 minutes I had to keep changing the channel.

Honestly, I started questioning if this woman ever experienced a Christmas in her entire life. For crying out loud, she literally freaks out over every single Christmas experience as if she's never heard of such things as decorating or baking.

And her mother is completely oblivious to the fact that her OCD caused her daughter to obsess over being perfect. Really? You just don't understand why she strives for perfection to please you?

If you can stand rolling your eyes every few minutes you will enjoy this movie.
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One of my favorite Christmas movies
ShiningSeal11 August 2019
"Christmas List" is a sweet, feel-good, family-friendly movie. Alicia Witt is precious in it, as is Gabriel Hogan. If you're looking for a simple, clean, charming holiday movie ti enjoy, I highly recommend this one. Sadly, the movie doesn't seem to have been released on DVD, so unless you have the Hallmark channel (family and I don't do cable), not sure how you'd see it. XD
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Terrible, honestly.
0rion930 November 2018
Has Witt ever acted before in her life?! Ugh. I screamed at the tv. Yes, of course she has, I know I've seen her around. It must be the director who insisted she talk like a child and walk through town like she's never left her house before. Kimmy Schmidt's first Christmas with the opposite of laughs. Anyway, I'm blaming the producers and director because the soundtrack is childish, as well. You know, everything's terrible, honestly. Has she ever talked on the phone before? Interacted with a man in public? Done anything in the kitchen? Listened to someone when they spoke? Oh, no, I'm sorry, she interrupted her when she was about to tell her she's his sister. Oooh, he's not married then? Why's she so interested all of a sudden when before she kept dismissing him ... wow, this movie is worse than I thought. Surprise - the script sucks too!

"You're gonna regret it." - Addy Langdon, American Horror Story
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I get it
alanroberts-7955931 December 2017
If you ever grew up in a place that never gets snow then you really do dream of a White Christmas. Here the Alicia Witt Character does just that. She also grew up in a single parent home with no siblings. (A fact the script doesn't point out). So what she really wants to do is create a family and traditions that are mostly seen in "Hallmark Movies".

What I like about this film is that the "LIST" is something someone would create if they never got do them for whatever reason. I also think that wanting to do these things is sweet and "Childlike Innocence" and that is what makes this film special.

The film is made with care. If you do not like Christmas or you grew up spoiled then you might not be able to relate to this at all.

This is a winner.
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Cringe worthy
chrisgonsolvis2 November 2018
Would be a good film except for Alicia Witt's annoying babyish voice, much too contrived
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Not Alicia's best
chrisgonsolvis2 November 2018
I usually love all of the Christmas films but Alicia plays this part in a ridiculously annoying childlike voice which is really cringe worthy
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Charming Christmas Love Story
msarajoy21 July 2020
Oh gosh! What a beautiful story! The premise would seem to indicate quite a silly tale but this story is anything but.

There is something very mature about a love that has to be choose between two parties (whilst no one is married of course). Giving up current boyfriend Brett for maybe boyfriend Jamie can be quite scary and it takes Isobel guts to do it especially when current boyfriend is so nice to her, albeit he is nice in his own interpretation of nice. Brett comes off as sufficiently nice and obnoxious at the same time and it is amusing watching him.

But the chemistry between Brett who kisses her on the cheek compared to Jamie who takes every opportunity to kiss her on the lips is easily compared. Also, I love the witty repartee between Isobel and Jamie - this script was very well written and carried off to, dare I say it, perfection by the 2 leads.

Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan play the chemistry so well and so beautifully that we root for them from the start. There is something so sweet about the way they are around each other, seeming to always bring out the best in each other - I think that is a very important part of any kind of relationship. I think I can put my finger on why I love watching these two ... it's because when they are talking together, they are really talking with each other and the world around them waits or fades away - not to say anybody should be insular in their relationship but I think you will know what I mean - the eye contact is not broken and they really hear what the other person is saying. It's beautiful to watch.

I really love the very honest conversation that Isobel had with her mum - I think lots of us wish we could have such an open, honest and loving conversation with our mums!

This is really a very very lovely Christmas story and I will watch it again and again. Alicia and Gabriel sizzle the screen in a very gentle, charming and romantic way.

Now I just need this DVD to be available on Amazon!!
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Isobel made her Christmas wish list as a young girl and she checked it 25 years later
Ed-Shullivan4 December 2020
Oh to be young and still believing in that old Doris Day song written in 1956 "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)", that must be what the adult Isobel Gray (Alicia Witt) was thinking when she decided to find the perfect Christmas village to spend Christmas with her business minded jet setting boyfriend Brett Bishop (Peter Benson) and complete her bucket list Christmas List that she wrote 25 years earlier when she was just a little girl just like in the classic 1950's Doris Day song Que Sera, Sera.

Of course Isobel's business minded boyfriend Brett tells her to head up to the cottage by herself that she has rented and he will join her as soon as he wraps up a few loose ends with his ongoing business deals. So while Isobel waits patiently for her boyfriend to make the trek to the cottage she pulls out her 25 year old Christmas List and decides to head out and find the perfect real Christmas tree that she can then decorate the way she wants to decorate her real tree without any interference from her overbearing mother Ellen Gray (Wanda Cannon) who raised Isobel without a father in her life. It is while she is picking out her Christmas tree that her life changes forever when she bumps into the handsome and very charming local man named Jamie Houghton (Gabriel Hogan) who invites Isobel to spend some quality time with him and his family which Isobel finds to be a wonderful experience.

Isobel tells Jamie that she envies him having such a wonderful immediate family to share his life with and it awakens Isobel to think how limiting her own life would be if she decided to get serious with her current boyfriend Brett. The film's music score was not overbearing, and the use of the word "Christmas" was used sparingly which was a relief to Mrs. Shullivan and I as sometimes other Christmas themed films repeat the word "Christmas" ad nauseum and we become disenfranchised with these types of Christmas themed films.

This is a nice little holiday romance story and the on screen chemistry between actors Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan worked well for both their personal lives and Mrs. Shullivan and I were left with a feeling of resolve that Isobel and Jamie found a way to make this Christmas a very special time of year.

I give this romantic Christmas themed film a decent 6 out of 10 IMDB rating.
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Christmas list
judyharl13 July 2020
I am not a fan of Alicia Witt as a rule but her and Gabriel Hogan have great chemistry in this one. Her boyfriend in the movie has no personality and so self absorbed.Gabriel's mom in movie is amazing I love her in any movie.Alicia's mom in movie is Val Stanton in her in anything she is in .
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Very Enjoyable
ooglah22 December 2018
Every year my wife forces me to watch Hallmark movies at Christmas but I really liked this one. Yes, it does have a lot of sappy moments but it made me laugh.
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Christmas List
Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic20 July 2019
4/10 - probably my least favorite Hallmark movie of all time - an obnoxious main character and pretty flat acting
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Good enough
pennyelenabooks11 January 2020
The movie had one thing going for it, the leading lady. She was delightful, funny and cute. The romance was just not as good, and it almost ruined the movie, but overall, it was entertaining, funny and cute.
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Heavy eye roll
mharford251 November 2020
I love Hallmark movies but this one just annoyed me. Alicia Witt was absolutely terrible in this one. Her character and the mother character just made me angry. I shut it off half way through because I simply couldn't take it anymore.
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kall669523 December 2017
I record all the Hallmark movies so I have a ton to compare. Alicia Witt is in several. My favs of hers are "I'm not ready for Christmas" and a "Merry Mixup."

This one is annoying. She goes on vacation and has a list of Christmas activities she wants to experience. Which is great!!! If You've never done them, excellent! Her mother, however, is a total Witch to her. Her "Boyfriend" is a tool! I can't bear watching either of them!! Can we REALLY TRY to make the characters any more displeasing??? Of course, it makes it easy for her to find someone else to fall for. Which BEGS the question, why ON EARTH were you ever with that LOUSY boyfriend in the first place???

However, it's nice to see her with Gabriel Hogan. Just DUMP the other guy SOONER!
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Not my favorite
rwl-9543026 November 2016
First of all I am not an Alicia Witt fan but I did like A Very Merry Mix-up. I thought the Christmas List was a very sub par Hallmark Christmas movie. I've seen most of the Hallmark movies several times and this would have to be one of my least favorites. I just thought it was dull. It was interesting that they had Gabriel Hogan and his real life mother. To me there was no real chemistry between the actors and I thought her "boyfriend" was terrible. All Hallmark movies are very predictable and redundant. But I normally enjoy them anyway as they remind me of the family oriented shows that I grew up watching. However, I could just never get into this movie and the only reason I watched until the end was because there is very little else on.
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Good movie, some odd elements
malachite-784322 January 2021
I like this movie. I've watched it many times but this is the first time that I noticed that in the first scene, she had a dog. He was a big red setter type dog, with longish fur.

If her mother is so OCD that she can't stand the mess of a live Christmas tree, which is only inside for a few weeks, then how can she stand the mess that a shedding, big dog will inevitably make?

That was a weird element that didn't fit, and didn't need to be in the story. She could have been talking to herself or her snow globe when she said she'd like to have a real tree one day.

The dog didn't fit at all.

Who's job is it to pay attention to these inconsistencies in the stories? Someone isn't paying attention to their job title.

So what else is new in the Hallmark Christmas movies? Someone isn't paying attention to obviously incongruities in the writing process.
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Cross this one off the list
kz917-115 December 2017
No. Just No.

Alicia Witt was delightful in A Very Merry Mix Up, but in this movie she was down right irritating.

A fashion designer with a lackluster boyfriend and domineering mother sets out to accomplish her Christmas bucket list of activities. Between the boyfriend who isn't really interested and doesn't want to go to a "Christmas" town to her mother showing up uninvited, most of the characters were unlikable.

Skip It and watch another movie unless you really, really like Alicia Witt and have to see everything she stars in.
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