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Season 3

6 Oct. 2022
Future ~Career Paths~
Salt Middle School has given students, including Mob, a task to write down what their career path and future looks like. However, Mob seems to have a problem as he doesn't know what he wants while everyone else seems to have some idea of what their future looks like. Meanwhile, the mysterious giant broccoli tree, called Divine Tree, is still standing in the middle of Seasoning City and some people have formed a Psycho Helmet Religion around it.
13 Oct. 2022
Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears! ~The Threat of a Hundred Demons!!~
Salt Middle School has tasked their students to prepare for a cultural fair. At the same time yokai hunter Haruaki Amakusa has made his appearance and seeks help from Reigen in defeating the evil yokai horde called the Hundred Demons to stop them from resurrecting the Great Yokai King.
20 Oct. 2022
Getting Carried Away ~100%~
Mob started to feel that girls are looking at him, and this causes him to think that he is starting to become popular. Dimple believes that it's just misunderstanding and asked mob to become a founder of Psycho Helmet Cult.
27 Oct. 2022
Divine Tree 1 ~The Founder Appears~
All of Seasoning City has become brainwashed by the Psycho Helmet Cult. Mob and Reigen rush to destroy the Divine Tree while Teru discovers the identity of the cult's leader.
3 Nov. 2022
Divine Tree 2 ~Peace~
Mob finally confronts the one responsible for the people's strange behaviors and obsession towards the Divine Tree and Psycho Helmet Religion. However, he first has to face off Teruki, who has been brainwashed by Psycho Helmet.
10 Nov. 2022
Divine Tree 3 ~Dimple Is~
Mob's attitude seems to change once he hears what Dimple says. Mob ends up apologizing to Dimple because he had gotten carried away from the thought of being popular and didn't hear what Dimple had to tell him before.
17 Nov. 2022
Transmission 1 ~Winter Break~
Kurata Tome has always dreamed about communicating with the universe through telepathy. However, as winter break comes closer and closer, she makes the decision to disband the Telepathy Club.
24 Nov. 2022
Transmission 2 ~Encountering the Unknown~
The group somehow finally makes it to the summit of Mt. Mudboat. Takenaka had been up all night reading all the texts about UFOS and the Telepathy Club comes together to send a telepathic message into Space, but there is no UFO in sight.
1 Dec. 2022
Mob 1 ~Moving~
When Shigeo receives the news that Tsubomi will be moving away very soon, he goes to his friends for advice on how to confess.
8 Dec. 2022
Mob 2 ~Rival~
On his way to meeting Tsubomi, Mob is caught in an accident.
15 Dec. 2022
Mob 3 ~Trauma~
As Shigeo slowly rampages across the city, more of his friends attempt to stop his outburst.
22 Dec. 2022
Confession ~The Future~
While Shigeo gets closer to his final destination where Tsubomi awaits him, Reigen tries to reach his student to tell him something important.

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