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To my surprise, I enjoyed this movie!
valtierraitza6 January 2019
Went in without watching trailers or reading any background info on it. My friends really wanted to see so I tagged along. With horror movies, I never get my hopes up as it's hard to find a good one these days. I surprisingly really enjoyed the concept of this movie and would consider it more of a thriller. It never bored me and it wasn't gory like the saw films (which I never enjoyed). I liked the characters and their backgrounds.. it was nice to see how they all tied in together. It was a pretty good movie and I'd recommend.
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I Thought This Film Would Be Good But Ultimately It Falls Apart ( Score 6.9/10 ⭐ )
ymyuseda30 January 2019
The film in itself was good in terms of acting performance , sadly the storyline was poor . I thought this film would be good but ultimately it falls apart !! I'm so disappointed !!
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The love child of Saw and Cube - which means I love it!
erinaddams7 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Before I start, let me just say that I loved this movie! It had me whiteknuckling the arm-rests and I have no complaints. The characters reminded me a lot of Cube and the way it's all set up reminds me of Saw. I love both of the aforementioned movies, so I was pleased with Escape Room - of course, I could very well see why others might be bothered by it's similarities, but since I have no issues with someone basically merging two of my favorite movies, I'm not upset. I would definitely recommend this movie and the actors, in my opinion, did wonderful jobs.
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A fun little thriller.
DRreviews9 February 2019
Drawing influences from Saw (2004), Final Destination (2000), and Cube (1997), Escape Room follows six individuals, all of whom receive a puzzle box prescribing a cryptic note inviting them to the Minos Escape Room Facility. Lured to the facility under the promise of receiving a cash prize of ten thousand dollars, these six strangers must endure several intricately designed puzzle rooms in a thrilling game of life or death. While the premise doesn't exactly scream originality, Escape Room is a perfectly enjoyable little thriller. For those expecting buckets of gore and sickening death scenes, look elsewhere, as Schut and Melnik's screenplay is much more attuned to focusing on the elaborate puzzles themselves, resulting in a film that intrigues rather than disturbs. Pace wise, the film doesn't slow down and is engaging throughout, some of the puzzle rooms are quite visually arresting, and thankfully the characters aren't just one dimensional zeroes either. While the ending does border on nonsensical, Escape Room is a still a fun film that is definitely worth checking out.
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A clever cross between Saw and Belko Experiment
alesjonestrader4 January 2019
I saw this film with my wife and in-laws - just a few days after we all went to a an actual "escape room". Astonishingly, everybody including myself was impressed with this film. You know you have a good movie when all generations of a family like it!

The acting was great - but more importantly this film had a great story. It never got boring. A very clever idea to combine aspects of the Saw films with modern escape rooms.

The only criticism I have about this film is that the twist at the end was a bit of a stretch - very difficult to swallow. But Overall - an excellent film.
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It's scary that some people are giving this 10/10
thailerrhyne13 January 2019
Don't get me wrong, the people who are saying "1 star, it's visual vomit" are being dramatic. But this movie is not good. It's beginning and half way point are somewhat decent. Plot wise I mean. Acting and visual effects are lacking in many areas. But the second half till the end is horribly executed. The fact that it sequel baits you hard at the end is also a little insulting. Save your money. Do a real escape room instead.
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A disaster of an ending
dynamiteheaddy-433871 February 2019
Starts off fairly strong with interesting escape rooms but there comes a point in the third act where the movie just goes badly down hill with one of the worst endings in recent memory. They are clearly trying to set up a franchise with the sequel bait but with an ending this weak and unoriginal I can't see anyone wanting to watch it, The film isn't clever and doesn't have a decent twist to save it. Its just a rip off Saw (minus the gore) probably in the hope they can make more money. It's a shame because there are some enjoyable parts but expect any future films to go straight to DVD.
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Solid Watch .. until the ending
deniz_yazici9 April 2019
Enjoyed very much until the last 10 minutes. I wish the internet were to broke off at that point. Such a waste of a very cool flick.
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For what it is, it isn't bad
dsayshi2573 January 2019
You could tell by the trailers that this isn't an oscar winning movie. It's a thrilling, fun, easy watch and for what it is, it's pretty good. The acting isn't bad, it's a pretty cliche story but it exceeded my expectations! It's not bad but it's not fantastic. If you're a fan of these types of movies, you won't be let down!
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Escape Room
lukehasenfus4 January 2019
This movie is a fun joy ride and is something that won't waste your time. Although it isn't Oscar worthy, it is a film that is enjoying to watch and get excited about. I highly recommend this film to just watch for a good time.
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Not that amazing, not terrible, but probably not worth your time for theaters
prostatus-0566412 January 2019
The acting was pretty cringeworthy and bad, the black guy was pretty terrible actor and the fisherman guy wasnt so hot either..The rest did fine or alright but the other two definitely kind of dragged things down..Interesting and intriguing at some points, boring and cliche at others..Kinda cool twist and concept I suppose near end but overall the terrible acting and kind of same plot doing same thing over and over and kind of stupidity of cliche backstories placed in, 4/10.
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Amazing movie!
emmatween7 January 2019
Don't listen to the snobby critics reviews, this is an amazing and suspenseful movie! I just love the fact that they can make a movie suspenseful,scary, and fun to watch, yet also keeping the pg-13 rating, overall I would definitely recommend you watch it!
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Unfinished/nonsense clues. Is this a joke??!
ack-8320919 January 2019
Deserves the worst movie prize; in all senses. Horrible actors; cheesy; stupid confusing story lines. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Someone got paid to give good reviews here...
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A much needed reworked Saw movie sans gore and torture
thebricks5 January 2019
I loved the first Saw movie, but got tired of subsequent movies because the gore and torture got a bit too much to watch. It actually was a decent movie and is kind of rewatchable, I'll admit. I did feel at times that the characters were a bit too smart to discover certain things as quickly as they did. Still, for a January release, you expect the worst but it actually was pretty good.

Many of the leads were unlikable, but that's to be expected with budget movies like this. Also, it's written like a teen movie, where people are losers one day, white collar successes the next, which is ridiculous, but that's Hollywood. Getting past this, it still is a pretty good watch and a way to waste two hours.
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Pretty awesome movie!
breannamarie-576285 January 2019
My husband and I definitely loved it! We didn't have to see nudity or a bunch of gore everywhere for it to be a great film! The actors did really well with their acting. The ending has a great spin to it! I I can definitely re watch this again and enjoy it like how I did the first time. Love the movie. We are ready for the second one!
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Great movie from beginning to end!
justhe-733594 January 2019
Not once did I feel bored watching this movie. The whole movie kept me entertained and trying to figure out how to escape along with them. Def a good movie to see in the theater or at home.
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Escaping The Normal Slasher/Horror Formula
rgkarim4 January 2019
The age of horror took a major turn when the Saw series unleashed its gory thrills to the Hollywood industry. Sadly, the very edge and gimmicks it brought grew stale, as sequel after sequel appeared to dilute the quality and originality. Soon carbon copies came in, eventually flooding the market with mediocre films that didn't do much to progress the genre. Still, there are always those hopes that some quality still lurks in the chaotic slew that is this genre. Hi, Robbie K here with his first review of the year on the latest Horror movie entitled:

Movie: Escape Room (2019)

Director: Adam Robitel Writers: Bragi F. Schut (screenplay by) (as Bragi Schut), Maria Melnik (screenplay by) Stars: Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Tyler Labine


New Twist Attention To Detail/Creativity Good Acting Character Development Story Stuck To Gimmick Suspenseful Energy Short Run Time

SUMMARY: These types of films fall victim to stale presentations and lack of originality. As such, the Escape Room approach was a nice twist on this film bringing with it a new creativity and approach that was refreshing. Each of the rooms had extraordinary detail, planned out to feel like the intense game of survival, filled with snares, baits, and clues to spur the threats on. Such design brought with it new arenas to engage your mind and held much more sustenance. What further advanced the story were the characters, contenders who for once had more dimension than simple, snobbish, cannon fodder that often take center stage. These players held backstories, opportunities to learn, and personalities that evolved with each passing minute. As such, I found myself rooting for the team to succeed instead of rooting for a timely demise to end their flawed personalities. The actors had more room to use their talents to cross the spectrum and do a surprising job expanding upon what was once simple roles. Tying all of this together those, was an engaging story that managed to combine all the backstories, gimmicks, and flair into an engaging cinematic piece that delivered on its promise, but remained interesting on many levels. Uncovering the mysteries, solving the clues, and keeping the energy flowing through the film with a presentation that was filled with anticipation and excitement. Given that they balanced the gimmick with a story it gets bonus points, even more so keeping it in the short run time leads to even more bonus points.

DISLIKES: Cliché A few stretches Wanting More Backstory for some characters Ruined by Trailers

SUMMARY: Sadly, all the planning and details laid out still haven't escaped the cliché and unoriginality that follows these types of films. Escape Room falls into these own sets of traps, but fortunately the spin, ingenuity, and suspense are able to divert the blunt of this area of improvement. One of those that is a bit eye rolling, is that the rooms takes some stretches of the imagination and ignoring reality to get on board. While most of it is acceptable, there are some times I had to turn my brain off extra to get over the unrealistic hurdle. In addition, there was a little bit of adjusting the story order I would have liked to see, placing all the character stories closer to the beginning where their lives were explained in more detail. Had they done this, I feel some of the parts rushed over for me would have been improved, but this minor detail is nothing compared to my big limitation. That much of the story, twists, and fates have been revealed in the trailers to great detail. If you've got a good memory, and watch the trailer with enough focus, you'll get about 60-75% of the movie revealed. So avoid the trailers enough and you will be okay, but otherwise look forward to the last 25% to really give you the last tidbits.


This genre is what you pay for, but fortunately Escape Room renews the potential for greatness in this type of movie. With a focus on detail, character designs, and story integration this addition to the group was fantastic for me. It's engaging pace and suspenseful energy will offset most of the film's limitations. Given all the visuals and fun I had, the movie is well worth a trip to the theater and certainly one of the better horror movies to show up in a while, at least in terms of thriller/slasher. I certainly enjoyed this film and look forward to this direction for future installments if possible. My scores are:

Drama/Horror/Mystery: 8.0-8.5 Movie Overall: 6.5-7.0
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Escape from theather
eliaemil20 January 2019
There are many movies with these kinds of plots . Few people with different backgrounds entrapped in a place and were trying to escape. That part is more and less okay. The most important part is how to end the movie and what is the movie's message, conclusion or whatever. Unfortunately, this movie had one of the most irrelevant, disappointing and childish endings. The theater, where I was watching this movie, was like Escape Room for me. When the movie ended and the lights got on, I just escaped, not to lose any more seconds of my time.
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Better than expected with fun suspenseful thrills that will keep you on the edge.
cruise015 January 2019
Escape Room (4 out of 5 stars).

Escape Room is a twisted and fun thriller film that lacks the originality of the concept since there are films like Saw, The Collector, and The Belko Experiment. But the film does not stop you from being entertained with a thrilling direction that does keep you on the edge of your seat and plays around with the concept of characters going through several escape rooms and puzzle solving. If they fail to solve in time or escape, there are some deadly consequences.

The plot follows several characters Zoey (Taylor Russell), Ben (Logan Miller), Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll), Mike (Tyler Labine), Jason (Jay Ellis), and Danny (Nik Dodani) all getting an invitation puzzle box that invites them to an escape room experience. If they get out, they will win 10,000 dollars. Right when they go to the destination and waiting in the first room. That is were the games begin. They will have to use their knowledge and problem solving to get through each room before they fall for the trap. With each room and puzzle solving involving a secret of their past. They figure out there is something bigger going on than just an escape room game.

The plot was good. It may not be fresh of an original idea. But it was entertaining to see several strangers trying to figure out the clues and survive. Each character has their own backstory of a tragic past that lead them to this game. Each character all has their own distinct personality on how they try to survive. Zoey is a sweet, intelligent college student. Ben is an alcoholic and a dead beat teenager. Amanda was in the military. Mike is a truck driver. Jason is a financing businessman with a selfish attitude. Danny is the geeky teenager who is obsessed with problem solving. But how are all these characters connected? Or what they have in common? The build up with the plot was good. As they go from one deadly room to another. From a room that is firing up in high temperatures to a frozen lake that is breaking apart to an upside down bar and a white static sound room that may not be for the sensitive audience that can not handle flashy dizzying lights.

Taylor Russell was good playing her character that is pushed to her limits as she progressed through the games. Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Tyler Labine, Jay Ellis, and Nik Dodani were all good with their characters.

Director Adam Robitel did well in building the suspense and thrills. As characters are facing danger in every room. The direction did well in making you feel claustrophobic or fear of falling from an upside down room. The opening scene with a character being crushed from a room with walls closing in does set the momentum of the suspenseful direction. The music score Brian Tyler and John Carey also helped creating the tone with each room.

I did feel like the twist was a bit far fetched with the last ten minutes of the movie. Without giving away spoilers about the idea of the escape rooms and the ending. Yes, it does leave room for a sequel. I was disappointed and the twist did not leave that surprising shock feeling at all.

Overall, Escape Room is a good psychological horror film. The cast was great. The script and plot was good with having several strange characters playing a deadly game. The direction did have suspense and thrills that was entertaining. Twist may have been the weakest link in the movie. But it was still a fun good time watching the movie.
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Absolutely brilliant!
citrine11296 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Granted movies like this have been done before- saw, a past escape room, etc, but this movie was absolutely brilliant. The characters never did anything wrong (except 1), unlike in SAW, when they all did something wrong or hated life. Instead, these characters are brought together by unfortunate tragedies that led them to have to fight for survival. The characters are not the stereotypical "blonde, stoner, virgin, smart guy, and buff guy." They are all unique and the female leads are so powerful. One served in Iraq and the other is African American studying Quantam Physics. There is also the super smart guy who has played escape rooms many times before. More than one incredibly smart person who is also a virgin. Most of the movie is completely unpredictable and has you on the edge of your seat for most of it. It is so brilliantly played out and has numerous twists and turns I never saw coming. Most horror movies nowadays are predictable or based on jump scares, but this one was completely psychological and made you really feel for the characters. 9/10 beautifully made, coolest horror movie I have seen in a very long time!
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Good Cast
sassygayfriend85910 February 2019
I'm not a fan of PG-13 horror. I like my sex and violence. But I was pleasantly surprised by this. Yes it rips off "Saw" and "Hostel" but it shows that you don't need gore to be scared. It's the cast that makes the movie. I liked everyone. When a character was in danger, I was scared. If they didn't make it, I was horrified. Horror is at its best when you're emotionally invested in the participants.
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Very good, don't get the bad reviews
calebscottburdett4 January 2019
For a PG-13 Horror movie it's great. It was able to keep your attention and put you on the edge of your seat without the blood and guts. The ending sets it up for a sequel. The movie is a good cross of the Saw series and the Belko Experiment. I'd see it again.
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Cube did it better, but still fun!
Scorcesio6 January 2019
The entire movie, all I could think of was Cube and how this movie was definitely inspired by it. The beginning starts off like an eye rolling Netflix B-horror, but it really does get better! Very tense moments and the room concepts are great. You'll have a lot of fun watching!
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Poor man's Saw
bluejeffb16 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Awful film. A poor man's Saw (Very poor). We've always had horror films where the characters make bad decisions, most of the time the film wouldn't work without it, but I can't remember one where every decision from the first moment is brain dead. If only they'd killed Anderson off in the first minute it may have been some help (and worth another star). Avoid completely!!!
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Escape Room Review
DylanAnglin4 January 2019
My first review of 2019 goes to Escape Room. I didn't expect much and I didn't get much, but that's not saying this is a bad movie; it was actually quite good for what it is. Six people trapped in different escape rooms trying get out can be really tense at times depending on what's going on. The acting and dialogue can be very meh at times, but other than that, it's a pretty solid movie. 7.5/10
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