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A Kill For A Thrill, Sleazy Indie, Gore Horror Treat!
Danny2218810 October 2016
Well, what can I say about Chaos A.D.? It was appalling, gross, gruesome, savage, sleazy, very bloody and a downright good ole time!

For one, I went in kinda cold. Some expectations where shattered, but it still was something I found to be pretty interesting. Other then the fact I knew a friend was a Halloween party guest in it, another contributed music to the soundtrack, it was very out there in the realm of horror.

Now, this is not shot in the style of the old school VHS style gore/slasher flick, but in crystal clear quality with a late night on a TV movie channel feel to it. But it was way too explicit I think to make it on TV in the first place. It comes off as cheesy, but it is likable. The characters all play a certain role, and that is to make Halloween night a special one. The abusive nature of family comes to play, as well as the teenage party lifestyle so a lot of teens and middle aged adults can find it easy to find common ground with. The control of the powers that be, from the curtain of ultra violence and subliminal meanings behind them.

The violence in is mixed with a lot of sleaze. Seriously messed up scenes, and very weird fetishes. It comes off as a weird suburban Hills Have Eyes, but with a Saw premise, and a Troma films vibe throughout. The music in the background also is enticing, and stays in your head all the way to the end. The darkest parts of the film are I have to say the cringe inducing moments when something so bad happens to one character playing the protagonists, from the super antagonistic monster of the film, the female serial killers,to the moments where you are wondering why certain murders are happening from the very beginning. Eventually you put all the pieces to the puzzle together. You will not be left hanging. The plot is coherent and intelligible.

Chris Woods made a well thought out film and got some actors cast that I ended up finding very likable. Some times I felt like laughing in some parts, and in other scenes I wanted to turn away from the screen. It was like a sick twisted nightmare, but I was able to find some great viewing pleasure from it. That sounds pretty sick, I guess!

I do not really recommend this to any one below the age of 18, unless under parental supervision. It can be summed up as being as perverse as A Serbian Film, but almost as fun as a cheesy slasher. It hits many areas where horror films wont go and have gone in only a few films I can recall.

The DVD included bonus features, trailers, and deleted scenes. I watched it all, top to bottom. It should serve as a good reference to how one should go about putting out a movie these days on disc. I can also say it works great on Blu-ray and basic DVD players.

I will remember this one for some time to come and it will not leave my mind that easily. It is a true sight to behold, but again can come off as total cheese sleaze which makes you go, this is fun, and not have to be on edge the whole time. I really admire everyone's skill and time put into this film. It holds up, and should be sought after.

I expect this to be a thrill that will catch the eyes of other people out there that can appreciate this. If you are looking for a film to watch this coming samhain, look no further. Chaos A.D. is a real solid effort.
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