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Ok but not worth the hype
barneskn3 March 2018
I really wanted to be scared by this movie. But I wasn't. It's simply a stock standard possession movie that's been done a million times before. I wouldn't say its a bad film, but it's certainly NOT the great horror film it's been hyped up to be.

I couldn't help but see this film, not as a scary supernatural film ... but as a sad and tragic story of a teenage girl who reaches puberty and begins a slide into a psychosis that has devastating consequences for her and her family.
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A little bit oldschool but enjoyable!
piterpan24 March 2018
Watch it with friends! It's not bad and not so original but it achieves the purpose of watching a horror movie with friends! The leading girl is stunning and delivers her role!
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I Think Some Reviews Are A Little Harsh
spotatoes3 March 2018
I really don't know why some people have said that this movie is boring. It's not. Sure, it's not the most original horror I've ever seen - it owes a lot to many, many others horrors and thrillers - but, thanks to strong performances and good, if not altogether original, little directorial and editing techniques, and an effective score, I didn't feel bored with it at all. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but, I have to say, I don't see a lot for the film's detractors to focus on. I think 'Verònica' is a fairly good movie.
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Refreshing Horror Movie, but not as Scary as People Make it Out to Be
jacobsenstad8 March 2018
I saw this movie was trending on social media and it's conveniently on Netflix. I thought, what the heck, I can spend a couple hours watching a horror movie. I along with many other horror fans know the pain of unoriginal horrors with jump scares and flashy CGI, that's basically half of Netflix's horror movie lineup.

Not only was I taken aback by the Sandra's performance as Veronica, but I enjoyed the whole cast. This was treading the line between low budget cult horror and big blockbuster movie. Some of the scenes were chilling and had a lasting effect during the movie and afterwards while I'm writing this review.

Without spoiling anything, they were very creative with the story, and some elements that supposedly happened back in 1991 are terrifying. The photographic evidence from the actual police report makes you realize this might be a realistic recreation.

If you're a horror fan, this is a great movie to watch. It's a fresh breath from the "cookie cutter" paranormal movies, while at the same time has some elements that can spook you. I don't get scared by too many movies, and while this one didn't scare me, it kept me entertained.
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Scariest film ever? No way!
almanac-391783 March 2018
I only watched this because I saw a news article saying this was "the scariest film ever". It's not. It's just the same old tired bags of tricks. A Ouija board. An unconvincing shadowy ghost. Dream sequences that are so obviously dreams it's laughable. A girl's body being contorted into strange positions. Over-the-top music. Loud sound effects signposting jump scares. It's all been done a thousand times before.

When it comes to scary movies, the 1970s still reign supreme. The Exorcist. The Omen. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Alien. At least the directors of these movies knew how to create oppressive, foreboding atmospheres that chill the spine. Verónica? It barely generates a frisson of fear.
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Decent but not special
kosmasp16 February 2018
So REC was really something special, but it was a collaboration between two directors. And I do have mad respect for the other one who had "Nameless" and "Darkness" already under his belt. So Paco here goes full horror with this and the end result is quite decent. It's not really anything new you get or that interesting (possession, demons and so forth).

But it does work overall. So while it may not change your world view or shake your film world, it is something to watch, if you are into horror movies. There are quite some neat jump scares and the story has the right mood overall. The acting is also decent enough, it builds as expected and there is nothing much that is wrong with it. Except for its predictability I guess. So by the numbers, but better than off the rails
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A nice horror movie
alejandro-salinas17 February 2018
As a big consumer of horror movies it is now difficult for me to find a new one that really scares me. This one does.

Good perfomance for all the actresses.

The tension gets higher every minute of the film
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The intensity never stops
michael-diniz121 March 2018
I was skeptical of another possession movie, especially one that claims to be the scariest ever.. this didn't disappoint. I wouldn't call it scary as much as intense. From the beginning to the end, there was never a dull moment. 7/10 because possession horror isn't my favorite genre but I still appreciated this
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In Veronica, Paco Plaza has another excellent contemporary horror movie under his belt: a reminder that great movies come from outside of Hollywood, too.
edwardjones-231921 December 2017
Paco Plaza took the horror genre by storm with the Rec. series (remade in English as Quarantine) and he's back to do it all over again with Veronica.

The plot is fairly generic for horror, and is based on a true story, which means nothing to anyone except the marketing team. But Veronica's success lies not in its originality but in its masterful execution. Foreign movies often miss out on the blockbuster budgets that their American counterparts are privileged with. But the producers have spared no expense with Veronica.

It's rare that movies are named after their protagonists. It would be easy to draw comparisons with Stephen King's Carrie, but there is a clear reason. Veronica is not a lens through which the story is viewed. She is the movie: her past, her fears, and her insecurities. The narrative delves deep into her character, not separately from the horror but within it. Another easy comparison to draw is with The Babadook. Veronica is not as focused, but it explores death in a more introspective way than most. Combined with more focalised cinematography, the central characterisation is second-to- none.

Characterisation aside, Veronica is still a horror movie, and it rarely strays from its genre conventions, which is fine. Originality isn't always good. There are excellent movies such as this, which excellently execute the tried and tested genre conventions. It's a clear trend, though so many ignore it, that deep, resonant narrative make more successful movies. This year's IT (see our review here) is a perfect example of this, breaking box office records.

Veronica nails the narrative expectations of modern horror.

At its core, Veronica is a story about a teenage girl who has lost her father. And with her mother working overtime, she struggles with the weight of the family on her own shoulders. The manifestations of horror within the movie emanate from this same source, which is what IT does. And which works incredibly well. Characterisation and terror inform each other. We relate to Veronica all the more for the horror she experiences. And conversely, the horror becomes more terrifying itself because we care about Veronica and understand her.

Veronica is the most cinematic horror movie to come from outside Hollywood.

The horror is in your face. Vivid and loud. Not only is the sound design incredible, but the music boasts an original mix of conventional eerie scoring and synthesised 80s soundtracks. The acting and writing are flawless. It's a thrilling, euphoric, and cathartic ride. The only thing I didn't care for was the whole 'true story' element. In particular, the movie already had a great ending, which was succeeded by another scene, which served only to emphasise the 'true story' aspect of the movie.

Review from Student Pages:
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Verónica: Even worse than I expected
Platypuschow16 March 2018
Veronica is doing the media circuit at the moment being advertised as one of the scariest movies ever made, causing people to turn it off or walk out of the cinema in fear.

Let me clarify it is a publicity stunt.

I went in expecting something generic but I sure as hell did not expect something this awful.

Spain has a long history of successful horror films, in fact I would consider Rec (2007) the scariest movie ever made. Top that with fantastic zombie cinema from the 60's-80's and they've proven that have what it takes.

Sadly Veronica absolutely screams foreign influences, specifically Hollywood. Veronica is overwhelmingly similiar to your modern generic American films such as the Conjuring. It has all the usual tropes but somehow manages to feel offensively recycled and considerably worse.

There is no originality to be found here, from the plot to the attempted scares it's all so terrible.

So the bottom line, is it scary? Well no, in fact hell no. Very little actually happens and when it does the timing is off so badly all effect is lost. As much as I hate the likes of the Insidious and Conjuring movies they at least manage to get a jump scare or two in! This doesn't even manage that.

Veronica is the absolute pits, I'd advise anyone even the most hardcore of horror fan to consider giving this a pass.

The Good:

Couple of well constructed scenes

Lead did a decent enough job

The Bad:

Predictible "Twist"

Unashamedly boring

No originality whatsoever

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I'm left curious if the advert during the casting for the movie actually specified "Must have enormous mouth"
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too shallow to be interesting
dhaupt-7915611 November 2018
A good horror movie has to have two things 1. it must convince me that i do not know what is going to happen next. 2. it must convince me that there are rules to everything that is happening. the world that it takes place in must make sense.

this one fails at both. basically, it's just a few scary things happening one after another, but there is no depth to it. they just happen. imagine an action movie where villains appear out of nowhere at random, die without us knowing who they were and then they get replaced by the next one. this is how i experienced the movie.
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Not scariest movie ever
laurie-866676 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was so excited to watch this because of the dumb --obviously fake---- news article about how it was the scariest movie ever and Netflix users had to turn it off in the middle. Ugh. Don't fall for the hype. This is a very AVERAGE scary movie. I give it 7 stars because 1) it has a story that kinda makes sense 2) Catholic schools with blind nuns and basements are creepy 3) the little boy in the movie is fricking adorable 4) I love foreign movies 5) Ouja boards are scary. DO NOT mess with them 6) full Monty ghost was creepy 7) special effects were pretty convincing.

Somehow, I fell asleep at the very end of the movie. So, I have no idea how it ended. It wasn't that scary.
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Typical boring movie that tries to be scary and fails.
skyhawk7473 March 2018
I do not understand what the hype is over this film? I found it very boring and it's nowhere near as scary as made out. The presence has no fear factor about it and quite a few horror cliches are in the movie.

Sorry but nothing special here.
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musicfreak_949 March 2018
I had seen some things claiming that this movie was so scary people couldn't finish it, but I thought it wasn't scary at all. The plot twist at the end was kinda mediocre and overall just seemed to be a run-of-the-mill possession story. Didn't really bring anything new to the table, I'm sad to say.
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Its better then Hollywood possessed trash
edgy-827-48696517 October 2017
Yes, its not original and try to be this fancy annabele-astral-thingy, but THIS film have STYLE. And its much than Curse or what name this boring shlok in 70th setting. "Veronica" - did this much better, because... well I think witch-house-ish OST and early 90th - its top notch. Its good time for this, and this film clearly go to the one pantheon with It Follows and others modern GOOD horrors.
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A Pretty Standard Demon Film
Phimosa27 February 2018
Veronica is a Spanish demon possession movie that does a lot right but has some major problems. Sandra Escacena does a good job portraying the titular character and the child performances were decent as well. The film is well shot and is mostly entertaining throughout. A couple scenes are genuinely creepy and there are barely any obnoxious jump scares.

One of the main problems with the movie is that it is littered with annoying cliches. While the scenes mentioned previously were creepy most of the movie is just the demon trolling veronica by throwing book bags of shelves and turning on the television. With a run time of 105 minutes it's a little too long as well. The film's twist is also pretty obvious and I feel like a lot of viewers will figure it out early.

If you like demon possession movies this is still worth your time and has a few scares to keep you entertained.
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Don't believe the hype
renatobilan4 March 2018
This movie is just like any other horror movie you've seen before. Brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Pretty boring. Scary for about 5 to 10 minutes of its runtime. Typical horror movie filled with clichés. I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless this is the first horror you are going to see in your life. In that case it'll be fine. All in all total mediocrity. 4/10
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Another disappointing Horror
will_hopkins-536578 March 2018
All these people claiming ' scariest film theve seen for a long time ' they must have been paid a few quid to write those reviews.

This film is not SCARY OR FRIGHTENING AT ALL, IT BARELY MADE ME FEEL ON EDGE. An old blind cataract nun (picture featured on advert)Does not create some kind of deep foreboding. The film relies heavily on jump tactics.Its typical of the genre these days, I guess its been like it for years. The entity, A dark figure, with long spindly fingers, whos face you never see, totally characterless COME ON ! SOMEONE MAKE A DECENT HORROR FILM FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL. !!!
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Good but whats up with "100% Rotten Tomatoes?""
rebeccax52 March 2018
This morning I see a supposed news story saying this Spanish film on Netflix is the "scariest" and best horror film in years, with raving reviews and "100% on Rotten Tomatoes" review site.

It really HURTS enjoyment of the film to go into it with that kind of fake, paid for promotion.

Is the director Paco Plaza some favorite of the Spirit Cooking crowd or something equally as weird?

Yes, it's a pretty good, supernatural, ghost film and the main actress and direction is good. The idea that it is based on a true story is intriguing, but "100% on Rotten Tomatoes???" Give me a break.

Is Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes resorting to fake advertising? It really distracted from the film itself, because it was watchable and creepy but I give it a generous 7 star just for the actress and creepy nun.

Obviously film reviewing it back to PAYOLA and somehow related to politics.
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Don't fall for the hype! Terrible!
clabkeloh6 March 2018
I spent a long weekend at work reading breathless reviews, ie; "I couldn't even finish it!" Bullshit!! Awful, awful, dull movie derivative of of so many better movies years ago...I couldn't finish it because I drifted off to the loc al new and then fell asleep twice. Pure bot-driven hype over garbage.
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Watch the complete Paco Plaza Quadrilogy to compare it to this ... Start with Rec :D
Aktham_Tashtush14 January 2018
I'v been living in Valencia for the past two years and the first thing i knew about this city before coming in here is that Paco Plaza is from this city ... man this guy is just genius,, Starting from Rec. trilogy and ending up with this unusual creepy "original on its way" Ouija board Horror.

The plot as common and boring as it would sound ,, a Ouija board turns into evil supernatural force fight, yet Paco made it look more original especially adding these "true story" stuff at the beginning and the end which usually freaks me out, and then splashing it with mysterious jumpy moments,, i mean for a guy who don't scare easily, i flinched more than a couple of times in here.

The cast was good in general, not interacted with most, but that actress Sandra Escacena "Veronica", man!! for a first time big screen actress she can really act and convince .

The cinematography was fine for a regular horror movie,, yet to be precise and honest in some scenes "when the hand of that evil spirit comes out or shocks someone" it was creepy but not using the best out there,, to makes-up or whatever makes these things,, but it did not effect the superiority of the creepiness of the movie or the authenticity of these jumpy moments.

Final thought,, been watching Spanish movies for a while now,, so when i say this movie is one of the Top 20 best movies in my list, and one of the few top best horror movies so you gotta take it seriously ;)
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It's ever-so-slightly above average.
Otkon1 July 2018
Competently acted, shot, written. But it took me about ten tries to watch it in its entirety - not because it was terrifying or off-putting (which it is neither) but because it is just not that gripping or novel. It's a spirit board movie; they have been done to death, then contacted and resurrected with a spirit board, and then done to death all over again.
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Nothing new where it counts
martinenzelsberger8 April 2018
Long story short: if you have seen any possession horror movie, like the Exorzist, you won't find anything new here - at least in the horror elements. Few paranormal activities, few / lame jump scares, some good reflection / shadow moments - but overall too few for a great horror movie. I'd skip it unless you're a die-hard ouji fan.

What is good and praised by other reviews, is the well done story of a teenage girl. You experience the day to day live and problems of the protagonist. That's great to get the audience involved, but I felt the movie was 85% of that and that's too much for a horror movie, where the "horror" itself falls short.

There were a lot of questionable things that didn't add much to the plot overall - what was the significance of the solar eclipse aside from the teacher's remarks early on? It supposedly aided the being to enter this world, but the movie never picked up on that aspect again later, rendering it a generic explanation of the events. And what's with that scene where time went backward as Veronica went forward and then that doppelganger appeared? It didn't have any meaning, it's just a generic "scary" scene that could have been added to any horror movie.
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Much fuzz about nothing.
deloudelouvain3 April 2018
These are the kind of reviews you will get when you hype up a movie and then you don't deliver. Like everyone else that saw trailers before I was expecting to watch one hell of a scary movie. It was supposed to be one of the scariest movies ever, people had to leave the theaters because they could just not handle it. Well that's complete bull if you ask me. The only reason I can see somebody leave the theater is to go to the bathroom and that's about it. I don't say it's a bad movie though, it's just one of those movies that we all saw before. And there are much better and scarier versions of this particular story. The acting wasn't bad, but the story was just one of those déjà-vu stories. The entity that was supposed to scare everybody to death wasn't even near to any other classic entities from other similar movies. A true disappointment to me.
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i-288213 March 2018
So much hype but so little action. Music is absolutely terrible and makes this feel outdated. Wrong kind of music for specific scenes. Only reason I give this a 6 is because the acting wasn't bad.
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