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just too much of everything
gabor-csordas13 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I did like the cinematography, overall fitting choice of music, acting was ok, but for my tastes the whole movie uses too much of everything. The story would alone be enough to keep you entertained, but then there is a lot of action, and there are a lot of classic horror type of elements included, like occultists, flashbacks, sudden scares. One problem is that these genres require different type of treatments. If you want to focus on the drama, you shouldn't saturate the movie with classic horror type of scares. For a drama, all the characters are too simple and too "sketched". If you want to take the characters and their development seriously, you can't include a classic horror type of character like the reception lady. If you make the viewer mentally active with following the little bits of information from the past, you have to provide an explanation, on how Katie managed to stay unnoticed with the occultists for all those years. How were they able to paint those signs everywhere, how were they able to follow Sam unnoticed, etc. Of course, that way the ending would loose it's edge, but this way it leaves you with a lot of questions and dissatisfaction. We would need to know more about Katie. Also it seems that the only person who has emotions is Sam, she is being painted the only human being in this very desolate world, yet in the end you realize that the whole movie is about her punishment. Really? Does she really deserve that? Do we really deserve that? To see our heroine getting completely destroyed? We only get about 3 seconds of flashback in the very end that should be explaining her guilt - but then we are also told previously, that she had thought Katie did it intentionally . So in the end, i think you have to make a choice if you are focusing on the emotional, or the mental side. You can't mix the two like this movie. I did like the way the movie was able to paint how Sam was feeling with the music and the unusual pictures, but i think you need to give something to the viewer in the end.

Because now it kinda sounds like: "Don't kick the girl you think has intentionally cheated with your boyfriend, so that she gets an abortion, because you will loose your child and eventually suffer for many years just to get back to your town, get almost killed a couple of times to get finally killed much more epicly. "
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Great build up. . .
flyonwall16 December 2018
Great build up. Some interesting storylines and then suddenly, it's as though the viewer says "Oh, the villian must be blah!" Writer "OK, you got me! Guess we're done here. The end."

A couple of the major plots seem completely disparate and then, suddenly.. the end credits roll?
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BandSAboutMovies12 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Writer-directors Justin Hewitt-Drakulic and Alex Lee Williams created this film about the sleepy village of Hellmington, a place that Detective Samantha Woodhouse (Nicola Correia-Damude, The Strain) thought she left behind ten years ago. That said - as much as you can never go home again, you probably shouldn't.

All those years back, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished. That ties into why Samantha is back, beyond the fact that she's dealing with the death of her estranged daughter. She's also dealing with the death of her daughter, an event that has destroyed her marriage and career.

Soon, she learns that her father's death is one of many that ties into Katie Owens. There's also the matter of her insomnia, hallucinations, self-doubt and a centuries-old cult that runs the town.

This film was the winner of the 2015 Cinecoup Film Accelerator Challenge, which granted them a million dollars in financing. The original version of the film was a documentary that only focused on the Katie Owens disappearance, but the final film ended up becoming a narrative story.

The filmmakers spent their money the right way, getting great actors like Correia-Damude, who they've said was the reason the film was able to finish on time (she supposedly nailed 9-12 pages of script a day, an amazing feat) and Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers), who was the selling point to get me to watch this.

Between the arty shots and the soundtrack by Cults, this film aspires more to the arthouse than grindhouse. If you're a fan of True Detective, you'll see its influence all over the film. That said, for young filmmakers making a film that's pretty much going direct to streaming, it's head and shoulders above the competition.
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haskel-7295114 September 2019
Great little low budget psychological thriller. Good performances for the most part and a twist you think you see coming but you're not sure. Deserves much more than it's current 4.4 rating.
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moscalifar-6872713 September 2019
Not so good and not so bad, just another B-series movie one can watch
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My Review Of "HELLmington"
ASouthernHorrorFan9 September 2019
The story distorts perspective by forcing elements of near psychotica inducing moments that cause you to question the protagonist's mental state. "HELLmington's" main plot is a suspensful mystery involving a cold case that once revealed is disturbing, and relevant. It plays out like a dark web nightmare version of a ID channel episode.

At the start, the film is both confusing, distorted and emotionless. A stylistic trick that is as visually creative as it is questioning. Much like the actually story line- what happened in 1999?, Who is messing with Samantha Woodhouse?, and how much of the story is even real? I can't tell if this warping of the film's beginning is intentional artistry or accidental. I did find it intriguing.

The cast create some stoic, gothic characters reminiscent of Fargo' or 'Twin Peaks'. There are moments when the story trips on it's own weightiness. It is a dark, slumbering plot. Still, "HELLmington" begins to show it's true depth of darkness around 50 minutes in and the suspense and chilling nature becomes elevated.

The horror never really gets there fully, but atmospherically it is creepy- in a sleepwalking down an alleyway after midnight- kinda way. There is visual elements that play on occult horror thems, much in the way 'Riverdale' did it with the Gargoyle King. The cinematography moves from unimaginative stationary shots to some truly stunning horror fueled thriller moments. Overall "HELLmington" is a nice, chilling nightmare with a twist ending.
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Even Though A Decent One, It's Just Another Small Town Mystery
TwistedContent11 September 2019
I didn't even read the synopsis before watching "Hellmington", but half way through it was apparent what kind of beast this is. The main selling point for me was Michael Ironside & an appearance from a growing director favorite of mine - Adam McDonald.

"Hellmington" is the name of the county where the story takes place & a big-city detective is returning there to fight demons of the past & solve the mystery. Sounds familiar? Nevertheless, "Hellmington" turned out to be just alright. It's visibly low-budget, with most of the action happening sort-of-off-screen, but clever editing plays a part here as well, same applies to the cinematography. Whenever Michael Ironside appears to fill in his supporting role, he's received with open hands, and yes, the rest of the performances are fine as well. "Hellmington" is a mediocre (or maybe slightly above that) mystery, written well enough to keep You engaged - everything clicks at the end, to an arguably satisfying level. The kind of mystery that won't blow your mind and will be forgotten fast enough. The pacing is steady enough, but would start falling flat if the total runtime was 10 minutes longer. One thing I liked at the start but disliked at the end was the original score - it's quite repetitive. Sadly, I have to mention that the notes of horror are rare and not very loud, "Hellmington" qualifies to be called a mystery thriller. At best.

There's nothing very impressive or memorable about "Hellmington", but it's also not cheesy, goofy or effortless. If you're a fan of indie mysteries and want a one night stand with a movie you'll never watch again, here it is. My rating: 5/10.
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joshleafs19 October 2018
This was amazing it was super detailed and and scary. Overall great movie
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Solid production values!!!
tfoley-968-2501322 December 2018
First feature length film by this crew, includes great camera work, subtle but effective score, and very fine acting(especially the main protagonist, Correia-Damude). Suspense was ratcheted up throughout. Wouldn't necessarily classify as horror, as opposed to a good old slow burn thriller! Look forward to more vehicles, from all involved.
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