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An edgier version of The Good Wife
CannibalHouseTheBeginning20 February 2017
It was a pleasant surprise to see a spin off of The Good Wife. In general, (in my opinion) I find them to be lackluster and solely rely on one character from the original series.

The Good Fight is a breath of fresh air, bringing in the supporting cast of the original in the 1st episode with cameo appearances from actors that had minor recurring roles in The Good wife. IE - Hon Judge Abernathy aka Russel Edgington from True Blood in the 2nd episode.

While I admit it seems a little odd not to have the great Julianna Margulies in the follow up series, the use of profanity caught me off guard coming from The Women's Network, which is where I watched the episodes. I will say it did encourage me to watch it further, as to my recollection, beefing up the language and not bleeping it out, has never been done before.

All in all, I think it has the potential to last as long as The Good Wife, It surely has a strong female cast, all heroines in their own right, which I would expect nothing less from the network I saw it on.

Looking forward to the next episode.
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Not just OK...GREAT!
bbianchi-9017523 February 2017
Edgy, intelligent, relatable, thoroughly entertaining. 2 episodes in and eagerly awaiting the 3rd.

Each character brings their own to the atmosphere of diversity yet familiarity from the parent show, The Good Wife.

Unlike most spin-offs, The Good Fight has retained the drama yet upped the ante with cheekier scripting and surprise casting.

A welcome addition to this seasons rather blah line-up of other situation dramas.
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Just like the good wife if not better
joseph_poulter2 March 2017
There was something missing in my life and when this show came out I knew what it was...the good wife...after years of being so loyal to the show i was so let down when it ended...(and I have to point out it didn't end how I thought it should or could have)

Then BAM the good fight arrives and yes it sure is...the show gives a great fight as a spin off...probably one of the best yet.

It's early days yet but if it keeps up with the amazing dialogue then we have a winner people.

Love the original characters and very keen to see how the new ones develop.
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I like it more than The Good Wife.
ac6813 April 2017
I watched this show out of curiosity as someone taking a law class right now and actually found it pretty interesting. I always liked the character of Diane on The Good Wife and it's neat to see a very different type of law firm than the one on the Good Wife-- I'm honestly more invested in the success of the firm.

In a way, this reminds me of The West Wing. It's that same kind of fast paced, jargon-y, liberal comfort food. Rose Leslie's bad American accent is really distracting and I'm not all that into some of the random story lines but it's a great show to lean back and relax with on a Sunday night.

CBS has produced a very well-made drama that isn't necessarily groundbreaking but uses previous formulas and tropes in a captivating way.
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One of the best drama series of today!
irvintang26 March 2017
This series proves that you don't need great special effects to make a great drama show and it's one of the best out there. It also includes relevant social commentaries within its stories with great acting and excellent background music with each important scenes. The directors, writers and actors should be proud of what they accomplished and we the viewers are blessed that such a show exists.

This is nothing less than perfection. I put it up there in the same league as with walking dead, game of thrones and westworld. It may not have the same special effects but the stories, character development and drama is on the same level if not more.

If you like dramas at all, watch this series!
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Love it!
lucja-011548 March 2017
What a great show! You never know what to expect next. So refreshing from some of the current shows airing on TV. Just love this one. I can't wait for the next show to air. Keep up the great work. Wonderful! For such a long time there was nothing to watch on TV. This show finally came to our homes with such intrigue! A very long time coming but well worth the wait. The cast is Great! What more can be said!
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Fights (and Fails) to Stay Relevant
laughing_cat16 September 2017
The Good Wife was one of the best series on TV and one of my favorites ever. Born from the same writers and creators, I was hoping this spin off, The Good Fight, would be a worthy successor. Unfortunately, it spun off and spun out. Crash and burn. A hard, messy burn that I guarantee will lose The Good Wife's dedicated audience--starting with this viewer.

I love Christine Baranski as an actress, but Diane Lockhart was a classy woman in the previous series. Here, she is not. And the real tragedy is that she has no worthy co-star to play against. Instead, Baranksi is left twisting in the wind while the other characters scrape to keep up. (Rose Leslie is an agonizing miscast.) Yes, there are very competent actors; even well-liked, familiar characters from the original series, but the chemistry and premise doesn't work here. Neither do the heavy handed political agendas.

Somewhere between Extreme Left Wing Liberals and the Republican Tea Party are the rest of us who just want good TV without having political ideas smashed into our faces like a cream pie. The Good Wife walked the line, but it was so well done that it never completely crossed it. The Good Fight, however, takes that line and erases it like it never existed.

There are also some of us who don't want to see FIVE "F-bombs" dropped within a 40-minute episode. (Referring to Ep.1) That isn't gritty, it's desperate. The Good Fight is a waste of time and a waste of superb acting talent. I predict its painful demise within 2-3 seasons. I'd rather watch Good Wife reruns and remember what great TV was like. This isn't it.
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I had to revise my review down...
hydearchie29 April 2018
The Good Wife was one of my all time favourite TV shows and I really enjoyed the first series of this spin off. The cast is amazing and the original storyline was excellent. Sadly, the second series is becoming increasingly exhausting for the overemphasis on a surrealistic version of Trump's America as seen through Diane Lockhart's (stoned) eyes. This is an unfortunate direction for a show that along with the original was so good at capturing the legal and political stories of the day without becoming a partisan rant, which is what this feels like. It is a shame as there is plenty of interesting material to explore without betraying the makers' political bias; indeed, there is material from across the spectrum that is ripe for dramatisation.
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Fresh Show
palmer-8106824 January 2018
I liked The Good Wife, but at time The Good Wife could be predictable. The Good Fight however is a lot edgier and I must give it Two Thumbs Up for integrating the Black Community with the corporate World. Christine Baranski is at her best and I have always been a fan of Delroy Lindo. It is also wonderful to see supporting staff from The Good Wife on The Good Fight. The Good Fight is well written and well acted.
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Edge of seat entertainment
nowego7 May 2017
Up front I will state that I am a big fan of The Good Wife and Julianna Margulies and took a while to get over it ending, very much like when any good TV show ends.

I waited until I had almost all of the episodes of this series before I talked my partner into watching it.

After the first episode I didn't have to talk her into any further episodes, we binge watched the whole season in one weekend.

Wow is the one word I would use to describe this show.

So many good actors and characters who are just make for a really great show IMHO.

Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart, Cush Jumbo as Lucca Quinn, Rose Leslie as Maia Rindell and Delroy Lindo as Adrian Boseman just a few of the characters I just love and they put in stellar performances.

Add Carrie Preston as the wacky and sublime Elsbeth Tascioni and you have a huge hit in my eyes.

If you haven't seen it yet, get a copy and enjoy.
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I don't like Trump, but I don't like this either
misswestergaard7 July 2017
Most of the negative reviews here seem to be political. That's fine, I guess. But what bothers me is the complete lack of character development. Every character is reduced to a dull stereotype: sassy, sexy, cruel, quirky, but no layers at all. In TGW, Alicia FLorrick was a great character because she contained multitudes, lots of internal conflict and mystery. These characters are all surface. And there are way too many of them!There's lots of conflict, but not one reason to care about what happens to any of the characters. The actresses are valiant, making admirable efforts to make something of this dross.I was rooting for them. I slogged through all the way to episode 9 hoping it would get better, but it just gets terrible. But I couldn't sit through this. The writing gets worse every episode. Are these the same people who wrote TGW? So confused.
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Good but annoying
flrestan30 April 2017
While it zips along at a good pace and is an improvement on The Good Wife, the portrayal of court scenes leaves a lot to be desired. Lawyers interrupting each other in mid-sentence would just not be tolerated in a real courtroom and interrupting a judge would surely risk being locked up for contempt.

I watched Episode 5 yesterday and had to stop because of this. The Good Fight is not the only one that has such nonsense in it but it seems to be taking it to a higher level. Most TV drama including court scenes showing such behaviour. I'd like to know why because shouldn't the drama be in the actual fictional case? Law and Order gets part of the way there and The Wire gets all the way there.
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Okay We Get It, The Producers Hate Trump LOWERED MY RATING
lydiagaebe-169-19716913 April 2017
Updated Review and I lowered my rating to a FOUR.

In my review of the pretty good first season, I said that if the show stops the "we hate Trump" snarks and asides, I'd up my rating. Well, the show continued it's "we hate Trump" rants and even upped the flatfooted political bias.

The story lines are more convoluted than what we saw in the first season, and the political bias is flatfooted and annoying. The writing also seems weaker than the first season. In the original show "The Good Wife," the political bias was there but it was not as flatfooted and was artfully sneaked into the storylines.

Now we have a great cast of talented actors playing great characters stuck in bad political memes poorly disguised as a drama. Get back to good storytelling and leave the political snarks to Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow.

I'm not a Trump fan, but hey, enough is enough! Okay?

Okay, producers and writers if you're going to take digs at Donald Trump at least make the digs a bit more creative and less flatfooted and heavy handed. Your show is great and creative, but those "we hate Trump" asides are so totally out of place. It's almost like the scripts were written before Trump was elected, and after his election the scripts were hastily rewritten to reflect the surprise election of Trump. Rather like "insert snide remark here." I'm no Trump fan, but those childish snarks are so juvenile! Were it not for those badly executed obvious political asides I would have given this show a ten out of ten.

That being said....

I enjoyed "The Good Wife" and am thrilled to see Christine Baranski's "Diane Lockhart" and Sarah Steele's "Marissa Gold", and Carrie Preston's goofy "Elspeth" and the rotating guest cast playing quirky judges and other offbeat characters are back. Both "Good Wife" and "Good Fight" take advantage of the talents of so many fine New York based character actors. That's one of the reasons I've been watching both shows for all these years.

The "Good Fight" stories are as well written as the "Good Wife" stories. There is a underlying sense of humor in this drama series and I've appreciated that. Life is dramatic, but it can also have a lot of low key humor running through it. "Good Fight" recognizes that and uses humor very well.

If the show ceases the snarky anti Trump asides, I'll come back and change my rating to a ten.
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The Best Sight
janvl041218 March 2018
Take the ingredients that made "The Good Wife" a great watch (wonderful acting, great scripts, photography...), add a touch of extra female pow(d)er, shake it up, evaporate the dryness censorship can cause, and you've unleashed a delicious soufflé that just keeps rising (just had a wonderful dinner). With a mic showing in one of the first scenes of the first season, I was worried, unnecessarily so as everything turned out exquisite, each episode a treat leaving one craving the next serving. Hope I got you hungry enough to go on a binge if you haven't seen it yet. "The Good Fight" is the one recipe that calls for endless seasoning.
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Shallow political banter
balazsgats-160-45238230 April 2018
Never thought that I'll give any show a 1 star rating but the ridiculous political agenda is revolting and an insult to anyone's intelligence. Been watching this season hoping that the political hatred will seize or at least will tone down to acceptable level alas it's just getting worse. With all this idiotic, juvenile Trump bashing, this latest "golden shower" episode hit an all time low. Sad, really.
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Unwatchable C-BS
getoffmetwit28 May 2018
Unwatchable show in Season 2. Season 1 was good, but this season was terrible. One sided political bashing is not smart, witty or entertaining. This is poorly written, predictable and annoying.
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Ripperscqb29 May 2018
Again comparing to The Good Wife, Started off great, I don't mind a little political humor, this show has taken it a little unbelievably bias level. The writers have gone beyond political humor in the second season. Bye!
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Pushing Political Agenda
nakaidze15 April 2018
Second season is an obvious political propaganda, not even funny or witty but blatant, unveiled and despicable.
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Trump won......get over it.
anabrancouk14 May 2018
I liked the first series, really like all the characters but this show is being spoilt by the childish, uncovers and unfunny digs at trump on every single episode.

We know you don't like Trump but get over yourselves and put your energies into writing imaginative and clever storylines instead of the constant digs at Trump because you are making fools of yourselves and this is from a Brit.
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Very Disappointed
les_bergen10 April 2017
I loved The Good Wife so I was looking forward to The Good Fight. The first episode drew me in and it went downhill from then on. The use of obscenities reminds me of a young child using the words because they found that they get the attention of adults. The writers have turned Lucca into an oversexed bimbo...completely removed from her character in The Good Wife. It is way, way too political and racist. While I realize that the country has become more divided over the past eight years, I don't need to have it thrown in my face when I sit down to watch a TV show. I would love to know how many of the writers are members of "Black Lives Matter". Very disappointed. I think I watched my last episode last night.
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Pretty Decent, but
gdholm21 February 2017
Pretty good show, especially compared to what else is available these days. I actually preferred the story without the political drama from Alicia and the Governor. Does seem the writers have a couple of agendas they have committed to, but as long as the story and acting are good I can look past that stuff.

However, the first show is the only one I have watched because I refuse to pay the fee and agree to email ads from CBS and "partners" to be able to watch the show on line. I pay enough already for satellite TV.
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The anti Trump bias sticks in the craw
geoff-1787 April 2017
Like others here I felt this show had great promise and could potentially fill the hole left by the ending of The Good Wife. And while it does retain a lot of the good characters, subtle humour and well thought out plot lines of its predecessor, the jarringly obvious, repetitious and extremely unsubtle Trump references spoil it.

It's almost as if they got the cast together for a day, recorded a few dozen anti Trump scenes, and then edited them into the show afterwards. No doubt they also recorded a day's worth of praise be to Hilary scenes which would have been used instead had the election gone the other way.

Come on CBS. Trump won. Get over it.
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What could have been interesting...
dshell1025 March 2018
They went from what could have been interesting to full snowflake. Instead of telling a story, it's all blame Trump, make up stuff about Trump because what they say isn't true so they have to make up stuff so they have something.

It's awful.

I didn't vote Trump, but because they are full snowflake, they can't stop talking about him! Season 2 started and it feels like they are so butt hurt from Trump that they can't get past the hate to the story. Someone says something awful and is held accountable and the story gets stuck there.

"Deaths" was used to promote the new season, but who cares? One character appeared in one episode, the others...did they appear at all in this series? The creators need to grow up! I'm demanding my money back. I want a story, not whining.
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Constant virtue signalling
a_naismith11 July 2018
Boring. As a non American I could care less about the Dems & Reps and the varied opinions on Trump. It is annoying and way over the top the constant left wing attacks. It makes me not wishing to watch again series 3. Surely it is counter-productive to alienate 1/2 the US audience and possibly the ROTW,
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edwagreen19 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Highest rating is given to this spin-off from the acclaimed The Good Wife, which unfortunately ended its very successful run last season.

Diane Lockhart, Christine Baranski, was superb here as she first witnesses the swearing in of President Trump and then announces her retirement from the firm.

A young associate comes to work for the firm whose parents are prominent people and friends to Diane. Go know that the father was a take-off on Bernie Madoff and Diane soon finds herself practically broke and unable to secure employment in another law firm. She is now regarded as a piranha as she had encouraged people to invest with the thief.

We see the young associate demoralized and Cush Jumbo comes to her rescue. Though they're on opposing sides of a lawsuit regarding alleged police brutality, Cush tells the girl, a lesbian, to stand tough as the allegations swirl around herself and the entire family.

Diane warns her husband to divorce her in order to avoid his accounts being frozen, but he seems adamant not to do so. Shall a reconciliation between the two be coming?

What the usual senile Howard says after he learns that a black law firm wants Diane to join them is disgusting, but unfortunately stated only too many unfortunate times.
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