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It seems like an opportunity lost
AlsExGal8 December 2018
As a standalone film this was funny and nice to look at, but as a sequel it was terrible. Thus overall it was average. Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorite animated films - it managed to be an homage to retro gaming whilst telling a story about a misguided but loveable 'bad guy' finding out what really matters in life.

Ralph Breaks The Internet undoes all the good the first one did - Ralph is now an abusive (or should I say 'insecure') friend who has not one, but TWO cliche 'We were best friends and everything was perfect but now you did something that's upset me so I'm going to walk away and DON'T FOLLOW ME moments'. The film lacks any subtletly in dealing with its themes of toxic relationships (both personal and over the internet), and is far more comfortable in its amusing Internet references than it is in trying to make a statement.

There were so many missed opportunities to link it with the first film. For example, it is made clear that the allure of modern games is that they're constantly being updated and feel new. This was the perfect chance for the film to show that retro games, that always stay the same and live in our memory, have merit too. But nope, that didn't happen. To me, it feels like a Disney exec wanted to tell a story of the dangers / joys of the internet, and the dangers / joys of clingy friendships, but forced these messages into Wreck it Ralph where it just doesn't fit. It's used as a vehicle for this message, weaving its way around a bombardment of internet references in trying to do so.

I can understand why people enjoyed it - I laughed a lot during the first half, and one or two of the emotional moments were quite powerful. But in lacking any nuance or any reverence to the first film, I cannot recommend it to fans of the first.
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Just an advertisement
TheBigSick25 November 2018
Someone says that this "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is the worst Disney film. I cannot agree because it is not even a film. There is no plot at all. The first half displays some of the Internet products like eBay, YouTube, instagram, etc. The second half shows off the asset of Disney, such as Marvel, Star Wars and Disney princesses. In some sense, this is just a advertisement rather than a film. I do not know how much eBay, Google or Facebook pay Disney, but it is awful to see commercials all through the film.
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The Disney Emoji Movie
lokelberry-340519 December 2018
It's just a movie that reminds you of everything Disney owns. The focus was definitely on how many ads they can add into this movie, definitely not the story or characters or ANYTHING ELSE. A waste of time and a waste of well-written characters created in the first movie.
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Not near as good as the first one
digitalbeachbum24 November 2018
I found the script boring and filled with flaws. What a waste of an opportunity. Who do they have writing this stuff? Moronic imbeciles?

While this will be a great movie for kids and ignorant adults, the movie lacked any maturity from the first movie. Usually there is growth of a character from being selfish and egotistical, which is what was supposed to be the conclusion of the first installment.

Ralph in the first movie is selfish and self centered, learns to sacrifice his desires to help a friend in need. They finish the movie on a high note and you get to see Ralph become a better character.

In the second install me we see Ralph as being selfish and self centered, get rescued by his friend who sacrifices herself to stop an anti-hero quasi-bad character. You see again, Ralph grow in to a better character.

Is the third installment of this movie theme going to be Ralph being selfish and self centered again? But instead be rescued by another characters/or himself?

I have a slew of ideas for a better story, heck, I bet there are dozens of better stories out there by real writers who could have really made a kick ass script.

While there are minor, individual scenes which were funny, the over all movie sucked. It is a wash, rinse, repeat movie with terrible writing and terrible direction. Hollywood is filled with stagnant writers and directors. They keep using the same formula but add a few things to make the movie look new, but in reality it is nothing more than a pig wearing lipstick

In a few years this movie will be forgotten.
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Ralph Breaks the NOOPE.....just...no.
pincerfae27 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Add this review to the other 'this sequel sucks' reviews. because this one was a stinker.

The writers forgot they were writing a sequel, and instead included eye candy, and lame attempts at SJW by ruining the main character (Ralph).

The plot of Ralph saving Vanellope's game ended about halfway through the movie. And it was around that point the movie started to head toward a garbage-filled dumpster fire.

And regarding the so-called 'Princesses'? They should've left that out, as well as the shameless brand plugging/advertising that was in this movie. Yes, it's a movie about 'breaking' the internet (which never really happened, btw). But people expect to have a solid plot, with resolution at the end (which this one did not have, as Vanellope abandons her game).
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Weak and forgettable
not_impressed_again27 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is shameless corporate reinvestment. Too safe, no risk taking, and conceptually the same stuff we've been seeing for awhile now, but with less care to get the job done and cash in.

Disney's philosophy of the internet is as shallow as their Princess cameos. Ralph is insecure, Vanellope is insecure, therefore the internet is not secured, but everything is fixed now because they all patched up. That's it. Nothing deep or residual, just lack-luster and cookie cutter.
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Boring and Commercial
arbuda4223 November 2018
This movie reminded me of why I actually go to the movies: to forget the internet exists. I haven't seen the Emoji movie, but Ralph is what I would have guessed the Emoji movie was like.
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Absolute let down
KomalSg26 November 2018
I was so excited about the sequel and the trailers looked promising. Let me be absolutely clear any / all good parts are in the trailers. Me and my husband fell asleep in the second half of the movie. It had so much potential to be a good movie. If I could, I would ask a refund for my ticket.
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Stunning and hilarious but ultimately a let down for me
Thekeybaldemasterrises21 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wreck it Ralph 2: I don't wanna be negative Nancy on this one but I have to be honest. Wreck it Ralph 2 or Ralph Breaks the Internet, was a let down for me. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good stuff in this movie, but in the end it fell short. It didn't deliver the promise of a true sequel to the things I personally enjoyed about the first film. It actually made me wonder if a sequel was even a good idea to begin with. The story tackles some real questions about friendships and growing up but not in a very comforting way. It makes me worry if this is not the best movie to send a message like this to younger audiences. Disney is known for being subtle when it comes to real world lessons but they've been more on the nose recently and it's starting to show some cracks. The movie doesn't carry over fun characters like Felix or Calhoun for anything more than cameos and that was super disappointing. They're replaced by new supporting characters like Gal Gadot's Shank and while the character design is spot on , she doesn't really add much to the story other than to move Vanellope's character along. All the best parts are in the trailers, in particular the Disney Princess cameos which is still hilarious but would've been more impactful if you didn't anticipate the jokes they had already shown. I actually hated the way they treated Ralph and Vanellope's characters in this movie. Granted they needed new obstacles for their relationship but it's almost like they're totally different characters from the last movie. Their personalities are inconsistent and I personally felt they said things that were totally out of character. It's hard to not like parts of this movie as it displays some stunning animation and carries plenty of good humor to keep you entertained. I just had to be straight up about how disappointed I was with this one. The first movie was appealing to me because of its love letter to gamers and the retro nostalgia in all of us who grew up with arcades and old school gaming. Yet at the center of it is a nice story about outcasts and accepting yourself for who you are. This movie took that away from me a little bit and I'm bummed I didn't love this movie more. It tried something different but it ultimately got too realistic for me and it made me emotionally unsettled. But not in the right ways. I still recommend you go see it as it has awesome animation and fantastic jokes but I don't know if I would buy this one. I'd like to just pretend it ends with the first movie. 6/10.
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Too boring and confusing
a_arauz25 November 2018
It was boring compared with the first movie. I also believe that is confusing with the message of the first movie. I guess that she became "turbo" (because she left her game) in despite of the efforts of her friend Ralph .
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Snooze fest for adults and kids alike
jonathonleopold26 November 2018
My son and I were so excited to go see Ralph again. But really besides the idea of going to the internet there wasn't much of a story or anything really to be surprised about. The characters introduced were forgettable, the way the story played out was dull and boring. It just dragged on and on. The movie was pretty and the way they made the internet look with the buildings was cool but that's about it. It was actually a worse version of the emoji movie if you saw that. Stay away from this one.
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A massive disappointment if you loved the first movie
francescobrosolo26 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I watch this movie because I remember how deep and meaningful is the story of the first one. This time? I'm utterly disappointed with the storyline.

As far as I can understand, this movie talks about insecurity which puts their friendship at stake. The typical classic Disney's way of establishing insecurity is to let us audience feel and experience what the characters feel and experience throughout the story. This time Disney truly fails me for they are trying to show what the character's feeling through DESCRIPTIVE dialogue. TRULY UNBELIEVABLE! What an innovative and ground breaking move, Disney! The only heartfelt moment I can recall is when they have to be separated. That's the only truthful moment in this movie. The rest? CHEESELY FABRICATED! Never seen Disney willingly produce such a shallow storytelling for a show of "fragmented relatable internet elements" SHAME ON YOU!
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First half was amazing, second half was absolutely horrible
jordanfirestar22 November 2018
Gonna ignore all politics here (cause they did shove it in there).

The first half is what I wanted.

Second half was this morale lesson shoved down your throat with a copout ending boss fight and how the thing was defeated. The whole idea that they were in the internet was completely forgetable in the second half and you completely forget your in the internet.

In short: First half great, second half sucked.

(Also there was heavily politics pushed into here but I'm not gonna get into that)
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Decent film but very sub-par for Disney
stilljm-870495 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love Disney so much, I actually made this account just so I can leave a comment - in hopes that they will steer away from the direction that they are heading with films like these.

I grew up with Disney films, I felt that they were warm, genuine, and intrinsically value laden. They taught kids about faith, belief, magic, and dreams even through tough times. This film, on the contrary teaches one to be reckless, unforgiving, and emotionally driven.

Ralph was essentially reduced to a idiot in this movie. But the one positive trait he got to keep - his love and care for Vanellope, was so under appreciated that it was essentially mocked to be nothing more than an insecurity. This may be applicable for a relationship between two high schoolers saying goodbye as they head to universities, but the portrayal of Ralph's devotion is so one-sided that I geuinely felt bad for the guy.

Vanellope was written as a child who essentially does whatever she wants because she finds meaning in the "unknown", and is ready to sacrifice anything to achieve it. Again this would have been OK with an adult character, but we are talking about a child venturing into a world of gangsters and explosions. The whole scenario only works because there's a noble and all powerful woman in this wasteland that seemingly would protect her for no good reason at all.

I understand what Disney is trying to do symbolically here... but they got the characters, target audience, and overall feel of the film confused. They are trying to make an adult film in the guise of silly animation. It doesn't work well.

Then I came on IMDB to read some reviews and it only revealed further failures like - where did the virus go? Where is the empowerment for little boys? You can read them for yourself the list goes on.

Like I mentioned before - I grew up with Disney, and now I am planning to have children of my own. I don't feel that I would be comfortable with my child or toddler watching something like this. They may get the wrong message - its OK to do dangerous things just because it feels right, or its OK to be emotional and throw tantrums, and when someone wants to keep you away from your interest its not because they care for you - its because they are "insecure".

Anyways I don't usually write these reviews. But I really wish they would bring some traditional values back to Disney movies. One's that aren't questionable. Ones that show realistic values and consequences of actions.
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Virtue signaling GALORE
opiateforgiveness25 November 2018
Actually walked out of this movie. I LOVED the first Wreck it Ralph, so I had high hopes for the sequel. The first half was decent. Nothing really to complain about... The second half is just jam-packed with Social Justice Warrior/Virtue Signaling. I really hope they can get back to making decent movies soon.
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Decent but not as strong as the original
jdthird22 November 2018
I'll avoid spoilers here and keep it simple. The original movie is one of my favorites, it stands up to repeated viewing, was excellent in pace and composition. It flowed well, consistently, didn't try to do too much at once. The story was excellent, the voice acting was outstanding.

The sequel here - some of the best parts unfortunately were what we saw in trailers, as it often is. That's not to say there aren't other funny parts - there are. But overall it just left me, and my son, with the impression of them trying to cram far too many bits into the movie. It really stuttered along in parts.

We had a lot of eye rolling at the deluge of Disney when they first got to "the internet" and began looking around. This was the first part for us that started to detract from the story, which is, at it's core, actually an EXCELLENT story.

I wish they had focused more on what made the story flow well, what brought it out the best, rather than just try to cram as many bit part cameos as they could from other Disney franchises.

Voice acting was again well done. I think this would have been a much better movie had more things ended up on the cutting room floor, but it's at least worth seeing once. I'm sure we'll get it on blu-ray when it comes out, but we won't watch it nearly as much as we did the original.
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Just not good
srichardson-3910723 November 2018
Story line was not up to par. Kept waiting for something to happen to keep me engaged but felt let down with every new turn of the movie.
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Too much brand advertisement, lack of story
lan-7583123 November 2018
It is an unmitigated cinematic disaster that deserves to be mercilessly beaten in a brutal, bloody fashion. Dissing cheery children's films can feel a bit like kicking a kitten and we all know how that would go down on social media, even in animated form. But sadly this, while not as irredeemably, horribly awful as I was expecting, is still pretty rubbish.One wishes that this movie could be erased from existence - but for now, let's hope that the burning wreckage acts as a warning to never, ever do this again.Let's hope this isn't the future of animated features.Plotless, joyless and cash-grabbing, Ralph Breaks the Internet deserves the brunt of our wrath because it showcases everything wrong with Hollywood. A comedy that tries to tune with these times, but that will not remain precisely in the history of the genre. I don't recommend to see it.It's such a big waste of time. Perhaps save your money for holiday films.
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Ralph and all men are incompetent.. what?
Scottizzle25 November 2018
This film starts off fun but then quickly goes into full men hating mode. Women don't need to wear dresses they can just eat junk food and lounge around in modern day sweat pants and raggy shirts because only men want women to wear gorgeous dresses and act like a lady. Also men are put down in this film from not being able to help to being very effeminate or creepy. This is a man hating film.
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A real mess of a movie
lucydady11 December 2018
Oh dear,this is definitely the worst Disney movie I have ever seen. Bland and boring yet still managing to be confusing in places,the movie just seems to go on and on meandering through a whole lot of product placement and memes that are already dated at the movies release. This will not age well despite it being quite visually attractive because of the heavy leaning on current politics and advertising. The main characters are unlikeable and annoying and the relationship between them ambiguous at times.likening Ralph breaks the internet to the emoji movie is pretty accurate. Overall a real mess and not Disney's finest hour.
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Made me feel very uncomfortable
samyoung-8264826 November 2018
There's a maliciousness in this movie, it makes you wonder why a supposed "family friendly" company would hurt and marginalise little boys. Never have I seen a movie aimed at an audience so young with such an ill manner. This movie has no redeeming male characters. The Disney princesses are aggressive (eg. Using weapons in a threatening manner) and complain about the patriarchy, so much so, that there is a reference to the need to emasculate strong men. Is this the new Disney under new (inexperienced) leadership? I'd suggest not. It's far too calculated. While I'm glad to hear my children were turned off by the trailer, I would honestly struggle between choosing between this and SouthPark for my children to watch. Cartman's malice is often balanced by good story and extenuating circumstances that moderate the malice. There is no balance here. If you respect the inclusiveness and empathy of the old cartoons like the 60s/70s Scooby doo or 80s He-man and She-ra, this is not your children's film. If you take to sexism and marginalising attitudes veiled in sporadic humour, this may be your flick. I'd take the over-the-top "wholesomeness" of old Disney any day over this new malicious propaganda. It's a new low for Disney. I am shocked somebody wanted to send this message to such a young audience.
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helloachiig24 November 2018
Save your money and don't watch this. You'll just be disappointed and wished they didn't create a follow up from the original movie. Half way into the movie I've realized Sarah Silverman has a really annoying voice which I didn't noticed on the first movie as the story was good. Couldn't overlook it for this one. Literally fell asleep
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Surprised me, a great movie! (A review from an 18 year old)
luke8778921 November 2018
No spoilers, don't worry. I'll make another review if I want to talk about those. I'll start this off by saying I'm a pretty big Disney fan- this, however, doesn't get in the way of how I take in their movies. They've had their fair share of blunders in the past. I walked into this movie with moderate expectations- it is a modern Disney movie, but that also means it's typically predictable. Not only this, but it's about the internet, and we all know how movies portray the internet. Memes are funny!!!!! Right kids? But this... this was something else. I'd also like to mention that I'm 18, and use Reddit and Twitter quite often.

The internet world they made was incredible. Any questions I had about it were answered, it all made sense. The jokes kept coming and landed every time, it was nonstop for me. Some adults may not get them, of course, since some were referencing actual internet culture- which surprised me. They obviously consulted some actual teenagers and people who knew about this kind of stuff, not just the typical "hey kids like X, Y, and Z right!?" Even the excuses given for sharing videos made sense- instead of "hey look at this funny meme!!! It's funny because it's a cat or goat!", the excuse given was nostalgia for a retro game.

The music was phenomenal, especially the song in the second half of the movie (you'll know the one), it utilizes older sounds with a modern spin (kind of hard to explain). There's plenty for both kids AND adults to enjoy, and for someone like me (an avid consumer of internet content), it hit all the right marks. I did like the first movie, but this one was so energetic and fun that it surpasses it. Will it be outdated in a few years? I don't think so, I do think it perfectly encapsulates the internet. Will it be outdated in 10+ years? Since the world is constantly changing, probably. Eventually sites we use today will be long gone and replaced. But for now, this movie gives a perfect representation of the internet and makes for an amazing movie. I give it a solid 10/10.

For anyone wanting an adults perspective, I went with my parents, cousins, and even my grandmother. My parents got most of the jokes (if not all) as they should have. My grandma thought it was fun and energetic, but did miss a few references (though she did get more then I assumed she would, as news stations like to report on "hip new internet trends"). Overall enjoyable for the whole family! Go see it!
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Disney commercial
aschmidt-0559012 December 2018
A two hour Disney commercial that I paid to watch. The only saving grace to that was that it was at least discount day at the theater, and it was pouring rain outside. It has no real story. The whole Princess insertion was silly.
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Product placement the film
rjchuk30 November 2018
Just as bad if not worse than the emoji film. There is barly 30 mins of plot and so many bad internet puns that won't age well at all. You know it's bad when the end credit is the best part of the film.
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