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Learning from Star Wars means learning to fail
fido2325 November 2018
37 years after the height of the u-boat war in WWII we got "Das Boot" in 1981. Now what did we get 37 years after the original 6 hours mini-series?

Some potpourri that breaks with the formula and introduces new things nowbody asked for.

The main problem with this "sequel" is that it tries so hard in pleasing everybody it ultimately is a total wreck. Instead of telling a good compelling story of the on board life of u-boat crewmen they shoved in as much garbage they could come up with. And... Women! Honestly, what would a submarine story be without women? A Nazi submarine obviously needs diversity. It feels so out of place now I am just waiting for a gay relationship on board to be revealed. Sure, there gotta be a resistance movement forcefully tied into the plot, because... reasons. And in case anyone forgot the Nazis were evil, there gotta be this one really badly written clichée guy who ironically is the acting highlight among all the other stiff and thin characters. Everyone is in a bad mood on board and there is constant fighting because... the writer needed drama to spice up the boring plot and had no idea this was "the golden age" for the u-boats and the crews were handpicked volunteers. Also it is historically highly inaccurate which results from the fact the story that plays in 1942 borrows material from the book "Die Festung" (The Fortress) which plays in 1945. The ultimate letdown is the "resistance sidestory" which takes up more screentime than the boat on sea and is beside a plot 1001 times told before something nobody asked for watching it but gives an excuse to show boobs at random.

Recommendation: Rewatch the original mini-series and let this one sink to the bottom were it belongs. Also suggested to anyone who was involved in the production of this misery to teach them how to produce a good drama series since they could not even come in the same ocean with the original masterpiece over 37 years of experience in film making later.
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Please don't compare this one to the movie
sunshinesallthetime1 December 2018
If you are able to watch this show without comparing it to the legendary movie, you should have a real good time. The show is more than well done. The actors are great and I cannot wait for season 2. It doesn't deserve the low star ratings at all.
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Surprisingly good if you're willing to give it a chance
lydeckerr7 December 2018
First of all: Don't expect this to be either a remake of the original movie or even a sequel, as has been advertised. This show shares some of the DNA with the aforementioned property (most noticeably parts of the iconic soundtrack) but it's really its own thing. It may have been financially prudent to attach the show to the well-established brand because it helped sell it around the world but I feel like the inevitable backlash this always creates when certain expectations are raised and subsequently disappointed may have done more harm than good, as evidenced by most of the user reviews on here so far.

Second of all: I have seen the whole first season, all 8 episodes. Therefore, I think I can fairly judge whether it's a failure or not. I think that overall, the season is a success; however, I thought that the second half of the season was much stronger than the first and really brought everything together. If I had rated the show after having watched only a few episodes, I would have rated it lower. But I still liked it well enough to continue watching it and I'm glad that I did.

Now on to the review:

The show is well-produced. Lookwise, it has a touch of blandness and cleanliness in the early episodes that seems a bit too sterile and not lived-in enough for my taste but I still vastly prefer this over the ridiculously color-graded period drama look of some other contemporary productions. The grittiness increases with the plot and I like that not everyone's covered in grime and sweat right from the start but only when it makes sense due to the situation. The beards also grow exponentially ;)

The acting is a bit stilted in the beginning and the writing a bit forced (especially the parts with the vulgar dialogue) but this improves as the show goes on and by the end I had a great appreciation for the large cast (yes, the characters are a bit indistinguishable at first but you'd be hard-pressed not to be able to tell the difference after a few episodes). As always, there are some stronger actors and some weaker ones but I don't think there's a true weak spot here.

As for the direction: It was the best part in my opinion. It really elevated the writing and managed to bring a lot of inner turmoil of the characters to the surface. Then again, I'm a fan of Andreas Prochaska's work, full disclaimer, guilty as charged.

I will agree with those who say that having two parallel storylines on the land and on the submarine might not have been the smartest decision because it splits the attention of the viewer and most will find themselves wishing that the show would switch back to the other storyline, depending on their preference. I, for one, really enjoyed both storylines, however, and thought that they were well-balanced. In the first half of the season, I enjoyed the resistance storyline more and in the second half, I enjoyed the submarine storyline more, but both managed to add up to a bigger picture in the end.

I'm not quite sure how to sum up how I feel about the show because there's a lot of heavy stuff in it. More than with any other show I've watched in recent memory, it felt very mature and adult in its content and themes. Don't be fooled by the people saying that this is a soap opera. I'd be surprised if anyone called this a soap opera after having watched it all through to the end. There are personal conflicts, of course, but none of them resolve in a remotely cheesy way. If anything, I'd call the conflict solving on this show brutal.

One last thing: I watched the show without a dub and really enjoyed the realism of having the characters speak in the languages they would have realistically communicated in in their respective situations. I also enjoyed seeing such an international cast and was particularly impressed with the French actors.

In any case, I liked the show, even if I found some of the scenes in the later episodes hard to stomach, and I'm glad it was renewed for a second season.
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Das Boot meets political correctness
nicholasbroms15 February 2019
This show was a complete disappointment and disgrace to Das Boot. It tarnishes the men who served in these Iron coffins and makes them look like a bunch of pirates who are out to rape. The show focuses on Lesbian communist resistance fighters and making the Americans into the real evil forces financing the Third Reichs war machine. Why would they ruin Das Boot, one of the most realistic war portrayals like this? Complete garbage.
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Das Boot as a soap opera
VoyagerMN198624 November 2018
I've got no problem with updates, re-interpretations or for that matter complete revisions of prior works and narratives. In my mind it is perfectly fine to take a Shakespeare play and tell it a completely different way.

That said this "sequel" to Das Boot is absolutely terrible. it is simply a strange soap opera.
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hollowhills-377192 December 2018
If there are big fans of the real "Das Boot" movie or TV Serie from 1981 - STAY AWAY!!! It´s only a riding on the still famous brand of "Das Boot". This serie has nothing to do with the real boat or it´s characters. Either with Petersen´s great movie nor with Buchheim´s books. It´s a swindle in using the title and a version of the film music... that´s all. I am very diappointed! Sorry, for my limited english.
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What a disappointment
villeelomaa8 January 2019
I am a huge fan of the original Das Boot series and the film also so my expectations were very high when I heard about this new series. Now that I've seen the complete season one it's time for a review.

Das Boot tries with one hand to be a sub/war -series and on the other hand a resistance/thriller -series. I am very sorry to say but it fails miserably in both of them. It's so boring and prolonger that I actually fell asleep a few times watching it! The plot has no actual twists and the story is told a way too slugggishly. Constantly switching the language between english, french and german is supposed to make it more convincing but it actually only irritates viewers.

If you added a few real twists and cut the running time to two thirds then this could be at least a mediocre series. But now... I just can't recommend it to anyone.
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Very disappointed
bernardz-70-16501122 January 2019
I like submarine movies, and I loved the movie Das Boot, it is one of my favorite movies but this TV series is terrible.

One point I liked about the movie is that the writer was on a uboat and knew a lot about them. These people do not have a clue. Not only that they do not even know their history, clearly they have not bothered to also get some professional historians to help or they would know the workhorse of the U-boats was the type VIIC which only started production in 1940, and the Germans in ww2 did not have penicillin instead the show is full of way out conspiracy theories that would make 911 ones envy.

There is also little action in the series and little about uboats.

I had enough and turned it off
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All over the place, not just the ocean
rockwilder7520 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I used to be one of those people who joined in on the mantra that all German television and movie productions were terrible. I used to think that with the exception of the rare gem, it was all Rosamunde Pilcher, Traumschiff and Tatort. I always bemoaned the fact that we have so many talented actors, directors and writers and so much crap came out of it and in the end the most celebrated German films are movies starring actors with the syllable "Schweig" in their last name. Ironic, because that is really what they should have done. But then over the last few years there have been a few exceptions in my mind, which were not great, but interesting and most importantly: watchable. I would name Dark, Deutschland 83, 4Blocks, Babylon Berlin and even the recent Dogs of Berlin. So now I was reasonably excited to see a remake of Das Boot, which is what this was marketed as. In the end, in my book it's a mess and no more than four out of ten. I watched all of it, but am not sure if I should have. Anyone who rated this 10 out of 10 is an idiot or a Sky shill, but it's not a one or two out of ten piece of crap, either.

The Good: The period setting is really quite well done. They did excellent on using La Rochelle and recreating the base. All this is really solid. The camera work is also very well done. The fact that the claustrophobia of the boat does not really come across is an editing problem, the camera-work is solid. Some of the acting is really quite good. At times it is frustrating to see that some of the actors are given terrible lines to work with at other times, the acting is simply all over the place, this is true in particular for Vicky Krieps. Some scenes are wonderfully done, others downright terrible.

The Bad: The storyline is a mess. It's absolutely clear that they started out not with a story that they needed to tell, but with eight hour-long episodes to fill with content. Why exactly did we need the Resistance plot? Was it really only to get two female leads? So much of it feels like people were just trying to fill the episode and there's never a sense of a drive towards a climax. If there is a climax, you never get a sense of what it might be, there is no build-up. Plot-arcs are commenced and ended throughout. Where are we going, nobody knows? The characters all feel like people we've seen too many times before: The die-hard, stubborn rebel, the dashing American rogue, the noble bad guy, the conflicted collaborating French policeman.... Move along folks, nothing new to see here. None of this feels like original content and this has nothing to do with the fact that it's marketed as a remake. The language decisions in this film are terrible. In true Rosamunde Pilcher style, the language is all German and we're simply supposed to imagine they're speaking French or English (and at times it really leaves you wondering whether this is a moment where you're supposed to be imagining they're speaking French or not). Didn't these guys learn anything from all the recent sub-titled shows. Go watch Narcos, dangit. Where's Hans Landa when you need him!


The character motivations feel out of place. What was the mutiny on the boat about. What was Tennstedt trying to accomplish? First, he's a rule-stickling, by-the-book Nazi, then he can't wait to disobey orders and head a mutiny for some glory he must realize he can never get by pursuing this course. It doesn't make sense. The same with Wrangel and the crew. This show is a social justice warrior's dream. I don't have a problem with any plot point that comes up, if it fits the story and makes sense in the place it is given, but this??? In a show about a WWII sub you have two female leads, the main lead is Lesbian, the men are ALL rapists, the NAZIS are all fully-in-line, obedient fascists. A lot of it feels like it's simply ticking the boxes of political correctness. And then there's the historical inaccuracies. As a German, I don't have a problem with calling a spade a spade, when it comes to the Third Reich, but when there is so much actual terrible historical material to work with, why would you have to make up stuff and exaggerate? A gang-rape and killing of a barmaid by soldiers would certainly not have gone down the way it did, even if the authorities did not know that this was the spouse and mother of the child of a fellow German soldier. Even if it were just to keep the townsfolk content, there would have been a harsh punishment. And then the reprisals: Yes, there were German reprisals against resistance activity and hostages were taken and shot, but these were people already imprisoned for suspected resistance activity or for being communists. This is quite bad enough, but in my mind a whole lot different from just randomly and knowingly selecting innocent townsfolk to be shot. There were massacres, like the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre, but this was after D-Day and the product of open hostility from the French populace and the panicked and desperate attempts of the occupying force to keep control. Again, a very different scenario. This feels like "Atonement" where they just threw in an orphanage that was entirely massacred, just for the heck of it, because that is what Nazis do.

Ultimately, this is a bad-to-mediocre show that has no sense of perspective or drive. It's just an attempt to cash in using a big name and ticking all the boxes. That's not a crime, but not a recipe for good entertainment, either.
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How to destroy the memory of a great movie
pibeita-0024110 January 2019
This TV series is wonderful, cause it shows you the evil Nazi propaganda machine through the eyes of the European Union propaganda machine.

The story line is chaotic, the characters predictable (all the women are immediately positive heroes for instance, there's no need to to know them deeply) but the worst thing is how it tears apart the realistic "claustrophobic feeling" you should expect from a product carrying the name of the 1981 movie.

I'm not disappointed, I just feel disgusted.
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A sequel to Das Boot? Really?
FabledGentleman1 January 2019
Seriously, no one asked for this, no one. And we didn't get what this show pretends to deliver either. They call it a sequel to the original Das Boot, a masterpiece of a movie and TV series that has stood the test of time as one of the absolute best movies and TV series of all time.

I have seen the original Das Boot TV series and The Director's Cut movie over 20 times in my life, and if there is one thing i never ever wanted, asked for, or thought would ever be made, was a sequel. And this TV series is also, while made with the same name and carrying the text "A sequel to Das Boot", NOT a sequel. So it's not just something i didn't ask for, it's not at all what it pretends to be.

This TV series has nothing to do with the original , at all. It only uses the same title to cash in on the absolute masterpiece it pretends to follow. It is an absolute scam and should not ever have been allowed, no matter what.

It's a shame that many millennial's and alike will see this and get turned off by the rather poor story, the poor writing and the mediocre acting in this series, and then be turned off to ever see the original as it carries the same name. The original, which is one of the most important war movies and TV series ever made, with stellar acting, incredible suspense, masterful directing, gorgeous cinematography, excellent writing and just overall a fantastic production. Using that same name, and then to call this series a sequel, really? You guys should be ashamed, this is fraud.

So to everyone that is a fan of the original, well you can easily stay away from this, this is not even reaching the original to it's kneecaps, and for all of you who haven't seen the original, see that instead. It's really that simple.

So now what? Are we now going to wait for the sequel to Band Of Brothers now? That has nothing to do with the original show? Just use the exact same title, use the same title song, and then switch out all the actors and just make up a new story? Is this what the industry is now? I want to vomit.

For the love of all that is holy, do not watch this if you've not yet seen the original TV series. Just don't, i can't address this enough.
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Terrible, by all means.
knecker-6986823 December 2018
If you have just the slightest comprehension of what a U-Boot is and how it works, you will focus heavily on not to scream in agony, when watching this... Even the first ten minutes are hard to swallow. Where to begin? The Boot emerges, one minute later a plane attacks leading to an emergency dive. The plane shoots at the boot (but does not drop bombs for no logical reason), while everyone rushes inside. One officer notes that "the captain has gone overboard", though he could not even see wether or not he has been injured, just ducked, or is dead, or overboard, whatever. The Boot dives. Suddenly, there is an destroyer! I mean literally 10 seconds after the emergency dive! What the?!? That would mean, the destroyer would have some kind of cloaking device or travels at lightspeed cause otherwise the crew would HAVE SEEN it an HOUR AGO. Whatever. it goes on: The sonar-crewman screams histerically "Wasserbomben". Riiight. The chance of hearing the splash of bombs was minimal, but at least possible, as survivors recalled. So, what next? In the moment of dropping waterbombs, a destroyer speeds up to full speed, to avoid being damaged by the wake of detonating bombs. This is THE only moment where the destroyers can not use their sonar or ASDIC equipments. This very moment every Boot used the opportunity to break the silence and go to full speed ahead also. Guess what happens here? Frightened faces, clinging to metal pipes... And nothing. They wait to die basically. Next thing we see are hollywoodeske explosions directly above, neyt and below the Boot. *Facepalm* A bomb exploding a 40 meters away was fatal. NOTHING makes any sense here. It goes on: The interieur of the Boot is dark, the light is dim and everything is hazy green. Yeah right. That's exactly how it was. They had no lights, Nobody could see anything, but they liked the dramatic effect. That's how to work an U-Boot.

Why on earth, do we have to endure this catastrophic failures over and over again, when barely 20 years ago, filmmakers showed, how to do it right? Authentically and because of that (!) believable AND entertaining.

Do not listen to the fake reviews. This series belongs to the bottom of the ocean.
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Surprisingly poor effort
horst6924 November 2018
It's not suprising that the new version of Das Boot doesn't offer the quality of the original, which is an all time classic in any of its cuts .

But how the makers managed to fail so miserably , after being shown how it's done right in the 80s film/TV series , that's baffling .

This series is not an exact copy , but borrows heavily from the original, even uses a terribly butchered version of its soundtrack in parts .

The camera work is uninspired, the editing mediocre, the characters shallow and many even indistinguishable . It seems like only one actor is playing the entire crew of the submarine, it's that bad .

There clearly was an effort to create - or copy rather - the density und intensity of the original , but it utterly failed .
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internets82815 December 2018
Disgusting desecration of a German classic. As expected of anything made in the past 20-25 years. Watch the original instead of this politically motivated farce.
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Boot with no sole
alex-369-86778616 February 2019
Much had already been written about this 're-boot' of the 1981 original series, so I don't have much more to add. The bits in the sub are almost watchable, minus the dodgy beards and silly plot. The rest of it plays out like a particularly bad episode of 'Allo 'Allo, only without the (intentional) laughs. Also, in a German/French language series, why does the leader of the resistance cell speak English to the rest of her compatriates, same goes for the French police chief when he talks to Her Flick of the Gestapo?
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A dam good solid War Drama series! Don't listen to the moaners :)
mad_sable22 December 2018
Yes I know there are a lot of people bagging this series for its lack of hardcore action. I for one was slightly disappointed in the lack of action at sea but overall it is a really good series and I would highly recommend it to any WW2 buff
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Das Boot - Everyone's on morphine!
Lammasuswatch6 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What in the world happened in this production? Did all the writers, directors and producers get high on the morphine that keeps rearing its head throughout the series, and that Resistance head Monroe is addicted to?

This series launches quite well but meanders into several minefields beginning already in Episode 3. And it seems to continue on a crash-dive all the way until we are finally released at the end of Episode 8. By that stage, although I continued to watch, I had lost interest in the fate of any of the main characters. The only ones we cared about were those we saw rather briefly throughout the series. There are small mercies.

And yet the first two episodes of Series One set an interesting scene, everything looked authentic, and the claustrophobia of the submarine came across. At first it also seemed interesting to include the shore-based support staff, and I thought the idea of portraying the dilemma of ethnic Germans born in Alsace, and now brought "heim ins Reich" was something you don't often see.

I wasn't too sure about the Gestapo officer. He seemed remarkably nice in those first two episodes and then remarkably unobservant of what surely must have been questionable, if not obvious and suspicious behaviours by the principal female character.

And the production really started taking on water in the next two episodes. The U-boat crew are redirected on a secret mission. OK. Back at base, the German Alsatian heroine actually meets a local resistance leader and does nothing? I could just about accept that until the two got into bed together by the end of that double episode. Now based on everything that's come so far, was that about the most unpredicted and unbelievable plot turn you could ever think of? It was for me. And why would it end this way? Who knows? There was no apparent logic in it from the story. I suspect a major consideration was the opportunity to show some bare female skin, (as is surely obligatory in any European production that the Sky organisation has a hand in anyway).

Episodes 5 and 6 just started getting ridiculous. Right, there was the obligatory bare breast scene which presumably was the point of the lesbian affaire. The Gestapo officer started putting two and two together and it added up to 2.2. (He has to be the most incompetent investigator ever!) And on the boat things start to go badly for the now very unpopular commander, the subject of all manner of nasty rumours.

In the last two episodes, we learn that Simone was happy to betray her newly minted fatherland because she had found the love of her life in the female head of the Resistance, Monroe. (This she had decided after a few days maximum, mind you, and when Monroe never showed any such loyalty or affection. Look, I'm sure there is some logical reason and some giant emotional revelation that this incredibly insensitive mere male reviewer somehow managed to misunderstand or ignore.) But by this stage, I was past caring. I just wanted it to end. It was distracting me from the washing-up.

So really, nothing much made a lot of sense in this series that promised so much and delivered so little. Such a terrible, terrible script, and a huge pity to have to associate this tripe with the groundbreaking movie from which it's derived. Imdb has listed a possible 2nd series. Surely, they wouldn't?! And if they did, what could it possibly be about? "Ein Kaleun in Amerika"? Gott helfe uns!
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An inferior TV reinterpretation.......
s32761698 January 2019
I mostly enjoyed Das Boot the film and was therefore intrigued to see a contemporary TV reinterpretation of the book by Lothar-Günther Buchheim.

The TV series moves a long way from the book. This is as much a story of intrigue and espionage as it is a tale of WWII submariners. Its not an especially well conceived conceptualization, as it tends to water down (no pun intended) and distract from, the focus of the story.

Worse still, is the implausibility of what transpires both on the submarine and off of it. Acts of blatant treason and insubordination really don't ring true and detract from the sense of realism that's better (but not perfectly) captured by the original film.

All in all a moderately watchable but shallow interpretation of the book. 5/10 from me.
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Very much enjoyed this show
songbirdfilms-0825217 December 2018
Enjoyed the Petersen film too. But 76 years have elapsed since the events portrayed on screen so the writers have relied on heaps of poetic license for the latest offering to remain current. For a show like this to work I guess, one has to care about the characters and I cared about Captain Hoffmann and Simone. Can't understand why it's rating badly at all. The cinematography was excellent as was set design. Plenty of haze to prevent back-light spill for the U-boat interior scenes. The actors were fine too. If I had one criticism it is that the U-boat location was supposed to be in the Atlantic which nearly always has swell and is often exceedingly rough. Such weather we didn't see once even though the action took place in November 1942 ...
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The only tie to the original movie seems to be the name
chnutscher24 November 2018
Hm well. I've seen the first 2 episodes of 8. Petersens "original" das Boot of 1981 surely was an impressive movie/serie. Here, the only thing in common with the new serie (described as a sequel) seems to be the name, I wonder how they were able to get the rights to use it with its soundtrack. In fact, here we get a highly thrilling and complicated espionage/action, the similarities to the original are reduced to the settings of the sea, subs, uniforms. In that regard it is well produced, adequate settings, well shot, convincing gear etc. So if you are willed to overlook all these footnotes you will get a decent entertainment, although highly political correct. In the latter regard the german filmmaking is really hopeless. I guess Petersen just shakes his head.
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A big, big disappointment...
campbell-campbell24 November 2018
Can't compete with the original DAS BOOT by far. I don't see, where they spent them 26,5 million Euros for making the series on. Too many storylines put into, which haven't got anything to do with the original.
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Avoid at all costs
Nummer927 November 2018
This series is boring, vulgar, bad acted, has no storyline, uses modern german language for a 1941 scenario and is basically just a soap opera with u-boats.

During the last 20 years the German TV and cinema production wich is producing 500 movies per year made at the maximum three good movies and zero good tv shows. So it is no surprice that this mini series is a stinker like everything else they produce. That they abused for this nonsense the greate story of the original movie "Das Boot" made it even worse.
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Das Poop
johnsy8823 February 2019
What started out as quite a promising series from the first episode transcended quickly into a badly written floating soap opera with overtones of historical denial, revisionism, third wave feminism, social justice and LGBTQ agenda chucked in for good measure.

Watch the original and give this a definite pass!
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Great TV-show but.....-
marco-30-3843284 December 2018
The 2018 sequel of the monumental "Das Boot" from 1981 would be great if the makers hadn't made one big mistake. They shouldn't have made this two parallel plot thing between the story of the crew of the submarine and this useless resistance story. By telling 2 parallel stories they automatically killed whatever made the original "Das Boot" such a great success. Watching this great sequel unfortunately you will never get this claustrophobic feeling as in the original. Right when you get the right feeling, they throw you out of the atmosphere of the submarine and continue with the story of this resistant group. This is what prevents the show to be nearly as good as the original. By telling these 2 parallel stories, there is no time to introduce the crew of the submarine suficiantly or getting into more details about their characters.. What I really whish? A second season that only takes place on a submarine and a fan-edit of the first season that cuts out all of this resistance-plot. I would give this edit perhaps 10 stars.
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As usual....
scliff-5557724 November 2018
It´s german produced Television. Produced by Bavaria productions, so what to expect? I feared the "worst" and it totally met my expectations. Bad acting from people who are talking like those "reality tv scripted extras" from the street. I gave it 3 stars, cause at least the quality of the set, effects werent as bad as everyone is used to from german productions. But with a budget of 25 Mil. at least here was something to hope for.

Furthermore, who had the idea to implement in a 2nd WW Drama about Submarines two lead roles with strong women characters? There was no need, no sense even in doing it.

To wrap it up....Germany is, was and will never be able to produce 1, max 2 Movies in an amount of 2 decades which are acceptable. Everything else is on Til Schweiger Level and more then embarassing....Das Boot is par mediocre to give an objective judgement
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