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Woman On The Verge
lucaajmone-it9 January 2018
Kate Winslet gifts us with another extraordinary creation. She gives the Wonder Wheel its heart and soul. Complex, contradictory, infuriating and deeply human. Kate Winslet goes to the epicenter of her character with fearlessness and honesty. Such a wonderful thing to see. I was reminded that acting , this kind of acting, is pure art. There are at least four moments of hers that I know that I'm going to see again and again. I'm not going to to tell you what they are so you can find them yourself without notice. I was puzzled and a bit put off by the casting of Jim Belushi and Justin Timberlake. Not that they are bad no but Kate Winslet is the personification of truth so when you cut from her to Belushi and/or Timberlake is a bit of a jolt. Am I missing something? I thought that in the 40's it could have been, Bette Davis, Eugene Pallette as the husband and Errol Flynn as the writer/lifeguard. Okay enough of that. I will highly recommend to all lovers of great acting not to miss Kate Winslet in Wonder Wheel..
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VERY GOOD FILM - ignore the politically trendy critics
thesuspenseisterrible8 December 2017
Wonder Wheel is NOT Woody Allen's best film, it is a bit underdeveloped and has a major casting flaw, but it IS his best film in many years. I think his best films overall are Crimes and Misdemeanors, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Interiors.

I am not a big fan of Blue Jasmine or Midnight in Paris, but I do think that both are decent films in some ways. Blue Jasmine was close to being great, but for me that film was histrionic in a way that I found uncaring, cold, heartless and even mocking in the treatment of Cate Blanchett's character Jasmine. Blanchett was wonderful in the role, but the audience was told to laugh AT her and not with her - and that I found to be a serious flaw in that film. To borrow from that film's obvious inspiration, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - "deliberate cruelty is not forgivable!" - and I think Allen was cruel to his flawed protagonist whether he intended it or not.

In Wonder Wheel, Allen borrows obviously from O'Neil and Tennessee Williams, but puts his own dramatic twists to it. This film has humorous elements, but it is absolutely a drama and in my opinion his best drama in over 20 years.

The film starts off a bit clunky for the first few minutes, but if you give it your attention and get past the awkward Justin Timberlake intro, you will soon be engrossed in the characters, the set-up, and ultimately rewarded with a very honest exploration of DEEP PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT, jealousy, self-delusion and evil deception. Sound fun? Amazingly, the tragic lead character is actually very fun to watch, but you do feel sympathy for her despite the fact that she is her own worst enemy and in many ways the enemies of others, too. The character development of Ginny (Kate Winslet) is the best thing about the film. She is one of Woody Allen's most interesting creations in his entire career. She is absolutely a tragic character - NOT the hot mess rip off of Blue Jasmine that many critics are claiming! Ginny is a much richer, more sophisticated character, and Kate Winslet plays her with agonizing honesty. This is one of the top performances in Winslet's entire career, which says a lot. Belushi and Juno Temple are very good, too.

The film's biggest flaw is Justin Timberlake. He's not a bad actor, but he is very miscast here. He lacks the charisma for this particular character, and it doesn't help that his character is presented to the audience with a distracting storytelling device - talking directly to the audience as narrator. This movie would have been much better without that, and I wish Allen would have either made the lifeguard more humorous, or taken a sharper turn and made him more cunning. He was neither - too safely written AND portrayed, and it is the film's most obvious and main flaw, sadly.

However, Kate Winslet is utterly captivating and you cannot take your eyes off her. There are many wonderful moments where she reveals Ginny in such sublime ways, in such subtle ways, that the louder moments have greater impact because really see and feel all sides to this tragic, very sad woman. My favorite scene in the film involved Winslet and Temple in a bedroom, just the two of them. The scene was completely breathtaking - and one of Allen's most superb moments in his career. Winslet takes this scene to a level of brilliance, and I don't think I will ever forget how it made me feel. It was shockingly naked and I felt like I was watching an emotional porno with Ginny baring all to the audience while at the same time concealing all and deceiving the character sitting next to her. An amazing achievement in writing and acting there, highlighted by brilliant cinematography.

Vittorio Storaro deserves tremendous credit for his extraordinary cinematography, particularly in the scene mentioned above. Together, he and Winslet have enriched Allen's latest film to a much higher glory that it would have otherwise achieved. The script is underdeveloped in areas, particularly pertaining to the lifeguard Mickey (Timberlake) and in a few other areas as well. That being said, this is otherwise a very good film, and in some moments it is a brilliant film.

The current wave of sexual politics sweeping over Hollywood at the moment has resulted in Allen being swept up, yet again, in sexual controversy. Based on facts made public long ago, Allen does not belong in that category, in my opinion. I believe him and I do not believe Dylan Farrow or Mia Farrow. I believe Dylan was coerced as a child by her vengeful mother, and as an adult continues to believe the lie that was fed to her. I believe the results of Woody Allen's voluntary polygraph test, I believe the findings of the court that found no evidence of wrong doing on his part, and I believe the timing of Mia Farrow's claim against him make it almost impossible to believe her story. I think her motive to destroy his life and career is obvious.

I also think that in a few years time, after Allen is gone, the slew of critics who have trashed this film so unfairly, with such mob-driven, cowardly political blinders on, will look back with embarrassment when they realize it is a very personal and sophisticated drama and will probably one day be seen as Allen's best late-career film.
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Don't be Put Off by the Negative Reviews
garyhammerma10 December 2017
Is this a masterpiece in the canon of Woody Allen films? No. Is it a solidly entertaining experience that's worth a couple hours of your time and the price of admission? Absolutely. Kate Winslet, Jim Belushi, and Juno Temple all turn in excellent performances. While Justin Timberlake is hampered by some awkward, stilted dialogue, he has some shining moments as well. The plot is engaging and unpredictable, and the setting and soundtrack are stylish and pure Allen. Yes, the story line has some flaws and derivative elements--and I think the film could have benefited from some more aggressive editing--but it is wholly inaccurate to dismiss it as an abysmal piece of garbage, as so many critics seem eager to do. It's clear to me that some critics have allowed their distaste for Allen's personal missteps to color their view of this film, and that's unfair not only to Allen but also to the rest of the cast and crew, not to mention the public.
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Very Underrated
Alexander_Blanchett14 January 2018
I liked it. Its not a perfect film but surely not as bad as many people make it out to be. And i judge the art of the artist and not the artist himself. Its a strong drama which just like Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine" centers around a woman who is trapped in an unhappy life and on the verge of a breakdown. Kate Winslet plays that woman wonderfully and gives one of her strongest performances in ages. Her voice, her expressions, everything was top notch and what the character needed. A very interesting turn. Jim Belushi also gives a very strong performance with many different facettes, its hard not to like him even though he is unlikeable in many ways. For Belushi it is new theretory as he is rather used to funny roles, while this one was rather a serious attempt. Juno Temple was fine but did not do anything outstanding. Justin Timberlake is the weak link of the film. Totally miscast. I really did not buy his performance at all. Him and the ending, which left too many open questions and strings, were the weaker parts of the film.Also some of the lighting was a bit off or even over the top. It surely is not Woody Allen's strongest film but one of his better of the decade. The whole look and feel of Corny Island of the 50s was pitch perfect as well.
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Excellent Drama
filmmekker5 December 2017
I've noticed the critics who have panned this film always mention the alleged off screen 'crimes' that Mia Farrow has made it a second career to spread. Don't be fooled by those critics. This is a great, engrossing film. The performances are uniformly wonderful especially Kate Winslett. If she isn't at least nominated for an Oscar for this performance, the malice many feel for the writer/ director can only be blamed. The cinematography is beautiful as well.

What a great achievement for Woody Allen, to put out such a great film at the age of 81. He's a remarkable artist.
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Winslet gives a vanity-free performance, Oscar-worthy, but unfairly snubbed
dierregi13 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Winslet is Ginny a flawed woman who keeps sabotaging her life. Her story unfolds in the 50's, but not in the cozy and warm environment of Radio Days.

This is a tragedy of almost epic proportions, as hinted by mentions of O'Neil and Shakespeare. The tragedy of a woman, pushed by the circumstances to act in a despicable way.

Surely we always have a choice to behave fairly, but given our flaws, would we really take it?

Ginny feels trapped: she is married with drunkard Humpty, has a sh***y job and a pyromanica son from the previous, failed marriage. The only ray of sunshine is her affair with the younger Mickey.

She dreams of moving in with Mickey, although it is not clear what would happen to her job and her son - but we gather that at least dumping the husband for more pleasant company would be welcomed.

Enters Carolina, Humpty's daughter, and all of Ginny's dreams are shattered. Carolina was married to a gangster and is now a marked woman seeking an hiding place. Inevitably, Caro falls for Mickey setting Ginny's jealousy in motion.

The story does not work well from the gangster's angle. Real gangsters would have checked Humpty's house more carefully and, once discovered the lies, would have eliminated the whole family.

But the focus here is Ginny's story and Winslet delivers. Excellent photography and soundtrack, too.
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wonderful little movie
shaymayo614 December 2017
Don't listen to the nonsense critics say - just go see for yourselves. this is a lovely and enjoyable little movie, a glimpse to the lives of real people like you and me, in an interesting and colorful way and era.

the acting is fantastic by everyone - it is sometimes theatrical in purpose - the movie has a theater feel to it.

the shooting is great. simple but beautiful. great nuance and light work to show the changing feelings of the characters .

there are no bad or good here, it shows people with all their flaws, dilemmas, burdens and regrets... like people are. it shows real life.
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Superb Drama by Woody Allen
drednm9 January 2018
WONDER WHEEL iss a big surprise. After reading several sour reviews, I wasn't expecting much but Kate Winslet is terrific, the story is quite good, and the look of the film (luscious cinematography by Vittorio Storaro and production design by the always underrated Santo Loquasto) is fascinating.

Story has Winslet unhappily married (to Jim Belushi) and working in a clam house on Coney Island in the 1950s. She meets a lifeguard (Justin Timberlake) and embarks on a doomed love affair with him just as Belushi's daughter (Juno Temple) from a previous marriage returns after her marriage to a gangster has failed. It's sort of a Blanche du Bois meets Eugene O'Neill plot with a twist of the Sopranos.

Everyone is good but Winslet certainly steals the show. The 1950s Coney Island is something to see, and Winslet's house, practically under the giant Wonder Wheel, is awash is garish lights from the ride. Scenes move from orange to blue to red hues. Quite fascinating. Oh, and Winslet has a strange son from a previous marriage. For me this is Allen's best since BLUE JASMINE.

It's such a treat to see good actors actually getting to act in long, uncut scenes and without the camera whipping around and edited into 10-second info-bytes. The soundtrack includes a terrific number by the Mills Brothers I don't think I've ever heard before: "Coney Island Washboard."

Kate Winslet is outstanding, Jim Belushi and Juno Temple are very good, and Justin Timberlake is better than I expected. Great film from a great American filmmaker: Woody Allen.
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Is being politically correct so important to you folks?
yanliu19929 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, it might not be Woody Allen's best production but it's a very good movie that is worth watching and totally worth the 6 bucks I spent on renting it. All these bad reviews don't say it out loud but it is obvious that they are written out of accusation for not being politically correct, and how ironic it is that the people who cares so much about being politically correct are usually the ones who are most proud of America's so called freedom of speech. Well Americans, you guys have lost it. Kate Winslet's performing is absolutely flawless, and I found the plot intriguing. There have been people complaining about the story not going anywhere well I think that is the point of the story at the first place. At the end Carolina disappeared, Ginny and Mickey's affair ended, Humpty started drinking again and the kid is still setting fires, that's exactly what it was before the beginning of the movie. Not every story has to be ended like fairy tales and be inspiring or comforting or consoling. You have to admit that sometimes life is pretty hard and people are just not angels like you wish them to be.
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It's Wonderful acting.
jdesando12 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The heart has its own hieroglyphics." Mickey (Justin Timberlake)

Wonder Wheel is a wonder of despair juxtaposed with the cheap nostalgia and common lyricism evoked by its 1950's Coney Island setting. Ginny (Kate Winslet) is trapped in a loveless marriage with a Ralph Kramden-like carney, Humpty (Jim Belushi). Indeed, their lives are destined to come tumbling down.

In tragic fashion, Ginny is having an affair with lifeguard Mickey, who eventually falls for her step daughter, Carolina (Juno Temple). Given that Humpty wears wife beaters with a penchant to beat Ginny up, the tragic conclusions seem inevitable. True to an extent, but what writer/director Woody Allen seems to be after goes beyond the cliché into a realm of despair over bad choices and unshakeable fate, where outside forces take over once they are ignited by the principals' decisions.

As if the foolishness of Ginny's cougar relationship were not enough to spark tragedy, Carolina is pursued by the mob, an avenging force hardly to be stopped by minor characters on a boardwalk. None of this melodrama is excitingly different from many black and white TV dramas of the fifties or Allen's own Manhattan, etc., yet Allen infuses it with characters we root for because their pathos is an ingredient of the failed American dream so many of the middle class experience in their daily lives.

Allen has revived the kitchen-sink realistic dramas so successfully launched in Britain in the '50s and early '60s. Apropos of the doomed triangle of Wonder Wheel is an original kitchen-sink called Look Back in Anger (1956). Disillusionment is manifest in ironing boards and kitchen sinks, the hotbeds of despair for disadvantaged women.

Wonder Wheel is his best acting ensemble yet, possibly a result of the director taking unusual care with actors' performances. Hardly worthy of the sometimes magical dialogue of other Allen dramadies such as Midnight in Paris, Wonder Wheel has a raw feel, a realistic tint unlike much else he has created. While rough to see characters go through calamities most of us at least have a faint relationship with, it's salutary to see the Woodman touch down with the real people and make characters that aren't his doppelgangers.

It's not funny Woody; it's real Woody, and it's wonderful.
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This wonder of a film will pierce the heart with a shattering blow
inkblot1120 December 2017
In fifties Coney Island, Ginny (Kate Winslet) is married to second husband Humpty (Jim Belushi). Its a bleak existence, despite the park setting that is supposed to be "amusement". Once an aspiring actress, Ginny waits tables in the strip's clam restaurant while Humpty operates the carousel. Their meager abode is a converted "fun house" apartment, where the noise of the rides and concessions is constantly heard. Ginny's son also lives with them and is a very troubled boy, a budding pyromaniac who skips school often. By chance, Ginny meets the lifeguard Mickey (Justin Timberlake) when she walks on the beach as a storm approaches, something a lifeguard must curtail. Ginny soon feels drawn to Mickey and tells him her story of woe, including the fact that she was unfaithful to her first husband and he left her. A wannabe playwright, Mickey confides he falls in love easily and knows places for rendezvous. They are soon a secret item. But, wait, there's more. Humpty's beautiful but troubled daughter Carolina (Juno Temple) arrives after not seeing her father for five years. She has run away from her mobster hubby and the hitmen are looking for her. As her former mate knows Carolina's dad disowned her, it is unlikely they will come looking in Coney Island. Soon, Caro has a job at the same clam shack, and, one fateful night, she too meets Mickey and is enchanted. But, since Ginny views Mickey as her "last chance" of eternal happiness, she will do anything to keep Mickey to herself. That's anything, right? This sumptuous, shattering film is one of Allen's more somber films but it is nonetheless wonderful. Especially beautiful is the dialogue, where ideas are presented with great screenwriting ability. Then, too, the performances are topnotch. Winslet is heartbreaking as Ginny while Belushi, Temple and Timberlake compliment her strongly, as do various minor players. Also tantalizing is the art direction in its recreation of Coney Island scenery and costumes, all photographed beautifully. Are you a movie fan that waits and waits for the best in motion picture offerings to arrive? The wait is over.
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Critics Get It Wrong
geo-lloyd212 March 2018
It's very stagey yes, but there's nothing wrong with that, in fact I think that adds to the drama. Excellent movie with a brilliant performance from Kate Winslet, ignore the critics and enjoy.
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Eugene O'Neill Anyone?
boblipton9 December 2017
These days, even the college-educated don't recognize the classics. Spike Lee can film LYSISTRATA, but so long as he moves it to Chicago and calls it CHI-RAQ, no one makes the connection. Instead, they complain that he is slandering Chicago. Well, no doubt, that's what the municipal authorities said about Aristophanes at the time. In this movie, Juno Temple flees from her mobster husband to take refuge with her alcoholic father, James Belushi, and step-mother, Kate Winslett and her pyromaniac son from her first marriage; they've got marginal jobs. The story is told from the viewpoint of Justin Timberlake, who spent the war in the navy. Now he's a lifeguard, studying to be a playwright, conducting an affair with Miss Winslett and falling in love with Miss Temple.

Woody Allen's script makes several references to Eugene O'Neill, and were they living on Nantucket and complaining about how their lives were ruined because the father had made too much money playing the Count of Monte Cristo to attend to his art, everyone would recognize this as LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT. However, Mr. Allen has set it in the neighborhood he grew up in and made the fact that they're so broke they're living in a bankrupt freak show house an important plot point, so this will either be overlooked or seen as blasphemy.

This is one of Mr. Allen's serious movies. I join the general population in not being as fond of those as the ones that make me laugh out loud. Yet I take a good deal of pleasure in his recreation of 1950s Coney Island (although his "Greenwich Village hovel" is remarkably clean for the era) and his clear-eyed vision of a world, now vanished, that existed more surely than the one I live in now sometimes seems to.
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Shattered Dreams, Unrequited Love, Jealousy and Betrayal
claudio_carvalho27 January 2018
In Coney Island, in the 50´s, the thirty-nine year-old waitress Ginny (Kate Winslet) is a former aspirant actress married with the carousel operator Humpty (Jim Belushi) in an unhappy marriage. She has a problematic son from her first marriage, the arsonist boy Richie. She is a frustrated woman that is having a love affair with the younger lifeguard Mickey (Justin Timberlake), who is an aspirant writer. When Humpty´s estranged daughter Carolina (Juno Temple) arrives in Coney Island seeking for shelter from her husband, who is a gangster, Humpty learns that Carolina has denounced him to the police and now he wants to kill her. Humpty lodges Carolina at home, affecting their lives.

"Wonder Wheel" is a dramatic unconventional romance by Woody Allen with a storyline of shattered dreams, unrequited love, jealousy and betrayal. The performance of Kate Winslet is top notch and Juno Temple, Jim Belushi and Justin Timberlake have also great performances. They all perform human characters very well developed. The film looks like a play, with few locations, but the cinematography is beautiful. The stylish soundtrack follows Woody Allen high-standard. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Roda Gigante" ("Ferris Wheel")
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Great acting and great for Woody Allen fans.
joeyk-898946 May 2018
Great performances all around especially by Winslet. This is not the stronget story lines for an Allen film by any means, but the period setting and performances keep you attached to the film.
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A good thriller with female agenda of conflict and love.......
kashidomar7 November 2017
Good to see kate winslet finally in a role that has snatched every aspect of her acting ability successfully. Earlier in October i saw the movie " Mountain between Us" in the hope that after a long time i will be able to see something good from kate. But you all know it was disappointing. So at the start i was not so much positive about kate in this movie. But soon i realize she has done a descent job as a wife of carousel operator, as a secret lover of a lifeguard and a opposition of a teenage love mind seeking the same man for love.

Apart from kate other actors and actresses has also done well. The plot set against an Amusement park in Coney Island is real good and it has got good depth in both writing and executing emotions from them.

The time of the plot was in 1950.Always like to see those past times,their existing fashions, motions,life styles,thoughts and backgrounds in films.

Over all a good drama or thriiler you can say that has ability to capture you and your thoughts. Only faults can be said are it is not a fast movie with lot of incidents happening rather it is a movie of friction between minds with a descent angle where you will slowly sink into the moving waves of it.
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Stunning and Deeply Emotional Sweet Movie
carolinarath17 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was completely overwhelmed by this near-to-perfect film. A heart-warming, incredibly sad story about shattered dreams. The former actress, doomed to a hated life waiting in a clam restaurant who ensures all the time "I am no waitress, I am PLAYING a waitress" - her simple-minded husband who genuinely seems to love her but has no idea how to treat her until she comes to hate him and his friends - his beautiful daughter, who followed her heart once and paid dearly for it - and the lifeguard dreaming of becoming a famous playwright who starts an affair with the ex-actress and falls in love with the girl - they all form an incredibly ensemble. They all have just the best intentions in their hearts - wanting to be happy, to follow their dreams - and they all fail big time, hurting themselves and the other people around them badly. All this taking place in the middle of a loud and merry amusement park, a place where people go to be happy. All this human drama is told lightly, with a gentle and loving touch, with some humor, and with a huge understanding of people´s - and above all, artist´s - souls. Woody Allen at his best and he chose the best crew - the set-design ist outstanding, the cinematography amazing - more than once I wished I could press "pause" in the cinema, just to marvel at the beautiful, beautiful pictures. What a movie. I am still impressed.
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Love Woody but...
peggynight11 December 2017
I love that Woody is still making movies. And I really hang out for them. I was hoping there was one in the wings and this took me by surprise. See it for the little Woody there is in it but...

Unfortunately, it was quite painful to watch. Some of the acting was fine, but they were struggling to deliver a story that went nowhere, contained very little if any of Woody's sparkling wit, and had Justin Timberlake attempting to cut it with real actors. Ordinarily Woody's casting is impeccable, but... JT?? I was thinking OK, I'll give him a chance, but no.

The typical, period music (which I usually love) even seemed tired and uninspired.
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Nothing miraculous, but a pretty solid film carried mostly by Winslet
Horst_In_Translation14 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Wonder Wheel" is a new American movie that runs for 100 minutes roughly and it is the newest effort by Oscar winner Woody Allen as writer and directors and as locations are always crucial in his works, here he pays tribute to his hometown (home city?) New York, or to be more specific to Coney Island. Actually his next work is also about New York. But back to this one here: The film is hitting European cinemas these days and you will find several cast members in here who are somewhat big names, most of all Kate Winslet, but also Timberlake, Belushi, Temple and a few more. This award-winning film is really all Winslet's film though and the longer it goes the more you will find her character in the center of it all. Even the scenes with Timberlake's character talking to the audience vanish completely eventually, which is kinda nice as they added nothing and were as forgettable as Timberlake's performance itself. If you compare Belushi to Timberlake, you will see that one held his own next to Winslet pretty well and the other not so much. All in all, it was a solid watch. On some occasions, you will find Allen's great attention to detail, like the 2 inclusions of Bora Bora, while other parts felt a bit shoddy and rushed, especially how JT's character all out of nowhere sees through all Winslet's character did eventually. It did not seem too realistic and how Allen has characters get away with much worse crimes in other films, it was surprising how he had it all solved in here. There is an increasing tendency of the crime component in his works, even if it is never graphic or anything, just implied like the disappearance of Temple's character in here. Winslet's character sure is among the more interesting I have come across this year and I am a bit surprised she did not get too much awards attention for her role here. It may have to do with the weak critical reception for the film itself. But it wasn't that bad really overall, even if the title may not have been the best choice.

There is situational comedy here and there, a lot of itr coming from a young boy with an unhealthy obsession with (setting) fire, but the humor here is not as frequent or maybe even as dark as in other Allen films. This one is definitely more of a family/relationship drama than anything else and then the crime and comedy components follow in second. Really you never get an Allen film without the crime component these days, but I'm fine with it. All in all, it was a success, even if it definitely wasn't as good as his brilliant recent film starring Phoenix and Stone. Maybe the script as a whole was not on par with Allen's attention to detail that is still as good as always and I'm sure you will find something new and intriguing on 3rd, 4th and 5th watch. Temple and especially Timberlake don't impress me either, so other casting could have been favorable too. Still if you like Kate Winslet as much as I do, then this one really deserves to be seen, is almost a must-see in my opinion. And please don't follow the advice of people telling you not to watch it because of decisions made by Allen concerning his personal life. Don't strip yourself of seeing a quality film for such reasons. It would be a bad decision. Watching this one is the right decision and I am positive you will enjoy it. The characters have interesting shades and you really don't need to find them likable to enjoy the watch as a whole. Thumbs up. Go see it.
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Typical Woody and as always typical greatness!
mikezexcel23 January 2018
ANNIE HALL is my favorite film of all time, a comedy that weaves in threads of complicated relationships to perfection. I wanted every future Allen film to be like Annie Hall! But after seeing his excellent drama INTERIORS, I realized Allen was also a thoughtful and observant filmmaker. Acclaimed movies such as HANNAH AND HER SISTERS and BLUE JASMINE have teetered between drama and comedy but also show Allen's mastery with female characters. WONDER WHEEL is an excellent addition to that list. Kate Winslet is the suppressed housewife Ginny, living a lower middle class life on Coney Island with her son and shlumpy husband. The magical aura of the amusement park contrasts directly with her mundane existence. She had dreams of becoming an actress, but through lack of ambition, opportunity or talent, her domestic role is the one to which she is unenthusiastically resigned. Meeting the younger lifeguard Mickey (Justin Timberlake), a more worldly person (for his age), might just open up her world a bit. Might. Mickey tells Ginny he's been to Bora Bora, to which Winslet responds- in a perfect Long Island accent- "I've heard of it". This line means a lot to me. She doesn't engage the topic, as though it's not even feasible to dream of travel to an exotic place. This happens fairly early in the film, and I won't discuss the plot after that. Small details create a fascinating portrait of her character from beginning to end. I loved this film and look forward to watching it again.
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bbriles8 July 2018
Why wasn't Kate Winslet nominated for an Oscar? The best movie of 2017. No credit for Woody? Politics? Excellent character development.
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Well acted, entertaining
fmwongmd30 July 2018
Allusions to O'Neill and Hamlet, the mood of inevitable tragedy, well acted and well presented. A worthy evening's entertainment.
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I adore Kate Winslet.
erenmemisoglu19 July 2018
Kate Winslet is amazing. What an actress, what a beauty, what a talent!
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ichna18 March 2018
I'm a long time Woody Allen fan and have been watching his films since "What's Up Tiger, Tiger Lily?" (1966) "Wonder Wheel" is a beautifully crafted film with outstanding lighting, story and acting. An intelligent statement about the human condition. It is a true masterpiece in his portfolio.
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Superb Acting
Ahmdrzalifa22 February 2018
Acting was superb, lighting, direction, everything was perfect.
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