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MPAA Rated PG-13 for thematic content including some sexuality, language and smoking

Sex & Nudity

  • Ginny and Mickey have their first sexual encounter underneath the boardwalk.
  • They're mostly clothed in a lovemaking scene that includes subtle sexual movements.
  • They meet elsewhere, too, kissing passionately and desperately.
  • But Ginny's affair with Mickey isn't the first time she's been unfaithful.
  • She confesses to him that she cheated on her first husband, too-a man whom she insists that she sincerely loved.
  • But Ginny was performing in a play at the time, and every night she had to kiss the same actor.
  • She began to look forward to those kisses, which led to an affair.
  • When her husband found out, he split.
  • Ginny's outfits sometimes display both curves and cleavage-attire clearly picked to appeal to Mickey.
  • Carolina also wears clothes that flatter her features, including a busty summer dress.
  • She draws interest from several men, including Mickey.
  • Indeed, the two look longingly at one another on occasion, and Carolina takes Mickey out to dinner for his birthday.
  • When she doesn't come home that, Humpty confronts Mickey, believing she spent the night with him. (She didn't).
  • Ginny believes there's something excessive and perhaps unnatural about Humpty's attachment to his daughter.
  • She says Humpty treats her more like a girlfriend, and Humpty himself tells Carolina that she "dumped" him for the mobster, Frank, breaking her dad's heart.
  • Other than those verbal allusions, we don't see any inappropriate contact, or suggestion of it, between the two
  • Ginny recounts how she acted in the famous play The Iceman Cometh: "I played one of the whores."

Violence & Gore

  • Richie tells mom Ginny that he hates his stepfather, Humpty, in part because Richie says he hits her.
  • "He doesn't hit me," Ginny says, then amends the statement. "When he gets drunk he hits everybody."
  • Humpty repeatedly threatens Ginny and Richie, both while drunk and while sober.
  • He threatens, for instance, to beat the boy's brains in or whip him with his belt if he catches Richie stealing his money.
  • Ginny tells Carolina the only reason they're living in such a dumpy apartment is because Humpty, while drunk, trashed the lobby of their old place.
  • But as far as what we actually see in the movie, the closest Humpty gets to violence is when he roughly grabs Ginny's arm.
  • Richie is a literal pyromaniac, fascinated by fire and constantly setting things alight-on the beach, in the streets, even in the trashcan in his psychologist's waiting room.
  • We hear that he set a fire in someone's basement; Ginny's furious, telling him that it's a miracle that no one was hurt.
  • Carolina comes to Coney Island because she's being chased by the mob and has nowhere else to go.
  • She says Frank started beating her and, eventually, she tattled on the mob to the police.
  • "I know where all the bodies are buried," she tells Mickey.
  • Now she's a marked woman. "If they find me, they'll kill me," she says.
  • a couple of wiseguys do begin poking around Coney Island.
  • They confront Humpty (who lies about her whereabouts), and Richie marvels at the gun one of them is carrying.
  • They eventually leave town, and we're told that it was as if the "angel of death" passed over them all.
  • Someone throws a pocket watch and a bulky tape recorder to show displeasure.
  • Ginny suggests that she has thought about killing herself.
  • She grabs a knife and pleads with someone to do the deed for her.


  • We hear nearly 20 uses of "h---."
  • God's name is misused about 35 times, about a dozen of those uses combined with the word "d--n."
  • Jesus' name is abused another 30 or so times.
  • Characters interject two egregious uses of "crap" as well.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • As you might've gathered, alcohol usage plays a big role in these characters lives.
  • And it's hardly glamorized.
  • Humpty has been sober for a while, we're led to believe, and Ginny makes sure that Humpty stays dry
  • When Humpty and some friends throw a party for Ginny's 40th birthday, one guest complains about the lack of alcohol.
  • "What kind of party is this with no booze?" he gripes.
  • But Ginny keeps a secret stash of scotch underneath the sink, taking a swig on occasion.
  • When things begin to fall apart, she drinks openly.
  • "I don't want an aspirin!" she shouts at Humpty.
  • "I want a scotch!" Humpty takes the bottle and drinks, too, before he eventually smashes the bottle on the ground and storms off to get more.
  • Both get thoroughly snockered, leading to some unfortunate moments.
  • Ginny smokes cigarettes as well.

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