Short Shorts Poster

(2016– )

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Season 1

Juicing Justice
Juicing cleanses are not as glamorous as one might think; how would all those poor fruits and vegetables feel, just waiting to be consumed? Something must be done!
The One-Up
Spencer and Brad try and one-up each other with their brand new smart phones. Who will win the war, and who will make it out alive?
Alien World Problems
Two aliens embark on a quest to solve the population problem on their home planet.
Parental Goals
A young couple goes on a first date to an amusement park but can't seem to get alone time due to the girl's over-protective father, who follows them throughout the park in some rather dangerous yet comical situations.
Vampire Pizza Party
Modern-day vampires turning from misfit mutants to chisel-bodied sex symbols inspire a unique father-son story within the walls of the classic Transylvania castle.
Cat-Tar Hero
Is playing a cat like a guitar a legitimate way to create music? Spencer and Brad, two amateur "musicians", seem to think so, and embark on a search for a new cat-tar player.
Trash collectors are truly the unsung heroes of everyday life. So now it's time for the trash men to go above and beyond and step into the superhero spotlight.
Mind Your Business
When a boss tries to test out a pair of futuristic glasses that lets you hear what everyone else is thinking among his co-workers, the results are less than ideal.
Oh Deer!
A couple on the rocks go hunting in the Deep South and encounter another couple -- a deer couple. After the deer show the humans there are other ways to have fun that are less barbaric, you wonder who are the evil ones in the end.
Identity Crisis
Steve, a corny Dad who takes his family to the zoo, finds himself getting tangled up with the wrong crowd.
Til Death Do Us Fart
Passing gas in public is never not embarrassing. Take Chelsea, an involuntary farter who has trouble fitting in.
Push Up or Turn Up
Meeting people in ideal situations can be troublesome, especially when you've got it all backwards.

 Season 1 

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