Victoria & Abdul (2017) Poster

Tim Pigott-Smith: Sir Henry Ponsonby



  • Sir Henry Ponsonby : To celebrate the completion of the Durbar Room, a little surprise, Your Majesty.

    [Queen Victoria is presented with a mango in a box] 

    Queen Victoria : What is it?

    Sir Henry Ponsonby : A mango, Your Majesty.

    Abdul Karim : One moment, Your Majesty.

    [Abdul looks at the mango and presses it, some juice sticking to his finger] 

    Abdul Karim : Uh, it-it's... off.

    Queen Victoria : Sir Henry, this mango is off.

    [servant closes the mango box and backs away] 

    Sir Henry Ponsonby : I-I'm terribly sorry, Your Majesty.

  • Sir Henry Ponsonby : Breakfast with the Royal Princes of Belgium. 11:00, an audience with the Sultan of Dubai, where Her Majesty will be presented with the Diamond of Oojay. Garden party where Her Majesty will receive Oscar II, King of Sweden and Norway, again, and Queen Liliuokalani.

    Queen Victoria : Who on Earth is she?

    Sir Henry Ponsonby : A monarch and, uh, sole Queen Regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Your Majesty. Uh, she has composed a song for you on the ukulele. Uh, but we have managed to put her off. Then you will eat with the Prime Minister and at 7:00, the banquet in the state dining room.

    Dr. Reid : And your movements, Your Majesty?

    Queen Victoria : Nothing to speak of, Dr. Reid.

    Dr. Reid : Not even during the day?

    Queen Victoria : We last moved on Sunday evening.

    Dr. Reid : I fear the celebratory dinners are taking their toll, Your Majesty. Might I suggest some Benger's mixture?

    Queen Victoria : I refuse to eat Benger's. It's baby food.

    Dr. Reid : But it is imperative, Your Majesty, that the Royal Colon receives a little roughage.

    Queen Victoria : Anything else?

    Sir Henry Ponsonby : Um, now, was Your Majesty pleased with the mohur?

    Queen Victoria : What?

    Sir Henry Ponsonby : With the mohur, the ceremonial coin. Uh, presented by the two Indian servants.

    Queen Victoria : I thought the tall one was terribly handsome.

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