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Sex & Nudity

  • There is no sex or nudity in this short.
  • A girl kisses another girl on her head before she kills her as a final gesture of goodbye [free online version].
  • A girl wears a pink bra and black lace tube bra over this.
  • Cleavage and middrift show.
  • Some of the girls have piercings in their lips, eyebrows, or middrifts.
  • It is implied through dialogue that one girl has "weekend plans" with her opponent's man.
  • "Cage girls," or "Round Card/Ring Card girls," are often dressed in scantily-clad attire influenced by anime and covered in oil. Chelsi, for example, wears a string bikini with a spiked choker and cat ears necklace and appears in a fight scene.

Violence & Gore

  • The entire premise of the film relies on excessive gore and violence as the premise are girls fighting to the death.
  • Lots of strikes between the girls, from punches and knee in the stomach and face to tackling and throwing a girl into a cage by their head.
  • A glass bottle is broken against another girl's mouth. The girl bleeds from her mouth, excessively.
  • A girl wraps barb wire around another girl's mouth and pulls hard making the other girl spit blood.
  • A girl stabs another girl in the head with a knife. There is blood splatter.
  • A girl punches through another girl's chest (implied) and rips out a still beating heart before she eats it like a savaged beast.
  • A bodybag can be seen at times in the cage.
  • A girl kisses a severed head with its eyes poked out before she tosses it like a bowling ball at another girl.
  • A girl is knocked out and has a streak of blood running from her mouth.
  • A girl snaps another girl's neck violently, killing her [free online version].
  • A girl rips her opponent's face against the cage, revealing blood and flesh.
  • A girl viciously wraps a huge chain around another girl's neck while she cries. She uses her foot as leverage on the girl's back .
  • A girl hangs another girl by this chain as the dying girl spurts a lot of blood from her mouth.
  • Many of the girls spill lots of blood from their mouths when they are dead.
  • Blood pours onto the camera, implying to soak the audience in blood.


  • Lots of profanity, sometimes excessively.
  • "Slut" is used once, "fuck" and "bitch" are used a lot.
  • A ring girl card reads, "Kill the Bitch."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is implied that the bottle broke against the girl's mouth is in fact beer that the girl was drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are several frightening scenes in this film.
  • The fact that the girls choose to fight with no repercussions or second thoughts can be very frightening.
  • The girls often treat each other brutally, with no respect for loss or the art of war.
  • The heart ripping scene can be very frightening.
  • The hanging scene is very intense especially when the killer continues to stalk her opponent as she's dying, licking her lips as she enjoys what she sees.
  • A cage girl bullies another girl girl to the point she quits.
  • The girls, especially cage girls, are very excited when it comes time for someone to die.
  • The fact that females are actually uncaring and not nurturing and completely disregards social norms can be very frightening.
  • A girl does not give mercy to her opponent who just announces she is pregnant.
  • All the girls are sociopaths and lack remorse for their actions. In fact, most enjoy hurting and ultimately killing their opponents.

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