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Did they come up with the character, before the story?
anders-n-aa-larsson21 January 2020
It seems like, in The Conjuring 2, the writers just thought: "a monster in a nun costume - that seems really cool!" Then, when they try to build a story around it, they can't get the square peg to fit in the round hole. It's a nun monastery in Romania. And a demon called Valak. But why is he running around in a nun costume? That story doesn't get developed enough. A good ghost story always have a mystique and history, but this movie doesn't deliver in that aspect. Instead they seem just to rely on jump scares and cheap thrills.
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Very VERY VERY cliche. Lots of jump scares. Dragging plot.
tonyjcole947 September 2018
This film is OBVIOUSLY missing the James Wan touch that we loved in the conjuring universe films. Even when Wan used jump scares , it worked bc the atmosphere was tense and creepy . In "The Nun" they're overly planted everywhere in the movie to make up for the fact that the director couldn't keep the audience captivated any other way.

The plot is basic to say the least, it's almost like they just threw it together in 5 minutes to make up a back story for The Nun. The film had so much potential to give the audience a interesting creepy back story to one of the conjuring's iconic villains. Instead we're saturated with filler for the 1st and 2nd act , and FINALLY get something going on the final act . Up until then it's nothing but jump scare city . So if that's up your alley for horror movies then you'll love this . I personally think the brief amount of time The Nun was in the Conjuring 2 was 100000x better than this full length film.

They also tried to go with this new trend of adding some comedy into a horror film and it's just badly placed and awkward . The acting is okay . Taissa Farmiga & Demien Bichir are the main characters and give pretty good performances.

Anyway, Overall this movie could've gone straight to DVD or Netflix . Don't think it deserved to hit the big screen if it wasn't going to be directed by Wan . There's some creepy/scary enjoyable moments but overall it's very cliche and downright boring at times. Watch when you're at home on a rainy day with nothing do. Don't waste ur money like i did
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This movie sucked.
lewismusgrove8813 January 2019
I wanted to like The Nun but damn this movie was garbage. Sure it was shot nicely and the acting was fine, but good grief the story was dull as dish water. Full of cheap scares and a dumb, dragging plot. The nun character was far scarier in The Conjuring movies.
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What's with the 1 and 2 star ratings?
onexmillion24 November 2018
I've seen a few stinkers of horrors that certainly deserve 1 or 2 starts, but come on, The Nun deserves better than that. Sure it doesn't have the finesse of The Conjuring films, the plot is a little thin and the scares do rely quite heavily on the tried and tested loud jump scares, but:

It has great camera work Very good set pieces and great atmosphere Good acting Great effects And it does make you jump outta your seat

If you bear all of that in mind and are not expecting anything else, then you'll have a great time.
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A huge let down
jtindahouse6 September 2018
If you had told me five years ago that one of my most anticipated movies of 2018 would be titled 'The Nun' I would've been very surprised. It was though. I had been looking forward to this movie ever since it was announced. I'm a huge fan of both of 'The Conjuring' movies, but have admittedly not loved either of the two 'Annabelle' spin-offs. I was very pleased to see James Wan was attached to the writing side of things on this one though and so held out high hopes for it. Sadly though, I have to report this is another complete misfire.

Starting with the positives though - the movie looks great. The set decoration is truly terrific in nearly every scene and the building and surrounding area that the film is set in were ideally selected. The groundwork was there for this to be a very creepy movie. At times the movie does work too, but that is mainly when it is being subtle. There are a lot of scenes where images of 'The Nun' are sort of there, but also sort of not. You question yourself whether you are actually seeing what you think you are. I really liked that side of things. Too often though the film is far too in your face. The demon will jump out of a tree and scream into a character's face (a very lion-like and un-scary scream I would have to say as well).

The dialogue in this film is a real mess too, which surprised me considering Wan's involvement. The character of 'Frenchie' is particularly painful. He is meant to be the comic relief, but nothing he says is in any way funny, and is frankly a little embarrassing in parts. Also some of the things the demon says like, "The village will be missing its idiot tomorrow" (or something to that effect), are cringe-worthy and should never have made the final cut.

I was very let down by this film. There are a lot of jump-scares, and not one of them gave me the slightest jolt. My heart-rate never rose above resting in any scene and I was frankly bored for the most part. The only saving graces were that the film looked great, connected in with the rest of the series well and had a truly great final scene that left me a little blown away. I didn't want this to have to be a negative review, but there was no other way to go about it.
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The less than creepy nun
TheLittleSongbird5 October 2018
Have an appreciation for horror, remember really liking 'The Conjuring' films (though they need a re-watch) and liked the idea. The advertising also suggested a quite creepy film if done right. Seeing that 'The Nun' was not positively received, critically and by word of mouth, however lowered my expectations somewhat, being one of not many to have respect for critics opinions.

Seeing 'The Nun' with an open mind, with the intent of actually liking the film and going against the grain (as has actually been the case quite a number of times, though often do agree with general consensus), for me it was not as bad as many have said and it is not one of the worst of the year. It's not even among the worst of the horror genre. It was though a disappointment and managed to be worse than my lowered expectations, far from being one of the best of the year as well.

'The Nun' at least didn't insult my intelligence (on the most part), it is not that amateurish and didn't get the sense it was completely not trying, while thinking that it could have tried harder. From personal opinion, 'The Nun' does have similar problems as 'Slender Man', except it's a better film.

Found 'The Nun' to be a good-looking film, very spooky in setting and atmospheric in lighting. It's slickly photographed too and the effects not cheap. The music does have an unsettling ambience and doesn't sound cheap in how it's recorded or orchestrated.

It started off very well, the beginning was unnerving and did have dread and tension.

However, 'The Nun' did go downhill quickly too early and struggles to recover. One is told too much and far too soon, which completely diminishes the suspense and makes things very predictable. The direction is both leaden and disorganised and while the actors try gamely they have nothing to work with, with clunky dialogue galore and poorly developed clichés passing for characters that are both bland and annoying.

Dialogue throughout has no natural flow and reeks of cheese. The story is very poorly paced, mainly dull, and the back-story is far too ridiculous, clichéd and with bland atmosphere and nothing new to engage with it or take it at face value. It is not fun, with comic relief that is not funny, sometimes not tasteful and features too much. 'The Nun', like 'Slender Man', feels like a short film over-stretched to breaking point for a feature film, the content is just too little and the titular character is far too underused and is more so what than scary when revealed. 'The Nun' also fails at being scary or interesting, the too thin story and deadly dull pacing kills the tension, suspense and dread, making the atmosphere bland throughout, while there is too much of an over-reliance on jump-scares that are too random, senseless and obvious to be creepy.

On the whole, not terrible but disappoints. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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The Nun: Actually managed to be worse than I expected
Platypuschow10 November 2018
The Nun is the latest movie in the Conjuring "Universe" and stars franchise lead female Vera Fermiga's sister Taissa.

It tells essentially the origin story of The Conjuring 2 (2016) nun antagonist and truth be told was one which I had high hopes for despite my opinion on the rest of the universe.

The previous movies being Conjuring 1/2 and Annabelle 1/2 accumulated from me a total of 14/40 potential stars so I think its sufficed to say that they haven't exactly blown me away.

I've claimed for years that when it comes to horror Hollywood have thoroughly lost their way and The Nun has done nothing to change my mind. From the Conjuring to Insidious all the high budgeted Hollywood horrors are glossy cliched messes.

Being that I consider "The Nun" to be a suitably creepy and well designed character I figured the movie would at least look the part! When the setting turned out to be a creepy old convent I was positively salivating. What incredible potential this movie had! Now all it needed was some passable writing and we could have a modern day classic here.

Sadly there is no passable writing, there is mindless Hollywood writing. No consistency, no structure, no intelligence just a clusterpoop of random imagery and stupidity.

Potential hobbled, tarred, feathered and kicked down 7 sets of stairs.

The Good:

The "Nun" herself is excellent

The Bad:

Bland cast

Poorly constructed plot

Everything you fear from Hollywood horror

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Hollywood know how to drop the ball like nobody else

If this had been an indie movie it would have been considerably better

All the talent in the Farmiga family went to Vera

If Jesus ever actually returned and saw crosses everywhere I'm pretty sure he'd have a nervous breakdown
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Not what you want it to be
robinalers6 September 2018
Let's begin with saying that the movie is definitely still worth the time to see. As there are a few moments where The Nun is portrayed in such a way that you do feel how great and powerful it is, and the music during these scenes (trust me, you will recognise them when you see them) is incredible. You'll feel hopeless, just as the characters at that time, but unfortunately these moments are scarce.

As human being, we find darkness scary, we hate it because we cannot see properly and thus find ourselves in the unknown. This is what drives a good horror movie, it is why the first Paranormal Activity was such a success for example. The horror of things happening, but not knowing what it is or where it is. The Nun fails to deliver this horror of the unknown. As we, in almost all scenes, see what it is that should terrify us, in great and gory detail. And while I love a tip of the hat to a more old school type of horror (more gore and monstrous feelings), I do not like how The Nun delivers it.

The amount of times we see a close up of the face of the nun is insane, and takes away the fear that this character had left us in during the Conjuring movies. It was the lack of screentime and the darkness surrounding this character that made her so extremely scary and interesting in those movies. It reminded me of the Devil's face in the original Exorcist movie. We don't see it often, but when we see it it terrifies us, because we cannot quite tell all the characteristics of its face, and it is always surrounded by darkness. The Nun is blatantly obvious, and her screaming in the camera makes it feel more like you're watching The Mummy, than The Nun.

Then there's the writing, the addition of comic relief is a good idea, but the timing is always off and rarely funny. The storyline is a bit basic, a gateway to hell, again, a demon needs a body, again, our past haunts us, again; it delivers nothing we haven't seen already. And I don't mind that, but then at least deliver it with tenacity. The jump scares feel as though they know that the audience knows its coming, so they just try to come at you from a different position than you expect: e.g., camera does a full 360, we expect something to happen, it doesn't and then something drops from above.

No, the movie disappoints. The story is basic, the timing of humor is laughable and the excessive amount of screentime - for that which petrified us with hardly any in the Conjuring movies - makes the Nun into something we hoped it wouldn't be. And unfortunately the great scenery, actually horrifying scenes and amazing soundtrack just can't lift this movie beyond 'just another horror movie'.
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seandcarroll14 September 2018
I saw this movie earlier today. Sadly, it was so awful, a few people left the cinema. I wasted 10 Euro. Could have had a beer instead.
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For Teenagers
tjlisson16 September 2018
OK but ultimately run-of-the-mill horror. The budget theater I saw this flick in was filled with noisy teenagers yacking and reacting throughout, which would have been a lot worse if I really thought I was missing much.

There are a couple of other annoyances that seem to have gone over other people's heads here. For one, although the movie makes much of this being in Romania, and indeed it was filmed there, hardly anyone seems to actually be Romanian. What's really a bothersome anomaly, though, is that the convent and the people involved are Roman Catholic. Certainly there is Roman Catholicism in Romania, but generally only amongst ethnic minorities, especially Hungarians. Actual ethnic Romanians with any religious affiliation, however, almost always identify as Romanian Orthodox, and that is a very important distinction that any Romanian will immediately notice. People elsewhere may think that's no big deal, but just imagine you have a movie set in Italy and every one there is an Episcopalian. Don't you think those in the know would find that ridiculous?
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Underrated with Fake One or Two Line "Reviews"
claudio_carvalho24 November 2018
In 1952, in Romania, a nun hangs herself to escape from an evil force. When the peasant Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet) finds her body, the Vatican sends the priest Burke (Demián Bichir) and the novice Irene (Taissa Farmiga) to the abbey to investigate the case. They team-up with Frenchie and soon Frenchie and Burke are is attacked by a demon. Irene learns that Burke is tormented for killing a boy in an exorcism. On the next morning, Irene is accepted in the abbey and learns that there is a gate to hell in the catacombs. Meanwhile Burke finds that a demon called Valak has unleashed through a breach. Now they have to seal the breach with the blood of Christ to trap Valak inside the gate.

"The Nun" is an underrated horror movie with fake one or two line "reviews" that IMDb has accepted this year, giving credibility zero to this site that was a reference in the past together with Rotten Tomatoes. The cinematography is magnificent, the atmosphere is spooky and the cast has good performances. Unfortunately the plot has a big flaw, since the powerful Valak has many chances to possess Irene as a vessel to leave the abbey but lures her many times instead. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Freira" ("The Nun")
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The Nun
gareth-robinson40712 September 2018
Was there a plot? Nun Were there any scares? Nun Any good acting? Nun Any reason to go see this movie? Nun
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I found it be very similar to Dark Waters (1993). This film too boasts of awesome cinematography n spooky atmosphere n
Fella_shibby25 November 2018
I gave an 8 for this reason only. In my review of Dark Waters n A Cure for Wellness, I mentioned that cinematography n atmosphere ain't enuff to save a bad film but this film ain't bad. It is well acted n directed n unlike the other two this wasn't boring at all. Compared to the recent pg13 horror films by Warner Bros, this film has a little blood but the only bothering trend continuing in all these films (Insidious, Conjuring, Annabelle 2 n this film) is the lack of kills. Nobody seems to die in these films apart from Annabelle 1. People r thrown away, people r pushed against walls n pillars but they seem to survive. Of course, this film has some offscreen kills n this is one of the reason y its different from the above films. The priest scene with the hat n bag was also similar to The Exorcist. In the future I hope they show some good amount of blood n on screen kills in such films.
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emcyr-4891423 December 2018
As a nun, this movie reminds me of my time as a young apprentice. However, that man was totally not French Canadian. Nice try Hollywood.
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The Conjuring universe's worst film yet
eddie_baggins10 September 2018
There's no point mincing words, the utter terribleness and blandness of The Nun legitimately surprised me.

Taking what was one of the most memorable and unnerving aspects of the great Conjuring 2 , in the form of demonic nun and in need of a dentist Valak, The Nun felt like a nice natural step forward for James Wan's horror universe, but thanks to this effort, this universe feels placed in a precarious position outside of the Warren's fight against evil, despite The Nun rounding up some resounding box office figures over the weekend of its initial release.

Making 2014's Annabelle look like a cinematic horror masterpiece, The Hallow director Corin Hardy directs Valak's story, that focuses on Demian Bichir's Father Burke and Taissa Farmiga's nun in waiting Sister Irene's journey to Romania to investigate a convent that isn't all the holy, without an ounce of imagination or creativity, making this 90 minute exercise an arduous and increasingly over blown outing.

Amounting to what seems like endless scenes of Father Burke and Sister Irene wondering around the (incredibly smoky and foggy) convent grounds chasing shadows, shaking off hands in the walls and staying far too long at an Airbnb that doesn't allow for a normal night's sleep, The Nun is an almost scare free exercise in how to turn a frightening character into a lame and tired supporting act.

In the cinema screening I attended on opening night, you could sense the dwindling interests of audience members, while unlike The Nun's polished forefathers, the lack of screams or nervous laughter was a sight to behold.

So silly and unbelievable are many of The Nun's set-ups that it's impossible to feel any real sense of danger or unease, which is due to a number of glaringly obvious factors such as a lack of character engagement, frequently daft narrative movements and sign-posted scares that take away any potentially potent moments that The Nun may've provided it's unfortunate paying audience members.

Come the film's shockingly overblown and fright free finale, you know well and truly that The Nun is a product of not a lot of thought or care, an example of the worst of what modern day horror can offer when done wrong.

Final say -

Take away the connection to the Conjuring brand name and The Nun would've been a straight to home release low-budget nasty. Ruining the character of Valak and tarnishing the future of further Conjuring spin-off's, The Nun is an unholy mess you'd do well to avoid.

1 vial of blood out of 5
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Technically decent, narratively ridiculous and unconvincing
nimdude5 September 2018
The Nun is another chapter in the marvel cin ... conjuring cinematic universe that for some reason keeps expanding. The jumpscare plagued, unexplained and way too over the top plot is such a waste due to the fact that technically, this movie is the best in the conjuring universe.

The cgi, production design, cinematography and the haunting soundtrack are all very very decent. However none of this can make up for the nonsensical satanic mess that this movie turned out to be. Virtually completely non frightening, the Nun itself as a presence loses its ominousness very early into the second act. It is always shown in the same way as in the trailer. A creepy choir and a floating nun. It gets very boring after a while, and even when the atmosphere starts to seem somewhat decent, you get taken out of it even more when the misplaced and useless comic relief character opens his mouth.

The acting is mostly passable but the actors aren't given much to work with in the first place. Most of this film is just a continuous barrage of "scary", meaningless scenes that add up to nothing but cheap jumpscsres.

As a part of the conjuring universe it does NOT IN ANY WAY explain the origins of the Nun. The only thing it does for the universe is set up a sequel and another possible prequel.

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ok first half
SnoopyStyle9 November 2018
It's 1952 Romania. An evil has risen in a small remote abbey. The Vatican sends Father Burke (Demián Bichir) and novice nun Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) to investigate. They are guided by local Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet).

I was with this movie all the way up to a buried Father Burke being rescued. It's a solid horror up to that point. First, there is a jarring disconnection with the duo returning the next morning. The movie falls into a constant regurgitation of dark hallways and dark figures and random interiors. It's mind-numbing and not scary at all. It doesn't help that the general layout of the abbey is not clear or declared at all. The second half is a constant downhill slide to the bottom.
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andreascaloni18 April 2021
The Nun is a spin-off of 2016's The Conjuring 2 and the fifth installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. The plot follows a Roman Catholic priest and a nun in her novitiate as they uncover an unholy secret in 1952 Romania. The movie has great locations, some interesting ideas, good jumpscares and atmospheres, and a pretty good first half. Unfortunately the film has a bad second half with some ridicolous moments. The Nun is an entertaining movie but it isn't what i was expecting from this very creepy character of the franchise.

Rating: 6,2.
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Oozing with atmosphere
kluseba24 September 2018
I don't care about The Conjuring series but decided to watch The Nun nonetheless because it takes place in Romania, has both religious and occult elements and is set in an old monastery surrounded by a gloomy graveyard, dense forest and isolated village.

The film turned out being entertaining from start to finish, didn't overstay its welcome with a very reasonable length of ninety-six minutes and oozed with sinister atmosphere. The film doesn't only rely on the usual jump scares but has extended atmospheric passages that increase tension towards the end. The dramatic climax and falling action make for a final third that was among the most entertaining in horror cinema of recent memory. Another positive point are the characters as Father Burke intrigues as experienced veteran with a gloomy past while Sister Irene convinces as charming, intelligent and resilient young woman and the French farmer charms with his gentle manners. The three characters investigating a supernatural phenomenon complement one another perfectly. The acting performances are also very solid.

The only thing I would have done differently are the two references to the Conjuring franchise right at the exposition of the film and at the unnecessary resolution. The Nun is good enough to stand on its own and doesn't need these references. I would even go as far to say that this movie is actually better than the somewhat exchangeable main franchise.

If you like atmospheric horror movies with great characters and very good actresses and actors, The Nun will certainly entertain you from start to finish. You don't need to be familiar with The Conjuring to appreciate and understand this film. The Nun turned out much better than I expected and is the best horror movie I have seen so far this year.
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Definitely worth the time!
blakegill14 September 2018
In a time where found footage and torture porn films are considered scary it was nice to see a good old fashioned ghost story. The conjuring series is a good one and the Nun is no exception. A nice eerie tone with a couple of twists make it an instant classic. If you're a fan of the conjuring series you'll enjoy it. If you are looking for nudity and gore, maybe worth a pass.
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erickfrds6 September 2018
The darkest chapter form conjuring universe but not the best and not even better than conjuring

the beginning of the film feels promising, but the more behind the plot the more strange and there are some things that seem "forced"

this film feels so dark and too many jump scare

I think, the rating of this film is better than annabelle but no better than conjuring
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Good Demonic/Religious Horror Film...
CoffinVideo198318 August 2019
Preface: I'm not the biggest fan of the Conjuring series as a whole.

Overall, The Nun was a pretty good movie. The film was shot wonderfully, locations were beautiful, color was perfect, and FX were spot on. That being said... for a demonic style horror film, I really prefer a little more background. With films out like Hereditary that are based in real, historically accurate lore, the bar has been set higher in that genre. The Nun's plot seemed rather thrown together to me.

On the plus side... Taissa Farmiga is an amazing actor and was brilliant. I almost give her full credit for me liking the film as much as I did. I really believe she is a staple to the horror genre. Bonnie Aarons is amazing as the Nun as well. I do wish they would use a little prosthetics on her to keep the nun from looking so much like her. After her role in these films I don't know if i'll ever be able to see her as anything but an evil, demonic nun. Overall... I give 6 out of 10.
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Nobody expected it that good! It's really that great...
L_Copa6 September 2018
Let me tell me how you'll enjoy this great movie. Even if you re a fan of old cult horror films, leave your ego outside the cinema. Don't convince your self that you won't get scared or that you won't like it. YOU WILL, after that. This movie has excellent sound effects, great soundtracks, good sensation and a lot of scare. It is a nice completed scenario from the conjuring universe and it might expand. I loved the constant scare, every few minutes we had some chills!
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Atmospheric, but bland ...
paulclaassen13 November 2018
Although the film is called 'The Nun', the nun demon only makes a guest appearance in the film - so to speak. The film has a lot of potential that leads to absolutely nothing. This was not scary. It wasn't captivating. It wasn't unique. It was just completely bland. The actors tried their best with the little they had to work with and ultimately I can only complement the make-up and visual effects teams.

Nothing about this film worked for me. Utterly forgettable. I'll stick to 'The Conjuring' films, thanks, instead of this spinoff...
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Horror Film for Amateurs (Teens)
Yee_Reviews5 September 2018
Good: The setting of an abbey helps create the dark and haunting tone of the movie. The creepy atmosphere built with dim lights and fog help set the mood. Because of the atmosphere and mood there is great suspense for the first few scares, but with too much repetition of jump scares, the tension starts to dissipate...

Bad: This film is a jump-scare fest. The writing lacks substance and ends up being a poor origin story with: a rushed introduction that comes off as choppy, a messy middle with little plot consisting of jump scares that become exhausting and predictable because of its abundance, and a bizarre and over the top ending. The characters are wooden and over the course of the movie do not show much dynamic. Throughout the movie, there is cheesy comedy and forced romance.

Overall: Bring James Wan back for even though this film could have no way been on the same level as "The Conjuring" and "The Conjuring 2" it still could have been fresh in the right hands. To me, Gary Dauberman's writing has not shined for I felt both Annabelle movies were subpar and I believe he is getting too much credit for "It" when he revised the script and the material was based on a book. The characters were underdeveloped, uninteresting, and lacked emotion. This movie is purely for those who only care about jump scares and have a lack of care for acting, direction, and a good story. This serves as a Halloween flick to entertain the squeamish teenagers who rate a movie based on jump scares and a scary nun. If only the movie was given more time and not rushed to make money off of "The Conjuring 2"'s success.

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