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The Nun
gareth-robinson40712 September 2018
Was there a plot? Nun Were there any scares? Nun Any good acting? Nun Any reason to go see this movie? Nun
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Very VERY VERY cliche. Lots of jump scares. Dragging plot.
tonyjcole947 September 2018
This film is OBVIOUSLY missing the James Wan touch that we loved in the conjuring universe films. Even when Wan used jump scares , it worked bc the atmosphere was tense and creepy . In "The Nun" they're overly planted everywhere in the movie to make up for the fact that the director couldn't keep the audience captivated any other way.

The plot is basic to say the least, it's almost like they just threw it together in 5 minutes to make up a back story for The Nun. The film had so much potential to give the audience a interesting creepy back story to one of the conjuring's iconic villains. Instead we're saturated with filler for the 1st and 2nd act , and FINALLY get something going on the final act . Up until then it's nothing but jump scare city . So if that's up your alley for horror movies then you'll love this . I personally think the brief amount of time The Nun was in the Conjuring 2 was 100000x better than this full length film.

They also tried to go with this new trend of adding some comedy into a horror film and it's just badly placed and awkward . The acting is okay . Taissa Farmiga & Demien Bichir are the main characters and give pretty good performances.

Anyway, Overall this movie could've gone straight to DVD or Netflix . Don't think it deserved to hit the big screen if it wasn't going to be directed by Wan . There's some creepy/scary enjoyable moments but overall it's very cliche and downright boring at times. Watch when you're at home on a rainy day with nothing do. Don't waste ur money like i did
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Not what you want it to be
robinalers6 September 2018
Let's begin with saying that the movie is definitely still worth the time to see. As there are a few moments where The Nun is portrayed in such a way that you do feel how great and powerful it is, and the music during these scenes (trust me, you will recognise them when you see them) is incredible. You'll feel hopeless, just as the characters at that time, but unfortunately these moments are scarce.

As human being, we find darkness scary, we hate it because we cannot see properly and thus find ourselves in the unknown. This is what drives a good horror movie, it is why the first Paranormal Activity was such a success for example. The horror of things happening, but not knowing what it is or where it is. The Nun fails to deliver this horror of the unknown. As we, in almost all scenes, see what it is that should terrify us, in great and gory detail. And while I love a tip of the hat to a more old school type of horror (more gore and monstrous feelings), I do not like how The Nun delivers it.

The amount of times we see a close up of the face of the nun is insane, and takes away the fear that this character had left us in during the Conjuring movies. It was the lack of screentime and the darkness surrounding this character that made her so extremely scary and interesting in those movies. It reminded me of the Devil's face in the original Exorcist movie. We don't see it often, but when we see it it terrifies us, because we cannot quite tell all the characteristics of its face, and it is always surrounded by darkness. The Nun is blatantly obvious, and her screaming in the camera makes it feel more like you're watching The Mummy, than The Nun.

Then there's the writing, the addition of comic relief is a good idea, but the timing is always off and rarely funny. The storyline is a bit basic, a gateway to hell, again, a demon needs a body, again, our past haunts us, again; it delivers nothing we haven't seen already. And I don't mind that, but then at least deliver it with tenacity. The jump scares feel as though they know that the audience knows its coming, so they just try to come at you from a different position than you expect: e.g., camera does a full 360, we expect something to happen, it doesn't and then something drops from above.

No, the movie disappoints. The story is basic, the timing of humor is laughable and the excessive amount of screentime - for that which petrified us with hardly any in the Conjuring movies - makes the Nun into something we hoped it wouldn't be. And unfortunately the great scenery, actually horrifying scenes and amazing soundtrack just can't lift this movie beyond 'just another horror movie'.
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seandcarroll14 September 2018
I saw this movie earlier today. Sadly, it was so awful, a few people left the cinema. I wasted 10 Euro. Could have had a beer instead.
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Deterioration of a Franchise
lm-701975 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
What makes a great horror movie? The subtlety and finesse in crafting tension and horror without revealing much; the gradual buildup of horror through the unknown; having the audience know that something is out there and not revealing it immediately. The Nun does the exact opposite of all of this.

I was invited to an early premiere of The Nun yesterday and although I didn't have high expectations, I was still disappointed.I watched all the Conjuring and Annabelle spin-offs thanks to my wife's obsession with horror flicks, but for the most part I enjoyed most off them.

Considering the success of the first Conjuring, I always hoped that the next sequel/prequel builds on the strengths of the first, where tension and horror is built slowly and gradually, culminating in tense and horrific scenes and a climatic finish. Unfortunately with each new installment, I found that the same narrative and scare tropes are implemented, making the movie more predictable and mundane.

Unfortunately The Nun takes this to a whole new comical level. How can such a IP go so wrong?! Creepy demon nun? Check! Old isolated abandoned castle? Check! Pseudo-religious lore to build on? Check! Romania? Check! - The producers and director had all the ingredients to create a great horror flick. They ended up making a movie more tailored to a young adult/teenage fan-base, relying on cliche story-line, extremely dumb protagonists and never ending predictable jump scares. Don't get me wrong, I like a good ol' jump scare when used right, but this movie almost solely relies on them.

But the worst part of the movie, and where I think it got it so wrong, is how it reveals everything way too much and way too early. Not only do you see the nun in the first 5 minutes and constantly jumping out every 10 minutes, you hear her screaming, attacking victims etc. repeatedly throughout the movie. By the time the third act takes place you already have seen all the scares on offer and it becomes comical. The entire theater was literally laughing throughout the final act.

Overall it is a disappointing movie. There is not point in telling people not to waste their time watching it, as the movie will piggy-back on the success of it's predecessors and make a ton of money.

and PS; what is the deal with all the demons growling and screaming like hungry hyenas?
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A huge let down
jtindahouse6 September 2018
If you had told me five years ago that one of my most anticipated movies of 2018 would be titled 'The Nun' I would've been very surprised. It was though. I had been looking forward to this movie ever since it was announced. I'm a huge fan of both of 'The Conjuring' movies, but have admittedly not loved either of the two 'Annabelle' spin-offs. I was very pleased to see James Wan was attached to the writing side of things on this one though and so held out high hopes for it. Sadly though, I have to report this is another complete misfire.

Starting with the positives though - the movie looks great. The set decoration is truly terrific in nearly every scene and the building and surrounding area that the film is set in were ideally selected. The groundwork was there for this to be a very creepy movie. At times the movie does work too, but that is mainly when it is being subtle. There are a lot of scenes where images of 'The Nun' are sort of there, but also sort of not. You question yourself whether you are actually seeing what you think you are. I really liked that side of things. Too often though the film is far too in your face. The demon will jump out of a tree and scream into a character's face (a very lion-like and un-scary scream I would have to say as well).

The dialogue in this film is a real mess too, which surprised me considering Wan's involvement. The character of 'Frenchie' is particularly painful. He is meant to be the comic relief, but nothing he says is in any way funny, and is frankly a little embarrassing in parts. Also some of the things the demon says like, "The village will be missing its idiot tomorrow" (or something to that effect), are cringe-worthy and should never have made the final cut.

I was very let down by this film. There are a lot of jump-scares, and not one of them gave me the slightest jolt. My heart-rate never rose above resting in any scene and I was frankly bored for the most part. The only saving graces were that the film looked great, connected in with the rest of the series well and had a truly great final scene that left me a little blown away. I didn't want this to have to be a negative review, but there was no other way to go about it.
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erickfrds6 September 2018
The darkest chapter form conjuring universe but not the best and not even better than conjuring

the beginning of the film feels promising, but the more behind the plot the more strange and there are some things that seem "forced"

this film feels so dark and too many jump scare

I think, the rating of this film is better than annabelle but no better than conjuring
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No, just no!
m_zoli_zed5 September 2018
This was the first horror in years in which I wanted it just to end already. It is boring, story is childish, no tension whatsoever. Beside nice shots outside and good scenery, this is zero. Horrible acting, predictable jump scares and zombie nuns. Don't waste your time
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the nun
abhrajitvaio7 September 2018
Colossal waste of time, not scary at all...and the nun is almost missing in her own movie.
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sohaibuniline7 September 2018
The Nun Movie Review:

a) Script b) Direction c) Acting d) Screenplay e) Scares (only applies for horror)

NUN of the above.
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Worth my time. Enjoyed it.!!
sanimsadiq713 September 2018
I went in with zero expectation after reading mixed reviews, but ended up loving it. Suspenseful story, spooky bacground music, good scares, brilliant acting and an amazing audience. (Pop corn was good too). We received pure entertainment that a horror movie can give.
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Not sure what everyone is so pissed about.
Symbiossys17 September 2018
I just saw the movie this weekend, at 4DX 2D, and I can tell you truthfully I had tons of fun. We went with some friends, after ignoring all the negative and bad reviews over the web. We even heard some of our friends who had already seen the movie, bashing it with negatives, but we decided to go anyway.

I am not a sucker for horror movies, let's just sort that one out, but I loved the previous two Conjuring movies, and had also seen Annabelle. I didn't like Annabelle as much as I did like The Nun. It was something new, a new touch to the story, and although it wasn't directed by James Wan, it was still good!

Yes, it has a lot of jump scares, sometimes predictable, sometimes not, but it's still fun. The rush you feel when the chair you're sitting in starts jerking chaotically and the characters in front of you scream in fear, that's what I was looking for. After all you go to a movie to have fun, not to judge and analyze every bit of it. What would it become of a movie, if everything would be perfect and carefully thought through. I enjoyed the story, even if it felt a bit rushed in the beginning. The eerie feeling the movie gives you, represents a big plus as well. You feel isolated and alone throughout the whole experience, and it makes you feel better when other characters join the action, and the band gets back together. I mean, a priest, a nun who hasn't pledged herself to becoming a full nun and a farmer, well. How bad could this trio be? Let me tell you, they fit perfectly. Although the Nun herself, or let's say Valak, didn't have much screen time, except toward the end, you still felt her/his presence throughout the movie.

Overall a fun and enjoyable ride. A few cliché moments, but still good toward the end. Great effects and a total blast seen at 4DX 2D.

So, if you enjoy horror movies, and you're not one of those fellas who goes to the movie with a pencil and a notebook in his hand, in order to analyze and criticize everything he sees, you're good to go. You'll have fun.
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The Exorcist+Salem's Lot+The Ju-On+Dracula+Boogey Man=The Nun
hilaryswank201120 September 2018
The producer of this The Conjuring franchise (2013-2018: total 5 films), James Wan who is well know for SAW franchise (2004-2017; total 8 films) is no doubt that the best horror filmmaker in the present film industries.

You can find the image of The Nun is extremely similar to Mr. Barlow in The Salem's Lot (1979). The Nun is un doubted that it imitated Mr. Barlow's monster image.

However, this film overly used jump scary tricks throughout the entire film with heavy sound effects which cause head ache among audiences.

Moreover, the script logic is problematic that when Father Burke and Sister Irene investigate the Romanian ancient Carta Monastery, the first encounter with the Abbess and easy acceptance of stay at the attached convent is too careless, and unusual when Frenchie who was a food supplier to the nuns said the place has been cursed and no body close the territory.

Its plotting sloppiness itself is a miracle to link not logically gathered pieces of sequences that follow.

Especially Father Burke and Sister Irene blindly believe and treat the dead nuns as live people is another miracle narrative fabrication.

Audience is hard to be persuaded in this logical failure.

Besides these, other fatal logical failure is that additional inserted episode of failed exorcism on Daniel, by this episode, the director Corin Hardy tried to make comparison and linkage with Father Lankester Merrin of The Exorcist (1973), or Father Morning of The Exorcist III (1990).

On the contrary, the exorcism of Valak / The Nun is unexpectedly not fully engaged between Father Burke and Valak / The Nun.

For jumping scare, this trick is from The Ju-On (2004: US). And it's heavily used to scare audiences.

This is directorial sin in this film. However, you have to mention that there are truly scary spooky atmosphere, well crafted Gothic art solutions, acting is also realistic, no sloppy acting.

Furthermore, Dracula-like story setting in Romania with minimal characters involved is something cinematic and make audiences to expect horrific Gothic horror taste of this film.

The true horror film principle is described by Christopher Lee, 'Don't show a monster too many times. It should be kept in minimal. True horror is that something makes you scare to open the door psychologically, e.g. The Haunting (1963).

Sean S. Cunningum also mentioned the minimalist theory of horror filmmaking. Moreover, he referred the solution of JAWS(1975) is its example.

In The Nun (2018), the best solution is when Father Burke feels Valak watching their arrival to the monastery and it shows a quick short cutaway of Valak leaving from the window.

Castle of Dracula? It's Carta Monastery.

Although there are actual advantages of this film in art dimensions, this is a religious/ Catholic propaganda film, and every thing the protagonists should do is pray, pray and pray......And the Catholic warriors' massacre is justified through this religious propaganda.

And the blood of Jesus is a science fictional device to end Valak. The Nuns pray for The Nun, pray for the box office hit. Just only pray for God to save themselves.
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Technically decent, narratively ridiculous and unconvincing
nimdude5 September 2018
The Nun is another chapter in the marvel cin ... conjuring cinematic universe that for some reason keeps expanding. The jumpscare plagued, unexplained and way too over the top plot is such a waste due to the fact that technically, this movie is the best in the conjuring universe.

The cgi, production design, cinematography and the haunting soundtrack are all very very decent. However none of this can make up for the nonsensical satanic mess that this movie turned out to be. Virtually completely non frightening, the Nun itself as a presence loses its ominousness very early into the second act. It is always shown in the same way as in the trailer. A creepy choir and a floating nun. It gets very boring after a while, and even when the atmosphere starts to seem somewhat decent, you get taken out of it even more when the misplaced and useless comic relief character opens his mouth.

The acting is mostly passable but the actors aren't given much to work with in the first place. Most of this film is just a continuous barrage of "scary", meaningless scenes that add up to nothing but cheap jumpscsres.

As a part of the conjuring universe it does NOT IN ANY WAY explain the origins of the Nun. The only thing it does for the universe is set up a sequel and another possible prequel.

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Fun Movie. Worth Seeing.
brain-anger10 September 2018
This was better than I was expecting. The location and sets were awesome. Contained some scares and some laughs. Lots of haters on this one. I'm constantly amused by how many people seem to think that they're the successor to Roger Ebert. Try going to a movie for a fun time, instead of looking for ways to rip it a new one in your lame-ass reviews.
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Surprised by all the negative review
carmendanielapatrascu20 September 2018
Let me just start by saying that, from my point of view, whoever rated this movie so low or where dissapointed by that fact that it wasn't scary enough, MUST HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT A DIFFERENF MOVIE! Are you serious? I literally jumped out of the chair more than a few times. I am a true horror fan and I don't get easily scared by horror movies. Trust me, I'm the type of person who watches horror movies just tp relax. The film was scary, James Wan delivered what he promised. Great prequal (or spinoff) of the conjuring movies. Taissa Farmiga was great as sister Irene. And the actress playing the nun? Oh my God, she did such a good job on scarying the s*** out of her audience. How this movie has such a low rating is beyond my comprehension. Conclusin: don't listen to all the negative reviews, go see it yourself and be the judge of it.
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Definitely worth the time!
blakegill14 September 2018
In a time where found footage and torture porn films are considered scary it was nice to see a good old fashioned ghost story. The conjuring series is a good one and the Nun is no exception. A nice eerie tone with a couple of twists make it an instant classic. If you're a fan of the conjuring series you'll enjoy it. If you are looking for nudity and gore, maybe worth a pass.
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I don't know why people are spreading negativity
spreetamnaik11 September 2018
It's a very good movie and does Justice to it's genre. Pretty good movie please go and watch. I absolutely loved it !
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"The Nun" - Great Story, Not as Scary as expected.
krijenmohanlall5 September 2018
The Nun overall manages to keep you engaged with its great story and the way its said. The lead roles are played excellently by the actors/actresses.

Not entirely full of jumpscares but the scares could've been more scary .

"The darkest chapter in the conjuring universe" UHMMM. I think not .

This movie can't help but lose the charm of the Conjuring 1 and 2. However it's still worth a watch if you are a horror fan and a fan of the Conjuring universe.

I think what was missing here was the suspense . The build up of suspense makes a horror movie scary just like the conjuring .

However this is still a great entry into the conjuring universe and I'm sure it will cash big moolah at the box office . Enjoy !
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It is a great horror movie !
pabdar9023 September 2018
Well good, scary as no other horror to date. Can not really understand where all this negative reviews and rating coming from ??? Come on people really ? Do we see the same movie in the theatre ?
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Creepy movie with great setting and sound.
Daliibor11 September 2018
I thought this was the creepiest movie of the conjuring franchise as the setting of this movie made it all that much more creepier especially down in the catacombs. I did not find any comedy in this movie at all except maybe one line near the beginning other then that i have no idea how people are finding this movie comical. Great atmosphere, good tension in certain areas, and the setting for this movie make it the most freakiest movie to me in the conjuring universe and top 3 scariest of all time for me. The plot was good, not great but horror movies tend to have a simple plot in my opinion after seeing so many. I feel like the movie could have been better by having less jump scare scenes but those scenes I thought were great in my opinion. This movie deserves to be watched in absolute silence as theres only 3 main characters and not a lot of talking takes place. There is dialogue but not as much as you would think. You either will like this movie or hate it I feel like but to me I liked it a lot as not a lot of horror movies have great scenery and atmosphere to go with the movie and wow this movie definitely does in my opinion. The abbey itself is creepy and so is the graveyard plus the lack of lighting(candles basically) add more depth. I say go see it and review it yourself as I seen some reviews here that I feel like are way off from the movie I seen.
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Walked out laughing
stangdaddy17 September 2018
This movie sucked its a jump flick at best easily worst horror movie ive ever seen
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goodboyinnocent7 September 2018
Worst movie in this series... there's no words to tell about this movie... totally waste...
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Boring, jump scares abound
layton767 September 2018
This movie's idea of horror is a loud screaming sound the gun makes as it flies at the screen. There was complete sequence in this movie that was ripped off from silent hill which is where you walk by the creatures and you have to be still or thry attack. We've seen everything in this movie done before much better elsewhere. Beyond disappointed.
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this movie sucks
ccindy-1295217 September 2018
If i could, i would rate it -10 out of 10 because there is absolutely no story line, all the jump scares made me laugh; they tried to start a romance in a horror movie; this movie leaves you with more questions than it answered
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