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Far too frenetic film of a genuinely frenetic madman
msghall15 October 2019
Bunker Spreckels, stepson of Clark Gable and inheritor of a great fortune, was a magnetic, charming wild-man surfer in the 70's. He was colorful, funny and of course famous. Great fodder for a documentary. However, in trying to replicate Bunker's natural energy and originality, the filmmaker overdoes the camera movements and uses quick cuts that clutters images and feel. (To be fair to the director, the version I saw on Prime is probably not formatted correctly, resulting in the claustrophobic representation of many scenes.)

Very little of the actual subject is revealed and you're left to wonder if who this guy was. He is not interviewed other than brief audio snippets. If the director had presented this with a little restraint, Bunker might have been more defined. Instead, you're wondering why this thrill ride with no anchor?
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