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I haven't seen a show this bad for a long time
inspektorr29 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let's get one thing straight right away - this show is a disaster. With a decent budget actually. It is beyond me why this mess was approved in the first place, but having seen the pilot, I'm really wondering who in their right mind OKed the script. Casting is poor and the characters are like card-board cutouts with zero common sense or natural reactions. The lack of realistic emotional reaction is so extreme you start wondering if maybe the main characters are losing their minds as well.

*** Mild spoilers ahead ***

Watching the pilot is a very strange experience. The amount of various disasters and strange events is so huge that the show feels like a disaster theme park. It's grotesque. It's like the writers couldn't settle for one challenge, so we get worlds largest hurricanes, fish and snakes and cars falling out of the sky, demon possessions, volcano eruptions, freezing oceans, flying people, zombies, earthquakes, mass paranoia, fires, food shortages... Seriously, I was waiting for aliens, because that's pretty much the only thing left.

Some of the characters actions were so unbelievable that it felt almost like this is a parody show. But it's not. And that's possibly it's biggest fault. Had they gone down the comedy route, than this TV show might have made some sense. As it stands, avoid this mess and spend your time on something better.
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The hell did I just watch?
ismetardasekerci2 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers

So I was excited about this show as it is a SyFy TV series and apocalyptic script but my God this will be canceled so fast.

I am in the 21st minute of the show and writing my first ever review in IMDb because I could not stand the 21 minutes.

Not gonna bore you with details but something bad happening in the country and a family of 5 people gets visitied by a guy who ate a bunch of spagetthi than attacked some family members. Evantually he gets shot and a demon gets out of his body. Question: What would you do? Scared? Shocked? Well this family of 5 are appareantely all Buffy The Vampire Slayers because their reaction to such an event was like "meh"

Later they all go to bed as if nothing happened, than wake up the next day, the rebel daughter gets kidnapped by a flying human zombie kind of a demon. Question: What would you do if your daughter gets taken by a flying demon? Let me tell you what they did. They stayed calm, prepared their SUV, and did not even shed a tear or got scared or panicked and just draw away LEAVING A NOTE in the house in case the daughter ever comes back. WHAT THE F? For real?

I have about 20 more minutes to watch and I WILL WATCH this TV series but may God help me in the remaining 20 minutes.
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wroane-8815629 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
That's both my opinion of the plot and my thoughts that this crappy show could make it to TV.


The characters are stereotypical, stupid, unlikeable. The mother and father would never be together in real life.I can not imagine these two stereotypes ever hooking up. The son is the closest to likable, but no. The "wild" daughter is dumb enough to get dragged off, and just lays on the ground waiting for her attacker to wake up. She gets no smarter as the show moves on. The "good" daughter is a simpering wimp.

I can't believe Eureka was cancelled, but this is given a green light...
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Give it more than just one episode
aliciamlittle2 November 2016
This show is not perfect i'll agree. The first episode was quite bad. However, I decided to go ahead and watch another and to my surprise it did get better. This show is not supposed to be our "normal" zombies and is not about a disease outbreak from what I can tell. I would say this show is more supernatural than anything and I actually look forward to seeing the next episode. I'm not saying it should be rated a 10 or even an 8 but it is certainly better than a 4. Some characters are quite good while other are pretty poor. The story is actually pretty interesting and definitely not what I expected. When I started this show I thought it was going to be another outbreak zombie flick ( which is what was looking for). However it is not really about zombies at all, like the first episode leads you to believe. If you are into the supernatural or the biblical apocalypses I suggest you give this show a chance.
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From bad start to a decent show.
darinaperkins2 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
People that have given this show a bad review just based off the pilot have missed out on a pretty decent TV show so far. While it is not the best series I have seen it still has some interesting supernatural creatures from old folklore.

All the crazy stuff that happens in this show keeps me coming back each week. City blown up by meteor, Dragon attacks an Amish village, government fever head base gets over run, and much more as it shows a family struggle to keep the wits as they try to survive what looks like is the end of days.

I would not give up on this show just based on the pilot.
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Who slept with who to get this greenlit?
everettzenser3 November 2016
I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic film/television; if I don't like your post-apoc thriller it must really be bad. I mean just epic awfulness. Aftermath fits that bill and more.

There is no plot to this thing, literally no plot. The characters have all been arranged at a starting line and then just randomly amble through to point A, B, C, and so forth as stuff happens, all the time displaying the emotional intensity of a plastic bag.

/mild spoiler follows/

The weirdest point was when the wife matter-of-factly says "the world is falling apart but at least we're all together" and then curls up in her chair like she's about to break-out the bon-bons and watch Oprah. Or, less than 12 hours after their son just gunned down a dude in the living room, the whole family has neatly moved on to trying to troubleshoot the text messaging on their cell phones. Or, after the gas station attendant waves a severed head at the family, they're "wow, that was - like - crazy!" as though they'd just seen a really good juggler.

I understand ScyFy has $25 to put these s*$#storms together but semi-decent writing and passable acting don't require a blockbuster budget.
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Really? Flying Zombies? Is that were we at now?
Eddie_weinbauer28 September 2016
Keep in mind I'm basing this on the pilot,but it will be an uphill battle from here on,to convince me,this is worth my time A hillbilly family with the combined IQ of 3 witness one strange event after another,yet can't seem to get a grip on reality. After a hurricane hit their (farm? Don't see any animals CGI or otherwise,so not really sure what they live off)

A family of 5 get attacked by zombies,but for some reason can't accept that the world has changed and more or less gone mad.With people turning into flying zombies. So they keep on doing one stupid thing after another, more or less pretending there's not something strange going on,that can't be rationalized away

***Warning spoiler Waring spoiler Waring spoiler warning spoilers****

When they pull in to a gas station,and a redneck start washing their windscreen with a window wiper,dripping with blood. They talk to him like it's just a service they don't want,instead of shooting him.Even though the guy is clearly insane,and infected buy the zombie decease

Even before that, he showed clear signs of being totally insane.Which would've given any normal people a warning. Every warning sign these guys get,they just completely ignore,and act like everything is normal.
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Must miss TV
alanbryer4 November 2016
I've had the misfortune to watch some really rubbish TV shows over the years but Aftermath takes the cake. Poor script, poor dialogue, poor acting, CGI that's missing the CG and the I uses images drawn by 2-year-old's (talented 2 years old's tho, my gran kids submitted some & they were used ;) ) I don't know why I'm still sitting here watching this after 3 episodes. I must lead one really dull boring life if it's still on. The story could be so much more but as it's the sum of its parts its still a big fat zero. I'm rambling, my eyes are shut and words are appearing as I press the keys on my laptop trying to convey just how rubbish this program really is. I have a wall to paint in a while, I think I'll watch it dry for a couple of hours because I know it's going to be far more exciting than this. Syfy really paid for this? How, why and what were they smoking at the time of the contract signing.
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Untalented writing
the_teapot4 October 2016
I am writing this after seeing the first episode of "Aftermath" because it is rare that I am this disappointed by a show's pilot.

I felt something was a little off from the start. This introductory "in medias res" episode was, I assume, imagined as an adrenaline rush that glues you to the screen. So unfortunately all the events that could have been delivered as curiosity-spiking mysteries over a slightly longer course of screen time, are nervously packed into quick sequences of prematurely revealing action. Ironically, a show called "Aftermath" seems least of all concerned with the "aftermath" of shocking events that its characters are experiencing. It seems too anxious to move on to the next "surprise", and this results in some rather bizarre and unlikely character behaviour.

I have no quarrel with the choice of supernatural events of the story. It's a sci-fi show, suspension of disbelief is required. But no amount of suspension of disbelief can fix poorly conceived lead characters. With so little substance to their personalities they are like hollow figures being tossed through a storm of special effects, all along unsure whether to look upset or heroic.

In my frankest opinion, the writers should go back to school and take a few dramaturgy classes because their storytelling skills leave much to be desired.
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A failed opportunity
adrianpedersen7 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The idea of supernatural forces awakening to wreak havoc in our world has been exploited many times over the years, with varying degrees of success. SyFy's new series Aftermath is sadly one of the most poorly executed attempts in recent memory.

Remember Anne Heche? The actress had a brief moment getting high profile parts in the 1990s, then claimed her career was ruined because of her much publicized relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. In Aftermath she plays the main part as a mother and "former Air Force" soldier, trying to protect her bumbling academic husband and obnoxious teenage children from the newly awakened supernatural horrors. The husband is played, badly, by Heche's real-life partner James Tupper. This is quite frankly remarkable, since the couple seem unable to dig up an iota of chemistry between them.

The initial idea of a tough-as-nails mother is quickly abandoned by the writing team, and by episode two, Heche's character is reduced to staring glassy eyed out the window, and making astronomically stupid decisions to keep the plot moving. Ah yes, the plot. It goes something like this:


A family of extremely unlikable and unbelievable stereotypes live on some sort of farm in the state of Washington. The mother is a retired US Air Force pilot and homemaker, carrying herself with all the military backbone of a tulip. She is married to a parody of a bumbling academic, so inept it borders on the offensive. Together they have three absolutely horrible teenage kids, who look nothing like siblings, and couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag. The family displays a collective IQ barely above room temperature, which is necessary for hogwash like this to work.

They start experiencing natural disasters and supernatural phenomenon, and get reports of cannibalism and mysterious plagues in nearby communities. The family, ex-military mother and all, decides to take no precautions what so ever. None. In fact, they don't even lock their doors. Mom digs in the garden, her revolting daughters bicker, and dad drives to work despite observing machine gun-toting hillbillies in drag along the road. The son sulks and broods because he's leaving for college. Or something. Who cares? Definitely not the audience.

When bratty daughter #1 is abducted by a flying "skinwalker" in broad daylight, it's time to get this nonsensical freakshow on the road. It's also blatantly clear that we're in for yet another crap YA-interpretation of traditional myths and folklore. Brat #1 wakes up in the woods somewhere, and calls mom on her ever present mobile phone - phones are a major plot vehicle in this mess. Anyway, this is when the train of logic leaves the station, and goes directly off the rails.

Bratty daughter #1, for some inexplicable reason, knows exactly where in the woods she is stranded. Ex-military mom, instead of telling her to head for home, decides to pick her up in a nearby town that we know has been quarantined. Ex-military mom gets her entire dumbass family into a old Winnebago and hits the road, leaving their perfectly defensible farm behind. It takes remarkable talent to come up with drivel like this, and actually sell it.

I have a hard time describing the mess that follows. Suffice to say it makes an average DTV teen slasher movie look like Inception. This is a series that fails on almost every level. The writing is downright bad, the acting is mostly atrocious, and the direction is erratic. Worst of all is the sense that the characters aren't real, because nobody can possibly be this stupid.

After the brilliance of The Expanse, I had hoped SyFy would be able to produce more high-end material. Aftermath is a disaster which will be fed to the sharks after one season, unless they completely revamp the production.
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Not bad && getting better
crazy-beautiful-x_o17 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I guess it would really depend on how into/open you are with the of ever changing end of days fantasy that is being created . I personally enjoy that they are throwing mythical creatures into the mix of things. I like how with every episode the acting gets better and better. The script that they speak has room for improvement but it will only get better given the chance.

Sure it's a little weird & random at times but I think that's what keeps me coming back for more ! This is coming from someone who is up to date with the episodes.

I've seen people comment on how the cgi isn't the greatest, it isn't that bad and they are working with the budget that they've been given. The more hype they receive the more money that will be allocated.

I hope it gets renewed for several seasons,I'd like to see where this ends up.
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May be one of the worse Sci Fi shows ever written.
glen42-625-85311523 October 2016
I am a big fan of post apocalyptic dystopias, which is what this show is trying to be. I forced myself through three episodes hoping it would get better but it kept getting worse.

The characters are written so utterly stupid that I am incapable of suspending disbelief. No human can be this stupid and still function independently.

The writers of this show need to go back to their respective schools and demand refunds for wasting their time and teaching them nothing.

The acting is a bit wooden, but the writing is so exceptionally horrible that I assume this is just a reaction to the horrific scripting.

This is exactly the kind of show I would love to see. I would rather have my eyes gouged out by a hot poker than watch this show.

Please for the love of God, cancel this turdburger now to make room for something better. Like counting the dimples on a golf ball.
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One of the most ridiculous TV shows I have ever seen
jimerwf1 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of this show is really stupid. I cannot believe anyone could rate this higher than a 1 or 2. Zombie-like creatures possessed by other worldly forces (who can fly by the way - no wings or anything, just take-off), hurricanes out of the Pacific (which is not even reasonably possible) dropping fish and, apparently, snakes all over lawns, meteors crashing everywhere, and so on. Obviously the writers of this show felt it necessary to throw in everything they ever saw in a sci-fi movie because they have no clear idea what to write about. I will never watch this show again and I seriously doubt it will last through season one (although I have been surprised in the past by what garbage manages to stay on TV these days).
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Nonsense Festival
antoniofsd16 November 2016
This show is a bad combination of the worst you can find in supernatural, walking dead and any movie of Roland Emmerich about the end of the world. The plot is awful, The characters are very poorly made, and you can't take seriously almost anything in the history. Although the special effects are reasonable and the soundtrack is good, there is a lack of credibility and the absence of any sense of ridiculous. Hardly anyone, even a fan of apocalyptic series, will be able to endure the parade of nonsense that is presented to each chapter. The series is getting worse chapter after chapter I think it won't have a second season because the poor reception of the audience.
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zardoz-5043629 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This one's like a lesson in How-To-Make-A-Lousy-Series-Pilot. There's just nothing worth saving in this awful mess, not one single(to me) reason to keep watching it. Plot? didn't glimpse one; it's all just a series of crazy violence scenes, one after another, with the characters reacting(stupidy) to the events. Nothing makes any sense, there's no buildup, nothing that really justifies what's going on, hardly any characterization apart from a couple of bickering twin sisters. We don't get to know anything about the apparent protagonist family, what they do, who they are, nothing. It all happens really fast, like the huge storm that appears literally out of nowhere(and despite being called "the largest storm ever", barely litters the family house garden with some trash and odd car parts…), or the guy who sits to have lunch and suddenly turns into some demonic zombie. The writing is like something out of a cheap comic book. Compared to this nonsense, Fear The Walking Dead is practically Shakespeare! I honestly don't understand what goes on in the minds of the people who invest money to produce this kind of worthless garbage...
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Disaster Themed With Little To Recommend It
puzzledresearcher28 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The fixation with dystopias in contemporary television may be telling us something important about our society, but the endless repetition of the end-of-the-world themes these last many years is giving us television shows with little originality.

From only the first episode of Aftermath I fear it is all too much like Fear The Walking Dead. The mother character is very unlikeable - indeed all of the characters are somewhat unlikeable. Stereotyped teenagers. Like FTWD, an attempt is made at presenting family dynamics in the face of an unthinkable disaster. Problem is, no one is endearing, or inspiring. And the family dynamics seem forced and unnatural.

In the end it makes for skippable TV.

Was the camper and the man who jumped the mother when she returned supposed to be zombies? Zombie-demons? Demon-Zombies? Just demon-possessed people? Maybe something else? Perhaps future episodes will enlighten us and there is nothing wrong with leaving this a mystery in the first episode, yet something was definitely missing in regards to the characters' response to these strangely posed humans.

After watching the first episode I do not feel compelled to follow the series.
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A mess until
SnoopyStyle27 January 2017
The Copeland family finds themselves struggling to survive the end of the world. The world faces a seemingly endless number of calamities. The father Joshua Copeland (James Tupper) is a cultural history professor. The mother Karen Copeland (Anne Heche) is ex-military. With their three teen kids, Matt (Levi Meaden), Brianna (Taylor Hickson), and Dana (Julia Sarah Stone), they try to stay together and escape various dangers in their RV.

This show is a mess of sci-fi monsters of the week. The characters are simply there and so is the apocalypse. After a few episodes, the show started losing me with the mounting mess. There seems to be no rules or stability. Everything is up for grabs. It takes until episode 9 when the characters come up with an explanation. The girls start wondering if time itself is screwed up. It's like an idea about the show suddenly lit up. The show is a mess because the world is suppose to exist in a mess. The mess itself makes perfect sense. This apocalypse is a world of chaos where it would be impossible to understand and survival is the only good outcome. The problem is that it needed almost the entire first season to get a hold of this show and by then, almost nobody is watching.
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Started perfectly and went down the drain immediately
ednk3 November 2016
I must say this show became very bad at an extremely fast pace. The first episode was good and kept the viewer tickled to see what would happen. And then it went all the way downhill. Never saw a show going bad so fast.

The series tries to keep it excited with introducing special creatures and events, but lacks to explain. You can't keep viewers feeding new things all the time, without explaining the old ones first. And when explained, it's like everybody is a wizard.

The "dad" character is probably the worst. Being the sidekick of an overachieving wife, he's totally useless. Except he seems to explain all the sci-fi stuff, by heart. Totally unbelievable. The acting is extremely bad, especially from the twins, the dad and the boyfriends. Only believable are Matt and Mom Booner. But she's got to get rid of those stupid sunglasses.
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What they said.....
Jimmystar-195-48420416 November 2016
I honestly cannot think of much more to add to all the accurate reviews previous to this. The show is no show. It is a horrible combination of things found ' scary ' in other better shows or movies. It has the poorest acting and a script that reads something like ' Blah blah blah...scream!! Scream blah blah !! Thoroughly nauseating. I have to tell you, I have fast-forwarded thru 8 episodes looking for anything that might make me interested in viewing. Mt. Rainier did look nice. How, just how, did this ever make it thru to production, and unbelievably continue on to this number of episodes? And who, in their right mind could possibly give it more than a 1..awful.. rating? I think that had to be an inside job.
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Supernatural meets Walking Dead?
Janine-The-Barefoot28 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Because the title of my review draws comparisons from two very well-known other shows, checking *spoilers* becomes a prerequisite regardless of what I end up telling you and what I leave out. I'm inclined to think that between the title of the show itself and the promos for it, the public in general is already aware of the premise of Aftermath. So inferring the question: Is this show just a combination of elements that are already present on shows that are heavily watched and regularly commented on doesn't feel like I'm crossing that line too egregiously.

I'm also very aware that it's difficult at best to write an "informed" review of a new show when all you've seen is one episode. That being said, we live in a world that bases any number of responses to a variety of things based solely on the notion of "first impressions". This review is an example of that practice in action. Although I'll work at not giving too much away, I'll still be including some observations I've made about that single episode which might be helpful in your choice to watch it or not and a bit of what to expect if you do.

First and foremost Aftermath is a show focused on the experiences and responses of a single, nuclear family as the world seems to be coming apart all around them. They're not "hunters" and it doesn't appear that they will be facing just one single threat. So in those aspects the show is nothing like my title might lead you to believe. I like the family, they are reasonably well cast and the pilot devotes time to both character development and a series of increasingly disturbing action sequences related to the ongoing effects and "aftermath" of the events which appear on the surface to be working together to change the world as we know it and the way in which we live our lives.

However, there is no denying that the script/story has been drawn from a number of other sources that the average viewer will already be completely familiar with... so, not so many points for originality. On the other hand, the shows debuting this Fall are littered with "been there done that" stories. One in particular focusing on a character from a show that has already earned it's own verb in the dictionary as a direct result of the original show and it's pop-culture influence. So being unoriginal and lazy, yet again, shouldn't be surprising to anyone who's spent any amount of time watching reruns of shows dating back over 20 years or more. Like I said, no points for originality.

The pacing is good as is the camera work and there is enough in the pilot to make a second look worthwhile IMO. Because I like their take on the "events" that lead to the "aftermath" and because I'm reasonably invested enough in this family and what they'll be facing, I'll be going back to the show for at least some few to several episodes more to see where TPTB are going to take this story. But it's nothing I'll be gushing over or that I'll end up needing a self-help support group to get me through during it's down time or the wait for another week to go by NOW because I want to know what's going to happen next so desperately I can hardly function (shout-out to "Luci" fans!).

Is this a great show? Probably not. It's going to take a lot of heat from people who find it too familiar and/or those who find it too cliché ridden to be worth watching. But to each his own. I can see both the good and the bad in how Aftermath has been put together. And truthfully, there are very few genuinely great, groundbreaking shows out there anymore. Style, verve and originality are as hard to come by as drama so compelling that you end up in awe of what's been put up on the screen. But for all it's flaws Aftermath appears to also be a show with some heart and some characters you can get behind and root for even if you've seen it done before. So I'll be coming back because the pilot and it's "first impression" has hooked me just enough to give them the benefit of the doubt for as long as they can hold onto it.
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Off to a promising start
neckeevertigo28 September 2016
Judging by the first episode alone this show deserves more than a 6 rating. If you are a fan of post apocalyptic survival genre than this is a good show to watch. Encompassing rational, supernatural, military and dramatic aspects it really kept my attention span the whole episode. I can't really tell in what direction is this show going to go but that's a good thing because then it would've felt rushed to get to the plot in the first episode. The acting is surprisingly good, the effects are realistic, its more down to earth with practical effects (or so it seems). The drama is there, the suspense is there, can't wait to see what this show brings next.
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Katharine122923 December 2016
After the pilot, I would have given this show a solid 5-6. A handful of episodes more, holding steady at a 4-5.

Then the show just...I'm not sure who screwed it up so much.

The writing went from 'meh' to it could have been written better by undergrads. I can't tell if the directing was terrible or if whoever was editing things together to make the episodes just took a hacksaw to it.

The show throws things at you, one thing after another, with a neon sign saying "this is important" but doesn't connect it to anything, or doesn't build it up enough to leave the viewer pondering how it could connect. You find yourself wondering time and again how the characters are reaching conclusions when when it's all just been skimmed over. At some point half way through the series, I think someone must have realised none of the characters had any depth, so they tried to add some. By doing so they took away any little thread of connection in the events happening in the show to make time for it...and it was done so obviously and in your face that was a disaster too

I kept watching because I thought it would get better again but it just got worse and worse as it went on.
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Love this show. It's fresh, new, campy, and different.
blklipslp26 October 2016
What's not to love? It's a cosmic Alice in wonderland meets the end of the world. So much material to work with. There is absolutely nothing on television even remotely close to this. It stands in a field all by itself.

I would have marketed this to Saturday morning children programming only because it could reach that market easily. This is fantasy pure and simple.

Love Dana oozing "I have 10 minutes to make out!" Love Wayne Brady's character calling Karen ..."Booty".

And there are demons after Brianna? OK well that's just cool all by itself. And face it, Matt is hot and his mom is a bad a.z.z. so sorry she just lost her sister. Joshua's father told him mythical stuff that's coming true.

Yeah I could take 3 more seasons of this easily. Its campy, bananas, fun.
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Let Me Warn You
atlasmb6 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Ordinarily, I like to give a new television show more than one episode to prove its worth. I will make an exception in this case.

"Aftermath" is about a supposedly normal family living in the Washington state countryside. They discuss their plans while various reports of cataclysmic events fill the airwaves: Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, meteors, tsunamis, power outages, disease epidemics, mass suicides, cannibalism. Then the viewer is treated to an example of (horror of horrors) transvestism. And during a storm it rains fish. Can dogs living with cats be far behind?

Supposedly, it may all be due to massive solar storms. And I guess that explains the flying zombies. Yeah, the show is big on zombies, but specifically possessed zombies. I was waiting for the sky to rain kitchen sinks when the hatchback from a SUV fell from the sky. Close enough.

The Copeland family sticks together, except for the mom (Ann Heche), who wants to visit the local police station to report the possessed zombie. Her husband lets her go alone because she's ex-Air Force. She's the one who just said, "Our world is falling apart, but at least we're all together."

The local police are idiots, even when they aren't acting end-of-times strange. One of them tells the family that the storm damage to their property won't be covered by insurance because it was "an act of God". Yeah, that's exactly how insurance works.

After the one daughter is stolen away by flying zombie boy, the family jumps into the camper to go look for her, suspecting that they flew in a northeasterly direction, given their last sighting, the prevailing winds, and Ouija board predictions, I suppose.

Why is this on the Syfy Channel? Why would anyone want to watch this when there are so many excellent shows on television now? And why did the gas station attendant use a severed head to clean the windshield of their motorhome?

The only good thing about this show is that they haven't shown the spontaneous combustion of animals...yet.
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Action outpaces the plot, needs work
compmend28 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This shows writers borrow heavily from "The Walking Dead", there is an RV, a motorcycle riding anti-hero, and much more. While the premise of the show is promising, the execution is lacking. There is too much happening too quickly and no time for explanation; or no reason to care about any of the shows characters.

The special effects are of the variety that anyone with basic video editing software can achieve with a little work. The CGI is poor but, it looks like they did their best to make do with what they had.

The plot doesn't really come together and the characters make some of the dumbest decisions of any show I can remember. It feels like the editing of scenes was done in a way to shorten the length of an episode, but, care wasn't taken to make sure the scene transitions were smooth and not all chopped up. It feels like the scenes are "cut short" and the effect is this show flows like a bumpy ride instead of the smooth transitioning you get in a show like The walking Dead.

It is my belief that with proper direction and better editing, this show could be a good one. In the state it is in it is barely watchable.

I would be surprised if this show isn't canceled but, Z-Nation is still on the air, so who knows?
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