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Dreaming Purple Neon, back to the glory days of Horror
movieguy-848743 November 2016
Caught the world premiere screening of DREAMING PURPLE NEON and I must say I was surprised. Having seen the trailer, I really looked forward to seeing the whole film. The trailer was pretty nostalgic really, with a ton of gore and old school charm. I figured I should not get my hopes too high because there was no way the film would live up to this trailer. I was wrong. Not only did the film give me all I had hoped for, it went further than I thought. This film was truly a great Halloween gift for those in attendance. The story is epic, with twists and turns aplenty.

I found DREAMING PURPLE NEON to be a visually stunning film, that also has the distinction of being Mr. Sheets most ambitious project to date. He pulls out all the stops here, creating one of the most visually arresting and brave micro budget films ever made. Everything is designed to hit the viewer with maximum effect. It's truly such a beautifully shot film. And Todd really piles on the shocks on this film. Buckets upon buckets of blood and gore, with several show-stopping effects sequences all done with little or no money. In fact, as the effects get more and more ambitious, the unreal mayhem that the Effects Team pulls off is nothing short of maddening brilliance. This truly is a film that kicks into maximum overdrive about 15 minutes in and never stops. Todd Sheets lays waste to about every taboo you can think of, making no excuses and pulling no punches. Yet with all the insanity happening, the story never loses focus, the film never derails. The film is an unrelenting splatterfest for sure, but there is a playfulness to Todd's direction that really makes me smile. This is like an ultimate party film, a true love letter to the Horror genre that is an incredible fun and wild ride.

At the heart of DREAMING PURPLE NEON there is a very effecting love story going on, and before you die hard Horror freaks roll your eyes, think of the classic "Dead Alive." Another great Horror flick with a romantic center that delivered the Horror. Though very different, this film has something similar to offer. The characters are very well defined for a splatter movie, making you actually care when all hell literally breaks loose. I was impressed with the sincerity and honesty in the performance of the two leads, Jeremy Edwards and Eli DeGeer in bringing this relationship to life. It seems real, not forced, not hokey. I also really enjoyed all the villains in the film, the main baddie Cyrus Archer played with menace and humor by Jack McCord, Tyrone Kane played by Ricky Farr and his sidekick RayRay, played perfectly by long time Todd Sheets alumni Antwoine Steele were highlights of the film, and of course the two Demons - the Queen and her minion The Demoness. The supporting cast were equally strong, with Millie Milan a highlight as well. I was also very impressed with Jerry, the caretaker and henchman for Cyrus Archer. He chews scenery with a vicious attitude and a dark streak of humor.

Watching DREAMING PURPLE NEON with an audience was a TRULY amazing experience. The minute I thought that the film makers could not possibly go any farther "over the top" than they already had, something else happened that made me stare at the screen in astonishment and shock. This is a VERY original movie with a huge heart, crafted with love and care by a group of people that truly love Horror movies. It is modern and different but still nostalgic. Much like infusing his previous film, "House of Forbidden Secrets," with his love of Italian Horror, Todd Sheets has brought the VHS Generation into the new modern age of Horror, bringing us an homage to the classics of yesterday that also throws new ideas and images at the audience, many of them this reviewer has never experienced before. Track it down, plop your butt in a seat and be prepared for an incredible wild ride done with quality and passion. While shocking and likely to be quite upsetting in many ways for modern PC audiences, the viewer senses that the director has no agenda other than to entertain us and give us a good time. If you are a Horror fan, you should not miss it.
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It's a near-criminal assault on the senses...
holliday-179791 December 2016
To be honest, I really don't know all the history of "splatter/gore horror", so it's a layman's review from me... You can see SO much work went into the creation of this film. You want more guts than an Oscar Mayer production line? Gallons of blood? Blaxploitation era heroes? Hellish demons? This will NOT disappoint. Part movie, part haunted house exhibit voyeurism, every scene takes you to a new encounter in horror. Even if I didn't know this was a Todd Sheets film, I'd be able to spot his signature, and that's a film that is as much audio as visual. Every death drawn out for maximum viewer experience, you can hear every wet squish, stretch and spray. There are moments of needed comic relief- from the kid in the video store buying all Sheets' movies, to one-liner comebacks. Watching clear through the credits (and you want to!) it clocks in at just under two hours, but the BTS photos makes you wish you were part of the cast and crew. You can see a lot of love in this film. Just check outside when you're done to make sure all Hell HASN'T broken loose....!
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An impressive achievement in independent horror.
moviegrrrl-3378120 January 2017
From the beginning of the low budget horror movie Dreaming Purple Neon, two things are obvious; One, this is a well made movie where care has been taken to give the production real quality. Second, this has an actual story to tell. It is not just another slasher movie and has more going on than a typical splatter mess. Not to say that there isn't a huge amount of nasty gore and bloodletting. There is more here than probably a few horror movies combined, but there is also care given to characters and a pretty complicated set up. It takes about 15 minutes or so to introduce the characters and lay the groundwork for all that follows. One good thing is that it moves very fast. Not one frame seems wasted here and the dialogue in the movie is fun and memorable. The performances, while not award winning, are pleasantly organic for the most part. The bad guys are over the top and that adds to charm.

And what follows is pure horror bedlam. Once all our characters converge and interact, things take a very crazy turn and it never stops. A relentless display of effective shocks, creepy atmosphere some actual suspense, Dreaming Purple Neon takes so many twists and turns that at one point I paused the film to catch my breath and collect my thoughts, reflecting on what I had seen. It wasn't because the film is confusing, it is more that it really moves at a fast pace and so much is happening that I really wanted to take a minute to let it sink in. Actually, it is a very linear and easy to understand story with so much going on and I never got lost.

But most fans of these type of movies do not watch for deep characters or complex story lines. They want to know if the film delivers the thrills, gore and nastiness that director Todd Sheets is known for. It does. In fact, gore is abundant throughout the film. One super gross out scene in particular is so over the top in it's chunky excess that I could barely rewind it to watch again. A couple of times. My ass still hurts. There are very few movies today that walk the line between horror and exploitation as well as this one does. For all the graphic scenes of violence this film contains, at its heart there is a wink-and-a-nod sensibility that has the viewer both rooting for the bad guys and waiting gleefully for their comeuppance..

And they do that in ways that I not will spoil here. The blood is plentiful and shocking and the special effects are pretty nasty and impressive. As this movie gets closer and closer to the ending, I honestly had no idea where it would go next. It is one of the most pleasing films in that regard. You can not predict the nest scene. Every new door hides new craziness. And the ending was perfect, but I honestly never knew it was coming. And then there's Gene Simmons. In a movie full of twists and surprises, that scene tops everything else and is worth waiting for. Trust me. Best ending in a movie all year. As a matter of fact, that part alone has made the whole movie shoot up my list and I would call it my favorite low budget film of 2016.

Todd Sheets has done an exceptional job here, crafting a tight thrill ride that is ambitious, original and really over the top. He has done it all with a budget so small that you would not believe it. It's barely enough to buy a good HD TV to watch it on. The lighting and style remind me of horror flicks of the 70s and 80s but also of the old Italian horror movies like Suspiria. But that is not to say it is just a retro rehash. The real pleasure comes from watching a low budget filmmaker who truly has a grasp of their craft, who actually knows how to make a movie, attempt to get as much as possible from a good location and a tiny budget. It is a fantastic horror film that embraces the lack of money and uses new ideas and audacious gore to embrace the low budget horror crowd. This is unpredictable horror and is undoubtedly an impressive achievement.
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So much gore - So much fun!
diretto-699-3347772 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly did not believe there was that much fake blood and latex left in the world!!! Of course, I'm talking about Todd Sheets's latest and greatest splat-tacular, "Dreaming Purple Neon" – His most joyously gross film to date (even I had to turn away a few times!) filled with demons, gore, nudity and highly creative kills – All paced with the pedal to the metal for the full run time! But that isn't even the best part: Todd gives us an amazingly original story with a fine ensemble cast highlighted by the devilishly scenery-chewing Cyrus (Jack McCord), an attractive yet flawed heroine Katriona (Millie Milan) and the always charismatic Antwoine Steele as Ray Ray, the 'almost' hero...! Other highlights include what might be Toshi Hiraoka's best soundtrack (please put out a soundtrack CD), impressive digital effects and Todd's best lighting and photography to date! If you long for a throwback to classic Satanic cult movies, but always wanted them to be more exciting, more fantastical and MUCH GORIER, then THIS is your movie - I loved it!
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A twisted Wild Ride.
mmiller-931971 February 2017
I got to attend the Hollywood screening of Dreaming Purple Neon. At First I was not sure what I was in for as Gore Horror Movies are not normally what I watch. This was by far the funniest, grossest, and most entertaining movie I have ever seen. I brought a few friends who I saw just laugh and completely enjoy themselves as well. I am still sharing laughs about it to this day. All of the characters had such great personality and the actors playing them for it well. I enjoyed the thought and detail that went into the Movie. Todd Sheets did an amazing job. I got to meet a lot of the cast. We all had a blast

I HIGHLY recommend this movie. It was a blast all around.
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Gnarly movie, with a crazy amount of blood, gore, and nudity! What more could you horror fans want!
recoldblood2 November 2016
So I sat at the premier for this, knowing it was going to be a pretty gnarly film when it came to graphic content, however the plot was pretty damn well done as well. The acting was for the most part pretty excellent considering it was many of the casts first time ever acting, and you can tell people just had a very good time with it. I was surprised how much I ended up loving this film, and snagged a bluray the first chance I got (at the premier), and whenever you get a chance you should definitely check it out too. Lots of homage to 70's and 80's grindhouse horror flicks, awesome sets, crazy monster/demon designs, and a freakin rad soundtrack to top it all off. Thanks Todd Sheets, this was a great film!

Keep it up man!
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Far cry from the type of movie to woo the critics but IT'S SO MUCH FUN!
SinInSanity20 November 2017
The movie starts off with a little bit of character development, to give some more story to the insanity that will be following. Expect a major shift a little ways in, some very good times to start when it reaches the point in the movie where it starts to deliver the goods at about a half hour or so in. Oh the glorious insanity & fun that comes up soon after (w/a lot creative ways to deliver the loads of blood & gore). This movie also fills your screen with full on frontal nudity from both men & women though it's nothing sexual happening, just people playing the part of nude cult members except one woman that gets, uhm, eaten, lol. It has a fun plot that this revolves around. The plot plays on a connection of drug use & drug dealing that's tied to an evil religious plot from the villain. This movie dips into a little blaxploitation and gets into a bit of religious exploitation you could say but not to be confused with being a blasphemous film though, darn it, lol. But hey, you get to see a woman with demonic horns for nipples. ;)

Many people will notice influences from various past films, so much so that it will feel like it's giving a nod to a lot of other good films that came before it but yet, remains to do it's own thing and not lose it's creativity while showing it's influences and/or nods.

The gore in this is spectacular and off the charts, just wild, creative, insane and over the top fun. I can't stress that enough. Often you will have your screen filled with "disgusting" scenes but so entertaining/humorous that you can't look away and will be wondering "what the heck is this going to throw at me next" on screen. A lot of the story and things I could describe would sound dark and morbid but it's actually more comic book like, really over the top and far from seeming like something dark & morbid though there's a hint of such in some scenes of some darker elements but nothing too long lasting or deep in that way. And that ending, that's probably the most dark/morbid part of the whole movie and you won't be expecting to see that when it comes but I don't want to say more to spoil anything. It's just off the charts as well but a bit in a different way than how the film had been.

Some example hints of what you will see in the gore dept here include a full on nude woman being eaten out, in both meanings of that saying. Another is when they pull a part of man's a** insides out through his a**hole and it's humorously sick to see. Another involves what I think was a sanding machine and another is a Gwar looking birth scene that's disgustingly fun and what happens after the birth is something a movie will rarely do due to being too much taboo for a film maker wanting to get into. I can only think of a couple films off hand that many people may have heard of that such a taboo thing wasn't shied away from.

Another thing worth a mention (especially because of the title) is that this movie uses some different neon color tones of lighting in some scenes that add more flavor to this. There's also some computerized effects used as well but only briefly in a couple scenes it seems. Don't worry, such is minimal compared to all the practical effects and it truly does add to the experience where used. You won't see much of that though except for the KILLER ending where it does use such more heavily but you will be happy they did so when you see that ending.

Oh and the movie has a few black actors, something I felt was nice to see in this type of film. I truly found that to be enjoyable (having at least a few black actors), especially with so many all white meat gore movies that are pouring out. Those actors did a good job in their roles too and added another level of entertainment to this. A couple of actors I didn't care for their performances and of course some people did way better than others and the one guy was great with his role.

Get with some buddies, light up the green stuff, pop open a beer, shoot up some "Neon Purple" into those veins ;) and have a good time with Dreaming Neon Purple. Even if you don't do any of that stuff and heck, the Neon Purple isn't even a real life thing, you are still in for a fun, wild ride. Now how that drug is made in the movie, that is quite an interesting concept. I wouldn't be shocked if some religious nut thought that stuff could be real just like some think the earth is flat, lol.
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Get high on gore in Dreaming Purple Neon
gerilovesmovies21 March 2017
Plenty of blood flowing, slime spewing and arterial spraying keep the levels of horror high throughout with the occasional moment for character development makes Dreaming Purple Neon tick all of the boxes in a "What makes a good horror movie?" survey. This film is an experience like no other. Featuring a pulsating and incredibly catchy score that drives the action and suspense, Dreaming Purple Neon end up being a surprising, intense and original movie experience. A script filled with quirky characters and snappy dialogue, a truly over the top amount of offensive gross out moments and it is a fun, gory rattlesnake of a film that contains just as much charm as it does slimy, grimy set pieces. Because while it has often darkly funny moments, it is also often crude, violent, and even disturbing.

One promise: you will see things in this crazy movie that you might not be able to forget. No budget, no problem. It's a Punk Rock finger in the face of traditional cinema and it dares you to guess what may be around the next corner. It is truly like a out of control dark ride at some seriously twisted carnival during much of it's running time. The exploitation, action and horror genres mix perfectly together here. The underlying romance, while well done and earnestly acted, gets lost amidst the chaos of the overall movie, but that is my only small nitpick. And if that is all I can say negative, you know this is a gem of a low budget epic. Well done everyone!
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A truly fun, energetic popcorn film of the highest derivation!
movieswithpaul3 February 2017
I was invited to the ACME Theater to watch the film Dreaming Purple Neon, not really knowing what to expect. When I entered the crowded lobby, I was surprised to meet the director, Todd Sheets and some members of the cast and crew who were in attendance. This was just one of many serendipitous events that unfolded during the screening. First was the touching introduction to the film from the Director. It was informative and heartfelt and really helped put the film in perspective for me. The next pleasant surprise was the film itself.

Dreaming Purple Neon is a Horror film that could have existed in the 80s, maybe even the 70's. It truly brings back a feeling of that era, when I would go to the old video stores and search row after row of incredible artwork adorning big, over-sized video boxes. The movies would rarely live up to the images on those boxes when I would rush home to watch them. Dreaming Purple Neon actually does. In fact, it actually lives up to what my imagination would conjure in those fun VHS days. It's hard not to wonder why you never see horror movies like this anymore with crazy practical effects and the "anything goes" storyline. But don't mistake the nostalgia for a lack of originality. This film is like nothing I have ever watched before. It's so relentlessly shocking, gory, nasty and over the top that it's a hilarious, wild and fun good time, and that's what these '80s horror movies were best at. Blood splashing and splattering in every direction. There is also some relevant underlying themes about the dangers of drug addiction, and there are some surprising scenes with characters that I actually cared about. That's just the kind of movie this is: there are absolutely no limits, and anything can happen at any time. It's far from boring like many modern exploitation movies, and it has just the right combination of complex story and entertaining kills to make for perfect Friday night viewing with friends.

Dreaming Purple Neon is catnip for die-hard horror fans, and the 1980s style soundtrack and detail to Horrors of the past, the homages and in jokes, ad to the fun considerably. Seriously, I found myself wanting to raise a fist and make the "devil horns" while screaming HELL YEAH!!! It is a depraved, decidedly trashy, and rather stylish fright fest that oozes with style, incredible effects and true touches of micro-budget brilliance. Director Todd Sheets seems to be channeling Lamberto Bava's film DEMONS, HG Lewis, A bit of John Waters, the lighting of an old Argento film, a bit of Fulci's dream-like style and a bit of Evil Dead. Throw into a huge horror blender and you'll have a slight idea where this film takes you. The very low budget that the film was created with makes all of this even more shocking. It is simply unreal what they did on so little money. In his introductions, Director Sheets let us all in on his budget. Let's just say, it is lower than I could have ever imagined.

Not for the faint of heart and is sure to shock and surprise many viewers, the story, atmosphere and great gory effects create a splatter movie with grace, full of heart and passion. A trashy yet irresistible allure pulls you into the film from the first frame to the last. It takes you on a true journey into places that stick in your head long after the really fun end credits roll. And stay for the end, more surprises wait.
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Exploitation films are alive and well with Dreaming Purple Neon
lilithvonhorror27 December 2016
One of the most striking aspects of this movie is its wonderful ability to top each shocking moment with imagination and a true sense of never knowing when it can go too far. Nothing seems to be off the menu in Dreaming Purple Neon, a horror film that goes over the top and does so with no apologies or regard for good taste. And that is a good thing.

Director Todd Sheets, known for being a pioneer of microbudget gore movies has crafted a sort of low budget epic here, a wildly entertaining demon movie cramming a handful of incredible effects scenes with thought-provoking themes and some actual interesting political views poking through all the bodily fluids. At the heart of the film is a pretty strong story about a guy, Dallas, returning home to make amends with his ex girlfriend Denise, played by genre vet Eli Degeer. But the town is not the same as he left it. Seems an evil cult has taken control of everything through the spreading of a demonic drug known as PURPLE NEON. The cult is led by Cyrus, played with marvelous menace by newcomer Jack McCord. He makes a deliciously evil bad guy, only topped by another fresh face, Ricky Farr as Tyrone Kane. Ricky, along with Sheets' mainstay Antwoine Steele as his side man Ray Ray, truly have the best bad guy scenes in the movie, with their banter back and forth coming straight out of the glorious action movies of the 70s.

The breakout performance for me was Millie Milan as Cat. Her character seemed to be the reason the two story lines meet in the middle and all hell breaks loose. Millie makes Cat a likable character despite her flaws and we really feel for her as the story progresses and she pays for her mistakes. And so do all her friends, including Dallas and Denise. Another great character is the Dentist, played by Nick Randol. I enjoyed watching him go from mild mannered nice guy to demon ass kicking hero.

It's a horror exploitation film deep in its twisted soul and it certainly delivers. For every instance of naked flesh, blood and gore, there's an insightful sequence that propels the story and makes you give a damn about the characters involved, some scenes explore the nature of humankind and our nasty addictions, and the depiction of sex as an evil tool that leads to further corruption of the body. And there is an abundance of nudity here. Both men and women. Full and in your face with no regard for political correctness. I truly applaud the actors and actresses who had the guts to do these scenes. Some of them are truly shocking in a modern horror film. And the scenes do not feel gratuitous. It actually MAKES SENSE why they are naked, not like many horror films that just throw in nudity because they lack talent to do anything else. Not the case here. Director Todd Sheets shows true skill at making these scenes matter and doing so with a assured hand and some real style.

But this movie isn't really here to deliver a character study or deep, thoughtful moments between damaged people. It's about horror, splatter, gore and having fun at all costs. And with Dreaming Purple Neon, Todd Sheets delivers as much as his no doubt meager budget will allow. There is blood, gore, splatter, goop, slime and more blood. I have to give a special moment to the special effects team for all of this wonderful, old school effects work. It is all practical. And truly most of the film never uses CGI. There are some computer generated effects, but they are perfectly integrated at the end of the film, and considering the budget, they are very impressive. Without giving away spoilers, I will just say that the effects succeed in bringing Hell on Earth.

And Dreaming Purple Neon is a great looking movie. The visual approach points towards Suspiria, Alucarda, The Devil's Rain and other 70s demonic movies while also adding original artistic touches. The use of color is smart, not overdone, and emphasizes mood and atmosphere in important areas of the movie. The camera-work and composition show a great eye for detail that is both pleasing and busy enough to keep your attention visually. The location work, and the huge complex sets are lush by comparison with many other microbudget horrors, and Sheets makes sure to utilize them to their fullest potential. In many ways, these locations become almost as important as any of the characters in the film. In addition, even though it is an homage to 70s and 80s horror and drive in movies, The film shows some shocking originality throughout its running time. Clocking in at 1 hour and 49 minutes, it never feels slow or padded. Every minute of the running time seems needed to tell the epic story.

The final thing I want to mention is how much fun this movie was. It was actually a really good time! The pacing was perfect, really creating a rhythm that works. The editing is sharp, the composition is tight and the effects are perfectly splattery. This is one of my favorite movies of 2016 and I am ready to watch it again, this time with a room full of friends, a few beers and pizza. No better movie to watch with a group of horror fans! Part homage to classics of a bygone time and part modern horror with no rules, Dreaming Purple Neon certainly lived up to my expectations and actually shocked me a few times as well.
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Dreaming Purple Neon goes all the way!
horrorchambers27 November 2016
Expect No Mercy from this movie! I was simply amazed by its bloody outrageousness. For audiences unaware, this film will be a shock, a kick in the ass to people that are used to the current slate of "safe" horror films that plague our cinemas. You will be treated with gruesome moments which certainly make you cringe and wince, you may cover your eyes or even gasp. This movie goes all the way in more ways than one! Director Todd Sheets brings us his latest indie horror movie and Dreaming Purple Neon is full of sights and sounds that will certainly stick in my mind for a long time to come. Amidst this insane bloody mess, the movie somehow works in a pretty convincing romance between two likable characters we care about that ends up fairly well done, not forced. All of the "Hero" characters actually come off pretty realistic and natural. No one is over the top and the performances are kind of subdued, like real people would act. The bad guys on the other hand tear through the scenery with chaotic glee, and every time they are on the screen I found myself grinning and laughing. They are seriously fun with some GREAT one liners and dialogue.

Dreaming Purple Neon really worked for me. It was an engine firing on all cylinders. It was actually one of the best Low, low, maybe even MICRO budget films I have seen in years. What director, writer, producer, cameraman and editor Todd Sheets and his cast and crew do with such little money is incredible. They make up for lack of funds with imagination, ingenuity and obviously very hard work and attention to things like Camera shots, lighting and set design. In this age of movies playing it safe and being politically correct, this is truly one of the most ridiculous, over-the-top, blood and body fluid soaked messes in modern horror cinema. The blood spurts out of necks, backs, mouths, heads, throats, asses and pretty much any place you can think of, and maybe some you would NEVER think of, in angry geysers like an exploding volcano. By the end of the movie, a simple office building and basement have been transformed into one of the slimiest slaughterhouses ever shown in a film. Thank you to the talented people involved for making one of the most entertaining movies I have witnessed in a long time. A fun, wild, entertaining ride. Those interested in super-polished, Hollywood style Horror should take note: This movie plays like an homage to Drive In Movies and the VHS horror films of yesterday. And it is all the better for it.

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