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When will Season 3 drop?
dawnshepherd-480826 December 2018
I know, Season 2 was released on Prime only yesterday. And I told myself, I'd pace it, make the ten episodes more than one episode a week. Wait, no more than one episode per day. Darn, I've devoured all ten in just 24 hours. And I want MORE! 10 stars for rating are not enough. The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel deserves 1000.
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Bring on Season 3 PLEASE!!!
redmondgarmony8 December 2018
Superb writing, comic geniuses are definitely on board. The sight gags in Series 2 (eg Susie's plunger and camp stalker, the telethon) are especially priceless. Arguably the funniest and most philosophical show, well balanced with drama, I've ever seen. The setting, wardrobe, music and production is impeccable and elevates this above anything in decades.
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Crisp, fresh, hilarious
penniweninger20 March 2017
We've recently retired and are enjoying a lot of television time. The good news is there is a lot of TV available. The bad news is that it can't possibly all be good. At some point as you flick through the options, you can't help but laugh at the absurdity of some of these shows. I get the challenge to producers and artists to fill hundreds of channels, 24/7, I really do. I've learned to seriously adjust my expectations. But frankly, the ones that look promising and don't deliver are more disappointing than the ones that didn't look appetizing in the first place. You get what I'm saying, right?

All that said - don't be afraid to have high expectations of this show. Just make sure you listen closely to the dialog so you don't miss one delicious bit of hilarity which often occurs in simultaneous dialogue at a dramatic moment.

The acting is crisp, the caricatures of a rich New York Jewish family in the 50s are spot on. Rachel Brosnahan is intelligent, independent, strong and funny. Her energy paired with Alex Borstein's drollness leaves me clamoring to find out how this all plays out.

(PS - if you like it, I encourage you to take the time to fill out Amazon's survey which will help them decide whether to continue this series. I'd hate to see it go the way of their terrific series, Good Girls Revolt, which was discontinued after one season because it premiered in the thick of the 2016 election when its primary audience was otherwise occupied.)
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I had to run to IMDb to review this one.
Songwriter_9021014 November 2017

This is what it a real comedy series should be. They've also found a real charmer in Rachel Brosnahan, who's not just lovely and energetic, but genuinely funny. A cast of bright characters with great writing rounds out this great show. The other guys could learn a thing or three from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

This fresh-feeling comedy, the brainchild of Daniel Palladino & Amy Sherman-Palladino leaves almost nothing to be desired. This is a full-bodied comedy series that really grabs your attention and never lets it go. Everything from the camera work, to the sets, to costuming is very well done and does a more than adequate job in immersing you in a lush, colorful, mid-century snapshot of 1960's New York.

Miriam "Midge" Maisel, the matriarch-in-training of her young nuclear family, exceeds by every measure to be the wife she believes her husband deserves. She dotes on him, cares for his emotional well- being, and is perfectly happy. Until changes happen that sets her on a path she's not sure she's able to handle.

I can name, both with TV shows and movies, many where the focus was to witness the genesis of a stand-up comedian, or where we look into the life of a seasoned comedian, or view the last bits of a comedian's career. Usually the actor portraying the comedian (or even sometimes an actual comedian portraying one) just isn't funny. We see the story taking pains to make us believe they're hilarious by cracking up the on screen audiences, winning awards or accolades, and receiving praise. It never really works, because unless you can make ME, the real audience, believe he or she is funny, it hasn't done its job.

Rachel Brosnahan is funny. Her timing is perfect. And obviously the jokes have to be good, so the writers are no slouches either, but the material goes nowhere unless you have the right person delivering that dialogue. They've found her. Effortlessly, Brosnahan delivers line after line of well written material with a confidence, brashness, and stereo-typically New York swagger that has you saying "yeah, I can see her doing stand-up". That's rare, and that's very special. De Niro couldn't do it in "The Comedian". Sally Field couldn't do it in "Punchline". Heck, Adam Sandler couldn't really pull it off well in "Funny People". And it has FUNNY in the name for Christ's sake!

The rest of the cast is a manic pleasure, and the show has done a great job with who they've cast to be her family. Tony Shalhoub wasn't in the pilot much, but now that the rest of the episodes have become available for streaming, I see that he stands out with great dialogue he was given and an intensity I hadn't before seen in him. It works. As well, Marin Hinkle who plays Midge's mom, does a wonderful job in the role. We see her character expand exponentially from the pilot with the new episodes.

Every fall that rolls around, I get excited to see the shows and which ones I think will swim or sink, and I believe we have a winner here.

What may seem to be a standard, formulaic "dramedy" really has a feel of its own. There are comparable shows in level of quality, but as far as I'm concerned, none just outright better. I hope it maintains its quality and has a nice, long run.
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Give it a watch.
supergeniuswil22 March 2017
Amazon is doing it right providing pilots and letting the actual consumers vote on what they want to watch. This is the latest of a string of good entertainment that should see a full season.

The writing is smart and fast paced, the acting is top notch and it runs just edgy enough to keep you stunned without devolving into a parody.

Give it a watch and vote for it on Amazon. This is TV that needs made.
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Poignant, engaging and laugh out loud funny
pwoodnick28 March 2017
Who knew that Rachel Brosnahan was such a treasure! She IS this show and you won't be able to take your eyes off her. Her comic timing is incredible, and she is "woman hear me roar" funny. I was bereft that I have to wait to see if enough people feel like I do and Amazon gives this show a green light because it deserves it. Great production values, perfect casting. It's a little bit "shticky" but not too much that it gets in the way.(Frankly I love all the shtick anyway) Midge is a 50's woman who faces the same issues women do today- finding her voice as she is forced into believing she has something valuable to offer the world. PLEASE PLEASE give us the full show! We can't wait to see Midge's budding talent develop and watch as she grows in her independence.
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Why all the bad reviews?
kaitryn-olson8 December 2018
I love this show I watched every episode in the first season at least 10 times because it's jus so good and I want everyone I know to see it. I do not give 10's to many shows but this one completely deserves it. I don't quite understand why everyone is saying this show isn't funny, because it all is hilarious I mean Tony Shalhoub is hilarious, and Alex Borstein was just born to play this role. If you are a hater saying this show isn't funny, rewatch because some of the jokes are subtle and I didn't completely get them until watching a second time because I was focused more on the plot. If you are a hater saying that you don't relate to any of the characters... Huh? How? I'm nothing like any of the characters yet I can relate to each one in different ways, I mean Miriam's husband cheated on her, which caused her to do something new. Has an event in your life ever caused you to try something new... Well there related. I feel like a lot of the haters are just mad this is a show where a huge theme is feminism. Well the thing is women are funny too and I'm glad there is a show out there showing how amazing women can be truly, and that women can be funny. This show is what our world today needed.
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wish i could shout "wow" . . . but the web-guardians say "no."
mizadale23 March 2017
what a tremendous delight! i can't say enough about this project. if it bites the dust there is no justice. please take a look and rate it high. it needs support! the whole thing slams into one with endless surprise. the 'mrs,' is acted with verve and great focus. one knows she's the funniest one in the marriage from the get-go.
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Major eyeroll at episode 10 of season 2
carlywise937 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
***Spoilers**** Im seriously bugged by the build up the Midge & Benjamin relationship all to end it back with Joel! I get he was her first and her everything, all that, but come on! Hes too insecure to support you! Other than the ending of the season I loved it. Susie and her plunger was the absolute best!
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Way funnier than I was expecting
My wife and I checked this out after watching the buzz-worthy, darling of the TV blogs pilot, Oasis (my wife made like 20 jokes about the band). Anyway, Oasis was good, but this was even better.

It captures the period and NYC extremely well. Love the lead actress, and the woman who works the bar at the comedy club. Tony Shalhoub is fantastic as always as Mrs. Maisel's father.

The kicker was when after we'd watched it, we looked up who created it. Haha, no less than one of the greatest TV writers/creators/producers of all time, Amy Sherman-Palladino! I should have known.

This is going to be a hit and for all the right reasons.
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Laughed until I cried and then told everyone to watch!
tawniadawn-marie26 March 2017
I really enjoyed this show! I agree with another reviewer that this world has a lot of mean people, and we all live with their nasty energy, but I happen to think that laughing helps. Also, I do not feel the main character was manipulative but charmingly "in your face". I love that she stood up for herself. I am a west coaster to my toes and have no preconceived opinions of the "jewish princess" culture but I found it to be entertaining and different from anything else on TV. I started laughing with the opening scene and enjoyed even the not- funny parts, they felt real and drew you in. Watch it, laugh and cry with the hilariously funny and slightly neurotic Mrs. Maisel!
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Damn Good Show
miket64128 March 2018
I put off watching this show for a while now, I thought that there was no way this could be good. I Loved this show! I had two days off and I watched the whole first season. It all just clicked, the cast was just first rate, the time period they picked to make the show about, the music playing in the background, it just worked. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a show so much. If you enjoy funny, witty, nostalgic, TV you will enjoy this show. I can't wait for a second season. Watch this and tell your friends, they will thank you.
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My eyes are welling up
aliciameader6 December 2018
My eyes are welling up. Welling up cuz season 2 is now over for me. Welling up cuz I'm sad for what parts of the show did to my emotions, welling up because I'm happy for what parts of the show made me Feel. Half way through I realized my face hurt a little because I had a Mona Lisa type smile plastered on my face the whole time. Even during the sad times there is this little half smile because I was so happy for everyone on the show for doing such a great job. I want to pat everyone on the back. I won't be the first to tell the Writers to hurry up with season three one day after they came out with season two! I think I'm in love with all of you! I also thank all the actors for their Time & Talent.
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Get This On the Air!
zzalman-129 March 2017
I loved everything about this pilot - except the fact that it ended after only 51 minutes. Rachel Brosnahan is a revelation -- fierce, funny, and extremely likable. The venue (NYC) and period (late 1950s) add a star in my book, and the focus on the then-embryonic standup comedy art form all conspire to make this an absolutely outstanding program. Rachel's parents are a hoot as well. This somewhat-edgy effort needs to be expanded to an entire season ASAP! Get on Amazon Prime and vote early and often!
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One of the best show in tv right now.
jackborgen2023 March 2018
Mrs Maisel did an amazing job, Abe is hilarious. I cannot wait to see season 2.
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What a Gem! Amazing Doesn't Begin to Cover it.
karenn113 July 2018
I almost missed this series. I was half way through the first episode, wasn't invested in any of the characters, and saw nothing amazing enough to make we watch the second episode. But, I hung in, deciding to watch the entire episode, as I had some free time to waste. There's something like a nuclear bomb that gets dropped just before this episode ends, and if you miss that, you'll miss the brilliance behind the rest of the series. Midge suddenly becomes, and remains, so much more than amazing. She's one of the most delicious characters I've seen in a very long time. Clever repartee, an array of quirky characters, and a machine gun approach to dialogue that drew me into hanging onto every exchange, even though I usually agonize through four letter words. They aren't constant enough to assault those who don't appreciate them, so it was a small price to pay for some of the best screenwriting I've seen in a long time. Don't miss this series!
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triggergotstuffed10 April 2017
From the opening scene to the ending, this was a real treat. The writing and cast are excellent and I hope this gets picked up as a series because this is the first Amazon Pilot that I have seen that grabbed me from the beginning and entertained me throughout. I was not expecting much from this when I began watching since I had not heard anything about it prior to viewing. Was I surprised! Nice to see Tony Shaloub again and although I did not recognize any other names or faces among the cast, everyone did a fine job. The writing was tight with no wasted moments (no filling). A nice touch was adding Lenny and Honey Bruce in the story as well as showcasing The Gaslight. I want to spend more time with these characters and am excited to see what the writers can do with this if it gets picked up. Kudos to all involved with this production!
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jodiparmley26 November 2018
Brilliant writing and acting! Side note, I have not seen some of the props used in the set for decades. So fun to pick out the details...vintage makeup, kitchen pots and home decor.
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Entertaining and yet it left me disappointed
wendywells6228 December 2018
Season 1 was a smasihit all the way. season 2 starts off very well however the majority of the time it got too serious and not funny. The final episode left me very disappointed! Why does she have kids in the show?? She doesn't even take care of them it's like they are forgotten about.
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Watch this show if you love strong, sassy, hilarious female leads!
kristinahinck12 July 2017
In true Amy Sherman-Palladino fashion, this show centers around a strong, sassy, fast talking, female who makes no apologies for being any of those things. It combines the best of wit and raunch in a fun and entertaining way. The casting is spot on, from the incredible talent of Rachel Brosnahan as the lead to Tony Shalhoub as her father to Alex Borstein, who Gilmore Girls fans will remember as the dry and hilarious Drella. I can't wait for more!
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Marvelous - Want More!
mwalker-8186926 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Smart, funny writing. Marvelous performances particularly the women. And Tony Schalhoub, for goodness sake. It doesn't get any better that that.

The set and clothing design was spot on and fabulous. Everything about it just hit the mark.

I want more of Mrs. Maisel as soon as possible!
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Three episodes, and I don't really get it
jinchelsea10 December 2017
Okay, I keep reading these raves, and wondering what all the fuss is about. As a longtime New Yorker, and born long enough ago to get all the references, I keep waiting for this to be anything but a standard shtick comedy cliché. Cool 50s clothes (and endless misplaced music, that just keeps going back and forth from 50s to 60s) are not enough to surmount a lack of reality (and if you're going to bring Lenny Bruce into this morass, you do need some reality).

Does anyone really believe that this upper middle class Jewish housewife swears like a truck driver when "under the influence," whether it's alcohol or her first joint, shows off her breasts, and curses at a judge? If it wants to be funny, it will have to try a lot harder to avoid the clichés (and that includes casting such scenery chewers as Mary Testa and Caroline Aaron).

Know we're in the minority here, but this series needs a lot better writing to carry off the premise. I will admit that the third episode is slightly less irritating than the first two, but this will never be a go-to series for me in the long run.
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The last two minutes of the entire season sucked! **CAUTION Spoiler Alert!**
flora13710 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I hung on every episode, I loved everything about Midge. Then at the end the writers just decide she's going to be a no good cheater just like her husband?One of her best quality was her independence, strength and ability to make it without Joel. I hope the third season begins with her waking up and this was just a dream, because this was a terrible ending in my opinion. In the end, I feel that she deserved to be cheated on because she apparently don't deserve a good guy after all.
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Soft Start, Boffo Finish
JKMerengue30 March 2017
This sitcom has definite potential. I wasn't sure at the start, though I'm a sucker for vintage pieces, and I haven't seen many period comedies earlier than the seventies (which always make me shudder, hitting too close to my childhood home!). It slowed me up even more with some of the college backstory, as I went to Bryn Mawr, and albeit in a different era, the girls in this little clip were unlike any I met there. However, once the writer got into her groove with the main plot: girl's husband wants to be a comic, but she's ten times as funny as he is, it left me wanting to binge the next few episodes to find out where it goes. Hurry up and produce them! Anassa Kata, Midge Maisel!
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What happened???
cmpabney25 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 STARTED that way. First few episodes I loved, loved, loved. Funny, smart, inventive. But then it started going all over the place. No strong through line the way season one had. It became a little of this, a little of that. Catskills episodes worked, although it was a complete departure from how the season started, as if the first couple episodes hadn't even happened. By episode 7 it was like the writers were trying to hobble together a story, but the result is predictable, and not funny, smart or interesting. Episode 8 wasn't even funny at all. Just finished with that episode and you may have lost me completely. I am truly disappointed. I really loved these characters and what the creators were doing with it thematically. I can't help but wonder...what happened??? Where did the inspiration go?
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