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Season 15, good to see some more effort @FamilyGuy
questiontheauthorities27 March 2017
Really good effort this season. They've stepped it up with the jokes, pushed the envelope (rarely done outside of the feminist narrative, in 2017 first world women are more oppressors than oppressed) They have slacked during seasons 13 and 14 but made up for it. They could still do better though, that's why I'm only rating a 9. I'd like to see Ernie come back for another round or two, and maybe we could do another multi verse episode since that storyline had so many possibilities. How about a few Hillary Clinton jokes? or should I say, a few more? Her crying about the white house loss still and trying to victimize herself? Drop a few about how corrupt she really is (starting to miss the early seasons when they weren't afraid to go anywhere at all) and you can never get enough of James Woods. I'm sure he'd love to throw in a HC joke or two

You guys really are a great series, something to Rival the simpsons and then some because who knows what keeps them on the air... but I bet the celebrity circle jerk has something to do with it.
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