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Underwater is a mixed attempt at finding new resources for our entertainment industry.
tomholland20168 January 2020
Remember three years ago, there was a movie called Life acted by Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal & Rebecca Ferguson? Okay, but instead of venturing into space, let's dive into water. And that's what you get from this movie, just that this is worse from Life. Not that it is bad either.

Underwater feels very similar to Life in a way that it keeps the direction all the same. Plus, the lighting will also remind you of the 2017 movie.

The storyline goes as these engineers who are looking for resources 7 miles below the ocean are unexpectedly bombarded with floods within their facilities and as time runs out, they must find a way to get back to land without knowing that something is lingering in the dark waiting to devour them. Basic storyline, formulaic one-by-one technique but its spotlight mostly covers on the intense escapade to find their way back to the shore. No worries, it's better than those 47 Meters movies.

As everyone is wondering how Stewart performs, her acting here is not bad but not great too. It's acceptable. For a not-so-serious sci-fi film, she pulls this off quite decently. The tension is there, it's always there, and it manages to increase its intensity by styling the camera work and also the lighting effect. It does not rely fully on cheap jump scares.

The best thing about Underwater has got to be its starting point. The film does not drag the movie with 30 minutes development before anything starts to occur. It goes straight to its main plot; 'survival is the key'. But here what it suffers, the development only shows its strength by half of the film and by that time, it's already too late for the audience to even give a thing about the characters.

Now let's get to the slo-mo parts. They utilize this aspect quite a lot in the beginning and final 10 mins. Usually, we would get irritated by how much it sprinkles onto every scene but Underwater gets it right. And for a thriller/sci-fi, Underwater increases its thrilling factor by slowing down its motion picture. Adding to that, it looks cool.

What I dislike the most is Underwater brings very little to the table. It's short with merely 90 minutes and instead of flooding the audience with many sub-stories, it leaves you feeling almost empty with only drops of information to satisfy our experience.

By the final 20 minutes, you will be wondering if this is a spin-off to Godzilla. I thought the unknown species were gonna be realistically scary, but nope ,it rejects the notion to push that scary button and entertains the audience with a yet another tame PG-13 monster. But I can guarantee that the ending will not be as depressing as Life. Life has a good ending for those who want to find different satisfaction. For Underwater, it will please most of the audience thought it ends quite abruptly.

Verdict: Underwater is a not-so-exciting adventure that tries to find its resources more than what other movies of the similar genre have provided, but in the end, the only thing you might find here is a sea of mineral water.
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Lovecraftian popcorn
influxtwo11 January 2020
As a fan of William Eubank's 2014 film "The Signal" I was pretty excited for this. The Signal offered a lot of thrills and suspense and a twist ending that leaves you gobsmacked.

Underwater did not quite live up to the same shock value. Less build-up or development to make much of it float anywhere above mediocre. The setting, scenery, and cinematography and music however is stunning.

This is the love child of Alien, Cloverfield, A Quiet Place, The Abyss, Soma, DeepStar Six, HP Lovecraft Etc. But doesn't carry as much weight.
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Pleasant surprise
rivertam2610 January 2020
What a pleasant surprise especially in January. Kristen Stewart stars as a young woman living seven miles beneath the surface on a drilling station that ends up unearthing some terrifying creatures. The movie starts off with a bang as the station she's in begins to implode. Immediately it's a race against time as she hooks up with other survivors and the captain devises a plan that will have them walking across the dark ocean floor where they're not alone. With a rich, dark and sometimes intentionally muddled cinematography you are introduced to a spacious, endless world filled with floating debris that feels both wide and frighteningly claustrophobic. Funny guy TJ Miller, the awesome Vincent Cassel and cutie John Gallagher Jr. fill out some of the other supporting roles. Theres not a lot of setup but director William Eubank of the Signal establishes an intense, edge of your seat atmosphere accompanied by stylish cinematography and a mounting sense of dread. The movie is fun and is filled with homages to Alien and lovecraft all the while creating something new of it's own. The culmination of events left me wanting just a tiny bit more but I loved the retro feel as well as throwing itself so wholeheartedly into being an aquatic horror enormous sized creature feature. Although the story and characters aren't developed as well as you would hope the situational genre entry is anchored by a strong bad ass and against type lead performance from Kristen Stewart. This is one I'll definitely be seeing again in theaters.
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A sci fi horror movie that grabs you and does not let you go to catch a breath.
cruise0110 January 2020
Underwater (3.5 out of 5 stars).

Underwater is a science fiction horror film that delivers a claustrophobia thriller with a good cast ensemble and performances, edgy music score, and a direction that feels like this film is trying to bring back a 1980s sci fi thriller like Alien movies, The Thing, or The Abyss (minus the creatures in this movie). I will say the film packs a punch with putting you into the action in the opening scene when an underwater facility is torn apart. Survivors Norah (Kristen Stewart), Paul (T.J. Miller), Lucien (Vincent Cassel), Emily (Jessica Henwick), and Liam (John Gallagher Jr.) are trying to make a way to the other station to find the evacuation pods. While the earthquake that shook the facility was not an ordinary quake. The drilling station has awakened something on the oceans surface with creatures that are trying to hunt the remaining survivors.

May not be a fresh plot or concept idea. Underwater facility drilling in the oceans surface. Releasing some giant monstrous beast. And an army of humanoid creatures. The concept and plot is still exciting. As a group of survivors are trying to survive and escape from the stations before it collapses onto each other. They will go into claustrophobic settings of crawling into tight spaces. Or walking out onto the ocean surface with big underwater suits. Which the camera pans into their faces making it feel claustrophobia with the darkness out in the deep sea. Which anything can come into their faces at any given moment. I will say the film is intense and thrilling not really scary at all. It does try for a few jump scares with something running towards you. Or popping out in front of the screen.

The cast ensemble was good. Kristen Stewart's performance is good playing Norah, a character that is struggling on leaving people behind in life and death situations. Stewart is coming along way with her acting. And she worked great in delivering the role. The music score by Marco Beltrami and Brandon Roberts worked well delivering an edgy sci fi horror movie tone. Director William Eubank did a good job in creating a sci fi horror film. The movie begins with action and never stops for a breath until the credits roll. The first half is about characters trying to survive the wreckage. While the other half is the people getting killed off by a creature which barely shows. And they are trying to survive and escape.

I will say my one issue with the movie is the quick editing cuts when the creatures are attacking them. The lighting is dark as it is cause they are out on the sea floor. It is a lot of fast editing cuts and shaky camera movements which can make it a little confusing. Sure, it was probably done to create the intensity direction on what is going on.

Overall, Underwater is a pretty fair film. It could be a lot worse. It turns out to be a worthy sci fi horror film that is worth watching if your into those kind of movies. It is fast paced with action, has a good cast ensemble, and puts you onto the edge of your seat.
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Richie-67-48585212 January 2020
I always like to welcome a new monster into the world of sci-fi so getting me to schedule a meeting is no problem. In this case, I forked out movie cinema money for the big theater experience and was not disappointed. You have a tense, action filled little hour and a half of the world of the underwater and all its surprises and wonders. Add earthquakes, trench movements and some unknown previous undiscovered life-form out there and you have covered the price of admission. There are parts you can critique but I noticed I was gripping the arm rests and had some jump or heavy focus moments that drown (pun) out any take-aways. The actors covered it and the sets impressive as to be realistic. As to the life-form itself, hey anything that has to put up with pressures, cold water, predator activity and lots of Acts of nature and intrusions by mankind has to be in itself one bad entity for endurance or survival sake. Think survival of the fittest. Everything alive today represents the strongest and best of its kind as a rule. No exceptions here. This is a snack movie for two reasons: something to do in-between the action and something to eat during it. so have a large portion or more than one and include a tasty drink
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I'm impressed by how much I liked it.
subxerogravity10 January 2020
I went into the theater thinking nothing of it and came out thinking it's good. It's a strange type of mediocre. The film hits just the right marks but it does not get you excited just sparked enough to enjoy it. Underwater moves too fast to be boring, which is good for this suspenseful film, but it also moves too fast to truly take notice of the cast of characters. Some highlights of the cast are. Vincent Cassell, who was amazing as the station's captain. Makes we wish there was a new Star Trek or other science fiction series that needed a captain cause he would kill. Another Highlight is TJ Miller. I'm surprise his name got on the poster cause I herd he was one of those guys in Hollywood that got canceled. The thing is, he is a supporting actor used for comedy relief and on this horror-like film, he did his job to perfection as the type of character who points out when they are in a horror cliche right on cue. I should mention Kristan Stewart but I was not really impressed with her starring role because the advantage of being the star did nothing to improve her acting. Sorry, I'm just not impressed with anything she's done. This movie is the closet that's ever happen. I can never say I don't like a kristan Stewart film cause I found this movie very watchable.
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Barely enjoyable cliche
mageh11 January 2020
It is a travesty to compare masterpiece "Alien" to this mediocre film. As many reviewers stated: bad acting, bad script, no originality, even the effects are boring, it was too dark to see anything. The monsters are not even scary. At certain point i was rooting for the creature to eat all of them just to be done with this stupidity (don't even get me started on the science part). Conclusion: wait for rental
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robfollower9 January 2020
Underwater is a location-based thriller that's beyond easy to lose yourself within. Kristen Stewart enthusiastically fights against sea monsters of an extraterrestrial brand, while also combating natural dangers that come along with humans invading where they should not.

Have we forgotten how most movies are reinventions of existing inspirations?Yes it's "Alien but underwater," and that's a good thing given how a top-notch Kristen Stewart leads us on a terrifying dive into the deepest reaches of aquatic horror.
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Tries to be a little of everything and fails
elliotte210 January 2020
This was bad, really really bad. Movies steals, er borrows heavily from Aliens, The Descent, The Meg and never stays on point long enough to follow.

1. First of all, Kirsten Stewart cannot act. We already knew that from the Twilight series, but figured with a different genre, writer and director maybe she could halfway manage(like Kneau Reeves in the Wick movies). Answer? No. From scared, depressed, death, excitement or curiosity, her face never changed or showed any visible emotion. Sadness.

2. Director definitely took the Game of Thrones route of showing what you believe is action but in complete darkness, quick editing and shaking cam so that you have no idea what is going on. In several scences, you could not tell that someone was missing(nor did you care anymore).

3. Yes, there has to be manufactured drama so a movie can exist, but a movie should not depend on manufactured drama from beginning to end. In movies where people are astronauts or divers, it takes years of training and psychological analysis to even be picked. Here all the of crew are SERIOUSLY mentally and/or emotionally incapacitated and this is quickly established in each character's initial statements.

4. Science? Do not get me started.

You are yelling at the screen and really have no sympathy of care for any of the characters, just a multi-million dollar waste.
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What's Lurking Beneath The Underwater Trailers?
rgkarim10 January 2020
The realm of horror, as I have said before, is an avenue that allows the darkest fathoms of the imagination to come to life. Horrors and fears can take on many forms and in some cases the directors capture that terror in the perfect balance. On the other hand, the modern cinema also ruins the genre when cheap gimmicks fail to scare and become the focus. So what is tonight's film all about? Well Robbie K is here to offer some thoughts and insight as he makes spoiler free review of:


The Decent Comedy Decent Acting/And Time Worthy Characters Great Pace Suspense Moments Creature Design The Atmosphere The Story Is Okay


The Predictability T.J. Miller Forced Some Times The Chaotic Camera Work at Times Suspension Of Disbelief At Times The Worthlessness of Most Of the Crew


When it comes to a horror movie you can't help but want to laugh through the movie. Okay, I need to think of a better transition, but the film succeeds on throwing that comedic relief at just the right moments to help change the energy of the scene. That aside, the real strength of the movie comes in the cohesiveness of all the little parts that this genre thrives on when done right. First the acting! While not award winning, I was very happy to have characters that had more layers than the typical creature fodder Sci Fi Channel has made famous. Underwater's crew is different though, as Steward leads the bunch in a thrilling adventure that puts science skills to the test. Several members make logical decisions, there is great interaction amidst the crew, and the teamwork they show actually paints characters that are worth investing your time in. And through this adventure, let's just say there are a lot of things that will test your connection to them. This film moves quickly, a brisk pace that never dwells long enough for boredom, and takes few detours in the quest to escape the denizens of the deep. Mixing well with the pace comes very suspenseful moments that utilize so many special effects to paint the terrifying canvas of the deep in new ways that will insight nightmares. Some of the moments are all about the setting itself, while others integrate the creatures and allow the use of imagination to paint the terror. It works fantastically well, and when the revelation of the creatures finally arises, the design does not fail to impress. Monsters are made of nightmares like this, and they are utilized to a fine degree that does not overshadow the rest of the tale, but still gives you plenty of creature love. Yet what really ties everything for me is the atmosphere itself. Underwater uses its name well, and helps blend the adventure into sections that together form a cataclysmic environment. There are few safe havens in this movie, with the beasts lurking around every corner, and when they aren't the environment itself is ready to douse the life out of them. Throw in the use of shadows, fantastic sound editing, and again the tease with imagination that designs that environment. Finally, there is actually a point to all the chaos, with a logical connecting line that actually grants purpose to the antics at hand. Underwater takes the familiar story, and changes the acts to help keep the adventure fresh and dynamic.

Amidst all the treasure, there are some rusted metals that tarnish the movie for this reviewer. For one the story is pretty predictable, still following most of the rules and trends that the SyFy channel movies do. A few twists do help stir the sediment up a bit, but you have an idea where it is going. Thankfully, this predictability is lessened due to the intensity of the scenes themselves. As mentioned above, there is comedic relief, and while enjoyable at times, there are other times where the awkward joke is too forced or beaten over the head for it to really work. This works in movies like Deadpool, and while I think it's curb to show how he is dealing with the stressful situation, there are times I would have liked to see a little more from this character other than another joke. These are probably minor dislikes for me, so I'll move on to a few of the things that were more bothersome for me. As many of you know, I'm not the biggest fan of chaotic camera work when it comes to details. While this added to the intensity of the scene, I felt Underwater went a little too crazy at times, using the swirling madness, and shadows a little too much to deprive the details I wanted to see. This aspect improved near the ending, but the middle parts had a hard time finding the balance between stable and maddening angles. Next, the suspension of disbelief sometimes is a little laughable for me in this film. I know, in this genre one must be ready to do this, but hear me out a little. Again with no spoilers, Underwater sort of does not play by its own rules it establishes at the beginning. The creatures behavior is erratic, sometimes being aggressive and other times not, which is sort of explained at the times, but then overwritten for me. Other times it's about how convenient things work out or don't work out, which though adds to the intensity of the scene, will in retrospective seem a bit cheesy at how things happen to play out. If this does not bother you or take away from the suspense, no worries then, but near the end in particular is where I particularly found them stretching their convenience muscles a little too far. Finally, though the movie is much better with crafting their characters than other creature features, it still has not quite put the finesse in everyone. For a crew of scientists, drillers, and deep-sea explorers, only one or two really show off the scientific skills that were promised. Kristen Stewart's character is the most equipped to handle the job and maybe the Captain, but the rest well, they don't quite hit the mark for epic battles.


Overall, the creature feature is one of the best to emerge from the depths of the Hollywood ocean. Underwater takes us back to the days of classic film storytelling, where a story is designed to tether the scares, special effects of scenery and modern computer work add for decent scare factors, and the intensity of the sequences help net your interest in characters that aren't just shark fodder like a classic SyFy movie. While there are still some predictability issues, and the suspension of disbelief starts cooking up things, there are not too many issues that most fans of this genre will be affected. Again, I'm not particular fond of chaos swirling camera work, but I again admit it adds to the moments and at least gets balanced. Give all the CGI work, the decent story, and performances, this guy encourages you to head to the theater for this one to enjoy to the most, but if not definitely check it out at home.

My scores are:

Action/Drama/Horror: 7.5 Movie Overall: 7.0
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A simple and effective concept!
DylanCanonge8 January 2020
« Underwater » aka the film made two years ago where Kristen Stewart confronts critters from the hell of the abyss. It's easy, it's cool, it's tense, it's well done. It's easy, it's cool, it's tense, it's well done, and it's highly recommended for any fan of this kind of program: Alien, Abyss, Deep Blue Sea, Life and Leviathan (1989). A real pleasure, too rare to be shunned. He takes a few codes from these films, but offers something new (in his mix). The film is really guts. Like « Crawl » last year, « Unterwater » turns out to be a tight, visceral and sensitive B series, which goes straight to the point. Claustro and mysterious atmosphere at will, production design in « Bioshock » sauce, without forgetting an excellent Kristen Stewart , it is always a pleasure to find this actress. A good surprise very oriented « horror film" !
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Solid Effort
tmccull5210 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Before seeing this movie, I had read reviews (not on IMDB) that panned this film, and essentially called it garbage. Being a fan of sci-fi/horror films, I had made my mind up to see the film, despite the poor reviews. I don't know what movie those critics had watched, but I found myself liking to this movie very much.

I am not a huge Kristen Stewart fan; actually, I think she's kind of a flake. She turns in a solid performance, and makes for a fairly decent action star. T.J. Miller plays his usual funny guy that dies character, much as he had done in "Cloverfield". Everyone played their parts well.

The tension and suspense start fairly early in the movie, and pretty much maintain a taut edge until the final few moments. The film has elements of "Alien", "The Abyss", and "Cloverfield". The ending leaves room for a sequel and if a sequel is made, I will definitely go and see it.
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Kept me interested!
sanders-6475416 January 2020
Apparently everyone is a movie critic and some were super hard on this movie but I found it to be action packed from the first couple of minutes and it kept my interest the entire time! If the preview for the movie seems like something you would like, then you will enjoy it!
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Entertaining Underwater Creature Feature
stevendbeard11 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Underwater", starring Kristen Stewart-Charlie's Angels_2019, Jumper; T.J. Miller-the Deadpool movies, Rock of Ages; Vincent Cassel-Jason Bourne, Eastern Promises and Jessica Henwick-Iron Fist_tv, Game of Thrones_tv. This is an entertaining underwater creature feature. At the beginning of the movie, you get a quick synopsis of what has been going on. A research facility located about 7 miles below the surface of the ocean has a crew of about 300 people doing all kinds of researching. Primarily, they are drilling into the ocean floor and there are several different laboratories, several hundred feet apart. Kristen is in one of them when an earthquake hits and causes about 70% damage to the facility she is in. She looks for other survivors which include T.J., Vincent and Jessica and they decide that their best bet is to get to one of the other stations-the escape pods in their facility are damaged-and find a way to the surface. Their only option is to walk on the ocean floor-in pressurized oxygen suits, of course-but they soon find out that they are not alone in the water. It seems that the quake must have awaken some subterranean creatures and they don't like being awakened. Plus, Kristen and company are running low on oxygen in their suits. There is a message quickly glossed over about not being down there in the first place and doing things that they shouldn't be doing, like drilling, but it is quick. Like I said earlier, it is entertaining. It's rated PG-13 for sci_fi action, terror and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 35 minutes. It's not one that I would buy on DVD-once was enough-but it would be a good rental.
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No developpement what so ever or explanation
kaefab11 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts with a bang, not even 5 minutes into it the disaster starts the whole station is flooded, we get bits and piece of survivors here and there, they all meet in a lab room and decide the next step for survival.

There is absolutely no character development, who are they you barely know, then the monster appear, start raising hell but even then there is not a lot of monster action either.....

What cause the explosion, in the first place..... its never really explained, its not a mix of alien either, nor any underwater movie ever made it does stand on its own, the FX are amazing but a part from that there is no plot story, only going to one spot to the other in hope of survival.....
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Better than expected!
trinaboice11 January 2020
Director William Eubank takes a French captain and a bunch of good-looking Millennials to the bottom of the sea. That sounds dumb but I was actually engaged the whole time. Well, most of the time.

When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, the release date for this movie was pushed to January 2020. The film was shot clear back in 2017 when a similar movie called Life hit theaters. Did you see that one? Instead of going out to space like that film, guess where this movie takes place? Exactly...UNDERWATER. Same movie, basically. Still entertaining. You can watch my full movie review on YouTube on the Movie Review Mom channel!
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When did Hollywood become soo boring.
rish200612 January 2020
This film is literally unbearable and boring. So predictable to see a group of people trapped underwater and making a way to escape. I just left the hall halfway.
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Amateur hour.
MongoLloyd10 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Studio: "Let's attach some edgy actors to this middling project, spend 80 million on it, and hope audiences don't notice we completely neglected character development or an interesting plot that has even a hint of originality."

Here we have a protagonist we get to see for a mere few minutes before we're thrust headlong into disaster. At that point, we know absolutely nothing about the characters and we're supposed to care about their struggle to survive.

I don't think so.

Not to mention the Mariana Trench has more than 1,000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level and we're supposed to believe humans can walk around down there with suits on.

Go back to screenwriting school.
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Watch 1989's 'The Abyss' instead...
jp-aventurier11 January 2020
As you might guess from the title - not alot of creativity on display here. Basically 'Alien' crossed with 'Quarantine' set on the bottom of the Pacific. Though the movie has zero Lovecraftian qualities, the megalithic monster is as good a Cthulhu as we can ask for, however (typical of CG monstrosities) scenes are too dark and too close up to make out appreciable details. Performances are smothered by the instantaneous catastrophe at the very start of the movie; characters are in crisis mode throughout with no opportunities for emotion or arch to shine through. The unrelenting panic and tension makes the few moments of cynical comic relief feel grossly inappropriate. The 'sci' in the sci-fi is also drowned out by monotonous panic; characters hurriedly press buttons, rewire circuit boards, and hop in and out of atmospheric diving suits without conventional exposition for the layman viewer. Not fully seeing the creature proved a severe strength in 'Alien', but not knowing what characters are doing or why makes it hard to follow any film. Look out for Neil deGrasse Tyson's scathing fact-checks soon.

If you want a deep-sea thriller with fantastic story, bold characters, and edge-of-your-seat panic, check out 1989's THE ABYSS.
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survival thriller more than creature feature
ferguson-610 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. The opening credits have an "X-Files" look and feel. Newspaper headlines and redacted reports zip by ... in fact, the rapid cuts are so quick that very few viewers will be able to keep up. Even if you haven't finished your Evelyn Woods speed-reading course, the gist is clear: there is a (very) deep-water drilling lab located 36,000 feet below the ocean's surface. Yep, that's almost 7 miles deep for the crew of 316, and some mysterious bad things may or may not be lurking. That's really our only set-up ... unless you want to count Kristen Stewart brushing her teeth.

It's literally less than 5 minutes in when the rig is rocked by an explosion of some kind. We are told the structure is 70% damaged. The survivors are quickly identified. Nora (Ms. Stewart) and Rodrigo (Mamoudou Athie) are together in the immediate aftermath. Nora is a mechanical engineer and computer whiz. They soon come across a co-worker buried in rubble. It's wise-cracking TJ Miller and his (actual) stuffed bunny. Next up are the Captain (Vincent Cassel) and lovebirds Emily (Jessica Henwick) and Smith (John Gallagher Jr). With no time for early character development, we learn tidbits as their perilous journey hopefully leads them towards rescue. Of course anyone who has ever watched a movie can tell you, they won't all make it. Maybe the 8 year old girl sitting in the row behind me wouldn't know that ... but no parent should take their 8 year old to a PG-13 movie that has "terror" in the parental warnings.

Director William Eubank and co-writers Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad create plenty of tension, danger and suspense. The movie is at its best when they let the moment speak. It's the dialogue that is mostly cringe-worthy, as well as the predictable and unnecessary jump-scares. These people are stranded miles deep in the ocean and are running out of oxygen and options ... and are being chased by something they can't identify. The visual effects are successful in generating the environment of danger and claustrophobia.

It's in the little things where the film falters. When we first see the Captain, he has his arm in a sling. He's obviously injured. Once the bulky underwater suits are donned, his bad arm seems just fine ... he's even pulling one of the others with a rope! Nora makes a big deal about being the "smallest" of the group and volunteers to explore a narrow passage. The problem is that they are all wearing the same suits - a fact that should negate any advantage of Ms., Stewart's slim, toned body. Lastly, the film has borrowed heavily from James Cameron's classic ALIEN. In fact, it has been referred to as "Underwater Alien". Of course, this film isn't nearly as well-rounded or complete as that one ... but then few are.

Mr. Eubank's film is a sci-fi/horror mash-up, but it's really more a survival thriller than science fiction or creature feature, although the sea creatures have their moments. Cinematographer Bojan Bozelli does a nice job in keeping with the 'play it straight' approach, and his camera work is complemented by the electronic score from Marco Beltrami and Brandon Roberts. Ms. Stewart and her buzzed blond hair hold their own amidst the danger. A blatant lecture about how we are going places (deep sea) we shouldn't go and doing things (drilling) we shouldn't do is included for those who might not figure it out on their own, but mostly we spend our time trying to figure out how to survive the deep sea pressure with little oxygen and no escape pods. Just leave the 8-year olds at home.
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One of the best horror experiences I've ever had!
UniqueParticle11 January 2020
Enthralling terrifying and very effective horror! Quite suspenseful most of the way through, well written and cinematography is so great. I loved Underwater very much; I think it deserves high ratings. I hope other fans of Sci-Fi/Horror appreciate the film if not that's unfortunate. Seriously stop hating on my review the movie was great!
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Certainly one to see if it's on TV.
markthomassintek12 January 2020

UK RELEASE DATE 7 February 20

Cloverfield, Godzilla, Alien, The Abyiss.

The above films either were great, had parts of them that were great or since being released have become just great films to watch.

Each building the suspence up in their own way and making you actually care what happens to the characters not to mention the stories, unfortunately......

Literally this film is a rip off from all of the above in one way that doesn't carry across the suspence and you certainly don't care what happens to any of the characters except one, the little stuffed bunny.

It's such a shame really because this film could have done so much more but just didn't lazy writing.

Acting except for the stuffed bunny was acceptable but it just become boring towards the predictable end.

Certainly one to see if it's on TV.

Rating 6 out of 10
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Trigger the claustrophobic and thalassophobic
endola8 January 2020
The pace is fast and intense, the thrill is there and make me jump twice. I love this movie , it's sci-fi and it's a movie, anything can happen 🙂 tight place and underwater, successfully trigger the ones with phobia
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The trailer is the best part; the movie is surprisingly awful
Vic_max13 January 2020
I'm a sci-fi fan and the bar is pretty low for me on sci-fi movies. The trailer looked like it might be a typical underwater monster movie ... nothing new but that's fine with me.

What I wasn't expecting was something that looked great on the surface but was a train wreck on screen. It turns out that both director and writer are relative novices when it comes to movies ... and this is the sad mess that resulted.

It's amazing that they blew through $80M without someone noticing things were going south. Somehow they made "B" movies and low-budget sci-fi look great in comparison. It's not because of bad special effects or production values (they were good), but rather the complete lack of character development, poor scene planning and empty story-telling. It's barely watchable.

If you look around, there is no audience or critical rating for this movie that indicates it's anything more than mediocre. Don't waste your time on this one, watch a rerun of any other sci-fi movie instead.
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Thrilling adventure with lots of jump scares
rannynm11 January 2020
I like this movie because it is a very thrilling film. It's a mix of drama, comedy and horror. The whole film is filled with jump scares and excitement that kept me on the edge of my seat. Underwater is a 95 minute long movie.

This movie is about a drilling crew that lives in a facility all the way down in the Mariana Trench, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean. The Mariana Trench is one of the deepest part of the ocean, basically like the Grand Canyon but in the ocean. Suddenly the facility suffers a type of earthquake, which the crew thinks has happened. Six survivors go through a difficult journey in order to get to the life pods and survive the catastrophe. It happens that it was not an earthquake that destroyed the facility, it is a kind of sea creature that is too big and powerful for them to defeat.

My favorite part of Underwater is when the crew discovers a new life form. It takes the crew and the audience by surprise. The costumes are very creative. They look like a heavy type of astronaut suit. The graphics are incredible. The underwater scenes look very realistic. A few scenes are too dark to figure out what is going on. There is fowl language, blood and gore - perfect for horror fans. The acting is perfect, especially Kristen Stewart (Nora) who keeps the audience in suspense. Vincent Cassel (the Captain) and T. J. Miller (crew member) are spectacular too.

The moral of this story is to know our limits and respect other living beings' habitats. Humans are very curious to know more or learn more, to the point that we cross the line and trespass other living beings' homes. It's good to have more knowledge, but it is also good to know our limits.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 12 to 18, plus older adults. People with bad hearts or epilepsy should not watch this movie.

Reviewed by Ethan P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by tweens and teens, go to kidsfirst dot org.
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