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Season 1

20 May 2019
Episode #1.1
A gang of senior ex-cons plan for years to rob a vault on Easter weekend in 2015. After drilling a man sized hole in the wall of the vault, they find a cabinet on the inside blocking it. The jack they use to push it out of the way breaks and Brian the boss calls the whole thing off.
21 May 2019
Episode #1.2
Terry pleads with Brian to reconsider, and he refuses. Terry takes the lead, and they go back the next night, minus Brian. Danny buys a new jack. This time, they are successful. They put the spoils in wheelie bins and wheel them out to the van. Two of the gang members see a security guard and panic and drive off. Terry decides not to cut them, or Brian, in on the proceeds.
22 May 2019
Episode #1.3
The robbery hits the news and they all agree to lay low for 6 months before splitting the money. Brian sees the news and insists on his cut. There is some in fighting on whether he should get it. Kenny gets nervous and gets the loot out of his house. He gives the bags to a friend to store in his shed. Danny takes some of it and buries it in a grave. Police view the CCTV and find, and follow Kenny.
23 May 2019
Episode #1.4
Kenny sets up a meeting between Terry and Brian in a pub. The police follow them and now know more members of the gang and bug the cars while they are in the pub. Terry tells Brian he is not getting a cut and decides to split up the money tomorrow. Kenny has to hustle to get the money from his friend. He gets it to Terry's house for the split. The police arrest them all.

 Season 1 

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