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28 Jan. 2017
Boy Boy Girl Band/Lords and Lazers
At a boy boy girl band concert, Tip and Oh accidentally ignite an inter-species crisis; Tip and Oh battle K-Trong in a wild virtual reality game.
28 Jan. 2017
Tip's Deep Dish/Garbage Day
When Tip gets laryngitis before she can ask her crush Keanu to a dance, Oh steps in to help; Oh invents a time machine so Tip can redo a very bad day.
28 Jan. 2017
Very Foreign Exchange Student/Pig's Tail
Tip agrees to be Die-Anne's peace mentor but struggles to set a good example; Tip gets a new perspective on life when she and Pig switches bodies.
28 Jan. 2017
Big Brain Boov/Pook Pooks
Stumped by one of Tip's math problems, Oh seeks help from the Big Brain Boov hive mind; Oh struggles with Tip's need for total "closest buds" comfort.
28 Jan. 2017
Waltor/Out Foxed
A lonely Oh makes an unlikely friend at the aquarium, then kidnaps him; Disgusted by human-Boov friendships, Fox tries to separate Oh and Tip.
28 Jan. 2017
Le Grande Derrière/I'm Your Boovest Fan
Lucy is made head chef at a fancy Booz eatery, leaving Tip to manage the diner; Oh learns about sports and fandom while rooting a T-ball team.
28 Jan. 2017
Scared Crazy/Superslushious
While Tip and Oh are camping, Kyle tells them a tale about a psycho Boov, terrifying Oh; After Oh reprograms her, Slushious becomes jealous of Tip.
27 Jan. 2017
Inside Jokings/It's a Jungle in There
Tip struggles to explain to Oh the finer points of inside joke telling; When Oh entrusts Tip with a new plant, she carelessly turns it into a monster.
28 Jan. 2017
Dang You Saved My Life/Boovsland Noir
After Tip saves her life, Sharzod becomes obsessed with repaying the debt; private eye Kyle panics when Sharzod hires him to find her lost "Mojo."
28 Jan. 2017
Tip gets a tough lesson on sportsmanship playing Oh's favorite Boov game; Oh is racked by jealousy when he sees ex-flame Krunkle with another Boov.
27 Jan. 2017
Sacks o' Cash/Oh Give Me a Home
Eager to earn cash, Tip and Oh start an extraterrestrial taxi service; When Julio kicks Smek out of the store closet, Oh tries to find him a new home.
28 Jan. 2017
Breakers/A Day Without Tech
Rowdy alien Breakers threaten Oh's dream theme park family vacation; When Boov technology crashes, Oh, Tip, and Lucy try some extreme wilderness fun.
28 Jan. 2017
The Cloud/Booverty
Tip goes overboard while using Oh's storage cloud to declutter her room; Tip helps Oh prepare for his life-changing, dance-heavy Booverty ceremony.
11 Aug. 2017
Queen of Police/Roidian Prom
When Tip takes over Kyleâ€TMs job as “King of Police,” she removes all rules from Boovsland and it descends into chaos. / Tip and Oh accompany DieAnne to Roidian Prom.
11 Aug. 2017
Where the Koobish Roam/Friendiversary
On a Koobish cattle drive together, Tip and Krunkleâ€TMs differences result in Oh and the herd getting lost in a stampede. / Tip and Oh canâ€TMt agree on how to celebrate their Friendiversary.
11 Aug. 2017
Citizen Brain/Liar Liar Pods on Fire
The Big Brain Boov recruit Oh to join them. / Oh is introduced to the concept of “harmless lying,” and lies so much that he is unable to distinguish between fact and fiction.
11 Aug. 2017
Chercophonie/Oh, Man, and the Sea
Tip becomes a Boovsland rock icon due to her awful guitar playing. / When Donny takes Oh fishing, they battle a giant Sturgeon.
11 Aug. 2017
Hard to Gettings/Tummy Fish
After Oh goes on a date with Sharzod, she wants to be in a serious relationship. / When the parasites who live in Ohâ€TMs tummy emerge, Tip is surprised to discover that she is a celebrity to them.
11 Aug. 2017
Stick with Me/Family Feudings
When a romance buds between Tip and Stick, the Boov Out Boys keep getting in the way. / When Lucyâ€TMs sister Linda comes to visit, Oh makes it his mission to make them get along.
11 Aug. 2017
Cats! The Planet/Selfie-ish
When Pig is abducted by a cat-lady-alien, Tip and Oh must travel to a cat-planet to save him. / After Tip becomes a social media star, Tip gets addicted to “the likes,” risking Ohâ€TMs life in the process.
11 Aug. 2017
Newbeings on the Block/Juicy Gossip
When an alien moves into the apartment above them, Oh thinks heâ€TMs a threat to earth but nobody believes him. / Oh befriends the Busy Bodies on Lucyâ€TMs behalf.
11 Aug. 2017
Humanspeople Safari/Happy Space Troopers
Oh introduces Tip to the strange world of Boovian Earth tours. / Rejected by the Junior Lady Rangers, Oh and Tip form their own all-inclusive scouts, sparking a turf war.
11 Aug. 2017
Krebbles Is Real/Tip's Diary
When Oh thinks that his favorite TV show is real, Tip tries to maintain the illusion. / When Tipâ€TMs diary gets boring for Oh, he decides to create drama in her life to liven up his favorite book.
11 Aug. 2017
The Great Chicago Hot Dog Crisis/Wrinkly Humans Kids
Tip and Oh reveal how they invented sock dawgs to avoid war between humans and Boov. / When Bobe and Guppa come to babysit, Tip and Oh have a crazy fun time with them, until Tip has to be the adult.
11 Aug. 2017
True Romancings/Hardcore Harbor
After Lucy goes on another bad date, Tip and Oh set on a mission to find her a guy. / When Oh to shows Elrod around a waterpark, everything goes wrong.

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