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Shorgul suffers from pacing issues and the screenplay is quite predictable.....
fillerruth4 September 2016
Shorgul is a political drama film and the film's story sets on the infamous 2013 Hindu-Muslim Muzaffarnagar riots. The issue is very sensitive and very controversial. I know the makers face some serious protest and faced strong opposition from both Hindu and Muslim leaders. This is normal and nowadays this is a common thing for any Indian political drama film. there are multiple PILs filed to protest the film and the makers face serious problem about this. But after all this haphazard situation the movie came and released all over the India. I am not sure about the screen numbers but as far I know the film released all over the India.

The movie tells the story of 2013 Hindu-Muslim Muzaffarnagar riots and a very strong political reason worked behind this riots. The movie is all about the political situation of that issue. When the sensitive political issues are the concern you have to maintain a fast pace and you have clear and clarify all the situation. You have to mention each and every side of the situation. there is no abstract theme and you have to cleanse the issues properly. The director completely fails to create the enlargement of the story. the second problem is the screenplay. This is a very predictable and certain screenplay which is also the cause of slow pace.

performance wise Ashutosh Rana shines for his role And Jimmy Shergill has also done a good job for his role. Narendra Jha is also a good actor and he has done a fair job for his role. Other technical aspects are not up to the mark.

If you are very curious about the mentioned political issues and there are nothing movie spare for you then you can choose this.
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