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Prismark1017 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Copshop has some similarities to cult movie Assault on Precinct 13.

Unfortunately Copshop is not as tight as John Carpenter's low budget opus.

Frank Grillo plays Teddy Murretto, a wanted man who intentionally gets himself arrested so he can land in jail and hopefully be safe.

Gerard Butler is Bob Viddick, the hitman who is after Teddy. He also gets himself arrested so he can get to Teddy.

Mayhem is caused at the quiet Nevada police station as another hitman called Lamb enters the proceedings. There is also a dirty cop roaming about.

Keeping everything together is officer Valerie Young (Alexis Louder) but she has been injured by her own bullet.

With her fellow cops dead, she needs to trust one of these men to get Lamb.

An incoherent story, this is a messy film. Only Louder comes away wit some credit. Butler and Grillo are stuck in B movie limbo.
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Cause Ted is Dead
nogodnomasters17 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Valerie (Alexis Louder) is a rookie cop in Gun Greek, Nevada. Teddy (Frank Grillo) ,a mafia fixer who arranges deals between contractors and government is being chased by other criminal elements who want to kill him for skimming money. It also has something to do with the murder of the Nevada AG, but was not explained very well. There are numerous elements of government involved in the schemes which also includes drugs, again not explained. For protection, Teddy gets himself thrown in jail. Bob (Gerard Butler) is paid to kill Teddy and plays drunk to thrown into jail next to Ted.

This is an action film with most of it playing out in the police station. The plot was not overly explained and leaves gaps.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Phenomenal action crime thriller...
paul_haakonsen15 October 2021
I have to say that I was more than genuinely and thoroughly entertained by this 2021 action crime thriller from director Joe Carnahan. And if you enjoy that particular genre of movies, then "Copshop" is most certainly well-worth the time and effort.

The storyline, as written by Kurt McLeod, Joe Carnahan and Mark Williams, was a genuinely entertaining and well-written one with a great plot. And it had that good old classic feel to it, so the writers definitely hit the nail right on the head here. "Copshop" was enjoyable from beginning to end.

There is an abundance of great action to the movie, just as there was a great amount of narrative storytelling and character development to the movie, so there is something for just about everyone here. Again, a testimony to the great writing done for the storyline.

And it should be said that "Copshop" wouldn't have worked as nicely as it did without the stellar cast ensemble that were a part of the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Gerard Butler in the movie, and it was so refreshing to see him out of the usual heroic character parts that he usually takes on. And it should be noted that he made an excellent bad guy in this movie. But Gerard Butler didn't carry the movie alone, no, he had Frank Grillo starring alongside him, and he was also putting on a fantastic performance in "Copshop". I am not particularly familiar with actress Alexis Louder, but she really put on a great performance alongside the likes of heavyweighters Grillo and Butler. But then there was Toby Huss, wow! Talk about a greatly cast actor whom totally stole the light. He was beyond phenomenal in "Copshop", and it was such a blast to see him in that particular role.

"Copshop" is a good old fashioned action crime thriller that is topped off with an abundance of action. So strap yourself in for 1 hour and 47 minutes of great entertainment.

Hands down, this movie was really an amazing surprise for me, as I hadn't expected it to be as intense as it was, nor were I expecting an action crime thriller to be so encompassing in terms of script and character gallery. So thumbs up here, way, way up.

My rating of "Copshop" lands on a very well-deserved eight out of ten stars. If you have the chance to sit down and watch "Copshop", you most certainly should do so.
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Daft thriller just about worth watch
CinemaSerf16 September 2021
In loads of old westerns, the sheriff would ask you to leave your guns at the door - well, this requires you to do that with your brain. If you try to study it in any sort of detail, then the plot holes will sing far more loudly than Aretha Franklin (or Jennifer Hudson) could ever hope to do. If you do, though, then it is quite an efficient little shoot-em up that sees wily old Gerard Butler ("Viddick") and his prey "Murretto" (Frank Grillo) engaged in a life or death siege inside a police station with only the rookie "Valerie" (Alexis Louder) and an armour plated door between them and the mad as cheese "Lamb" (Toby Huss). Why are we in this mess? Well that becomes evident pretty quickly and as the film gathers steam, the tension builds and the last fifteen minutes provide for quite a decently paced - if rather implausible - ending. Louder takes what plaudits there are from this, she actually turns in quite a decent performance. Otherwise, it's just a good excuse to sit back and watch as we really don't care if anyone survives - except, maybe, her...
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A_Different_Drummer11 September 2021
Joe Carnahan, fresh from the word-of-mouth hit BOSS LEVEL (easily one of the top films of the decade) reassembles the team for his version of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976). Although there are some interesting moments, and some big names on-hand, the result is mainly a nothing burger. You can literally skip the first 30 mins and still follow the story. In fact I recommend it. In spite of the name cast, newcomer Alexis Louder steals the show.
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I absolutely loved Copshop!
UniqueParticle17 September 2021
Such an exciting thrill ride despite anything that doesn't seem fulfilling I'm very pleased! This movie is everything I'd want in Joe Carnahan film or action story. I love the chaos that builds up, the dark comedy, cinematography shots, and the way everything played out. If anything I don't like the small amount of boring bits but I can void that out cause even those parts were entertaining. I don't know who will appreciate my review but I'd definitely recommend this fun movie.
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Old fashioned shoot up action flick that is witty and bland with the humor
cruise0122 September 2021
3 out of 5 stars.

Copshop is a fair action thriller film that feels like a 1980s neo noir action flick. A film that feels like it is meant to be released in the nostalgia 80s action films.

The plot follows a sheriff lady. A con man and a hitman all being stucked in a middle of nowhere police station. While a psychopath assassin is after the con man who has something that they all want.

There are some twists and turns with the plot. While leading up to a shoot up action conflict. Frank Grillo. Gerard Butler. And Alexis Louder all did good with there roles. Seeing all three in action was entertaining.

The action sequences are decent and adds nothing new to the genre. Plot is decent and forgettable. And the direction is cheesy with its forced humor.
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The stellar casting and performances couldn't save the writing.
Top_Dawg_Critic16 October 2021
Grillo, Butler and Louder gave outstanding performances, and although the satirical writing was entertaining, this would've been much better if the story were taken more serious.

Then there's the even bigger issue of the huge hole left in the story, the one which didn't explain any of the twists and turns. It's almost as if the dog ate pages from the middle of the screenplay.

For the 107 minute runtime, there wasn't enough substance. Either lots of minutes needed to be trimmed down, or preferably, more backstory/substance written in. It felt like the story was more about Louder's character, and we're supposed to ignore why the things that are happening to her, are happening.

It's a shame no one picked up on these huge issues, because the directing was excellent, as was the cinematography, score and gore effects. Its a good one-time watch, and thus a 7/10 from me.
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Needs a Filler Killer
Tweetienator19 October 2021
Somewhat okay but nothing remarkable, the "professional" killer guys for sure should think about taking up some other job career. Anyway, one of those action movies where everything but the action is filler time and unbelievable, especially many dialogues are wanna-be cool cat talk. Some serious cutting to give the story some more momentum and a more serious tone (characters, dialogue) would have done Copshop a good service. To sum it up: solid but missing some spice.
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Action n star cast overshadows the movie's flaws.
Fella_shibby17 October 2021
Grillo with a man bun like Tom Cruise in Last Samurai which nobody saw was epic.

The movie tried hard to be like Assault on Precinct 13 but the lack of atmosphere, tension n suspense prevented it.

In fact the low budget VFW starring Stephen Lang is a decent take on defending the 'Alamo'.
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NOT credible, NOT thrilling, NOT funny
imseeg28 November 2021
The bad: I know one when I see one, an inferior, cheaply made movie that simply is NOT credible, NOT thrilling whatsoever at any time and it aint even funny either.

I like Gerard Butler for his many action movies, but this one is a stinker. Simply boring...
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A brutal, unforgiving film
jtindahouse15 October 2021
Action/thrillers aren't always my favourite type of thrillers, but if they are made as well as 'Copshop' is then there is no way not to love it. This movie is brutal - and I loved every minute of it. It did get off to a slightly slow start, however once the action began it was relentless.

There are three levels of characters in this movie. There are the cops who you obviously root for first. Then there are less evil criminals, and they trump the ultra-evil criminals. The movie is quite clever too in the way it doesn't always let you in on which category a character falls into. The movie isn't in your face with twists and turns, but it does have some quite subtle ones that I really appreciated.

There was a little bit of unrealistic and unnecessary silliness at the end that I thought the film could've done without. Otherwise though I had a great time with this movie and would highly recommend it. 9/10.
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Lots of Surprises
stevendbeard17 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Copshop", starring Frank Grillo-Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, the Captain America movies; Gerard Butler-Hunter Killer, Law Abiding Citizen; Alexis Louder-The Tomorrow War, Black Panther and Toby Huss-Reno 911!-tv, Halloween_2018.

This is a good action movie with lots of surprises. It starts off with the theme music from the 1973 Magnum Force-Clint Eastwood classic-playing and only gets better from there. Frank plays a con artist that is on the run from assassins hired by the people he stole money from. He decides to get himself arrested to hide out in a safe, protective area, jail-he strikes Alexis, a rookie cop, to get arrested. Gerard is one of the bounty hunters on his tail and does the same thing-getting arrested, not striking Alexis-to get close to Frank. Then, Toby shows up. He is another, more psychotic killer that justs starts shooting at everyone in sight as he delivers funny lines. He is the funniest part of the movie. Overall, I really liked this one.

It's rated "R" for bloody violence and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 48 minutes.

I would buy this one on Blu_Ray.
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"Ms. Rambo, or how I learned to perform . . .
tadpole-596-91825622 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
. . . major surgery on myself and others" COULD be the title of this revisionist action film. However, its ACTUAL heading is listed as COPSHOP (which sounds like some sort of illegal car scavenging business). This flick is chock full of lovable characters, suggesting many spin-off opportunities (were it not for the fact that all but two of them meet with violent deaths by the end credits). Hopefully, the sequel will generously expand the COPSHOP universe (starting with Val's yet-to-be-seen spouse).
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The action surprisingly funny, intense, and bloody gore! Really should watch it! Well done!
kwenchow4 December 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a cop talking at the desert, and a man runaway with a cop's car scene! As turnout, this film is about two prisoners in a police station(Teddy, and Bob) need to survive from the killing of a assassin "Anthony"! Entire film full of quite intense action scene! Such as, bloody shooting, bloody stabbing, explosion, burning, martial art fighting, and things broken scene! Make the film quite watchable! At the end, Bob killing Anthony, Teddy, and eventually escape from the police station! That's it! A quite entertain film!
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dar041712 October 2021
Lot's of crazy action with Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo. Like always you go in thinking just another action film and it turns out to be freaking awesome.
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Intriguing Thriller
Pairic12 September 2021
Copshop: We've had sieges of police stations before but his film has some original angles. Teddy (Frank Grillo) punches cop Alexis (Valerie Young) to get himself arrested, he fleeing from hitmen. But one of the killers, Bob (Gerald Butler) feigns drunkenness to end up in the same lock-up. An interesting station, comedians, slackers even a corrupt cop. Actually corrupt cops are everywhere in this film. Things get even more interesting for Teddy, Bob and Alexis as a rival hitman, Anthony (Toby Huss) arrives at the copshop, Anthony is truly psychotic, carrying a Bugs Bunny Balloon and sounding like Foghorn Leghorn. An internal siege develops with cells, narrow passages and an open pln squad roo becoming the battleground. Some savage violence and indiscriminate killing though this is leavened by by a streak of dark humour throughout Copshop. The tension is maintained and the film has a touch of early Tarantino about it, especially the dialogue. An intriguing thriller. Directed/Co-Written by Joe Carnahan. 8/10.
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masonfisk27 September 2021
A current release from Joe Carnahan (The Grey/The A Team). When a scuzzy con man/racketeer goes on the run (after absconding w/some ill gotten gains) fleeing from a hit (he was being transpo'd by the Feds but then some fake cops looking to off him create a bloodbath), his only choice is to hole up in the safest place he figures so he walks up to a police officer, played by newcomer Alexis Louder (in the midst of breaking up a fracas occurring outside of a hotel), & punches her in the face, getting himself arrested. Safely locked up in the county jail, out mark, played by Frank Grillo, finds himself joined in the opposing cell by a fake drunk, played by Gerard Butler, who is actually a hit man tasked to off Grillo. Louder knows there's more than meets the eye since things are not adding up which only gets ratcheted up even further who one of her corrupt colleagues calls in a tip bringing another hitman, played by Toby Huss (stealing nearly every scene he's in), who violently kills the majority of the other deputies & is intent on breaking into the cells (which Louder has locked herself into) to complete his mission. What follows is a variation on John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 filtered through the mind of Elmore Leonard w/great characters in a fractured situation especially Louder who is font of calm intelligence & pointed action who commands our attention at every turn. Carnahan had tried this trope before in his Smoking Aces release from 2007 but I felt he had an uneven mix of drama & comedy (the drama upended the humor in my opine) but here it's a perfect stew (when I actually saw the trailer for this film I got nervous...thank God I was wrong!) which gets a good balance of laughs & winces. Also starring Chad L. Coleman (Tyrese from the Walking Dead) as Louder's superior.
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Tarantino Lite
valleyjohn16 September 2021
Gerard Butler is having a bit of a renaissance in his career after making some poor career choices several years ago and Frank Grillo is at the peak of his acting career after being in some very successful TV shows but without doubt the star of Cop Shop is a someone who I don't think I've seen before and that's Alexis Louder .

On the run from a lethal assassin, a wily con artist devises a scheme to hide out inside a small-town police station-but when the hitman turns up at the precinct, an unsuspecting rookie cop finds herself caught in the crosshairs.

The best way to describe this is it's a Tarantino lite action thriller . While it's not as good as anything Tarantino has made , because of the characters, the dialogue and the music , it definitely has that feel.

The film is nearly entirely set in police station ( hence the title ) and that give it a claustrophobic feel , in a good way .

The first half it's mainly setting the story up and the second half is all out action .

Nobody can be trusted apart from Valerie and it's almost impossible to avoid the flying bullets.

Sure it's far fetched and and a little monotonous at times but I enjoyed it for the most part .

I'm sure there will be plenty of people who are sniffy about the film but there is no denying it's unearthed a new star in Alexis Louder .

I think we might be seeing a lot of her in the future .
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Great thriller
masonsaul10 September 2021
Copshop is a great thriller that's funny, witty and tense with some satisfyingly unpredictable moments, even if it takes a little too long to get going. Frank Grillo, Gerard Butler, Toby Huss and Alexis Louder all give incredible performances and Ryan O'Nan is great. Joe Carnahan's direction is excellent, it's extremely well filmed and suitably stylish with lots of energy. The music by Clinton Shorter is excellent.
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Will you Be Shopping For This Thriller? Succeeds in Some Levels and Cops out in others
rgkarim18 September 2021

Decent Pace: It moves for a non-action movie, with enough characters and engaging conversation to try to connect the web of lies surrounding the truth. Copshop does little to divert you from the main story, and continues to change the story amidst several parts of the police station to give you the full story, the way a good book does you know? By continuing to show these elements, they bait you into staying into the show to see how it plays out, refreshes your interest that time mostly seems to fly. Well done there!

Acting: Not Oscar worthy, and that is pretty much okay for a movie like this. Yet, they accomplish the goal of this crazy movie and make a go of creating a "colorful" cast of "heroes" so to speak. Frank Grillo has the conman role down, a teetering loyalty that you always question in his search for answers and survival. Gerard Butler brings his usual bag of intensity to the market, doing little to waiver from the intimidation factor he's made famous in 300 and the Fallen series. What's nice is that it's twisted in a slightly different manner and it works super well with the darker comedy aspect. Toby Huss brings a parodical nature to the role of a killer, a blend of funny, overemphasized accents, with cheesy lines and examples that is both terrifying and humorous at the same time. And the unsung hero is of course Alexis Louder, who takes the role of Val very ell in the dynamic she has to balance on profile. Strong women is there in all the right folds, but still realistic, Louder's portrayal runs the grounds of fun, laughs, and attitudes that is the central engine driving the bus. It's a fantastic central character and one that I did enjoy for the most part.

Character utilization: What else can I say about this, but they fulfilled the goal of bringing lots of characters in and practically using them in a meaningful way. Certainly there are extras with a limited inclusion, but for the most part Copshop accomplishes the goals of making sure there is a reason for them to be in the movie. It's smart writing and even more so respectful to the actors and players in the story so I give them props.

The Dark Comedy: It's the bread and butter of this movie, Copshop is a semi-exciting adventure that does little to mirror the horrors of the dark underworld. Teddy's story is a twisted dance of morals, and everyone who gets dragged into the mess has to put themselves underneath the microscope and examine their own issues that life throws at them. Copshops story is certainly a big slice of irony, conveying double standards and balances of trust and just how incompetent some things in the modern age are. However, the writing itself supports this, and some of the hyperbolic descriptions and portrayals are hysterical to listen to. Though certainly a bit drier than the usual comedy, it works well in this movie at sort of pulling the dramatic veil off of this crime series and injecting a little fun with it. Even up to the last seconds of the film, that comedic tone remains and it was fun to watch with only going too much a few times for me.


The Language Aggression: Not going to affect a lot of people, but with the comedic gold of straight up irony and dialogue, is only lost to me by an obsession with the F word in all its forms. Copshop does have the realistic nature of how a lot of anger and ire is shed, but for a movie that works a bit on the comedic poking, I'd have liked a little more effort to spice up the other elements I was enjoying in this film. Dark comedy does not always have to rely on an aggressive dialogue, and given some of the potential we saw with this movie, I could have been entertained with more of those irony moments mixed in different scenarios/ways.

The Story Elements: There was again hope of a deeper lore beneath the visage of the con artists and killers, and it offered a lot of promise for some characters that were more interesting past the tough guy personage. While I can say they did hit some of these elements quite well, I can't say that it was entirely worth it in my opinion. Teddy's whole stakes are bult up more than they should be and even his backstory is only lackluster in the actual development skill level than I think it's worth in the end. Viddick's character is sort of the lone wolf style, mysterious and deeply dark, but again only hinted at in some fun dance that suggest a potential sequel if it does well enough. Yet where the story severely flops for me is the whole interconnected crime itself and just what is the whole involvement and big picture that involved so many people. Sure, I can put the clues together in a simple explanation that covers the bases, but after so much build up and stringing... the whole explanation is lost to the Dark comedy. It's disappointing to some degree, and I would have liked more to fleshing out the points of all the carnage to sort of up the stakes.

The Action/Competence: The movie does a decent job of setting up the premise for why there is so much carnage, but at the same time it's comedic twist also sometimes defies logic for the competence of several of the characters. Val manages to have more competence than most of her fellow officers, but even our shadier characters make stupid lapses in judgement that moments before were much sharper. Action wise, the movie does little to stroke that click, again taking a realistic take like Law and Order does in most of the episodes. While it is again a lead up to some funny moments and dialogue, the fact that the characters sort of break is not as entertaining to me.


Copshop was a nice surprise in terms of the comedic approach they took with a tried and true drama. Certainly not the wettest of the laughs, this film is all about stabbing at life and the irony we have as life hands us choices. With fun characters and parodies of titular titles, and writing that supports them super well, you will find a lot of the gold in the writing at this time. And while this is certainly the highlight of the movie, it's also the biggest hindrance in some of the other categories you might be looking for in a crime thriller. The action fits the rules they have established, but it does not have the bite or confidence that John Wick does, so don't expect that kind of carnage. Throw in the fact that the movie breaks the character's competence for more laughs is not something I enjoy as much anymore. Finally, the story itself is complete enough to get your thrills out, with a little help from your experience with other shows of the genre. However, for all the hints and petering about, I had hoped for connecting the pieces and diving a little more into exploiting the kryptonite of each character to really bring the story full circle. Overall, the movie is a nice surprise and worth a watch at home when it comes out in a few weeks.

Action/Crime/thriller: 7.0 Movie Overall: 6.0.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Copshop
burlesonjesse521 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
"I'm gonna kill you". That's the understatement of the year when it comes to 2021's Copshop. There's a lot of bullets that fly all over the place in Copshop. A lot of them miss, a few graze, and a few hit. Just ask an entire police station and a couple of prostyle killers. Oh wait, you can't.

Anyway, Copshop is about a con man who voluntarily gets locked up only to find out that he shares the prison barracks with the actual assassin who wants to kill him.

Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo star. One looks like Ian Anderson in the early days and the other looks like Antonio Banderas via 1995's Desperado. Both have enough sweaty testosterone and chutzpah to solve the energy crisis. And both seem to get right back up like energizer bunnies after getting shot.

Released in September of this year, feeling like Assault on Precinct 13 with steroids, and harboring opening title credits straight from the 1970s, Copshop feels like something Quentin Tarantino and John Carpenter would combine forces on. Sadly you're better off watching their individual movies just by themselves.

Granted Copshop isn't a bad film, it's just an uneven one. Intertwined between violent shootouts and feisty one-liners is otherwise annoying dialogue and characters who try to be too darn witty. Copshop's plot, well it's its own Mexican standoff. There's too many directions, too many points, and lots of personas chiming in.

Oh well. At least you get director Joe Carnahan's standard ending that's abrupt, gotcha-inducing, and thought-provoking. Carnahan is truly a style monger and his flick The Grey is a favorite of mine. But sometimes he comes off like a Tarantino clone who ignored the Academy and just went for schlock. Unfortunate.

Bottom line: Copshop might be the film Joe was born to make but it's more like he might have been "born" yesterday. "Chopped" shop.
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Great Action, But Too Few & Far Between & Plotless
vengeance2011 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
So I went in with zero expectations to see this but saw from the trailers that this might actually be good given I've seen Gerard Butler & Frank Grillo in many films from Gerard's Fallen Films to Franks 2 Purge Films!

The films plot (?) follows 2 men being imprisoned at a county jail when a serial killer enters & high jacks the jail with a corrupt officer to take down the police force I think... that's the plot basically, not much in terms of what the main goal of this film was meant to be about as it's very disjointed.

I found the film to be action packed, but mostly overloaded with too much talking & dragged scenes which didn't add anything to the already disjointed plot. In fact, the film jumps around from scene to scene & you can hardly make ends meat with the story or what is going on, there' no obvious narrative or plot to speak of which does indeed make this film come off as pointless with little action in it. The action itself was mediocre at best. Nothing impressive or unique.

Moreover, the film drags at 1 hour & 43 minutes & has way too much talking scenes & scenes which didn't add to anything. There's no plot as each scene doesn't gel well with the next & most (if not all) of the charters were paper thin. The reviews saying this is great tell me that they must have seen a different film as it can't be this one. The ending itself made no sense at all.

Overall, you'll be mostly bored with this film which is clearly overrated for the sake of it. It has little action, too much talking & dragged out scenes & has a 0 plot to it.

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Not a Cop Out by Any Means...
Xstal14 October 2021
Everything you've seen before but with a lot more style, some great direction and production and an outstanding performance from Alexis Louder. Getting in, to break out has seldom been better than this which is quite refreshing in these times of repetition.
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Good Start Then Spiralled Down, Don't Bother!
martimusross14 September 2021

This movie got off to a very good start and then about 45 minutes in the dialogue became stilted, the acting stiff, the plot repetitive, and the scenarios contrived.

To my mind Gerald Bultler sabotaged his own movie by being desperate to engrandize his role without sufficient substance and have the last word.

The female cop played by Alexis Louder did a fine job but you "can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear".

Overall this is 5 outta 10 at best, meaning watch it on TV if you are minded.
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