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MPAA R for strong violence, disturbing and grisly images, language, and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • We see a nude man briefly through grainy security camera footage.
  • The plot revolves around finding a underage girl taken for sexual purposes

Violence & Gore

  • Several people are beaten to death with a hammer. Some of these killings are shown through grainy security camera footage, the rest we only see the aftermath of. Somewhat graphic.
  • Someone is shot in the back of the head (offscreen) and blood splashes across the face of a character who is standing in front of him.
  • Someone's neck is snapped. It is seen from a distance through a broken mirror and there is no audio of the actual killing.
  • A character pulls out their own tooth. Shown in close-up, but in the dark. Still very disturbing.
  • A character is shot in the eye through a pillow. We only see the aftermath. Graphic and upsetting.
  • A character's corpse is found. We see evidence that he was tortured before he was killed by being shot in the head. Extremely graphic.
  • We see the corpse of someone who has had their throat cut. Very graphic.
  • Someone shoots themselves upwards through the chin, and there is a lot of blood spatter.
  • Someone is sucker-punched out of frame by another in a quick and unexpected manner. It's suggested he is knocked out from it, as the character that throws the punch immediately looks at the ground and yells at him. The action of it is rough and realistic.


  • 18 uses of "fuck", 4 uses of "shit", 1 use of "pussy", a few of "damn".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man takes non-prescribed medications.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scenes where the main character has flashbacks appears all sudden is quite scary. Overall a very dark and gritty film, reminiscent of Bad Lieutenant (1992), not for everyone.
  • Throughout the film, the protagonist toys with suicide and self-harm. Although not graphic, these themes of suicidal ideation could be upsetting to some.

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