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Adriana Leonard is a Female in a Woman’s World

Actress/Writer/Producer heads to therapy with “Signing Out” In the new short film, Signing Out, Adriana Leonard plays a young woman trying to get over a failed relationship only to discover that she and her ex-girlfriend are seeing the same therapist. Co-written by Leonard and Jenna Michno (who plays her ex), the film was directed by Dana Brawer, featuring an all-female cast and nearly-all-female crew: Leonard also co-executive produced Signing Out alongside Jett McCandless. Brawer edited the project; she and Michno are producers on the film, while Madeline Berger was the Director of Photography. “In full disclosure, a few members of our crew were guys,” Leonard says, “but what drove me was a desire to make art that casts visibility on the issue of...

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