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Great show but Sarah Bolger is terrible - sorry
eric-limbacher13 September 2018
Going to keep this simple. Love the show, doesn't pull punches, really a great show. But I cannot stand Sarah Bolger, who plays Emily. She's over-dramatic, her over-exaggerating facial expressions are just terrible. Basically, I have a hard time watching every scene she's in.

I'm hoping she gets better, otherwise I'd just as soon watch Kristen Stewart in Twilight ...

I know, this is just my opinion and you don't have to agree. You can even convince me I'm wrong. Or again, maybe she will get better as the show goes on ... I hope so. Lol
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Come on... give the show a chance !!!!!
johannesl-1328616 October 2018
I loved SOA !

Lets give the show some time to sink in...

It is not eazy to make a new storyline to match the best show ever... but i think so far the show is Very good and different in a good way.

We hard core fans need to understand that Jax is not going to come back and we need to accept to get to know the new characters. If you don't have a open mind you always going to hate on everything Kurt is producing and thats not good for the projects in the future.

So far so good!

Lets give Kurt some cred so he make a story about "the first 9" after this.

Everything is not going to be as before !

Think before you judge.
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Great spinoff to a great show
fardeen-shahriar7775 September 2018
Mayans M.C is a spinoff of the great Sons of Anarchy. Like SOA and most shows, Mayans starts off at an average pace where we get introduced to the characters and it escalates to a much more intense and amazing number of episodes. It doesn't rely too much towards to its brethren Sons of Anarchy. It does have references to SOA but it is mostly focused on its own storylines. Mayans M.C has the possibility of being on the same level as Sons of Anarchy.
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Did not expect to like this show as much as I do
kayjay-8435619 October 2018
Pleasantly surprised with this new show. Loved SOA and expected this to be a lesser substitute, but it is not. Mayans has heart and a great plot. Egaging actors easy to identify/believe. Have to agree the only character who seems out of place is Emily. Hard to understand how the pure little drama queen became accepted by people grounded in the reality of their world. Good strong characters with great acting all around other than that. Every scene she appears in my brain asks "WHY?" She does not fit, personality, speech, appearance, everything is wrong for her in this show. Similar to having a stone in your shoe, Emily is an irritant to otherwise entertaining experience.
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Don't hate because it's not Sons
bmw-990807 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
We all know how first episodes of Sons went. This is all set up for the remaining 9 episodes. There was good material in the show and simple nods to Sons that were enjoyable. From the patches on the collar of Packers cut that are the same ones from Jax's to a Gemma cameo. Give the show time, we have to remember that Sons was a one in a generation kind of show.
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Definitely worth watching!
Wikkid_Gamez20 May 2019
Not sure why there are so many harsh reviews. For the ones trying to compare it and it's characters to SOA ... Just don't... Just because its set in the same universe with certain tie ins doesn't mean it should be compared to it. I personally love the universe Sutter created and am thrilled that he is adding to it. I do still hope that he does something with the original nine of SOA, but that is a different story. Mayans is hitting that same place for me that SOA did. Its been hard to find another show like that as SOA is my all time favorite. To the ones saying that it isn't original the way SOA was, well ... That particular concept will never be completely original again because its already been started. That said, this show does still have its own sense of originality within the same universe and is standing on its own just fine. As for all the complaining about the subtitles... I'm not exactly sure what they were expecting.... I mean, it is a Mexican biker club .... Of course they are going to be speaking Spanish at least half of the time. It would come off fake if the whole thing were done in English. Js. Same thing with the music, if it were all the same type of music used in SOA it would be out of place as well. The culture is a huge part of any show wanting to come off with as much authenticity as possible. Giving mixed types of music ties in to all of that. As to the arm being cut off during interrogation of the Samoan leader, well that guy is the Cartel. Not the Mayans, and yes... Even in real life getting caught stealing from the real Cartel is a death sentence. Period. The Mayans were just the hired muscle to escort the Cartel shipment on this side of the border. I am starting to think mostly that the people leaving bad reviews must not have been paying much attention if they couldn't even figure out the basics of what was actually taking place.

I like how they have tackled this show.

Give it a chance. Looking forward to season 2!
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This is only the pilot....
psonti7 September 2018
It isn't fair or helpful to have watched all of SoA and judge the Mayans MC's pilot episode.

It wasn't bad. It wasn't great. As far as pilots go, it was FAR better than SoA's pilot.

That said, let us give the show time to grow and mature. Pardo pulled off EZ well and is easy on the eyes. Michael Irby. Danny Piño. Sarah Bolger. Emilio Rivera. What's not to like?

So far, so good. After 9 more episodes, I'll look again at it from the beginning.

For now, I'm sticking with it.

Thank you, Kurt Sutter, for bringing another slice of MC outlaw biker culture back.
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Great start!
marieantoinette-257835 September 2018
I enjoyed this. I look forward to next week. It didn't remind me of Sons of Anarchy...It was a different setting...Not the Charming little town..Kurt Sutter is smart... His lead characters are attractive. EZ, plays his part well too...Also liked the fact, that he's a boy scout:-). All characters play well. Well done Kurt Sutter.. Hooked all ready!
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Get Some Writers
jorinw13 September 2018
I'm just finishing the 2nd episode and the story lines are so juvenile I don't know if I'm gonna continue watching the series. Melo dramatic acting and some pretty stupid soap opera type writing is making this show pretty bed.
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Terrific spinoff
aprilbullock6 September 2018
As soon as it started I knew it was going to be good, love the similarity to SOA but with its own style. Looking forward to the season!
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Like many have said it ain't no SOA, but I hope it gets better and a.m. not giving up
chadallac-7125920 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'm quite disappointed so far. HOWEVER I will continue to watch to the very end, cause I still love the MC parts of the story. I usually love Kurt Sutter's style, but this is moving along very slowly, it seems more about the cartel than about the MC so far which is not what I wanted to see at all. It does seem to have an interesting ending to season 1 coming though. It's picking up for sure. I don't like snitch storylines at all. They are completely overdone in TV and movies and I would just love to see a MC show where there are no snitches in the major storyline. Also most of the characters don't have anywhere close to the depth SOA characters did so far. Only a few of the characters do I like, those being Johnny Cruz, Felipe Reyes, Alvarez of course, Chucky is as hilarious as he was in Sons and I would like Ezekiel if he wasn't a dirtbag snitch. I'm also very disappointed in the small role Alvarez has so far. But like I said, just give it time, get through this strange Cartel storyline hopefully, and it will become more about the MC as it should
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Mayans MC is to SOA what..........
sevenlilxenos5 September 2018
Fear is to The Walking Dead.

Slimmed down, gritty, Mexicanized and full of references to make it similar but different to SOA. Sub-plots, alliances, family, betrayal, secrets, intrique, enemies and the ever looming multi-level law enforcement will feel familiar. Not much black and white, just a lot of gray.

Let me quickly get this out of my system, I LOVED SOA and Kurt Sutter is a great writer, but when it comes to his wife, he just cant help himself. Why must he put her in everything he does nepotism be damned? The most unrealistic character in SOA was Gemma. No woman would ever wield that much juice (no pun intended) in the inner workings of a major MC.

We start off appropriately enough seeing a crow, you know as in Sam Cro, dead in the road with a scavenger picking its carcass. We see things mainly thru the eyes of E-Z (The Mayan's Jax) who is a prospect with a blood brother in the club and an old girlfriend he still pines for (sound familiar) . Apparently he just did only 8 years in prison for killing a "dirty" cop which one would think is a major red flag. Hopefully prospect E-Z will live long enough to see his patch unlike SOA's Half Sack and V-Lin.

E-Z's father, who apparently knew a really good criminal appeal attorney or something like that is the venerable Edward Olmos who is once again type cast as the wise, sage, Yoda like character just as he was in Miami Vice and Battle Star Gallatica.

Instead of the Mayans running guns their interest is in dope. Their H-D's don't have flat t-style handle bars but ape hangers. No exclusive dull gray or black paint but some of their bikes have other colors. Call backs to SOA abound: the church table, instead of Jax reading his father's journal E-Z reads books suggested by his father. There is a sex change joke that will immediately remind any serious SOA fan of Tig and information extraction ala Happy.

We actually see SOA's San Bern chapter and occasional SOA ally Marcus Alverez. It doesn't take long for the action to start and things to get dicey. You can just see the wheels turning inside of E-Z's head as if he were saying WWJD (thats Jax not Jesus).

Once again a Mexican Cartel chiefdom is a major player with the inner workings of moving dope from Mexico to the US fleshed out: tunnels, legit business fronts and protection runs from wholesaler to retailers. Things have a wide open feel as the Mexican government is portrayed as powerless or inept at best and corrupt at worst.

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Looking for adventure? In what ever comes our way. BORN TO BE WILD!!!
Ed-Shullivan5 September 2018
Mayans M.C.'s pilot episode has exceeded my expectation for this spin-off series of that other FX biker outlaw series that will go unnamed as I deliberately want to refrain from making any comparison unlike many of the other IMDB reviewers. I also refrain from comparing wife number #1 to my wife number #2. Nothing good would come from it anyway. A sufficient amount of artillery action, drugs and crime were delivered in the first episode without having to overdo it simply for the gratification of a few who enjoy that kind of graphic violence.

Oh sure, the Mayans have their own way of interrogating their enemies which may seem a little unrealistic but there is a reason why the term "an arm and a leg" is used when a costly decision or error is made by the Mayans competition, namely the Samoans. Watch the pilot episode and you will get my drift as I don't want to spoil your viewing pleasure.

The main character is a young Mayan M.C. prospect named Ezekiel 'EZ' Reyes played by JD Pardo. EZ recently got out of prison after serving an 8 year term and while he was in the slammer he found out his girlfriend was expecting his baby. EZ seems to have a head on his shoulder so we are to assume he eventually will do well within the M.C..

EZ also has an older brother named Angel (played by Clayton Cardenas) who is a full patch rider in the Mayans M.C.. The two brother's father whose name is Felipe Reyes is the local butcher who appears to be carrying the world on his shoulders. Felipe is played by the very cool and always in control actor Edwards James Olmos who is a well known star both in film (1988- Stand and Deliver) and in older TV series such as 1984 - Miami Vice, and 2002 - American Family.

I like where the series is taking its viewer audience and how the young prospect named EZ's wit will be pitted against the chapter's President, as well as the drug cartel head named Miguel Galindo played by Danny Pino who previously starred in TV's 2003 - Cold Case series, as well as 2011 - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

EZ's past love life is evident throughout the pilot episode and the series also outlines where EZ's love life may be headed in future episodes. There is a lot going on in this pilot episode and EZ's introduction to us the audience in the pilot episode is starting from the ground up...literally.

I like very much what I have seen so far and it is worthy of a 9 out of 10 rating.

HEADS UP! If you want to watch an even better crime/mob boss TV series try watching Bad Blood starring Kim Coates (from Sons Of Anarchy fame as Alexander 'Tig' Trager). Season 2 is so much better than season 1 and Season 1 was pretty good too!!!!
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Gave up after 2nd episode
wschafer8112 September 2018
I really tried to love this show, but its everything Kurt Sutter said he didn't want it to be. The Latino version of SOA, but with no loyalty and two snitch brothers doing their own thing. Drug running, fighting, shoot outs and riding motorcycles. That's it. If you like shows with action and no substance then this show is for you.
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juttab15 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was really looking forward to this for years and it was well worth the wait. Loved the little flashbacks to SOA - after all the time pre Eze being prospect should have been about the same of season 4 of Sons.Love LOVE the fact that a golden lurcher has kind of ´taken´the roll of watcher like the homeless woman in SOA.Other than that, the show has it´s own very intense storyline and I am hoping to have a good few years of excitement and ettertainment to see how it all pans out. Bloody well done.
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Bad acting and camera work destroyed a promising series
robertdwillis6 September 2018
I really wanted to love this new series! I've been looking forward to it for months. 30 minutes into the 1st episode I question what I was watching and listening to. The acting was horrible, so many long pauses, blank expressions and lack of emotions. My God, the Somoan sceen... really? High school drama club actors could do better. So many scenes were out of focus, the lighting was so bad you could barely make out the characters. Major panning of bikes riding along a street.

The show is definitely trying to recreate SOA with Mayans having a scrap yard, funky fence, down to having stylized motorcycle club table. What really made my eyes roll was when the motorcycle club had their meeting. All these Mexicans sitting at table speaking 100g english... they addressed the group as brothers in English. I don't know of any Mexican who uses the word brothers in English it's Hermanos! The Spengler's dialect mixing Spanish and English is almost nonexistent just like the Spanish dialect and any form of a emotion from these characters.
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No It's not SOA
digigod-738-6715276 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
But I was amused by the subtle (and not so subtle!) references to that show. Like, as someone else pointed out, EZ running over the dead crow in the opening shot. Like having Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) visiting Prison while EZ is being recruited by Jimenez. And reprising the role of Michael Ornstein as Chuck 'Chucky' Marstein. I'm not sure of the chronology, is he supposed to have already been with the Sons or is he yet to team up with them?

Yeah, it's NOT SOA, but if that's what you were expecting you won't be disappointed. Different but the same. We have heroin instead of guns, the cartel instead of the Irish, Mexican bikers instead of WASP bikers, the list goes on...

The cast is great, the storylines are compelling enough to have kept me watching, the camera work is fine but not exceptional as is the writing. The sense of humour is still there, tho' I thought they missed out on a chance for a great joke when 'Bishop' was discussing the dead drug mule with the mayor and he said "who's been playing Oxy wacker?", what a waste. The obvious joke was "who's been playing Wack-A-Mule?"

Some of the criticisms I've read here are absurd. Some people seem to think that this show is supposed to be an accurate portrait of a real outlaw MC! That is hilarious. This show and SOA before it are basically Westerns with intellectual outlaws, not a very plausible mix.

The criticism that the Mayans speak English most of the time is completely redundant as they are mostly Californian born Latinos who's first language could well be English.

The bikes are pretty nice eye candy (although I found it a bit boring that they were all basically identical barring colour) as is the scenery around SoCal and South of the border.

All in all a very respectable 7.5/10.
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Horrible show
mirza-mirzi117 November 2018
I never expected this show to be anything like Sons of Anarchy, and my critics do not come from that point of view, as it would be absurd to compare those 2 different shows.

But, when I first started watching this show I immediately noticed how boring it is, and the theme song showed me that it lacks seriousness, a long with boring episodes.

I was shocked when I saw how childish the plot is. If I were, let's say, 13 years old, then this should would certainly be amazing for me. It lacks emotion, character bonding and overall seriousness to the plot. I feel like I'm watching a Rambo movie, and that isn't good at all.

For any serious viewers, I do not recommend, commercial is what this is.
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Extremely disappointing
adamlmorse24 September 2018
I loved SOA, but even at it's best it had a lot of faults. Mayans doubles down on the faults and eliminated all the great redeeming qualities. The writing is terrible. The action scenes are worse and the characters aren't very interesting. The worst part of it all though is that it's entirely unoriginal. It's not just a spin off, it's trying to be exactly what SOA was but less interesting.
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Great start!
twriter-912965 September 2018
I love how the series has started. I expect to see real action in the episodes to come.
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Crap story line with too many subtitles.
jacquesje83-939-15684913 September 2018
I really don't mind subtitles if it's worth while but this is a crappy teeny drama story line. Little kids fighting a cartel and a snitch main character is way too much too early. The show is way too far fetched for my liking. What a disappointment.
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Nothing works here!
brussels_sprout133 October 2018
An overused script full of unintentional comedic dialog, make this spin-off nearly unwatchable. Bad acting under inept direction adds to the mess. I find myself chuckling with each hug and leather-slap that appear in just about every scene.

That said...this is BAD...just BAD!
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Poor relation to Sons of A.
mapanari15 September 2018
Writing is terrible! Everything is predictable, a mess, and scattered. The obvious pretty boy hero with scraggy homosexual/hobo look trying to look manly, to the contrived girl friend interest and more. The shoot-out scenes are right from Keystone cops episodes; Sutter obviously has never held a gun in his life. The scene in the graveyard was so silly I was LOL a lot. All the predictable hispanic actors are in this; there must be a Hispanic union of 20 people who dictate that they are in every movie/tv show with hispanics. Boring. SofA was kind of boring, this is so boring it took me 4 days to finally finish epi #2, as I was rather more interested in watching DIY shows, news, Smithsonian channel and something else rather than this.
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General Hospital M.C
daniellawsonrt7 November 2018
Sons Of Anarchy was just a daytime soap on motorcycles. It was way overrated by an audience that pretended it didn't notice the melodramatic storylines because it had motorcycles and "tough" guys in it. This spin off looks exactly the same. In 20 years, S.O.A and Myans M.C will be camp classics.
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2 eps and I had enough
disdainisme12 September 2018
Pretty much no likable characters. The show just has no flow to it. Its a mess. Of course it will never live up to the Sons but I was not really expecting it to be but I was expecting pretty decent writing to which there is none and decent acting - nope again.

I would be shocked to see this get a second season but then again the garbage that gets picked up it has a great chance. Its a predictable show so if that is your thing its a must see.
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