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Sex & Nudity

  • Jeremy tries to escape out of a building filled with terrorists by climbing out a window. He gets stuck half hanging out of the window and proclaims the terrorists have found him and are "doing things to him"
  • Some references, not graphic , sometimes hard to miss .
  • In part two of The Beach Buggy Boys, which is a special that takes place in Africa, there is a group of some topless women. Not very graphic, maybe a thirty second clip that has Hammond fixing his car.
  • Occasionally Jeremy and/or Richard like to attach rubber penises to various objects - usually something owned/driven by James.

Violence & Gore

  • It is implied Jeremy gets raped by terrorists while stuck in a window, he asks for James to kill him but he misses every shot, Hammond then hits him in the head with a shovel (not shown, but heavily implied).
  • James shoots the queen in the back of the head offscreen, he then shoots Hammond.
  • Charlize Theron gets eaten by a lion.
  • Hammond has a knife fight on the wing of a plane, before he even has the chance to do anything he gets stabbed and dies.
  • Jeremy is blown up with a grenade, body parts fly everywhere.
  • Simon Pegg drowns.
  • Jeremy gets hit over the head with a bottle by Hammond in conversation street.
  • In one episode, James' head explodes in Conversation Street.
  • In one episode the presenters mock fight a group of terrorists.
  • There is a comedic montage of James being shot by a sniper while he tries to steal a car. One of the countless times he gets shot there is a slow motion spray of blood.


  • As a challenge the boys travel to Fucking, Austria. The word is shown many times throughout the episode.
  • Many British profanity include: 'Bloody Nora', 'Bollocks', 'arse' etc. Most F bombs are muted
  • The words "arse", "bloody" "bugger" "shut up" "damn", "hell", "bastard", "bollocks", "Jesus Christ" and "shit" are frequent. Less uses of "cock", "penis" "ass", "goddamn" and "piss". The F-word(fuck) and C word(cunt) are usually bleeped, but in a few episodes the F-word is uncensored. The words "shit" "bastard and milder words than the F word are always uncensored. Very rare profanity uses of "dick", "wanker", "twat", "bitch", "whore", " and "pussy".
  • A license plate is shown that has cunt written on it, its pixelated but done in a way where its very obvious.
  • Multiple instances of the word 'shit' in the first episode. One use of strong language which was 'fuck' was bleeped out.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • References to cocaine.
  • All three do enjoy a beer at the end of the day, when they can get it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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Sex & Nudity

  • In the Colombia Special, Jeremy sees a man having "relations" with a donkey. He then talks to some men in the village who say that a donkey is "their first wife"
  • A photo shows one of the presenters having their their pants down in the end credits of the Scandinavian Special, showing pixilated nudity.

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