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Sex & Nudity

  • it's made clearer in this movie that Fleet and Claudette are in love. at the start of the movie, Claudette has a flashback of how she and Fleet used to train for the great games together. after this, she's murring and kissing the air while the others uncomfortably stare at her, and Runt starts teasing.
  • Humphrey's about to tell the pups how he "was about to put the moves on Kate", but Kate stops him before he says anything else.
  • Kate and Humphrey are about to kiss, but they're stop halfway through by Brent, who needs to pee.

Violence & Gore

  • lots of gun fire in this movie (even more than in the other ones)
  • Humphrey bites one of the trappers on the butt. then, he punches both of them in the face. later, Fleet comes and bites one of them on the leg.
  • towards the end of the movie, the animals are being shot and chased by the trappers as they get closer to Idaho. Humphrey turns around and attacks the trappers, so that the others can escape.


  • "hell" can be heard twice.
  • one of the trappers in the movie says "damn" a lot.
  • name calling (loser, weirdo, jackass, creeper etc.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • wolves growling, gun fires etc.
  • towards the end of the movie, Humphrey's face gets pretty menacing when he attacks the trappers.
  • the scene where the pups get worried about their parents' safety can be upsetting and emotional.

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