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Larry Clark Redux
bastos26 April 2020
In the same year as Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Mission Impossible 6 and Incredibles 2 comes the sequel everybody was asking for, Marfa Girl 2. I guess Larry Clark also has the right to have a cinematic universe... Well, this one starts after the explosive events of the first one and deals with its aftermath. Larry Clark sure can shoot a movie, if only he could write one as well... There are some themes here that are worth exploring, and in the hands of someone more capable would make for a compelling drama, but Larry Clark seems to only be interested in exploring the surface and then shock you with either sex or some unexpected violence. I also found the acting to be quite subpar, which I found quite distracting, with the exception of Drake Burnette in the titular role. In the end I found this to be a pretty disappointing movie from someone I know can do much better.
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More Teenage Angst Warning: Spoilers
If you're not a fan of Larry Clark's work, please move along as this film with probably upset you or you'll just plain hate it.

Me, I've loved Larry Clark since I saw Bully and Wassup Rockets. Now honestly, the first Maria Girl was a bit disappointing. A very vague storyline without any interesting narrative. It was essentially just a film of sex and violence with horrendous acting by some (as ususal) unknown actors.

So jumping into #2 I was intrigued by the fact that Jonathon from Wassup Rockers would also be appearing. Now, if you liked the fact that the first film was filled with sex, you'll be happy to know there is more sex and nudity in this film. The storyline follows a more stable pattern, the acting is much better and the ending brings quite an interesting climax when Marfa Girl kills the child of her rapist, Tony, which occurred in the first film.

Overall, this film follows a better storyline, better conversations and an overall more interesting plot line. Again, if you're a fan of Larry Clark, you won't hate this film, but don't be expecting another Kids or Wassup Rockers, because it's not.
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