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Sex & Nudity

  • The whole movie is based around a teen boy trying to lose his virginity, but also coming to terms with his sexuality.
  • A teen boy and girl have sex in a motel room. The boy takes his pants off, and we see him laying in bed with his shirt and underwear on. The girl walks in only wearing bra and panties. They start kissing as the boy reaches for a condom. The girl performs oral sex, this scene lasts for about 15-20 minutes. After that, they have intercourse. No Nudity is shown.
  • A teen boy and another teen girl have sex at a houseparty. She asks him to f*ck her, and grabs a condom. They have intercourse under bedsheets, For a few seconds, the nipples are shown. The girl shouts many obscenities. This scene lasts for about 20-30 seconds, until they're interrupted.
  • A stoned teen boy and drunk teen girl jump into an empty bathtub and begin to passionately kiss. They're interrupted after 15 seconds.
  • A teen boy plays with a monkey doll sexually, and "talks dirty" to it. This scene lasts for about 45 seconds - 1 min. He is then interrupted by his mom.
  • A teen boy stands up and exposes his penis to another teen boy. Pubic hair is briefly shown. This scene is meant to be comedic.
  • A teen boy licks a poisonous frog. This is meant for comedic effect.
  • In the middle of a class, a teacher announces that a teen boy is about to have "hot sweaty intercourse of a sexual kind". It's implied that the teen boy was only imagining things.
  • A boy sits next to another boy on a bed. One of the boys leans in and passionately kisses the other. This scene lasts for about 10-15 seconds, and is stopped when they feel awkward about it.
  • A teen boy falls into a pool and begins to have flashbacks as a kid of other boys being homophobic and making fun of him in the shower for "having a boner". The boys push the other boy to the ground and laugh. This scene can be upsetting to some viewers, especially if they're a victim of homophobic bullying.
  • A teen boy shows his privates to male friend to see if the latter is bi as he claims -- there's a close-up as he unzips his pants and lowers his underwear; we see the bare skin of his waist but not his pubes or penis.
  • A boy is seen buying condoms.
  • A boy and a girl uploaded an episode of their YouTube show which has footage of the girl in her bra and the boy shirtless. Nothing sexual, and the state of undress was made to reference naked mole rats.
  • Teenage boys making comments about "fucking animals."
  • Some sexual mature adult humour about animals

Violence & Gore

  • A teen boy hallucinates and falls over on a drum set.
  • A teen boy throws up on another teen couple. This scene is meant to be comedic.
  • An older teen boy picks up another teen boy and throws him onto a table after catching him having sex with his girlfriend.
  • A teen boy is punched in his face by an older teen boy.
  • A young boy is mocked for "having a boner" in the shower. The other boys call him a "fag" and push him to the ground.
  • A teen boy is seen with a bloody nose
  • A boy, out of fear and reflex, throws a toy at another boy wearing a monkey mask. Played for comedy.


  • 19 uses of fuck. Shit, bitch, cock, pussy, and other profane words are used.
  • Name calling such as: Cum weasel, dirty cock sock, etc.
  • Cock, dick, balls, pussy, shit, slutty, ass, nutsack, nut, bitches and fuck are said a few times. Mentions of clitoris and penis.
  • The middle finger is flashed.
  • A character gets called a fucktard and a cum weasel by his sister.
  • A character's sister says, "Suck my anus."
  • A character asks another character if the meeting she left early for is Whore's Anonymous.
  • A character is called "granny turd."
  • 19 uses of "fuck"
  • Uses of religous swears like God and Jesus
  • A homophobic slur is used

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3 teens are seen smoking weed out of a pipe
  • A teen boy and girl lay in bed and drink champagne together
  • A teen boy licks a poisonous frog, causing him to begin hallucinating shortly after.
  • One scene takes place during a houseparty. A teen boy gets drunk after chugging beer cans. Blunts are also seen being smoked too.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A boy ends up having an argument with his dad at the dinner table.
  • A boy has an emotional flashback to when he was being bullied for having an erection and being gay
  • A boy is hallucinating and is playing a game where they imagine their throwing and catching a ball and the boy imagines its a skull with creepy looking eyes
  • One guy licks a frog which can be quite gross for some people and he later has scary hallucinations


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A teen boy comes out to his ex-girlfriend.
  • Two teen boys kiss at Prom
  • Two boys make out while sitting on a bed, they end up falling on the bed. This goes on for a few seconds until one of them breaks off.
  • A boy gets ready to have sex. He is wearing a polo shirt and boxers, and it's evident (although not emphasized) that he has an erection. A girl is seen wearing her bra and underwear in the same scene.
  • A girl goes under the covers to perform oral sex on her boyfriend. We see her head bobbing under the sheets. The boy is shown to be clearly enjoyong it. He then proceeds to put a condom. Nothing graphic.
  • A boy begins touching "the general area" of a girl and stimulates her. She is in her bra. Some moaning from her and then she says, "I want you inside me."
  • A boy imagines a shirtless boy as the former is being kissed by a girl on his neck to further stimulate his offscreen "semi-ready" erection.
  • A boy and a girl are having sex. We the boy on top of the girl, and we briefly see the girl's side breast (areola with nipple). Some thrusting movement is seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A boy and a girl are in the middle of sex, which leads to an argument with shouting.

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