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Sex & Nudity

  • Multiple instances of either implied or shown sex scenes.
  • Throughout all of the seasons, it is pretty mild overall.
  • A man and a woman are shown making out until the man gets shot in the head.
  • Two main characters carry on an intimate relationship for a brief period where multiple implied and sometimes shown sex scenes occur. These are usually mild and don't portray any actual nudity.
  • A woman Is changing clothed her bare butt Is briefly seen
  • Pretty much every sex scene in the show lasts 30 seconds at most.
  • Overall there is not too much explicit scenes. Most of the time it is more mild.

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple scenes of graphic shootings. Some scenes of interrogation, showing men tied up and being beaten. Some knife violence, showing people being stabbed, sometimes brutally. Some scenes of heads being bashed in with sound effects.
  • A man's face is smashed into and dragged through a mirror. He screams in agony and his face is left bloody, chunks of glass stuck in his skin.
  • Some surgical type scenes. Bullets being pulled out of wounds, cuts being stitched up, etc. In one scene a man is removing an arrow from another man's shoulder. He slices into his back and pulls the arrow through, stapling up the wound. Not awfully graphic or disturbing but pretty gross nonetheless.
  • A man's throat is slit. Not clearly seen.
  • A man's inner intestines and organs are briefly shown following the detonation of a bomb.
  • A group of private contracted soldiers are taken out by a man and his accomplice in the woods by shooting and stabbing them. Multiple wounds are visible.
  • A man is stabbed multiple times in his home. Graphic.
  • A group of men are beaten and killed with a sledgehammer by the main protagonist.
  • A man has his face blown off by a shotgun at point blank range.
  • A man has recurring nightmares of his wife being murdered.
  • The main protagonist is strapped to a chair and tortured and beaten repeatedly.
  • In a wartime scenario, the main protagonist kills many enemy combatants by shooting, stabbing and violently bludgeoning them to death.
  • A man is permanently blinded by being punched in the eye.
  • A woman is shot in the head but ultimately lives.
  • A man is executed with a shotgun blast to the back of the head. Gore is shown very briefly.
  • Two bikers are gunned down and run over with a van by the main protagonist.
  • A man is choked to death in an airport bathroom.
  • A man is shot in the head via long range sniper fire. Brain matter splatters on the wall behind him.
  • In one scene, the mutilated corpse of a woman is shown lying in a bed.
  • A man is shown carrying a severed head.
  • A group of men savagely beat their former accomplice.
  • A room full of gangsters are shot and killed by the main protagonist.
  • A woman is badly wounded in a car crash.
  • The main protagonist himself is repeatedly shot, stabbed, beaten, and tortured throughout the series.
  • Multiple men are shot and killed in an illegal safehouse containing stolen cars.
  • A man is beaten multiple times before being shot offscreen.
  • A man is hanged to death in an abandoned warehouse.
  • It's implied that a man kills his own father when a bloody sheet is exposed in the foreground.
  • A man has his arm blown off in a war zone.
  • A man has his neck snapped by the main protagonist after he infiltrates his home and interrogates him.
  • A deceased man in a warehouse is seen in the foreground with a pair of pliers sticking out of his ear.
  • In a warzone, the main protagonist beats an enemy combatants head in with a rock repeatedly. Not overly graphic, but much blood sprays on the protagonists face as the act takes place.
  • A man is stabbed with a concealed blade.
  • Season 2 isn't quite as graphic and gory as season 1 was. Season 1 was more tactical that season 2, and the overall combat and shootouts seemed more realistic. The blood looked more real as well in season 1. However, the hand to hand action sequences (Such as the Gym fight, Bathroom confrontation, and the bar brawl) in season 2 are more brutal and graphic than some in season 1 and there's a even higher body count, which kind of makes up for it.
  • This show is INCREDIBLY violent and savage, with an extremely dark and serious tone, and it's filled with extreme graphic violence and grisly images throughout. Here, Frank Castle mercilessly slaughters every single criminal he finds on his path, and it's often with extremely graphic results.
  • A man is stabbed and bitten in the ear. He is later stabbed again in the chest multiple times, has his head beaten severely, and is then finished off with an eye gouging. This is definitely the most brutal death of the series.


  • Many uses of "shit" throughout every episode.
  • No uses of "f*ck." Coarse language such as "pussy" is occasionally used.
  • Vulgar banter among the main antagonists and protagonists throughout.
  • 17 uses of "god damn"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Frank (the main character) is repeatedly seen drinking alcohol
  • Talk of heroin being used to fund illegal projects.
  • The main antagonist's mother is a heroin addict.
  • A man injects heroin into a bed-ridden woman.
  • Mentions of heroin being smuggled back to the United States in the bodies of dead soldiers.
  • Some scenes of people smoking cigarettes and cigars.
  • Two of the main characters get drunk together.
  • A man and a woman drink wine
  • Season 2 features several characters snorting cocaine and dealing meth.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show is very mature. The content matter may upset some people.
  • A man is brutally interrogated and then shot to death. Very disturbing and upsetting.
  • A man is unexpectedly stabbed to death. Very sad.
  • A woman is very unexpectedly shot to death. It's off screen but it is extremely upsetting and shocking.
  • The show is about a vigilante who ruthlessly murders criminals.
  • The show features very emotional themes throughout that may upset some viewers.
  • Heavy themes such as close personal loss and former soldiers struggling with PTSD and rejoining civilian society are explored.
  • The show revolves around an ex-Marine turned vigilante who hunts and kills criminals after his wife and children are murdered by gangsters. The overall tone of the show is very dark.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Rawlins tortures Frank. Frank then proceeds to stab Rawlins in the chest, punch him repeatedly, and gouge his eyes out, killing him. This is all clearly shown and extremely brutal. Rawlins' dead body is shown in later shots, bloody but mostly out of focus.
  • A fight scene with the authorities and the Punisher. Some graphic scenes include a bomb attached to a decapitated head, 2 men getting their heads shot at with a shotgun, and a man's intestines hanging out of his stomach after an explosion. Blood sprays everywhere with every shot. Frank is also shot many times, but he shows no visible signs of wounding, as he is wearing a bulletproof vest. This fight can disturb some, or at least make you cringe.

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