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Brilliant entertainment
legg_s8 October 2016
I thought about giving a 9, then why not 10 out of 10. I was also saddened to see reviews which thought this series "rubbish" & went further to pick the cast etc to pieces. I understand everyone is different & free to express their opinion, but what about "if you have nothing nice to say, why say it at all". May I say I love this series immensely. The way the characters bounce off each other in dialogue, the very British upper lip, the scenery, the story line all make for pure & simple entertainment which has me engrossed, smiling, happy & content for the entire program. It's sheer fun & that's what I'm sure the directors were out to achieve, no sinister nail biting high blood pressure drama to have you dangling off the edge of your seat. Lighten up people & enjoy this for what it is.
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Ignore the negative reviews written by nerds and sci-fi lovers
msokolinski10 October 2016
This is probably the only show at the moment that does not have. 1. a character with special powers/abilities that helps the local police department solve crimes (Lucifer, Lie to me, Continuum, Sleepy Hollow, Mentalist, Bones and so on.) 2. a nudity (Westworld, Game of Thrones) where geeks can finally satisfy themselves with anything other than PoornHub 3. where the character is 50% of the time a CGI stunt or fighting/shooting/trying to survive some kind of apocalypse

This is one of those TV shows where you can just sit down and enjoy lighthearted story line. you know what will happen and that is the idea of it. you know that Hooten will f^&k up something somewhere... but you don't know where

Its as cheesy as riders of the lost ark, or the temple of doom... and there is nothing wrong about it.
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Well made, fun, popcorn TV
lee-0685029 September 2016
It doesn't shy away from the genre clichés and is all the better for it. Written with care and made with a decent budget, this is an enjoyable and long overdue "fill in" between the rare quality action adventure movies that 40somethings grew up on. The acting holds up, just, and the lead characters love/hate relationship has depth and seems to lay a basis for a long run on the series. Let's hope so. In some ways the TV format struggles as the stories have to be fast paced to get the story in. Or maybe we are just used to movies padding them out. Either way the format takes a little getting used to and I hope that the series develops some longer term, undercurrent story lines that take the series beyond the "Popcorn label" that I would give it at present. However a fine effort and well worth your time and sky harddrive spent.
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Very entertaining
hfhfdfse20 September 2016
HOOTEN AND THE LADY is the British comedy-adventure series following the exploits of Lady Alexandra (she is of noble descent, so, she is the real Lady) and the tough guy named Hooten. These thrill-seekers travel around the globe in search of the lost and priceless artefacts. Lady Alexandra is bored with her job at the British Museum. Instead of sorting out papers she would rather run around in the jungle, facing the cannibals and hunting treasures. And that is what she does! Because she is a modern, independent, brave women who always gets what she wants. In the jungle not only does she face the cannibals and find the artefacts but she also meets Hooten. He is so tough, so handsome and, yes, he has got perfect hair... The series features great scenery with filming locations including South Africa, Namibia, Cambodia and China, helicopter and bike stunts, some really impressive (by TV standards) action sequences and solid budget. The whole series is a nod to the classical adventure stories and films ranging from the Allan Quotermain books to Indiana Jones. The thing that pleases me most of all about the series is that it does not pretend to be something serious or substantial. It is pure fun and it wants to be seen this way. I would compare watching this series to spending a sunny summer day on the beach. Or if you want to bring back all those sweet childhood memories of watching Indiana Jones / Lara Croft/ Romancing the stone films, go and see Hooten and the lady.
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Why all the negative reviews?!? It's hilarious!
louisadawes11 October 2016
I love this series so far it's hilarious! It's highly entertaining! A bit like watching die hard, you know it's not realistic but you love it anyway :)

It's pretty dry sense of humor and has had me in stitches a number of times so far.

It kind of reminds me of the guys from the Mummy, the leading guy comes across as a bit of a money grabbing dick but is actually a bit of a softy. The leading lady seems like an extremely boring book worm but actually has lots of ooompf. I much prefer these two though they have great banter.

I have no doubt it'll be canceled, it looks expensive to make and which is such a shame, so I'm going to enjoy every last minute whilst I can !
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Well scripted and extremely well acted!
killa-tila1 October 2016
This show is amazing! It is not the typical procedural or serial killer TV show . It is refreshingly different. It is an adventure and it really takes you places you always wanted to go. The scenery is majestic! The characters are believable and relatable.Especially Lady Alexandra who isn't the typical female lead. She is intelligent and highly educated and it is really great having strong minded women on screen. The actors are great as well. From the first episode i sensed they were not just gonna pass their time filming this. They work for it! The chemistry is top notch and the script is full of precious one liners that are truly gems!The production looks on point and they must have spent a fortune filming it. Ophelia Lovibond is outstanding once again!! Highly recommend it!!
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Well written and very captivating
ebenezer202027 September 2016
This series is well written , with right dialogue and well paced too. Character building along with the adventure story happening alone. the wasteful scenes are eliminated and the things that make up the story remains. The first two episodes have been very interesting and intriguing. The different mysteries of the world be it historical or mythological are shown in each episode which makes it an series to look forward to. bringing alone two character form different spheres of life one sophisticated and pretty and another rough and handsome makes it a well balance of charter building which helps in the conversation , problem solving and the funny element of the story. Finally a good adventure series in lines with Indiana Jones and national treasure.
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Good Fun
sidthechampion-8424319 October 2016
New thing on Sky1 with Indiana Jones like treatment...its good fun. Much better than so much crap on TV right now.

The cast is good and production values are right there with good U.S TV Series.

Story lines in first 5 episodes are also good and kept me engaged.

I am not looking for anything more from any of the TV series and this fits my bill at least.

So in conclusion, its worth a watch if you are also into exploring new series like me.

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Quality Production
vic-929-59823724 September 2016
I watch everything. I'm that person that notices that the hotel in Ghostbusters 2, was the same hotel in American Horror Story. With that said...This is a full-on production, with some quality people working on, and behind the scenes. I love the attention to detail! The scenes (real locations) have texture, and grit. The music and sound effects are laced appropriately. The camera crew is legit, with wide shots, booms, dolly's, helicopters, etc (no B-roll here). This show obviously has a budget and people who know what they are doing. Good job guys. This is why you storyboard, and have meetings with the crew (I sense congruity). This show has a good pace, and is easy to watch. You may have to be in the mood for it, but when you have an itch for something like this, there isn't a whole lot out there to choose from. I would compare it to movies like Romancing the Stone, Indiana Jones, National Treasure, and Lara Croft. Those are movies, not TV. Similar TV shows would be Voyagers (yup I said that),and The Librarian (the mini series not the show). As you can see TV doesn't create stuff like this, Movies do. So give it a watch and judge for yourself. As for me I think it has potential, and I like the cinematography.
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Yet another guilty pleasure!
skoyles8 August 2017
Having been a fan of Michael Landis for a long time I was pleased to see that he had another series coming up. I recorded the first episode and watched it with my beloved wife. She summed it up in one of our family's time honoured phrases, "Another guilty pleasure!" HatL stands in the archaeologist tradition of Indiana Jones but is more closely allied with the Michael Douglas motion pictures begun with "Romancing the Stone": boorish adventurer with a heart of gold teams with a snooty, wealthy and very beautiful woman join forces to find lost artifacts. The secret ingredient in HatL is the dynamic interplay between the two lead actors, and the brilliant writing. The crisp dialogue is always refreshing. And it is laugh-out-loud funny! We love it and hope you might too.
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A very entertaining show that shrugs off ultra-realism and just has fun.
harrysaleh25 November 2016
I have to admit, the first few episodes had me wishing that they'd been a little more down to earth with the plot lines and even the dialogue.

At around the second or third episode, however, I realised that the fault wasn't really with the show, it was with me. We've had a wide range of incredibly immersive and comparatively realistic TV shows recently. That's not what this show is trying to be - not at all. It has an almost comic book adaptation-like feel to it.

Once you stop taking it so seriously, as you might other shows, you can really start to enjoy the excitingly fast-paced and exotic story lines, the fun and quite original character dynamics and incredible travel scenery on offer.

This is a very entertaining show, and what Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond have each achieved within their roles fits perfectly. The dialogue is light-hearted and comedic, and yet retains just enough depth, along with the all-important "will they, won't they" dynamic that audiences will genuinely be interested.

I realised - slower than I probably should - that I don't actually want to watch them fund-raise for plane tickets. I don't need to know what happened with their rental car's insurance after it was totalled. No, this is just entertainment.

I'm giving Hooten and The Lady 8/10 because I think that it really achieves what it has set out to do, and has been very entertaining. At times I did feel like some of the clichés and cheesy lines could have been a bit much, but they really were effective in keeping it light-hearted.

It's obvious that this must have been an expensive production. An eight episode series did feel a little short to me though and sometimes having just 40-something minutes for these new plot lines and locations felt slightly rushed. It makes me wonder if Series 2 could really benefit from stretching out each story-line across two (pt.A/pt.B) episodes each - giving us the same 8 stories, but expanded across 16 episodes, without having to double the budget.

Looking forward to what's next!
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Shouldn't have been cancelled
nancy-793-2288792 June 2018
This was really good! Why would they cancel something that lots of people clearly enjoy. It had everything, a bit of love interest, adventure, comedy the lot. So annoyed.
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a paint-by-numbers production, and the colors are off
cherold6 October 2016
I didn't hear much good about this series, but I like adventure shows, and I don't need them to be all *that* good; The Librarians is dopey, but I still watch it.

But just in the first half of the first episode, which is as much as I could take, this series manages to fail in almost every way.

First off, the cast is quite mediocre. Not awful. Not "completely can't act." But mediocre. The spunky Brit and the adventurer both are performed by people who don't seem to have much affinity for the roles. I don't know that either of them has ever even *seen* an adventure movie. They just feel like they're playing parts they don't really get.

The story is mired in generic clichés, and these aren't even presented convincingly. I didn't believe the British one cared about science, I didn't believe the adventurer had done any adventuring. The pawn- shop scene that introduces the adventurer feels perfunctory. The native tribe is every cliché you've seen in an Abbot and Costello movie.

Everything in the movie feels like it's just there because it's been there in other movies. The antagonism between the leads feels false, with arguments that are forced and have no fire or passion.

This series attempts to make a basic, generic adventure story, and can't do it. I wouldn't quite say it was unwatchable, but I would say there's no earthly reason to watch it.
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Enjoyed every second of every episode
Jassem25 December 2016
This show is perfect. It has action, adventures, drama and a lot of comedy. The leading actors are brilliant and funny they did a great job. The writers are top notch, all 8 episodes were brilliantly written and directed. I recommend this TV show to anyone who loves this kind (treasure hunting) of entertainment. Hopefully we get more seasons.

I'm loving this series. Like a few of you, I decided to wait until a few episodes had been shown. I was a bit concerned that it may just be a bad copy of Indiana Jones, but I'm glad to say it isn't. I think the reason for this is the Lady companion. She travels with Hooten, and gets into some scrapes too. The chemistry is obviously building between them, and it's a Love/Hate relationship - which I was completely expecting.

A lot of people are comparing it to Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, which is true, it also very much reminds me of the Uncharted games which are great also. Give it a go, it is worth a look.
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Just doesn't work!
rodder-310 January 2017
Plots are so wildly stupid and unbelievable that it's hard to engage with the rest of the show. Has a Scooby Doo type logic, so any attempt at reinforcing the terrible and totally idiotic plot lines with decent acting, characters or dialogue fails. Has the odd funny comic line and it looks good, otherwise only for those who can disengage their powers of reason while watching it. I found it almost impossible to like the main characters or care about them, as they were just white noise over the childlike story line. The show drafts in some quality actors for various episodes, but sadly they fail to shine against the awful plot backdrop. There was obviously the potential to produce a quality action comedy show with the budgets which must have been made available for this, but sadly it's a poor attempt.
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Perfect - if you're 11
droekaerts3 October 2016
Now three episodes in, I think I have given this show all it deserves. Not that Hooten and the Lady is "bad" perse, it is just aimed at the wrong audience. If this was a show on a children's network, airing between 2-5pm it would be perfect. It has exactly that level of intelligence and dialogue and my kids (8) love it. Now if you take that same show and broadcast it at 9pm, targeted at an adult audience it does not work that well anymore. The story line is not very clever and quite repetitive. The characters are cardboard cut-outs of cartoon heroes and villains. And most annoyingly, random CGI animals tend to show up in climates and locations where we (and even an 11 year old) know they could not possibly exist. For a channel that has given us the likes of 'Game of Thrones', 'Billionaires', 'The Affair' and 'Gommorah' I think they have underestimated their audience with this one ... And just for the record, it is nothing like Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone ... It's rushed, formulaic and with lots of ham acting never leaving the viewer satisfied, just frustrated at what it could have been as opposed to what it is (or tries to be). If this gets another season, let's hope it's for the matinée slot.
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Really bad show!
djv751518 July 2017
I looked on the IMDb to find out what rating this show got from other viewers before I watched the first episode. I was encouraged by the 7.3 rating. This show was a big disappointment! The writing, and overall storytelling were lackluster and characters were one-dimensional and totally unlikable! I will not be watching the rest of this first season and hope they don't do a second season!
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it's kinda garbage but it can be good some day
vasylyevdoshchek12 January 2017
I really love the idea. treasure hunting is fun, interesting and there's no show like this that I know of. but plot holes are massive, some scenes feels stupid, and more importantly - completely unrealistic. I sort of like the main characters, but i hate how they interact with each other. another thing that feels completely fake. there are few clichés here and there, but not that much as I expected if you consider that show is about traveling around the globe and meeting all kinds of foreigners. I don't understand shows violence policy, starting really rough, but progressing to be far lighter in later episodes. to the point where you stop worrying about anybody important, because you know they are never in real danger. I've had few laughs, I give it that. so right now the show is kinda garbage, but I kinda like it and I really looking forward to it getting better.
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goldmanalessandra15 August 2017
This show is awesome. It is something between Lara Croft and Indiana Jones with beautiful picture and pretty actors. I think hooten and the lady one of the best shows for the last years. But what I really can't understand is why it was cancelled while The Sky kept a real trash. Unfortunately now all the TV companies think is only about money that is why they filming low- costed trash and block qualitative shows just because they don't earn enormous sums. It is a shame.
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Escape with our adventurers and enjoy the quirks!
kmaestro2710 November 2016
Quirky characters and ridiculous situations each episode make this show a lot of fun. The chemistry between its stars(Ophelia Lovibond, Michael Landes) reminds me of the chemistry Douglas and Turner shared in the movies "Romancing the Stone" and "The Jewel of the Nile", (1984, 1985). A different wrinkle is that he is American, she is British. The banter between these two can reach a fever pitch that David and Maddie often arrived at on "Moonlighting,(1985-1989). Borrowing from the 80's doesn't always equal success but here it has. It works. I love it. I highly recommend it. It has been a great escape that I look forward to every Friday. Sky 1 simply has to renew this little gem! Yeah, I said it.
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absolutely brilliant
katajiboye4 November 2016
Its funny, clever, interesting and there is nothing else like it on TV. Casting is brilliant, story is good every week I really hope there will be a season 2, if anyone wants to watch something different please give it a try, its well worth it. Every week is like a mini movie, its like watching Indiana Jones movie for an hour each week. Its become a firm favourite very quickly, only started watching as nothing else on and now a fan. Please don't cancel and replace with generic programme its too good. Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond are great, good chemistry, funny bouncing off each other and balance each other well, supporting actors like jessica hynes and jane seymour great too, especially jessica hynes who should be in it more, please, please don't cancel it, I want more!
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Don't Waste Your Time on this Stinkeroo
Man9920421 July 2017
If you are threatened by anything new or innovative do not worry - there is not a single original idea in this series. This series recycles stale plot points from any number of previous sci fi TV series. It steals from series like 1997's "Relic Hunters" all the way to the current "The Librarians" and any number of series in between.

Those other series at least had engaging lead Actors , this series not so much. British Actress Ophelia Lovibond is pretty much a "walking overbite". Her dramatic range is limited to delivering lines in the same annoying flat monotone.

Michael Landes at 45 is getting far too long in the tooth to play these roles. He is about fifteen years too old to be playing this role - and it shows in every scene. He looks very tired, and disappointed.

There is absolutely no chemistry between the two leads. They stumble through each scene as if they were highly medicated.

The only bright spot in this production is Jane Seymour. Her scenes remind us of what a competent actress can do to raise the level of a production. Unfortunately Seymour is rarely utilized .
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Your weekly treasure hunting
tenshi_ippikiookami4 April 2017
"Hooten & the Lady" is an easy to see TV show, with the depth of a paper and with little to zero originality. However, the easy charm of the lead characters, their banter and the locations and their 'mystery' will keep the viewer interested in its short run of 8 episodes.

Lady Alex Spencer-Parker works for a museum in Britain. Her path gets across rogue, brutish, I-don't-know-what-a-saving-machine-is Hooten and pretty soon they both team up to search for lost artifacts, run away from 'bad people' and make havoc all around.

The story is simple as they come. In each episode, Hooten and Alex get together (for one reason or another) and have to work together to get to some mysterious object (normally in 'exotic' places like Burma). It doesn't stray for away from a cheap Indiana Jones knock-off, but both Alex and Hooten are charming enough (Lovibond and Landes doing an acceptable job with the paper thin personalities of the characters) and their paring works (one is always clean, smart and tries to do the right thing, the other a thief, dirty and selfish). With a recycled plot that is basically the same for each episode, it all depends on the characters and it is good that it is fun to share 40 minutes with them.

It all ends being shallow but fun, and it is short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome.
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Makes for a nice climate change
chillout-914888 October 2016
With content providers waging war and going to extremes to shock and awe audiences, it is nice to have a more innocent approach taking us back to the 80's and 90's cleaner and family friendly shows. well done to the production for having the balls to go back to a happier time rather than Goering the hell out of it, the lead actors do a great job of building interest and adding layers of complexity to the characters, taking the time to slowly reveal different layers, while not being tempted to go all hardcore from the get go. Well done to all involved, creating an escape is no easy task and in this instance it just works. it is also nice to have a sort of history lesson and travel magazine rolled into the show as part of the story line, i think this will help younger viewers develop an interest in the world that is lacking in young audiences this day and age, where cultural heroes are people that are famous for being famous, but have no actual skills and are empty shells with no substance. this show helps to bring back the excitement of the real world, creating a passion to travel and experience life first hand for yourself and not live vicariously through others. so get up off your couch or beanbag, take your backpack, lead by example and show the world what you can do for yourself. This is the message this show conveys.
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amazing show,10 out of 10!
alexnatallia26 February 2017
Absolutely brilliant show! We can't wait for season 2.Hopefully it will be more sparkles between two main characters and more beautiful places like NZ,Tasmania,Madagascar,Hawaii,Thailand,Bora Bora,Burma...Even if creators are against of any romance between Hooten and Alex just want to believe they will make some memories during one of next trips.The show is interesting till our heroes have a chemistry.Very enjoyable movie!!!
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