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Not as funny as the first one, but the additional all star cast and Christmas timing upped it a few notches.
TheTopDawg7 February 2018
The critics sure slammed this one. Sure, it's not as funny as the first one, and way too sappy, but the additional all star cast and Christmas timing upped it a few notches. Still an entertaining and fun flick. 8/10 from me
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Now, let me ask you...
borromeot8 November 2017
A group of heavy hitters, one way or another. Mark Whalberg starred and produced "The Fighter" Mel Gibson gave us "Braveheart" and "The Passion Of The Christ" John Lithgow is one the best actors we've got, from the transsexual in "The World According To Garp" to Winston Churchill in "The Crown" and Will Ferrel one of the most popular comedians around for over a decade. All together in a comedy! Now, let me ask you. is this the best they could come up with? Lazy, opportunistic without a single original idea. Is this movie going to make any money? I'm asking because if it does, I should shut up and dedicate myself to gardening or something like that. Clearly, money is the only reason behind this enterprise and I'm giving it a 2 and not a 1 out of respect for the crew and all their hard work.Phew.
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under-rated enough to question critics
Jawsphobia24 November 2017
These days I rarely enter an IMDb review. And when I have in the past it has usually been to offer an under-represented opinion. Here goes:

I suspect that some critics are triggered by bits that appear in trailers for the film, like the running joke that Will Ferrell kisses his father John Lithgow as Mel makes wry commentary on it. What someone today might call "gay panic" or "homophobia" is actually better described as CULTURE SHOCK, a term without so much judgment. It is all part of a character arc and effectively underscores the difference in parenting styles at the heart of the movie's conflicts.

This movie opened on my father's birthday, which might have been a good time to see it (or a terrible weepy time) but I had to work. I finally saw it and had the cinema all to myself on a Friday afternoon. The movie deserves more success. It is about on par with most Christmas dysfunction movies like Christmas Vacation. Watching a few of the set-piece moments, especially where they culminate, I am flabbergasted that critics have been hostile. Rotten Tomatoes guaranteed fresh the remake of Ghostbusters and this movie gets a splat? Something is rotten besides tomatoes in the state of Denmark.

The movie skewers gun safety, drinking, and Christmas rituals --- while introducing something I've never heard of: Do people dress as characters in public Nativity scenes? Overall, I found the movie pleasant and mild. The actors are all charming, even the model girlfriend who actually does have a discrete character that isn't quite a cliché.

You can safely disregard any review by a Mel Gibson hater. Adam Carolla's co-host reported Mel saying some quite correct and positive things about the trend of holding abusers accountable, but then she couldn't resist what she called a "refresher" on Mel's past troubles. Those kinds of "refreshers" tend to leave out CONTEXT!!!! and also tend to omit the factor of alcoholism and bipolar disorder, two valid obstacles which I am pleased to see him overcome. He is quite funny in this. I hope he keeps acting (and directing).

There is a fun movie within a movie that is an interesting commentary on Hollywood taste. The movie had me laughing (albeit alone in an otherwise empty theatre) and pretty much smiling the rest of the time. I found it to be a notch better and funnier than the original. Will and Mark are a bit more grounded here. The one scene that didn't work for me as physical comedy was a snow blower catching a string of Christmas lights and pulling it dangerously around, only because it reminded me of a cable snapping in the Piranha remake and slicing someone. The possibility of serious injury was prolonged a few seconds too much. But most of the movie is about little mundane moments and conflicts people can rise above. The ending is Christmas Movie cheesy and that is okay with me.
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Adding Gibson to the cast was brilliant in my opinion!
Hellmant15 November 2017
'DADDY'S HOME 2': Four Stars (Out of Five)

A sequel to the 2015 hit comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, as two rival fathers competing for the same children's love. In this follow-up they're now friends, and they have to deal with their own fathers visiting for the holidays, who are also complete opposites as well of course. Mel Gibson and John Lithgow join the cast, as the elder dads, while Linda Cardellini and John Cena also reprise their roles from the original movie. The film was once again directed by Sean Anders, and it was written by Anders and John Morris (the same duo also co-wrote the original, as well as 'HOT TUB TIME MACHINE', 'SEX DRIVE', 'SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE', 'WE'RE THE MILLERS', 'HORRIBLE BOSSES 2', and other hit comedies). This film has received nearly unanimous negative reviews from critics, but it's done really well at the Box Office (and with viewers there). I thought it was pretty funny too actually.

Brad and Dusty (Ferrell and Wahlberg) now get along perfectly, and our doing a really effective job co-parenting their kids together. Then both of their fathers, Kurt (Gibson) and Don (Lithgow), decide to visit them for the holidays. Kurt is extremely egotistical, obsessively masculine, and a bit of a sexist asshole. Don is really sweet, kind and friendly. More family drama occurs because of their visit, which causes conflict between Brad and Dusty again as well. Especially when Brad invites the biological father (Cena) of Dusty's stepdaughter over.

The movie is frequently very funny. It definitely has some bad jokes in it too, and it's a pretty routine family Christmas comedy, but it's still mostly funny. Adding Gibson to the cast, as the womanizing chauvinistic pig, was brilliant casting in my opinion as well, and he's hilarious in the role. Lithgow is also good in his part too, and Ferrell and Wahlberg are both effective once again too. I actually enjoyed this sequel more than it's predecessor; it seems more packed with quality humor to me, at least in my opinion. It's also more fun that it's set at Christmas (in my opinion as well).
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Cynical and dumb.
theagentman2113 November 2017
A depressingly nihilistic film that would have at least been commendable for its unabashed cruelty - that is, if an out-of-place clichéd 'happy ending' hadn't been tacked on. As such, it only works as an exercise in awkward gags and uncomfortable dramatic beats, hammering the final nails into the coffin of three careers while it's at it. Now, if you're looking for a darkly comic view at a dysfunctional family, you'll find this for the first half of the film. If you want an upbeat, feel-good family comedy, keep your fingers in your ears and your eyes 'wide shut' until the final twenty minutes. If you want a good Christmas film, I suggest you go home and put The Polar Express back in the DVD player.
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Cheap Gags, but Enjoyable None the Less
fletcherc2115 November 2017
Daddy's Home 2 is very similar to its predecessor. If you liked the first one, you'll probably like the second. There are a ton of cheap gags and Will Ferrell gets in situations that should have left him hospitalized constantly. The introduction of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow as the grandfathers just takes the opposite dads concept to the extreme as they are even farther out versions of the Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell characters. Most of the jokes weren't worth more than a chuckle, with the exception of an extremely relatable thermostat bit. The ending was stretching the limits of believably, even for a ridiculous comedy, but all in all it was solid ideal entertainment.

Mel Gibson brought the best comedic moments, largely because he character was really playing into the Mel Gibson tough guy persona and it felt more natural than the other characters. Linda Cardellini was able to do more with her character as she was given a couple scenes alongside Alessandra Ambrosio, whose cameo was expanded into a full fledged role. Ambrosio was successfully hidden in her scenes to avoid exposing the fact that she is a model, not an actress. John Cena was also credited as returning in his cameo role as well, but I never saw him, though the other characters acted as though he was there.
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Ignore the Haters ;)
bmonsoon12 November 2017
100% chance of this movie being silly and ridiculous, so why go if you expect anything else? I was pleasantly surprised because Daddy's Home Two was much better than the first one. I laughed so hard I cried through the whole thing & the rest of the audience was laughing right along. The chemistry between the characters is great, and the one liners are hilarious. I plan to watch this every Christmas.
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Almost the same as the first with grandfathers and less laughs and less fun.
cruise0111 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Daddy's Home 2 had the potential of being comedic and fun like how the first film was. But like most comedy sequels, this one was a dud with most of the laughs already shown in the trailers. While the rest of the 90 or so minutes being completely a drag and boring. The first film was a lot of fun with the concept of step dad vs. dad with Will Ferrell vs. Mark Wahlberg. They do make a perfect comedic duo. Daddy's Home 2 tries for the cheap laughs and gags but it's less than the first, and the newcomers were a fun addition like Mel Gibson and John Lithgow. But there talent was not enough to save this film. Not even Mark Wahlberg, and Will Ferrell chemistry was good enough to make it worth watching.

The plot follows Brad (Will Ferrell) and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) being codads with their children. Dusty is trying to get along with his resistant stepdaughter who pays too much attention to her phone. While, the kids going back and forth between their stepfather and father becomes a tiresome. They decide to celebrate Christmas together in one household. Then, comes the surprise when Dusty's father (Mel Gibson) calls and says he is coming over. When Dusty and Brad's fathers are coming to visit their grandkids. They decide to go on a holiday retreat to beat having to debate where they are opening gifts and whose house they are having dinner at. Then, that's where the fun begins with Brad and Dusty's parenting is being criticized by their own fathers with Gibson's tough love parenting vs. Lithgow's sensitive compassion parenting comes to play.

I love Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell chemistry in the first film. Sadly, this sequel fails to generate any laughs or gags. Most of the fun parts were already shown in the trailers. Mel Gibson's character is like a dead beat with jokes about hookers, teaching boys to be tough man and to hunt to provide for their ladies. While the ladies stay in the kitchen and cook. Which caused his granddaughter to take charge and wanting to hunt a turkey and learn how to shoot a rifle. While John Lithgow is a sensitive father figure, that gets emotional at every single thing. But when Dusty's father sees that his stepdaughter is walking all over the parents. He lectures that Dusty needs to lay the hammer with discipline.

The film's script is dried out with lacking humor this time with the concept of grandfather vs. grandfather, and who can raise their kids better. But it just wasn't as funny as the first.

Overall, Daddy's Home 2 is a terrible film. The script is lacking in humor. There were barely any laughs or gags. The plot was boring.

I rate the film 1.5 out of 5 stars. I do not recommend the film unless you are really bored, otherwise I ll consider it as a rental.
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Age-appropriate ridiculousness
soulsk8ter2258 November 2017
Daddy's Home 2 is silly and over-the-top, and much like the first film isn't short of a few eye-rollers and missteps; there may not be a dance- off, but they don't shy away from that level of comicality. This sequel contains more slapstick humor, but in turn that also means more laughs. It never got me rolling on the floor so to speak, and most of the comedy was provided through actions rather than words, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time smiling throughout either.

The themes of relationship sabotage and reclamation continue here, with less satisfying results than its predecessor. I do kind of wish that Brad and Dusty weren't too bothered with harboring internal conflicts as that is what the first film was all about, but it did connect to the overall story so I understand its necessity. Character involvement is plenty spread out with highlights from Mel Gibson, though due to a short run time there is a lot of underdevelopment juggling ten characters. The absence of Hannibal Buress was also noted (and hey, where were the dogs?).

As far as PG-13 pure comedies go this may near atop the 2017 list, though that's not saying much. Even if the film's quality might not be worth all of your hard-earned dollars, its value is still best served as a theater viewing experience with the family (age not being a factor), especially as we near the holiday seasons.

Minor note: There is a short after-credits scene that is not worth your time. I don't know what it was there for.
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Great Comedy
idospasjody12 November 2017
This is much better than the first one. I'm 50 and my daughter is 19 and we laughed all the way thru it. The first one is a little to sappy for me, but the second one is pure comedy. It's just fun. The 4 male stars have the best chemistry and deliver lines with such timing it's refreshing. Have fun
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Better than the first.
rightisright12 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed, I cried. You really kinda had to have the first one to follow this one right away though. I don't want to spoil the funniest scenes or the moving ones so I'll be short. Will Ferrell is on top of his game, hammy yet funny and real at the same time. The real star of the movie is an old pro working it harder than anyone, and that's John Lithgow. And John Cena has developed his comedy chops very well. And you'll never listen to a certain Christmas song the same way again.
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Some good comedy moments drowned in schmaltz.
bob-the-movie-man22 December 2017
Comedy and tragedy have always gone together hand-in-hand. Every great comedy tends to have its bitter-sweet moments: Roberts Blossom as the "shovel-killer" grandad in "Home Alone" (who always reminds me of my late Dad... in appearance I might add, not that he was a shovel killer!); John Candy's depressed shower-ring salesman in "Planes Trains and Automobiles"; Ron Burgundy bawling in a phone box in "Anchorman". The balance between the two is the key thing and comedies can sometimes get it wrong (the Bird Woman in "Home Alone 2" for example!).

Here is another case in point: "Daddy's Home 2", which has some laugh-out-loud comedy moments, but is generally so utterly drenched in schmaltz and sentimentality that the film becomes far harder work than it should be. (By the way, I never saw "Daddy's Home" (but read the IMDB synopsys): it was not a prerequisite for seeing this movie).

Will Ferrell ("Get Hard", "Anchorman") reprises his role as the somewhat incompetent Brad, 'sharing' his family of kids and stepkids with the much more streetwise Dusty (Mark Wahlberg, "Patriot's Day"). After a poignant school recital, the pair realise the damage that a distributed Christmas is doing to their offspring and they determine to spend Christmas all together this year. In the process they vow to try to put aside their attempts at one-upmanship - "the harbour is closed" - in the interests of giving everyone the best Christmas ever.

But their plans are turned upside down when their fathers also turn up for Christmas: Mel Gibson (in a sublime piece of casting) plays Dusty's dad, astronaut-hero Kurt, who is even more macho and extreme than Dusty, and John Lithgow ("Miss Sloane"; "The Accountant") plays Brad's airy-fairy father Don... the apple has not fallen far from the tree there.

Kurt forces the family to 'fight' Christmas on a neutral turf by renting a palatial AirBnB in a snowy wilderness. Tensions rise between the diverse individuals until a breaking point is inevitably reached.

There are some great farcical sight-gags in this movie. Quite a few of the funniest ones are spoiled by the trailer, but there are still a few standout routines that made me guffaw. A hi-tech shower is predictable but funny; and Brad's use of a snowblower to apocalyptic ends is the funniest scene in the movie.

Wahlberg and Ferrell are a trustworthy double act (after their initial surprise pairing in "The Other Guys"). Gibson and Lithgow also inhabit their roles perfectly, although it was hard of me to relate to either of them. The scene on the airport escalator as they arrive is very well done.

The supporting cast all play their parts well: ER's Linda Cardellini as Brad's wife and Dusty's ex-wife; Brazilian model and actress Alessandra Ambrosio, as Dusty's (almost unbelievably good-looking) new wife Karen; and WWE star John Cena as Karen's ex-husband. (Doesn't ANYONE stay married in the US any more?). The kid stars - Didi Costine, Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro - are also good, with Estevez being particularly appealing. Watch out for a funny cameo in the final scene as well, which I found very amusing ("You only have one story" ... LoL).

What drowns out the comedy though is the sentimental storyline around a personal tragedy being lived out by one of the family. The angst and nasty back-biting that surrounds this I found neither funny nor pleasant. The story builds to a snow-bound cinema (showing "Missile Tow" starring Liam Neeson... a great "pointless answer" for the BBC's "Pointless" quiz!) and a finale song that is just so over the top that it has both an "awww" factor and is bile-inducing all at the same time. The screenplay is by Sean Anders and John Morris, with Anders also directing.

Will Ferrell films can be like a game of Russian Roulette, and I fully expected this to be truly awful. It wasn't, and as a Christmas comedy it is an OK watch... and thankfully significantly above "Jingle all the Way"!

(For the graphical review, please visit or One Mann's Movies on Facebook. Thanks).
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do they know it's ripoff time at all?
karlheinzfilm11 November 2017
I didn't expect anything but was also not prepared to witness one of the worst movies ever. I never watch a comedy in a theatre (ok, there were only 12 people in the audience) and no on e laughed out loud throughout the entire 90 minutes. and at the end it gets even repulsive.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Daddy's Home 2
burlesonjesse513 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Daddy's Home 2 is my latest review. It's a follow-up to 2015's surprise hit, Daddy's Home. The first outing wasn't great to begin with. Guess what, "2" is even worse.

Remember when Chevy Chase got into all kinds of shenanigans during National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Well Will Ferrell does the same exact shtick in Daddy's Home 2. Ferrell's gifts as a physical comedian are evident. The difference is that Chase's movie was done with a bit more craft. Heck, it had an actual story mind you.

"2", with its clips of kids getting drunk on eggnog, a nativity scene being destroyed, Xmas lights getting caught in a snowblower, and captain "Sully" Sullenger making a small cameo, is a yuletide cash grab just like A Bad Moms Christmas (released ten days earlier). The films are eerily similar with Daddy's Home 2 being the gender-flipped version of "Christmas". With A Bad Moms Christmas, the males are reduced to forgotten caricatures as they harbor minimal dialogue and fade into the background. With "2", the females don't have much to do either in terms of the overall plot. They are merely around for decoration (ha-ha, get it?).

Listen, "2" may be PG-13 (as opposed to A Bad Moms Christmas having a hard R) and it may be more slapstick in nature. Don't be fooled though. These flicks are mirror images of each other. They are both using the holidays as a hook to capitalize on the success of the originals. Yup, Daddy's Home 2 isn't a "home" worth saving.

"2's" director (Sean Anders) sans production values and trouper, conflict coherency in favor of sloppy editing, too many characters (stepdads, stepmoms, grandpas, stepchildren, etc.), and perennial, movie star wattage. His "2" isn't an actual motion picture. It's more of a series of set-ups, designed to get the viewer to chuckle occasionally. Almost every scene in Daddy's Home 2 is manipulated (or inserted) onto the screen without a true reason for being. Oh and by the way, Ferrell's pseudo-clumsiness here is definitely not rooted in reality.

In the realm of casting, Anders brings in John Lithgow and Mel Gibson to play the weirdo dads to Mark Wahlberg and Ferrell. Gibson, who has always been a favorite of mine, has obviously not been forgiven by Hollywood yet. In his heyday, he would've never agreed to star in something as shambolic as Daddy's Home 2.

All in all, the final sequence in "2" involves everyone snowed in at a movie theater on Xmas day. As the whole cast belts out "Do They Know It's Christmas?", I realized that I need to picket the resurrection of every sequel from hear on out. Rating: 1 and a half stars.
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c-7527416 November 2017
This was a truly hilarious movie. Although it is something that is rare to say, but this sequel was better than the first movie. It was fun and heartwarming with comedic surprises. All the actors did a phenomenal job with their roles. The movie was light-hearted fun, just like you would expect from a good movie of this genre. Once again, I am reminded why comedy movies are the best (in my opinion).
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A short letter to Hollywood
vickiedowdy13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlburg and will laugh at just about anything in a comedy that they do, I really loved Daddy's Home one and spent hard earned money to see #2 in the theater instead of waiting to see it for free in a few months on TV, but for the love of all this is holy, please leave politics out of film. I almost walked out after paying big $$. The parts that bother me were:

**Men repeatedly kissing each other on the lips, the first five times i got it

**All conservative characters were gun toting load mouths that were unkind All the progressives were sensitive educated thoughtful and kind (in red shirts)

** A line of little girls waiting to kiss a boy character - thats OK, but a little boy in the same line waiting to kiss the little boy - not OK - gay children in movies - please stop!

The only reason I have 4 stars is that I did laugh and they poked fun of both sides, but there were lectures galore for the right along the way. I go to the movies to forget my problems, not to get a lecture from the left. Just leave me out of it and stop forcing your "progressive" agenda down my throat - please give it a rest!!! You guys in Hollywood better get it soon or you are going to repeatedly lose money.
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Daddy's home for more family, sort of friendly, laughs
rgkarim10 November 2017
Dad's, the other half of the parental equation and perhaps one of the most dynamic job roles in the human repertoire. This responsibility is astounding for this job, each approached in a different way based on the personality of the dad. And just like the moms, Hollywood felt it was necessary to make a movie portraying this job, in an often-comical manner, to help portray the struggle and hopefully teach a lesson. Robbie K back in the movie theater trenches to review another hit feature entitled Daddy's Home 2 starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Will the dynamic duo get the magic right, or is this a series that needs a divorce? Read on to find out.


Fun: If you remember the first movie, you know that Daddy's Home is a very fun, cute film for a majority of the family. That same atmosphere comes off in this sequel, bringing the youthful adventure of the first film, but with a holiday twist and a grandparent theme done right. Our directing team did a nice job of integrating all these new components into a fast-moving tale that provides simplistic laughs, hard hitting banter, and a few heartwarming moments that just make you feel good, or at least accomplished that you aren't incompetent like these dads.

The Story: Yes, surprisingly Daddy's Home 2 has a story, albeit a simplistic one that focuses on emphasizing many things not to do with your kids, and sneaking in a few life lessons along the way. The tale continues from where we left off with our two dads becoming friends and trying to live life peacefully. But like the trailers portray, their dads arrive for the holidays and bring a whole new set of challenges. During the journey of surviving the holidays, Dusty and Brad begin to unravel more of their backstory and fears, all while facing the challenges of parenting young kids. As these challenges start to taper off though, the important family themed lessons begin to get doled out, to hopefully establish respect at the difficulties of fatherhood and family. Cheesy and run of the mill, yes. Enjoyable though, absolutely.

Integration of Characters: With their extended cast comes challenges of balance, and Daddy's Home 2 did a nice job integrating all their characters into the mix. Unlike the mother version of this movie (Bad Mom's Christmas), Daddy's Home 2 manages to give all the characters stories that interlink, pushing each person to develop themselves on some, often messed up, level. Sure, the wives needed some more screen time and development, but even these diluted tales fit well into the movie and keep pace with the comedic energy of the movie. The Grandfathers are even more impressively pushed into the tale, not only providing launch points for the comedic one-liners, but also helping with Dusty and Brad's own progression. And the kids as well fit perfectly into the mix, bringing with them issues, comedic jabs, and a cuteness factor to keep things interesting.


Stupid Comedy: Yes, Comedy is often a genre loaded with stupidity, but the presentation is what's important (see Thor Ragnarok for good presentation). Daddy's Home 2 traversed the path of over the top, ridiculous slapstick that is so stupid and unbelievable at points. While movies can suspend reality, these stunts were a little too far-fetched for me. Even worse, is that the stunts and comedic devices were super repetitive, lacking any clever twists or delivery to warrant bragging about. And while the simple comedy can be fun at times, it's sad to see such gestures over used when other movies have learned the art of comedy.

Impressionable habits: Daddy's Home 2 has plenty of annoying character quarks to make you grind your teeth to the nerves. Unfortunately, many of these annoyances come in the form of the bratty kids and the cruel, selfish tactics that they flaunt so well. While older audience members will hopefully know right from wrong, younger audience members may find these antics repeatable to the point of making them habits. And much like the comedy, these habits are over exaggerated, a little extreme, and eye rolling by the second or third portrayal. The movie does a poor job of showing punishment for these habits, and does a poor job of showing the right approach to dealing with these flaws. Guess it is a Will Ferrell movie, though right?

Trailers spoiled: We know trailers ruin surprises, but Daddy's Home 2 has given away a majority of the laughs for this movie. While the plot is relatively safe, much of the comedy can be seen, for free mind you, in the four or five circulating trailers. The result…are stale scenes that have already run the course before the film even starts. Fortunately, Mel Gibson's got some comedic gold hidden in the unaired sequences and the kids have a few zingers, but not enough to warrant this movie fresh if you watch television or YouTube enough.


Daddy's Home 2 doesn't deviate far from the formula that made the first one a success. Simplistic laughs, a nice family friendly story is all wrapped in the 90-minute run time to satisfy your movie craving. It's biggest strengths again are the fun atmosphere and well-balanced screen time of the cast. Unfortunately, these strengths are offset by ridiculous slapstick, impressionable annoyances, and stale comedy spoiled by the trailers. Certainly, this movie is a good holiday laugh fest, but this reviewer does not recommend a theater visit in his honest opinion, not with Thor 3 being much better in comedy.

My Scores are:

Comedy: 7.0 Movie Overall: 5.0
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bronco_tim19 December 2017
100 minutes of my life I'll never get script, no direction and no laughs but a final 10 minutes which tries to give you that Xmas warm glow. There's an old saying 'too many cooks spoil the broth' and with the edition of Lithgow and Gibson added from the first mediocre film it just jumps about from person to person and from kid to step kid to to step dad to step mum to dad and back and forth with just a jumbled not worth listening to dialogue, and as expected only Farrell attempts at anything remotely funny in rather slap-stick style which frankly falls flat (what ever happened to his career)?

Ignore the posts that say 'hilarious' because it really isn't at any point...
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Bad movie for children to watch
charlie_sheila11 November 2017
We had some hope this movie would be OK, but alas, it was raunchy, vulgar, and even lewd. I saw very young children coming in to watch this movie, being the 2nd one, I thought they probably knew what they were bringing these little ones to see. It hurt my heart to see the low and base behavior that was made to be funny.

Now, if the children repeat these things, will the parents laugh? How about what the young boy did after kissing the young girl? Do it in school and you will be tossed into a law suit.

Weird behavior between father and son, not to mention odd language. Mel Gibson acted drunk, not that he was suppose to be. Always laughing and showing bad adult behavior.

This definitely was not a movie for children under the age of 12 or 14. There were really young ones there at 5-6 years old and it hurt my heart to know these children were exposed to this type of behavior and their parents approving of it by taking them to it.
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Better Than The First One!
catfarmer135822 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I strongly believe that this movie was better than the first in the series. It could be because this was strongly a Christmas film and Christmas films are often my favorite films to watch. It also has a great cast with the addition of the awesome Shakespearean John Lithgow and "bad boy" Mel Gibson. I imagine this movie is the closest thing to an "Elf" sequel that we will ever get. In fact, if Buddy the Elf left his family in New York, changed his name to brad and married the new wife, then this would be the story.

Great family friendly film with lots of slapstick comedy and whole lot of heartfelt holiday moments. 10/10
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Should have waited for Netflix
corvette-4592125 February 2018
Wow, The thing that bothers me the most about this pile of rehashed refuse is that the four lead characters have a combined Net Worth of $800 Million dollars ( yea you heard me ) and I feel like a shmuck because I just added to it and they gave me NOTHING! I actually would have liked to have seen this mess in a theater just to have the support of others facing the same crisis, you know waiting to see were others laughed or just quietly looked at each other. Its attempt to be the new "Christmas Vacation" was obvious and just didn't work on any level - why were they decorating the house??
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It's a trainwreck
Gordon-119 February 2018
This film tells the story of two fathers who try to spend Christmas with their children and step-children. However, their respective fathers intrude their immaculate plans.

The first "Daddy's Home" was really funny, but this sequel is just a trainwreck. It is silly and contrived. The rivalry between Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell was what made the first one funny, but this time there is no more of these funny jokes. It tries too hard to be festive, and ends up backfiring because the cinema scene is just way over the top that made my eyes roll many times.
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We've Been Naughty This Year: Here's the Proof
bkrauser-81-31106412 November 2017
For those still looking forward to Christmas, know that this week's forced Holiday pabulum, Daddy's Home 2 is proof that we've all been naughty this year and you should probably batten down the hatches before Santa Claus comes to your home and s**ts underneath your tree. This movie is a horrid, rage-inducing, ill-conceived exercise in dead-horse beating that's so on-its-face repulsive, that its obligatory last act koombaya resembles an upside-down diaper that's been left on someone's windshield.

Daddy's Home 2 takes the broadly-drawn animosities of the first film and gives them a wider birth as Markie Mark and Wimpy Willy are visited by their like-minded fathers played by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow for Christmas. Looking for a way to get underneath everyone's skin, just because, Mel Gibson AirB&B's a rustic snow-swept cabin and eggs everyone into a blended family blowout. As you would expect the movie then devolves into clichéd comedic hijinks not funny since the Reagan Era to relay a message (I guess) not relevant since Archie Bunker was still on TV.

On its face, this movie has every glaring, stupid, simpering problem the first one did. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are still cardboard jumbles of male insecurity and chauvinism stuck in an ever-escalating game of one-upsmanship. The kids are still lingering afterthoughts who chime in only when the plot needs a shift in tone. The story itself still plays out like a tour of loosely connected contrivances laboring to maintain a PG-13 rating and Linda Cardellini still plays a feckless, inconsequential support figure. Admittedly, Cardellini does have a tiny bit more to do here but that comes at the expense of having her play opposite the wooden Alessandra Ambrosio – ouch.

What makes this movie so much worse however is the inclusion of Mel Gibson's character which somehow takes the tired affectations of Wahlberg's Dusty and strips them of everything resembling an adult. The actor may be pushing sixty-two but Gibson's toxic grandpa (or padre as he insists on calling himself) is a terror on the level of The Problem Child (1990). Never has there been a more irredeemably terrible character worthy of being pushed out onto an ice flow. Yet, the movie somehow thinks Dusty and Brad (Ferrell) are the ones that need to be emasculated, electrocuted and pelted with snowballs. Gibson does get shot once - so that's nice.

The film's big climax takes place in a movie theater. An interesting choice since it only serves to highlight the woeful fact that if you've gotten this far without walking out, you're definitely won't get your money back. The movie then ends in a syrupy sweet crescendo of sing-songy holiday cheer so forced it should be arrested for assault. The Song "Do They Know It's Christmas" was never played on heavy rotation at my house during the holidays, but after watching this monstrosity, I wanted to buy the record just so I have something physical to destroy. Maybe if I'm good all next year, I can treat myself to skeet shooting the Blu-ray of this derelict piece of bat droppings instead. Yes, I'll probably ask Santa for that.
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Don't listen to the critics!
jdogkg10 November 2017
I loved the first daddy's home. I thought it was a very funny and underrated comedy. Both Farrell and Wahlberg we're great in my opinion. So I guess you can say I was pumped to see this film. When the reviews came out for this movie, however, I was very heartbroken. Regardless, I still wanted to check it out. And this is yet another example of why I shouldn't listen to critics. This movie was so hilarious! At least every 10 minutes it made me laugh out loud! Even had me gut busting laughing out of my seat a couple times. Almost all jokes hit or at least had me grinning. Of course, Farrell and Wahlberg are both fantastic as Brad and Dusty. They play their characters so well and couldn't imagine being played by anybody else. Let's talk about John Lithlow and Mel Gibson. They were awesome as the grandparents! All 4 of those actors had great chemistry and that is my number one pro of this movie! There are a couple of cons in this movie. Some of the jokes fall and can be cringe worthy. And sometimes the editing and pacing can be off. But other than that, I suggest you check it out. I guarantee you will have such a fun time! Laughter is the best medicine! 😂
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Best Sleep I Had
peevzm26 December 2017
Literally just joined to post this review. First time to ever sleep during a movie in my entire adult life. Zero plot and humour. Went with 7 other people and 6 of them fell asleep (one was high on sugar). Save your money and spend it on something a bottle of tequilla coz this dumbass movie can only lead to alcoholism....#MostPointlessSequal
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