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'Train To Busan' triumphs at Fantasia

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Yeon Sang-ho’s apocalypse thriller won the Cheval Noir Award for Best Feature and the Audience Award for Best Asian Feature as the festival came to an end in Montreal.

RedPeter Film’s Train To Busan is on a roll after it hit 10million admissions in its native South Korea on August 7. The film premiered in the Midnight Screenings section in Cannes and has sparked remake offers. Well Go USA Entertainment released it in the Us in July.

Organisers at the 20th Fantasia International Film Festival said the event, which boasted 19 world premieres, 209 screening and 11 Vr films, attracted more than 100,000 spectators.

Guillermo Del Toro (pictured with Fantasia co-director Mitch Davis and fantasia co-director of international programming Anthony Timpone) and Takashi Miike received the Cheval Noir and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Jean-Claude Lord received the inaugural Prix Denis Héroux honouring his contribution to developing the Québécois genre.

Other Cheval Noir award-winners included best director Kiyoshi Kurosawa for Creepy, E J-Yong
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How Tribeca 2016 Pushed Visual Storytelling Forward With ‘the bomb’ and More

Once upon a time, André Bazin, in his satirical essay The Myth of Total Cinema, attempted to debunk cinematic gimmicks such as 3D, Magnascope and “Percepto” — tools of showmanship that, of course, have a tendency to be overused. Cut to the present: digital cinema has been widely adopted (a few 35mm hold-outs do exist, it should be noted), fueled first by 3D – the killer app, as David Bordwell cites in Pandora’s Digital Box. Continuing down this path, larger film festivals have embraced new forms of storytelling, including virtual reality, episodic content, and interactive media. In addition to Tribeca’s “Storyscapes,” the festival included a Vr arcade as well as its stunning closing night performance the bomb. What follows is our account of the experience, along with select highlights from the festival’s Vr arcade.

Directed by Smriti Keshari, Eric Sclosser, and Kevin Ford and staged by United Visual Artists,
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