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Had to be written as a bio
cornishbev29 April 2018
As I watched it I thought this had to be written by someone who experienced growing up as a Jehovah Witness as the authenticity and the struggles were so accurately portrayed. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and felt the character development was tremendous - the main actor in particular was extraordinary.
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religous wrestlemania.....
ops-5253526 April 2018
Its not a documentary,itsnot a mocumentary either,but what religous sturdyness can do to people,young as old is amazing,both in a good or bad sense . i shall not decide whats right,but having grown up in a less to one per cent religious environment,i'm thankfull to my parents for that. after watching this well acted movie . in fact ,it has the ambitions of a great comedy,but it isnt,even though i giggeled inbetween. you will not regret it if your watching it,and by all means,dont ask for permission......
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Great film and book
jamiewoods-067466 September 2018
Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness myself, the film is very relatable, a good peek into what it's like as a teen in the religion. Very worth a watch even if you have never been involved with any JWs.
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It's about Jehovah Witnesses not Mormons
abbdoc-4845023 April 2018
I enjoyed this movie Eric Stolz does the subject matter justice with empathy I do however wonder if the reviewer who mentioned it's Mormon based has actually watched the movie as it's patently obvious and quoted in quantum throughout the movie that it's about Jehovah Witnesses!
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This movie is deep and worth your time to watch.
suzeqrocks-4881612 March 2018
Confessions of a Teen Age Jesus Jerk is a brilliantly crafted depiction the psychological turmoil and trauma that young members of the Mormon faith experience, due to the extreme conservatism of the religion. Instead of your typical "coming of age" movie, this peek behind the scenes of such a strict dogma, demonstrates the mental and emotional scars it leaves on it's young people. Coming from an upbringing in a different conservative religion, I can completely empathize. I could barely stand the pressure that was put on these kids. It's a must see for anyone that has broken free from a conservative childhood. The writing feels authentic to each character's roll and the acting is superb. I truly hope that this movie will support those who need it most, bring light to the dark shadows of religious conservatism and the possibility for all humans to be fully self expressed without the confines of dogmatic religion. Watch this movie, it will help you have compassion for other, which connects us all. In-joy.
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Not what it seems from the title.
Frame-By-Frame4 July 2018
I was expecting to see some sort of mocking religious comedy that would entertain on a comedy level only. This film is not that at all. It's actually a well crafted drama and more a coming of age film. Saying that, it does have its funny moments and I think the writers achieved a good balance between showing the faith and discipline whilst not knocking it too much. Personally, whilst I have no interest in what Jehova Witnesses preach I do have a lot of respect for their choice and determination. As long as I can say NO to them at the door. The only problem I do have is when they force their belief on people unable to make a proper choice and it leads to misery and tragedy. Some of that misery and tragedy is touched upon in this film. There are a few dialogues during the film from older Jehova Witnesses about why they joined the religion. This is an unusual twist in film making but it does seem to fit in ok. Overall the acting and production standards are excellent. The lead character is well cast and gives an amazing performance. Don't be put off by the religious element. The film neither ridicules or promotes the religion, rather it shows what growing up in a strict Jehova Witness family environment during the Reagan years could be like. An unusual film that held my interest right to the end. My rating 7/10 Recommended
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Balances respecting people's faith, with the realities of being a Jehovah Witness
LLgoatJ3 May 2018
I'm not a fan of Jehovah Witness after my wife was harrassed on the door step and had to call the police to get rid of them. I am also not particularly religious but I still enjoyed this film. Although this obviously has a great deal to do with the religion, at its heart it really is just a coming of age film.

The film follows Gabe and his friends as they try and be teenagers while following the strict religion that punishes them with not being allowed to interact with other Jehovah Witnesses. Of course being teenagers they break all the rules.

This is not a religious film. There is sex shown and mentioned but nothing explicit. Although there is a comical but explicit integration of a new adult recruit about accidental anal sex with his wife. I wouldn't watch it with your nan.

Overall I enjoyed this film. There are funny and sad parts. The film showed the harsh realities of being a Jehovah Witness but at the same time did not preach that people who choose this religion are bad or stupid people. The film has moments with older Jehovah Witnesses about why they joined the religion. Although it doesn't make it clear if these were genuine or actors.

The whole Jehovah Witness thing may put people off but they are missing out on a decent film. The film is basically a coming of age film just with the twist of being set with the turmoil of a religion that frowns upon all the urges and things you want to do as a teenager.
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sewisidalj8420 June 2018
This movie was a real insight into life as a Jehovah's Witness. Gabe (portrayed by Sasha Feldman), struggled with life as a member of the religion, as well as trying to be a normal teenager. Psychologically, he attempts to avoid "getting in trouble" while doing things normal teenagers do, fearing punishment from the strict religion. Sasha really stole the show, as well as the other cast did phenomenal. I would recommend this film to anyone!
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