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my hero academy is a masterpiece.
shamushkhufu18 November 2016
Well what can I say! This is one of the best anime series I have seen in many years. It is an absolute Masterpiece. The story is so simple and straight forward. It does take a time to build up the pace but saying that, this little beauty of an anime keeps you glued til the last episode and what a finale it is! I've watched this series at least 5 times more and I am eagerly waiting for season 2. Everyone was going crazy over "one punch man" but this anime blows it away easily. I've spoken to many anime fans and they have all said how excellent this show is. Believe me after you've watched it you will realize just what I'm taking about. I think the biggest tool this show has going for it is the soundtrack. How they the creators have used the music together with the story is sheer genius at work. This needs to be a long on going anime just like dragon ball z. 11/10 for sheer brilliance. My hero academy has the potential to be one of the greatest anime series ever.
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Best anime of 2016
ayotomijoledo28 March 2017
After exhausting all Naruto, one piece and bleach episodes, I was scrolling through similar anime when I stumbled on a 'certain my hero academia'

It sounded like another boring high school anime and the first 10 minutes of episode 1 did not look very convincing which prompted me to shut it off and keep searching for other shows. However, something kept gnawing away at my soul that wanted me to find out what happens next and 2 days later I continued to watch the first episode. By the time it ended episode 2 couldn't wait and subsequent episodes became too tantalizing I couldn't wait. This show starts slow but if you can just have a little patience and get to the 2nd or 3rd episode it just accelerates into a deluge of excitement.

Season 2 can't come early enough.
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Blown !!
AzaanSherani18 February 2018
I was looking for a decent anime one with a few episodes and one day on trending list I saw this. Fortunately, I started watching it and soon I was hooked. This show has it all; a brilliant storyline; awesome soundtrack and a pretty cool bunch of characters. When I first read about I didn't think it'll be that good as the storyline appeared to be a little childish but I was wrong. This show is nothing like what I thought it'd be. Some of the moments were pretty amazing the likes of which I only saw in some popular animes like Naruto, AOT. So I'll suggest that you should just give it a try you won't regret it.

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plus ultra!!
aesluvsread29 December 2016
I came upon my hero academia on a whim. I had seen user ratings that said it was the bomb but he story seemed very generic and unrealistic, In truth it is the opposite. This show is defiantly in my top ten anime and even show list. You don't have to like anime to watch this show at all. From the first five minutes you can tell this show has a buzz about it that makes you want to binge until you drop. The main character Izuku Midoriya is an 8th grader and then freshmen in high school. This show picks apart a generic genre of superhero TV and makes it an emotional roller-coaster that shows that everyone is fighting to be a hero in their own way but not all people have the opportunity... sometimes you have to make it. I fell in love with every single character and the villain was so intriguing I had to read the manga (Japanese comic style story.) Plus usually I worry about the appropriateness of the shows I watch and I am proud to say the violence wasn't over the top for the situation and it was perfect for anyone else over 12 so you don't have to worry about gross profanity or stuff like that. This show is fantastic in so many ways and I urge you to watch it and keep in mind season two comes out April 2017. (I apologize for the super biased review!)
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Superheroes Ain't Dead Yet, And Hero Academia Proves That To Us All
cmawer-6275218 October 2017
(I will be referring to the show as HeroAca because I'm a lazy sucker and can't be bothered to right Hero Academia).

I'm assuming anyone who's come here has seen the first season, so I'll be referring to events that already happened in season 1. If you haven't seen the first season yet, go watch it (and as a heads up, season 2 gets roughly 7.469x better and no I did not calculate that and yes I'm pulling numbers out of nowhere).

Story - 8/10 The thing is, HeroAca has almost two stories going on at the same time. The overarching story of "random weak nerd gets special power and becomes a hero" which, as far as things go, is pretty cliché. Not bad, but really cliché. And then we have the more intricate story - the story of the people Deku meets and how they affect him or vice verse, and then we see just how vulnerable and imperfect this society is, and not even superpowers can stop all the problems. The show is very good at not only building its own, new version of our world, but then going ahead and facing the problems and real-world issues it suffers.

Characters - 10/10 HeroAca has a pretty big cast of characters, one that only grows in season 2. Despite this, the creator of the HeroAca manga that HeroAca is based of, Kori Horikoshi, has done an excellent job of never sidelining any characters and making them helpful whenever the story allows it. Now, Season 2 doesn't have time to give everyone the spotlight, but it certainly does to a good chunk of the cast. And while not everyone is getting developed as such, they are becoming more and more lashed out as characters and obtaining their own stand out personalities. And the characters that do get developed... oh god, they develop them right. Obviously not all characters have gotten fleshed out yet, but as a manga reader I know they all will so I'm giving out the 10 rating.

Sound - 9/10 There are a lot of OSTs that are absolutely amazing and serve as brilliant accompaniment to whatever scene they're in. Most of the soundtrack can be listened to on their own, without the context of the show, and still be epic. However some of the songs don't have much variety, which does knock it down a few points. Then we have the voice actors - something I forgot to mention in my Made In Abyss review - and oh boy the voice actors are amazing. While I personally prefer sub, as I think Deku's VA expresses much more emotion, the dub is extremely solid and one of the best in a while. It's also very good at not changing really important lines which is always appreciated.

Art - 9/10 The art for this show is pretty goddamn awesome. It's a pretty new art style while still maintaining that "Japan" feel. The animation and visuals are normally very fluid and everything looks much more polished than before. The show has also drifted away from the "tell before you show" aspect that was present in the first season, with the fights allowing you to try and figure out the strategy in your head before directly explaining it to you. And while the art is nothing revolutionary it certainly deserves a 9.

Overall - 9.5/10 Here in the West, where every third film is a comic book film and a lot of superheroes are becoming over saturated or boring, HeroAca is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it perfect and put a twist on common Superhero/Shounen tropes, it also manages its wide cast very well and tells a story that turns out to be very intricate. While I admit some characters haven't gotten their turn in the spotlight yet and the repercussions of a certain few events haven't been fully explored, the show is worth a watch for anyone who wants to watch a well written shounen or a new take on the superhero genre. Or someone like me who just really wants to see superpowered teenagers punch each other silly.
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Any fan of comics would enjoy this
pigointment8 August 2018
I dont care if your not into anime. If you enjoy watching marvel movies you're gonna love this show.
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treystarz18 May 2020
ITS SO GOOD. My favourite anime right now. The story is amazing but I find the fights just levels above it. Watching the fights is like watching a movie. It feels so dynamic and real. I can't express with words how amazing watching Deku All might and Endeavour fighting really is. PLUS ULTRAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
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Naruto Without it's Flaws
dabeluoki15 August 2020
Title sums it up for me this show is quite literally the closest thing to masterpiece. Watch it.
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A must watch!
monraybelelie5 September 2017
I never thought I'd like any anime as much as Dragon Ball and Naruto. After growing tired of waiting 1 week for a new Dragon Ball super episode to be released, I decided to go on the hunt for any 'watchable' anime to pass the time. Thank God someone in the Youtube comment section recommended My Hero Academia. At first the story- line seemed out of place and slow, but as you watch more and more episodes you become aware as to why exactly that was the case. It's about heroes but not what you'd expect. Most of the population are born with a unique ability-cleverly named a 'quirk'. Unlike other superhero stories, however, you can only use your quirk within a certain threshold. Anything more, and you risk serious injury. This is brilliant, because it's so peculiar.

The last time an anime left me in awe was when Goku first went SSJ. This anime left me in awe throughout. The animation, the character development, the plot, the plot twists-everything. Whether you're a fan of One Punch, Naruto, or Dragon Ball, you have to watch this. Trust me, you want to.
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This is what every shounen show should stride to be!!!
mercfma3 July 2016
Before this aired everyone was talking about how great it was going to be, myself just looking at the key artwork & character designs I thought this was going to be so stupid. It looks 100% childish trash, I could not comprehend what people were seeing in it. The ONLY reason I decided to watch episode 1 was because of the massive hype, I'm SOOO happy I did. The first episode starts slow, there's no question but thats because this show knows pacing perfectly. Its not rushing into it at all, its setting itself up right because its quality in every aspect. This is going to be the next "Naruto" but unlike "Naruto" as of right now they're doing it 100% right, they're not cutting corners with animation or reusing the same things just constantly. The story is perfection, not to slow nor to fast, every episode feels like only 5minutes have gone by, it'll have you holding your breath in suspense & your heart beating in excitement. The animation is amazing, it puts Naruto & Bleach to shame in nearly every way. The artwork is beautiful, the character designs although my first impression was how childish it appeared it's actually quite older audience aimed. The music is amazing, the op & ed match the show perfectly and all the music during the show is right on. If your a shounen fan or a fan of "Naruto", "Bleach", or "Hunter x Hunter" you NEED to watch this. Its going to be better than Naruto & Bleach by a long shot.

5/5 Why? I went in wanting, PLANING to hate it. Turned out to be one of the best shounen shows I've ever seen(in every aspect). The story is so simple and so suspenseful, keeps you on the edge of your seat practically from go to the very end. Animation & artwork are amazing. The music matches great. I love everything about it, can't wait for the next season. If your a shounen fan you HAVE to watch this.
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Two words: enjoyment & amazing!
Alan_H425 June 2016
I won't go in to detail explaining why this anime is incredible. After seeing 'one punch man' i wanted to find a new fresh anime to watch. I was very skeptical on finding one that has the same quality as One Punch man... BUT damn was i wrong.. After watching episode 12 of Boku no hero academia i was Mind Blown... Seriously i even watched it a second time just to experience that final moment!

The way they use the soundtrack in each scene shows how incredibly talented and passionate the creators are. This is what i call Anime! Freakin unbelievable how they managed to create a fresh anime with so much originality and epicness 'again'. People you have to understand that it takes a genius mind to be able to create something this good... episode 12 just proved that!

All i can say is that this anime has the potential to go PLUS ULTRA and beyond!

Watch it and you won't regret it!

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A hero animation that made me tears up
hilaryinotome22 May 2018
When I want to start talking about this show, the first thing came into my mind is tears. I teared up in this show so many times that I didn't even expected when I click the play button on Netflix.

This show has broken my image about emotions. In the past 23 years of my life, the movies or animation that made me tear up is usually about loss, death and sadness. But the Hero Academia is different. I teared up for the will of the characters who are paying tremendous effort for their dreams; I teared up for the heart-warming scenes; and for a few moments, I cried like a baby for the feel of overwhelming hope the show brought me.

We usually see overpowered protagonist saving screaming civilians in ordinary superhero movies. But things in Hero Academia are different. In the world of Hero Academia, 90% of human have super power and being hero is more like having a dream job instead of doing volunteer work. Surprisingly, it talks a lot about the core values of hero. And how the young students in Hero Academy struggle a way to reach their dreams, as well as fighting villain who targeted on young heroes. It made me understand that, no matter is it a success or a failure, learning from experience is part of life.

Take my favorite line in the show to end the review - "If you are designed to fight my 100% power, I'll force you to surrender from beyond that!"

I can't spoil the story as it will be much less fun to watch it.

The only thing I can say is, you will not regret watching My Hero Academia.
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ANIMEBOI474 May 2020
Man I didn't really expect that much going into this show but man was I suprised! The soundtrack, the story of the MC it just gives me chills. People rating this show below 7 stars doesen't have a clue what they are talking about. This show legit gives me tears and chills and I'm not really the sensetive type. Heroes and superpowers might seem stupid at first but you might get suprised over how complex and awesome this anime is. PLUS ULTRA! 9,3 STARSSS! Almost perfect but gets a bit boring sometimes while building up to stuff especially in the later seasons.
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One for All
nickovalentinoo3 June 2017
first of all , its funny that people compare this with one punch man. OPM is a comedy series and of course no matter how you compare it , it wont click

this is a great shounen anime , especially someone who likes battle shounen like HxH , Naruto. you can feel the "zero to hero".

mangaka is a big fan of marvel/DC so you'll see they are marvel super-heroes like.

for the series, you will follow deku , a "quirkless" boy in a world of "super-power" to become the greatest hero ever.

the cast is a grand of troupe, story revolves at school, and you'll see your common type of schoolmates (the rival , the crybaby, the lovely hello kitty , the formal guy , the silent , the joker , the manly etc etc.) but as far as the series goes , there are depth on each cast , so you can call it troupe done right

can deku become the greatest hero ? find it out in this series
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I can not get enough!
lisa-honeyplease1 October 2018
I can not get enough of this anime, I want to watch it every day, all day long. It will be hard to wait for season 4.
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Awesome Anime
christoperraj3 August 2016
I only started to watch this anime because of good reviews i saw on the net, and being naruto fan i never thought this anime could get any better than naruto,the initial intention was to only watch 2 episodes and before you know it i was already finishing episode 8!! The anime starts with a good phase and a solid background story of the character, after that it takes off and every end of an episode will make you want to watch the next right away. Good story with a nice blend of action & comedy involving the character.

Definitely will recommend to all the action and fast paced anime lovers out there.
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Beautifully crafted series
sahebmukherjee4 December 2019
It clearly has the essence of Marvel and DC, more accurately the essence of X-MEN(marvel). A world with superpowers containing a rich superhero society's history. With some mind blowing powers, great storytelling, mysteries and with the sweet taste of anime. Will absolutely catch your heart, a must watch anime for those who love superheros.
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Strength isn't the only thing that forms a Hero
Rupucis25 November 2019
In this series, you follow Izuku Midoriya (Deku). A young boy who follows all superheroes, their abilities, their acts of heroism and so on. Midoriya has wanted to become a hero all his life, despite the fact that he has no superpowers. One day he has given the opportunity to prove himself and practice to be a hero, a real hero. And then the story begins.

In general, I liked main characters, the story and whole concept of series. The scenario is pretty good and I could see general experience gaining and individual character growth. There are many characters who have their own story in the background and go very well with the big story at the same time. I love the way characters interact with each other and continue to build main story. I mean, everything has some meaning.

If we're talking about characters, I must mention Bucugo. He's a little weird, even a little crazy, but he's very interesting, and he complements other characters very well.

Although the words "One for all, all for one" are often mentioned in the series, it is certainly not the story about "Three Musketeers". In this series, everything seems to be based on the fact that one can do everything (All Might), but a lot of times you can confirm that one person can't do everything alone.

This show is really great. I really recommend watching it. You won't regret it! I'll leave another little sentence here - with great power comes great responsibility.
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The definition of Shonen.
g-luismiguel1410 June 2018
My Hero Academia is the type of anime that excels in all the things a typical shonen should be. The characters are entertaining and have their own personalities, the action is amazing, it's funny and the powers are super interesting. That being said, it also suffers from your typical fan service, which is unfortunate and ultimately one of it's worse flaws.

At it's best My Hero Academia reminds you of the greatest anime you've watched before. There are a few animes you can see served as inspiration (or a little more than that) but most noticeably is Hunter x Hunter as well as some obvious nods at american comic books.

That being said it's still worth watching, its entertaining and the art as well as animation are incredibly solid. The villains are interesting and our main heroes are fun and exciting to watch specially when in intense situations (not as much in the school environment).
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Fun & Entertaining Show But With Some Flaws
EnderTX26 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I recently binge watched this while on my vacation. Fun show with memorable fight scenes throughout. Unfortunately it suffers with some issues that I will outline here.

Plot/Story(8.5): Although a bit cliche with the noble kid who doesn't have a superpower but wants to be a superhero anyway. Definitely got a Kickass(Movie) vibe going for it as far as the main character is concerned. I do still like the journey and all the possibilities. The dynamic of many superheros, and by extension super villains, existing in a world could bring about many fun, interesting and deep narratives. I like how Deku gets his power and still has to work and develop it. The hero school setting is interesting, although feels a bit Harry Potter Hogwarts-ish with the kids trying to learn but bad guys plot intertwines with the school.

Characters(7.5): There are many characters in this show. All have very unique powers/quirks. When I mean unique..I mean very unique. The names of their quirks give me a chuckle sometimes. I don't expect all the school characters to get developed. So I will go over some of the issues I had with some of the top appearing characters in the show and some that I liked.

Deku is a great character that I enjoy watching develop throughout the series. My only complaint is that he is overly emotional at times(cries a lot). Even the writers, through All Might's character, tell him that he cries too much. It gets a tad bit eye-rolly sometimes.

Bakugo is probably the worst of the bunch. I've noticed that he is a favorite among the fan base so I know I will get ire for this. He is powerful and has a great quirk. Unfortunately, I feel like he is one dimensional and hasn't grown much at all. Him developing his quirk and becoming more powerful isn't the growth as a character I am talking about. Episode 1, we find out he is a hot headed, in your face bully who wants to be the number one hero, just like All Might. Coincidentally just like our main character, but much less selfish. Season 3 episode 12, Bakugo is STILL the same character with the same motivations, with almost no information on his background or home life. We FINALLY saw his mom and dad. His mom being a carbon copy of him and his dad being the chill one. Not much to go off of beyond the mother mistreatment and him emulating his mom. Not very good..of course there is still more to the show but the fact that he is practically the #2 character in this show with so little back story and development is just not OK.

All Might is an interesting one. I like how they show that he has flaws as a teacher even though he is the number one hero. I like his fatherly relationship with Deku. I do have to point out that I am not too fond of the design of his skinny form. His sunken in eye sockets are distracting for me considering that he is supposed to be human (I think).

Todoroki is probably my favorite of the classmates. His back story of how he refuses to use part of his quirk because he hates his abusive father. His back and forth with Deku in the Sports Festival Arc on how Todoroki needs to embrace his other half. His father doesn't own him, etc. So good. Love it. Bakugo needs this kind of treatment.

Stain is my favorite villain and I was sad to see him go. I loved his motivations. I am glad they are continuing his narrative of how heroes need to be truly selfless if they want to call themselves heroes. How he hates all the heroes who do it for money, fame and glory.

Writing(6): I have issues with how this show is paced. And I think that the pacing is off because of their decision to use internal monologue and flashbacks. I don't mind if they use it, very sparingly, but this show uses it a lot. They need to let the visual(animation) speak for itself. Meaning they don't need to explain why (insert character) is (insert emotion) through internal monologue when the audience already sees it in their face. Or they don't need to explain why Deku is doing what he is doing because (insert 30 sec long flash back). It eats up run time. The audience isn't that forgetful. This explains why some episodes have odd cliffhangers in the middle of fight scenes or other places. They also don't need to internal monologue so much fight strategy. It is more fun seeing the strategy play out and the audience saying, 'Wow, didn't see that coming'. So I hope that they would take the audience a little more seriously. I can see why people wait until the whole season is out so they don't have to wait a week to see a fight finish.

All in all, it is still entertaining. I do want to see Deku's journey to the top. I just hope it doesn't take 10 seasons to do it.
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Absolutely amazing
anujpathak-9436830 August 2018
Words cannot do justice, but it is a must watch! The story and characters are very relatable and the osts are awesome too. Complete pack
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The best!
arinamartin10 July 2018
Everything about it is amazing!! Izuku Medoria is the goat!!
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awesome !
amishgupta-4231929 July 2017
This anime's simply awesome , i like it's concept , it's unique . The animation is really good , and the way they have presented their content is incredible , the music & audio , the characters , the story , the suspense , the animation , everything's just perfect .....

episode 15 of season 2 is fab ! .... i bet u can't dislike this anime... !

this anime goes beyond ... plus ultra.....
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it only get better
ghostwolfbk29 March 2017
I have watch the anime completely an it very good but it only going get see the reason that the show so good is become the follow the manga. PS (if you don't know about manga and anime you should know that manga is a Japanese comic book they take the book a turn it into a show know as an anime). so what i'm getting at is that if the keep with the quality and follow it like they a be doing they it will keep going get better. You see i'm all catch up with the manga at all 131 chapter and I promise that it get better. The Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc is the weakest arc by far is it only up form there.
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This is my favorite anime I ever watched
fishielemondude4 June 2017
My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia is one of the best anime's I ever watched since 2016-2017, It's about a boy named Deku Izuku who try's to be a hero just like All Might. Deku's friend Katsuki Bakugo got bullied into his childhood, Izuku is the best character I ever liked in this anime. Except for the characters, they have a nice style of drawing, and animating for this masterpiece, FUNIMATION and Bones Studio made this anime that was beautiful, and heartwarming... I love it, but the Anime critics rate it decent, the ending with episode 13 looks good, but Season 2 is still better, but Season 1 is more like an origin, and a story-line with a movie, I recommend this anime, because I like the design in this Japanese superhero cartoon. It was based on a comic book in 2014, I like it, it's so cool when they had a lot of character development in My Hero Academia. I give this a 10/10, because I love this anime, while I was watching in the exercising place.
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