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Sex & Nudity

  • In an early episode a female character that can grow giant has a skintight and almost skin colored outfit which hugs tightly to her behind. She draws attention to it and says a curse word. In the English dub, she jokingly tells nearby paparazzi "You won't have to worry about this bum anymore".
  • One teenage character is a pervert and makes perverted comments (not too graphic, but still perverted).
  • A female adult character wears and wields suggestive articles (she has handcuffs and wields a whip), is know as the Rated R(or some such thing) hero, and makes suggestive comments ("It turns me on!"). Also, her breasts jiggle on occasion.
  • One brief shot shows some of the female students bathing in a hot spring. Nothing more than buttocks and side-boob are shown.
  • Some male characters are also shirtless in a few scenes.
  • A character's power is to make things from her body. At one point she's turned around making something with her outfit opened implying that her breasts are exposed. We don't see anything but another character is clearly uncomfortable with it.
  • In the last episode a male character loses all clothing on his body. His superpower is that he can phase through anything (including clothing). Nothing is shown due to the shading or something blocking that area. He does apologize afterwards.
  • One female student has a costume that exposes the sides of her breasts.
  • A female character is accidentally groped, this is very brief and not graphic and she responds by pushing the groper into the water.
  • The top of a female character's superhero outfit is ripped in one scene, partially revealing her breasts (no explicit detail, but a character makes a comment about her breasts).

Violence & Gore

  • A boy gets his eye jabbed into by a headphone jack (played for laughs)
  • A man sometimes coughs up blood when he uses his power too much. His real appearance is very frail and bony.
  • Two different teen boys are choked to near death by the same monster, both are saved at the last second.
  • Two teen boys get into a fight, with one being beaten, though not too badly.
  • The majority of the violence is mild/mostly bloodless, until the last two episodes.
  • A man is beaten and has both his arms broken while also being hit in the head repeatedly. Plenty of blood is seen, but he ends up getting rescued.
  • A teen girl gets nauseous if she uses her power too much.
  • Several people attack several kids, saying they want to kill them, but this doesn't end up happening.
  • Whenever the main character uses his power, he breaks whatever body part he uses, he's shown in varying degrees of pain and the body part looks like it was burnt.
  • A teen boy apparently gets severe (but only temporary) brain damage when he uses his power too much.
  • A man threatens to kill a helpless teen boy unless two teen girls allow themselves to be killed. However, he ends up getting shot in both shoulders before he can do anything, and all three survive. Some blood is seen.
  • A man is shot in the hand, then both arms and both legs. Some blood is seen, though it's very brief and isn't too graphic. It should be noted that this man was a murderous villain and that the shooting was to defend one of his would be victims, so it's nothing too bad.


  • English dub: Occasional use of 'damn', 'hell', 'bastard', and 'crap'. 'Sh*t' is used three times over the course of the series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some episodes focus on the origin of a character. These flashbacks can be seen as intense, emotional or disturbing.
  • A mean jock character tells the protagonist to kill himself. He does not, but he does (understandably) take this emotionally.
  • One character is constantly bullied by another character for little reason, he is seen in emotional as well as physical pain from this sometimes.
  • The last four episodes of the show are pretty intense as all the main characters are kidnapped by villains with intent to kill, but they all survive and the intensity is lightened somewhat by it's inspirational tone.
  • A man threatens to kill a teen boy unless two teen girls allow themselves to be killed. However, they all get saved when another man shoots him in the shoulders before he can do anything.
  • The first few episodes are pretty emotional.
  • Unlike other hero shows like One Punch Man, this one emphasises teamwork, bravery, friendship, and persistence above all else, therefore the violence (though it's already pretty scarce) and intensity are toned down quite a bit.
  • So far, there have been no deaths in the show.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • One character has boiling hot water dumped onto his face by his mother (off-screen). Later he's seen with bandages over his eye. He has a permanent red mark around his eye throughout the series.
  • In episode 24 Dabi kills gangsters who insult him.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There were some banners relating to drugs and in season 3 there were these guys being shown as technically drunk.

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